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Renee Zellweger's Lookin' Letterman Lovely

Renee Zellweger's Lookin' Letterman Lovely

Renee Zellweger is bold in blue Carolina Herrera outside New York City’s Ed Sullivan Theatre for the Late Show With David Letterman on Thursday (August 20).

Meanwhile on the other side of the country, her boyfriend, The Hangover star Bradley Cooper, was spotted at Bay Films Platinum Dunes Studio in Santa Monica, Calif.

Renee‘s new movie My One And Only opens in limited release tomorrow (August 21). Check out one of the movie reviews at

30+ pictures inside of Renee Zellweger lookin’ Letterman lovely…

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renee zellweger letterman 01
renee zellweger letterman 02
renee zellweger letterman 03
renee zellweger letterman 04
renee zellweger letterman 05
renee zellweger letterman 06
renee zellweger letterman 07
renee zellweger letterman 08
renee zellweger letterman 09
renee zellweger letterman 10
renee zellweger letterman 11
renee zellweger letterman 12
renee zellweger letterman 13
renee zellweger letterman 14
renee zellweger letterman 15
renee zellweger letterman 16
renee zellweger letterman 17
renee zellweger letterman 18
renee zellweger letterman 19
renee zellweger letterman 20
renee zellweger letterman 21
renee zellweger letterman 22
renee zellweger letterman 23
renee zellweger letterman 24
renee zellweger letterman 25
renee zellweger letterman 26
renee zellweger letterman 27
renee zellweger letterman 28
renee zellweger letterman 29
renee zellweger letterman 30

Photos: HRC/WENN, INFdaily
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  • Yawn

    What is with her flat hair lately?

  • kenny c

    good luck brad…u r going to need it.

  • justme

    @kenny c:

    hi jennifer a!!!!!!!! how r ur nights lately????

  • Jen a

    I’m fine hon! BP and I are doing just fine!!! In October you’ll see!

  • Brad the stoner

    It’s a bird, it’s a plane’ it’s super Renee able to rehabilitate gay men with the turn of her head!!!! She should really not pose with her hands on her hips. Somebody give the girl some pointers shes struggling. Renee look at the guys that are getting married. Copy the short one in the skirts pose.

  • Jen Fan

    @Brad the stoner:
    Regis and Kelly this morning and Letterman tonight. Be sure to take time for your fellow!!

  • bet

    i am sorry , the leg ouch.

  • me

    I’m loving the blue!

  • dwald

    she needs to iron her face

  • Jen a

    Coop looks rough! I heard he didn’t want to be a tabloid fixture.Guess he chose Renee and all the covers that come with her.

  • Michelle

    I still respect her as an actress, but her legs are horrendous.

  • ouch

    Wow – pic 7 tells you everything you need to know. She is so, so pleased – isn’t she? The media attention is back!

    Yet – deep down she must know, right?

    Renee, look at these pics and swim toward dignity. You are not young, and your ‘boyfriend’ is probably gay. For pity’s sake, deal with getting older and find something else to do besides being sad, faded movie star.

  • nonfan

    Her knees are really strange. Check ‘em out.

  • sandy

    you Jen hags need to stop, look at the aging porn star Jen the bed hopping chin, Renee looks lovely and you know it, go Renee!!! one of few stars that actually have talent. not like the fake,non acting,fug dumped maniston, Jen in drag. with that bloated face.

  • Chris

    BC made a very good choice. I love RZ’s dress-the color is electric. Clearly RZ is more of a classy and talented lady hands down.

  • Lexi

    Every one get what they want. Renee get the man Jen get a boat load of media attention and drama. Jen don’t want a man she just wants a pity party,.

  • Leah

    they do not suite each other what so ever! he such a player haha i love it!!

  • the bruiser

    Just finished watching her on Letterman. OMG she is just plain wacko! I hope she is never a mother to children.

    P.S. And the duck said: “Quack, quack, I just sucked on a lemon”!

  • Jack

    Now I get it. Renee has a movie out on Friday and since her last 6-10 movies bombed she has enlisted the help of Jennifer Aniston to get people to notice her. Otherwise, she’d have to die of a drug overdose to land on the cover of US Weekly.

  • josh

    i and every man get why brad chose Renee, very impressive in all dept.

  • lauren

    ughh she and that mouth!!! ew

  • Sally

    I like Renee, I like the colour of her dress (blue is my favorite colour), I like her shoes, I just don’t like so much the way she poses for pics, I think it’s too artificial, do you know? But I love Bridget Jones and can’t wait to the third movie! She’s great as Bridget, so funny!

  • Sally

    Oh, and Bradley looks very charming. I prefer his hair shorter like this. Much better! I wish he and Renee all the best.

  • Sally

    * Sorry: I wish to him and Renee all the best. Now it’s ok. :)

  • deraj tsuj

    Does Renee have a penis for Bradley?

