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Hayden Christensen: Lacoste Commercial!

Hayden Christensen: Lacoste Commercial!

Check out the new commercial from Hayden Christensen, promoting his latest fragrance, Lacoste Challenge.

The scent’s bottle emulates the shape of a tennis racket handle and the solid glass bottle is encased in a lustrous black ‘soft touch’ grip emblazoned with the iconic Lacoste crocodile logo. The color scheme is also a direct reference to the world of tennis in general, with its classic bright yellow balls and black racket grips. Check out Hayden below!

Hayden Christensen: Lacoste Commercial!
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  • flirtlikecrazy

    Looks like Frenchie tennis player Richard Gasquet in some shots.

  • Fernanda Prevedello

    Wow! He looks HOT!

  • russian girl

    Wow Hayden is perfect! Such a beautiful man. Bravo, Lacoste!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    he’s top 3 worst actors alive.

  • ivanka

    @flirtlikecrazy: richard is SUPER hot and hayden is average… maybe this is the next perfume for my bf

  • alison

    i think he’s cute and i thought he did a good job in jumper i liked it

  • liz

    I love so much Hayden! Post more about it Jared!

  • sarah


  • s

    hes looks really hot in that ad!

  • yep

    Yeah he’s hot.

  • padme

    Finally….a post of gorgeous Hayden!!! Jared, please post more pics of Hayden, Natalie Portman, and Chris Pine instead of HC’s fugly fiancee.

  • Van

    GORGEOUS!! Thanks, Jared!!

  • bluebrid

    Hayden is HOT! Yummy

  • jake

    What a stupid commercial. The ad has no substance or story. I didn’t get it at all. Bad taste on the filmmakers part. What’s the point to Hayden, out of nowhere start running and jumping in the air. Come on is that the best you guys could come up with.

  • jessica

    my god he is so gorgeous!

  • anne

    helooo sideburns!

  • chris23

    Hayden, do yourself a favor and dump that brainless twit who just keeps press whoring your relationship as if you were an accessory and find yourself a beautiful, smart woman whose IQ is higher than a fruit fly.

  • logic

    I have smelled this cologne there is nothing special about it. I find other fragrances smell better then this one. Plus there are way other actors or sports celebrites that promote a designer brand or their own who should get similar attention then this dude. The only thing he was known for that made Box office bucks was Star Wars now that he does nothing but, cologne commerical tells me he is fading fast in Hollywood.

  • edward?

    wonder if he was ever considered for the role of Edward Cullen?

  • Jamie

    This commercial is so bland but he looks hot!

  • : )

    This is old as it’s already on the tv, have seen it three x’s! JJ only put this on to give the RB haters something to do!

  • Dipsy lala

    @jake: Yeah, Jake, you are right on the button. WTP of this ad? Most ads try for the woman appeal factor, you know, spray it on and beautiful females’ll chase you down the street, as if. Or the I’m really macho type ad. But this is nothing about nothing. What’s all the jumping for? It’s dull & pointless…

  • lexy

    Of course he’s on JJ. Rachel’s people pay this web site to help keep her in the public eye. She’s been missing from JJ for a few days but needs to stay relevant so they sent in this info on HC.

    This way she’s pimping out him and their relationship on the down-low since this isn’t really about “them”. She’s smarter than we give her credit for.

  • its just an ad

    Some of you all are so funny! Things are not always about Hayden and Rachel. The cologne is being marketed more in the U.S. in August, according to the Lacoste company. This same ad with Hayden and the video commercial is on many blogs since yesterday, not just JJ. This commercial may be old for some of you, but it has not been on television in my area, or in many other areas, as well.

    This purpose of the ad is the correlation with the fact that Hayden was in Jumper, and this is one big jump to catch the cologne, which is in a tennis racket designed bottle, they say. Hayden was a provincially ranked tennis player, as well, growing up. “Catch the game of life” is the theme. Plus, he is very good looking, they are appealing to women to buy the stuff for their guys! Is that clear enough for you?

  • me

    Don’t Say nothing bad cause he’s not with her. Its time for a change anyway.ITis suppose to about him and his commerical.By the way this was seem on his web site last week Aren’t late for this JJ, Also he they are not pimping their relationship when they haven’t been seen together in two months you all don’t know what going on with them anyway. She always do this when its not about her, We don’t even know if they are together or not. Rachel is not smart no. 24 she has nothing to do with his business life and she don’t know anything about business. are she would be here instead of him. If JJ wants to put it on his website he can. Hayden is on his own now leave it at that.

  • casella

    Still hot!

  • sam

    very hot :D





  • lexy

    Jumper was several years ago. And it wasn’t really a big hit. It’s a little late for Lacoste to try and cash in on that THAT correlation don’t you think? I’d like to think it’s really more part of their campaign and not that it’s got anything to do with the movie.

