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Rihanna: ‘Run This Town’ Music Video Revealed!

Rihanna: ‘Run This Town’ Music Video Revealed!

Peep the new “Run This Town” music video from Rihanna, Kanye West and Jay-Z.

“The song is about evolution and the progress,” Jay has said. “You start out as a new artist and you make your way into the game. You climb that mountain and you get to the top and you put your flag down. This is us putting our flag down. This is Roc Nation. Pledge your allegiance. You’ve got to put your flag at the top of the mountain and say we run this town.”

The trio will perform this song on NBC’s The Jay Leno Show on September 14. They are also rumored to perform a day before at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards also in New York City.

Jay-Z – “Run This Town” Music Video (feat. Rihanna and Kayne West)
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  • marissa

    who watches music video nowadays?

    but the video looks ok

  • Smith

    The ending is so silly. They look foolish.

  • ebony

    Rihanna sings all her songs the same.

  • incognito

    I saw this last night. Are they supposed to be scary or something?

  • Cooh

    I like the part when rihanna sings,just that

  • dundies

    too tired to watch

  • sassenach

    I don’t really care for said artists but for some reason I LOVE this song and video. Let me repeat…HATE rap but love this song.

  • Candy

    I wish she’d go sit down somewhere. I can’t stand her voice and Im disappointed that she will be back bleeding my ears on the radio.

  • hey

    if rihanna can’t act in a music video what to say about a movie goodness

  • Onyx

    That was lame.

  • Plazik

    Rihanna is beautiful!

  • mike

    ITA with # 4 – all her songs do sound the SAME.

  • mertz

    lol you posted the on smash version. cool either way. seen it last night. the editing ruins this for me.

  • TC

    Don’t care for the Rihanna parts, but Kanye is not bad here.

  • enoughalready

    I cant take it, this is terrible! Rihanna has killed the eardrums. I’m sorry but the video sucks big time and Rihanna trying to dance is worst than ever. She still cant dance or sing, nothing never changes with her. The only thing people are going to say is she looks cute and please dont go there!

    Kanye should sue J for this one here..

  • reed

    I’m not feeling thesong

  • mertz

    lol @ hey…no way no freaking movie.

    and lol mike…naw she does have some (rare) different songs, but the biggest thing about her is that she doesn’t have that range. like they got her formula and that was it…because it sells and people still buy it without asking why they are buying her record especially if she sounds the same in all of them.

    dundies, don’t watch this video tired. i did that last night and i almost wanted to find a bridge and jump. the editing and camera makes your eyes move everywhere and that is no torture you should ednure on a sluggish brain. i’m going to give this video a try on a better day and see what i think of it. it looks like lots of other videos i’ve seen. originality is so dead in this era.


    I sense some racial undertones to this music video! If they didn’t try to make this look like some sort of black panther party then it sure is a wierd coincidence!

  • jess

    Every time I hear a Rihanna song, it always sounds like she’s starting to sing Umbrella. She needs to mix up her intonation a bit.

  • Powersaver

    I love the hip hop old skool sound! I guess Beyonce wants to kick Rihanna’s ass like she did in “Obsessed”. But why does Jay-Z always have to use somebody on his record when he comes out of retirement ? I think KANYE was not needed.

  • fresh

    Not bad. It’d be better if Rihanna wasn’t involved but she seems to be their video ho du jour.

  • mertz

    uh what racial undertones…yeah ti’s hurt was racial undertones, chris brown’s gimme that was racial undertones, tupac and dre’s california was racial undertones, and i know busta has another one of these dumb looking videos with a big mob group of people and i bet that was racial undertones. it has nothing to do with the black panthers lol. they not that smart to make that kind of link, even subliminaly in the video direction or lyrics. it probably has more to do with all those artists being pissed off and being top memebers of roc nation. anyways doesn’t rihanna’s disturbia video have the same kinda video treatment. and there’s always fire in a jay z video. i’m surprised this time they didn’t shoot it in a grage, or had some kind of old style godfather look to it. ugh. yeah no one watches video nowadays so they should stop trying to be creative.

  • triumph

    Rihanna is so bitch lame. Girl cannot sing. Jay-Z, Kanye and GaGa really need to collaborate right now. The three of them together would be on fire!

  • mertz

    this is not an old skool record…and yeah ye was invovled, like always. why’s yeezy not needed. his ego and jay-z’s clash and work well together. they make good records.

  • beats

    Why did they dress Rihanna up like a tranny?
    All the hype for this?
    Jay can do better.

  • Cammie

    Yawn..The “Fashion Icon”, The Ego, and the Ole Rapper….bad combination

  • mertz

    ahahahaha someone does even better than me so i’ma bring that comment here, because it is too legit to quit (hip hop reference right there).

    “Tierra Says:
    August 20th, 2009 at 4:36 am
    Where do I begin? They need to give Young Jeezy back his black clothes and scarves from the “Crazy World” video. Give Tina Turner and Mad Max Thunderdome back their movie concept. Give 2pac back his idea to use Mad Max Thunderdome in the “California Love Pt.1″ video. Give Tomb Raiders and the Egyptians/Italians back their use of catacombs and pyramids. Rihanna, give Kelis, Grace Jones, and Fefe Dobson back their swag, hair dos, tatoos, and style. Lastly, give the Black Panthers/SW1 back their whole borrowed presence ya’ll jacked for them whack ass extas. Kanye is the only original thing to this song, along with the beat. Rihanna’s wounded cuckatoo looking and sounding ass needs to give it a rest. And Jay Z, please listen to Fabolous, just “Throw It In The Bag”. Please, all BS to the side. Thank you.”

    oh and i forget check out most of all the busta ryhmes videos too. this video i know is about the ROC NATION BEING BACK IN FULL EFFECT…but it’s kinda really soft. sheesh.