  • pic # 14


    r u kidding me? COME ON

    she’s is just a FREAK

  • joshy baby

    josh @ 08/21/2009 at 1:51 am yes we know why YOU understnd, ur gay like Brad that’s why u all “get it”

  • The Comedian

    Everything is wrong with her, her legs, her hair, and this mouth…gosh, she is always making this with her mouth thinking it’s sexy WELL IT’S NOT !
    What the Hell her PR is doing ? someone needs to tell her to stop doing that.
    ANd to avoid short dress,
    Bradley Cooper is really really disappointing me

  • HAL

    the slutbaggg stands like a HORSE! Bradley is GAY and he should be dating JAKE GYLLENHAAL.


    At least she is a woman. There is still a question mark on Maniston ‘s gender with that thing hanging out between her two legs.
    Nice job Brad, you took the female with squinty eyes over the shemale with a cromagnon chin and steroid related massive neck


    she is a beard for most gay men, george clooney, kenny chesney, bradley cooper………is it because she is a LESBO??? insiders know!


    RANDY @ 08/21/2009 at 5:42 am she is a beard for most gay men, george clooney, kenny chesney, bradley cooper………is it because she is a LESBO??? insiders know!

    So is Maniston !
    confirmed bi Vince Vaughn, Mayer who made out with Perez. I guess that story about Maniston getting busy with Marky Mark’s cousin is true, after all she already tongue kissed CC, like to touch her weirdly and she tongue kissedd another actress a few years ago too


    And Maniston is a close friend to Shaz Bono for the past 20 years…guess she is even more closeted lesbo than Renee is supposed to be.

  • gregory

    renee cokehead and pill popper ready to rescue the gaysssss. yay for the superbeard!


    everybody knows that chinniston is a lesbo. no secret.

  • Jake G

    “Bradley is GAY and he should be dating JAKE GYLLENHAAL.”
    I wish we could !
    Renee looks a bit strange, but Brad’s beard is much better than Reese B!tchface Witherspoon.

  • flutters

    Idk, the timing of this Renee-Brad thing just seems WAY too convenient. It reeks PR stunt. I hope not though.

  • Eat a hamburger

    Rennee is a good actress.Cold Mountain. BridgetJonesDiary. And other movies,but she looks like she is sucking a lemon.Her legs are ugly.She is too blond.Bad coloring.Yellow blond and white blond looks good on 6 yr.olds.She needs lowlights and highlights.

    She needs to eat some hamburgers. She is way too skinny.Sullen looking.

  • Eat a hamburger

    Ewwww! Look at her hands,arms,and legs.I missed that.Veins,veiny.Madonna,Sarah Jessicaparker all have is from being too thin and over exercising.
    Nice dress, but she forgot to comb her hair.

  • HockeygurL

    Wtf is up with her legs ? gross

  • Excuse me?

    Jack @ 08/21/2009 at 1:18 am Now I get it. Renee has a movie out on Friday and since her last 6-10 movies bombed she has enlisted the help of Jennifer Aniston to get people to notice her. Otherwise, she’d have to die of a drug overdose to land on the cover of US Weekly.


    Yes OSCAR WINNER Renee needs the help of a woman who is so desperate for attention she runs around wearing plastic nipples in the middlesof August; a woman so undesirable that men are issuing PRESS RELEASES to distance themselves from her; a woman best known for getting DUMPED rather than for her acting (no Oscars for the Chin, are there?)

    By all mean, enlist Nippleston’s help. After all, how many of her ” FANS” went to see Management? Was it 10 people, or 11? LOL!!!

  • campbell

    Renee does not need Aniston.Renee has a Oscar.Aniston does not.
    Leave her alone Aniston Fans go back and bully Brange’s thread.

  • lakers fan in boston

    god, she’s ugly
    i saw her today on regis and kelly and i was wondering if she actually used botox, and i kept noticing how she couldnt move her forehead
    that face is just plain disgusting, she has only 1 facial expression
    ugly lemon face ho!
    nice dress btw

  • The real deal

    LOL at the Rachelites. At first you all were “Bradley’s so cute, so gorgeous, he and chinni will make beautiful babies” now that he’s with another woman all of a sudden, he’s gay. You hags are pathetic, truly pathetic. But if knockin Renee Z, makes you feel better because Chinman cant keep a fella, go for it. I guess its back to harassing J. Stamos for a pity fcuk huh ladies?

  • maddison

    I think Renee’s contrived poses are due to her painful shyness. In almost every interview, despite the funny stories/anecdotes she shares, her body language points at her discomfort with herself. She rarely seems relaxed, doesn’t know what to do with her limbs. (Hell yeah I’m speaking from experience!) She’s one of those great actresses who overcomes her shyness by playing characters.

  • suppress your appetite

    totally agree dwald.