    I think she’s got something to do with his business life. Afterall, he was up-in-coming and had a career. She attached herself to him after Jumper and now his career isn’t going as well. He’s doing movies going straight to DVD (like her movies) and with Chris Brown – that’s not good! I don’t see Leonardo Di Caprio or Brad Pitt doing movies where Chris Brown is considered the “star” (and that was before the Rihanna drama).

  • lisab

    OMFG!! he is so freaking HOTTT in this video!! i wanna do him badly! i want him to take my virginity. no SERIOUSLY!! he’s so gorgous!! :DDD

  • lisab

    um lexy jumper was just last year and yeah it did make a lot of money because if it didn’t the production wouldn’t bother making a sequel. would be a waste of money
    anyways did i mention hayden is the most sexist man ALIVE!!! OMFG! THERE AREN’T ENOUGH WORDS TO DESCRIBE HOW SEXY HE IS!!! :DDDDD just jared post more about hayden. like some current photos!! oh gawd..i can’t wait until i’m legal so he can have me!!

  • Thing

    It’s a dull ad about a dull product involving one of HW’s dullest actors, can’t see anybody rushing out to buy this for anyone when there are so many better on the market. Who buys Lacoste stuff now, anyway! Supposed to be designed around a tennis raquet handle, pah! Be nice if somehow the admen had made that association more obvious in the actual bleeping ad! Rubbish!

  • rach09elm


  • katt

    has he stopped acting???
    hasn’t seen any work fr him lately..after the movie JUMPER…or maybe i just didn’t pay attention…lol

    felt like he disappeared, or maybe he needed a break.

  • Chili Pepper

    He sucked balls in Star Wars. He can’t act.

  • katt

    i think he is too old for that… but he could be if he is younger.
    But i doubt he can kiss as passionately like rob with kristen … the chemistry with robsten is on fire!

  • anakin

    Kristen( in a cameo) was in Jumper near the end of the movie playing Hayden’s character’s half sister, too bad though, she would have been better playing Millie instead of Rachel. It was weird the chemistry in that scene when Kristen’s character met H’s was palpable, you could see it on the screen when their eyes met. JMO

  • key oui

    Yay, the beautiful one has returned. I’m still such a fan girl for this guy!

  • kosher

    Yeah said commercial is just as bland just like the way his personality & hackting career goes. His microscopic fiancée could gather more tabloid hits more easily than him as it was where she shamelessly specialized most w/c turn out to be more interesting (easy translation : laughable) than his vacuum JJ post.

  • Puzzled

    Who is it aimed at, the ad? Seen it & it’s not much cop! So who’s gonna be buying this stuff? Not the guys, for sure, as the actor isn’t high profile enough. He doesn’t have the pulling power for that kind of market! Girls buying it as a gift? Maybe, don’t think so though because most guys use a scent they like & this’d just sit in a cupboard! Can’t see this being like a profitable deal for Lacoste! Bit of a loser, this one!

  • Puzzled

    Now if they’d approached Rob Pattinson, maybe! Bet Lacoste are kicking themselves there……..

  • logic


    My guess is to you see $$$ figures so anything in the millions is a hit. Well sorry to tell you that is far be it from the truth. It might have looked like it did great but, it faired poorly in all actuality. Star Wars was the only real hit this man has ever made. LaCoste even said they were banking in on the Star Wars with a slight add to jumper in it. As previously stated Jumper was last year and it’s a bit late to cash in on a already forgotten movie. The only ones who care about this dude are his fangirls who get off on the eye candy.

    Show me a real tennis player to sell LaCoste hell maybe the winner of the French open from last year. Honestly it does’t matter who they put in a commerical if the cologne is standard in smell not unique and in this case. There is nothing special it’s ok but, that is about all it’s will be is ok.

    @ puzzled

    Give it a year or so and LaCoste will press out another younger dude to give a cologne to. This is just a stab at promoting an older actor who is desperate for work. My guess is he paid LaCoste for the chance to market some type of cologne for him.

  • Gimmeabreak

    Pattinson should be play Frankenstein with that huge forehead of his not a vampire

  • Blayne

    I find it difficult to take his Lacoste ads very seriously; they seem so disingenuous.

  • @24

    HC and RB are pretty much the same person like Benifer and Bradgelina etc. One doesn’t exist without the other thanks to Lacoste actively promoting them as their brand image. HC has no other job than to pay for RB’s shopping sprees and soon their children while making bad films as he’s done for the past 4 years. One can ignore him professionally he’s colder than a refrigerated corpse. The photo here is so airbrushed its almost a painting. The cologne smells very feminine. Appropriate don’t you think?

  • @46

    @46 – how can the photo be airbrushed, it’s a still from the commercial! Just pause the commercial!

    Please refrain from commenting until after your brain has been located!

  • Cee

    HAYDEN <3 <3 <3
    That bitch needs to come out of hiding.. I need a fix.

  • @47

    Perhaps 46 means digitally enhanced! Yes, it is possible, tattooes, scars & other stuff all erased away at the touch of a keypad.

  • @49

    @49 – I think you meant digitally alter, nice try, covering for 46, LOL.