  • lalalove

    Oh, stop yapping, people. You are the same ones that will vote this video to number, the same ones that will eventually make it go to # one on the Billboard and Itunes chart, the same ones that continually make Rihanna a hit on this site when you constantly comment on her posts on here. Why will you all get it? Just see her shit and ignore it if you really want her to fade!!!
    As for this video, I don’t really care for it.

  • mertz

    wow i see lots of people on the interweb commenting about this and connecting it to the black panthers. wow. anyways…NEXT.

  • Nicey

    I will never understand how this girl made it and Amerie did not. All Riri does now is change her clothes a million times a day and prances around for the paparazzi.

  • mertz

    Cammie @ 08/20/2009 at 11:38 am Yawn..The “Fashion Icon”, The Ego, and the Ole Rapper….bad combination

    Read more:
    you get best comment. lol. but don’t you mean the fashion icon that was the token video ____ like what some people were pointing out. hahah but serisouly your comment was pretty on point.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @Nicey: ..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! who’s amerie?!? hahahahahahahahaha.. rihanna’s at the top of the music industry. makes you so mad you cant take it! hahahahahahaha.. do it, kill yourself! do it! she’s not going anywhere (obviously) so you might as well turn your lights off!

  • moveon

    Someone needs to run Jay, Rhianna and Kanye out of town. They’ve had their day. The video is ‘different’ as far as hip hop vids go, but the tune is lame.

  • Whoever

    Rihanna voice in the chorus or her background vocals make me want to kill myself

  • Lyla

    I think it sucks!!!
    Why rihanna sings all her songs the same??

  • Chantel

    Why does it feel like Rihanna is fighting cats with that voice??

  • mertz

    Nicey @ 08/20/2009 at 11:55 am I will never understand how this girl made it and Amerie did not. All Riri does now is change her clothes a million times a day and prances around for the paparazzi.

    Read more:
    yeah someone else on another board mentioned same thing about teira marie. oh well. atleast we know rihanna isn’t the only one out there. she made it and people helped her get where she’s at. good for her and good for us all.

    lol at the cat comment. like they couldn’t have tunned it down a notch or something. no they needed that voice ala crescendo to move the tune…or have people want to find the nearest bridge.

  • http://sdfasd val

    whats with all the hate for rihanna, i think she was good, she was my favorite part. sure she should mix up her sound a lil, but if thats her voice and if thats what she wants then let it be.

  • ynop

    This video is sooooooooo boring!!! Seriously…I get the idea, but it was not executed well at all. I found myself dozing off after just :50 in!

  • Truth Is…

    Dislike is not hate. People need to stop overstating other’s intent. Hate is a serious term and disliking an artist’s performance does not mean they hate them.

    Agree, Rihanna is the weakest link here cause she makes no effort to change her delivery. Every tune is the same but it’s not surprising since the label markets her as a commodity instead of an artist.

  • Mexicanmami

    the video didnt live up to its hype
    and for the black panther comment there are all types of races in this video (look carefully)….
    rihanna’s dancing is the only thing i found amusing lol

  • marley

    perfecttttt song and perfect video.3 of them are amazing,riri is so beautiful and she has interesting voice.jay is also perfect and kanye is is incredible I think.I wish I can be there..:((

  • marley

    riri is amazing.she has so interestingg is also incredible.I wish I could be there..:((

  • Houston

    Rihanna is nothing but no talent, eye candy…
    Jay-Z and Kanye were tight.

  • La

    I Hate Rihannas Voice But She Sounds Good In This.

  • twittermethis

    the video is ok kanye is the only good part of this song why do people keep supporting these singers and rappers that can’t sing or rap I WANT BACK THE 90′s that was true singing ,tupac and all the rest before JAY-Z, SOULA BOY ECT, where are the real rappers it amazes me that people talk then still buy the albums these no talent people are making money off of you, while you’re busy losing your job, strugging to pay bills you just put a million dollars in there bank account do you think you can go and knock on they door and ask for yuor money back I don’t think so so why support them if people would stop buying the albums maybe they wouldn’t have a choose but to produce good artist with talent that can sing and rap like the old days

  • nikomilinko
  • frenchtouch

    don’t feeling the song too.
    But I’m happy to hear Kanye raps.
    according to me, for a first song for a new album, this is not a very great EP

  • lakers fan in boston

    honestly i dont understand why they put that much effort in2 that video
    like some1 previously said, who really watches music videos anymore?
    i was expecting a little more, was somewhat disappointing, but it was still good
    and im sick and tired of ppl(bloggers) saying this is rihannas video
    it’s jay-z’s video!!!
    and btw, it looks like she’s trying way 2 hard to look cool in that video, ive been over her a long time ago, i use to find her really cute when she came out but no she’s just ridiculous

  • maeli

    liked the song