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Jennifer Aniston Cools Down With Floor Fan

Jennifer Aniston Cools Down With Floor Fan

Jennifer Aniston tries to beat the New York City summer heat by having a assistant hold up a heavy duty floor fan in front of her face on Friday (August 21).

The 40-year-old former Friends actress was on location shooting The Bounty, her latest movie co-starring Gerard Butler.

Earlier this morning, Jen was seen shooting a scene where it looked like she was going to jump off the roof of a building but was stopped by a telephone call.

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston trying to stay cool with a fan in her face…

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jennifer aniston assistant holding fan 01
jennifer aniston assistant holding fan 02
jennifer aniston assistant holding fan 03
jennifer aniston assistant holding fan 04
jennifer aniston assistant holding fan 05
jennifer aniston assistant holding fan 06
jennifer aniston assistant holding fan 07
jennifer aniston assistant holding fan 08
jennifer aniston assistant holding fan 09
jennifer aniston assistant holding fan 10
jennifer aniston assistant holding fan 11
jennifer aniston assistant holding fan 12
jennifer aniston assistant holding fan 13
jennifer aniston assistant holding fan 14
jennifer aniston assistant holding fan 15

Photos: Pop/WENN, Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • jen fan


  • jen fan

    i think I woukd need a bigger fan if I was working with Butler!

  • Joe

    hey much does her PR pay you to post these daily boring pics?
    unbelievable, you’d think people gave a hoot. LOL

  • sam

    i like her but that’s a bit too high maintenance. anyone else agree?

  • Michelle

    Thanks for the thread JJ. Pretty woman. Can’t wait to see this film.

  • Michelle

    Agree with you jen fan. I would need a couple of fans at least.

  • jen is in pain

    pathetic loser of woman with the ugliest manly face ever

  • Kirsten

    one word

  • ronda

    jenn is hottttttttttttttttt

  • she’ old

    I hope she’ll keeps her skirt on I dont want to see her fat legs again.

  • She’s a ho

    and along came polly

  • curious

    It is DREADFULLY HOT here in nyc. I don’t blame you, honey! I need a fan right now.

  • TINA

    I feel so bad for that woman carrying the fan…


  • no no no

    I dont know who thought fanning her hair away from her face was a good idea,pic 7 is sad.The hair should always cover her face.

  • ck

    That person is obviously Jens biggest fan.

  • fake

    She has an acting coach with her.This woman is fake as hell.

  • geez!

    she couldn’t just walk up to the fan or have someone place it on a chair??? total diva!!!!

  • sophie

    love her

  • Dreamer

    I can’t take this heat is NYC either! Wish I had a fan.

  • Sonna

    i had a friend too who whas always covering her face with her fake extensions and stuff.. she looked just like aniston, only she had black hair hahahaha pretty lame

    picture 7 shows really how old she ectualy is.. and i mean, which dude wants to be with a old women, when he can have something young and hot? that’s why nobody’s with her.. she should choose more older men who will stay with her when she ages, not a john ”im still growing up and stupid” mayer… jennifer show what you’re worth.. please

    and stop it with those stupid comedy’s about nothing at all..
    always she loves him, he doesn’t love her.. blablabla
    and than in the end, everything is always perfect, great and romantic (puke)
    go do some sick movies or scarie stuff..
    i amazes me that she isn’t puking already.. hahahaha

    besides all that, she is a lovely women. and beauty is not all THAT. i mean it’s normal she’s aging.. ofcourse she is

  • A plea for mercy

    You’ll never see Angelina trying to cool off shooting a scene like that let alone an action scene.Angelina is badass and she will never use and embarass someone by letting them fan her like that.Jen please sit down it will be easier for your assistant,please have a heart.

  • Jenho

    Does she wear the same outfit the whole movie? What is with the constant updates on Jenho, she still looks like a man?

  • Sam

    Jen lost another man, this time to Renee. What is wrong with Jennifer , other than being a pathetic loser? No man wants Jennifer , boo hoo.

  • the bruiser

    Her legs are fabulous. A WHOLE lot better than Renee “the duck” Zellweger!

  • the bruiser

    @Sam: Sorry Sam but Jen and Bradley Cooper never dated. They are just friends. Or isn’t a woman allowed to meet up with a friend for dinner?

  • the bruiser

    And I must say, Jen looks a whole lot younger than Renee “the duck” Zellweger who is also 40. I saw her on Letterman last night and Renee looks awful. And very wacked out.

  • Sarah

    She is gorgeous =)

  • susan


    And by the way jen is beautiful and talented love her!

  • gail

    Jennifer Aniston is a hard worker and is very good at what she does. I can see why everyone loves this woman. It must be very exciting filiming in New York City too. Have fun Jen, you deserve the best.

  • lakers fan in boston

    yah, it’s been pretty hot in the northeast this week but still she’s probably only out there for a few minutes and it doesnt even look like it’s that sunny where the movie is taking place
    but like i said it has been really hot so far

  • louisa

    I can’t believe that Jennifer just had to have somebody hold the fan instead of getting a chair for it or herself or have somebody run to the store to get a pedastal fan.

  • gracie

    God, she is so effing ugly….

  • Suzi q
  • nikomilinko

    she┬┤s full of bottox

  • ohlordy

    Is this girl for real?? Someone has to hold up a fan for her? LoL!!! Hold it yourself, biatch.

  • annie

    Jen is beautiful… If you don’t like her then why take the time to comment. Get a life…………

  • annie

    Love Jennifer she beautiful..
    If you don’t like her then why do you take time to comment on her.
    Get a Life………

  • Bethany

    Big F*ing deal. She is a movie star. That guy gets paid to do dumb things for the actors. He probably held it up for a few seconds and the paps got the money shot of her looking like a diva. Damn, the woman is just WORKING. I don’t think you trolls understand the concept of work.

  • laura2

    That would be Angela (Jennifer’s make-up artist) holding the fan…
    that’s her on this pic:
    …and this one:

  • Bet she’s already having hot flashes. Change of clothes would be great at some point also, is this outfit in the whole movie? I bet she has hired hand to also wipe her @$$. Just don’t care for Jen much these days, same ol, same old thing. We’ve seen all the clips of the movie, I’m sure it will save a movie ticket for most.

  • hahaha

    jump jen jump

  • Sweet Bejeezus

    This feels like the longest film production ever!
    Like friggin’ 5-part mini-series with CGI/animation made in China long …

  • angie’s old nose

    Seriously you haters…you think you know Angie just cause she releases what she wants to the press? Her and Pitiful know first hand what their millions could prevent for innocent, hungry children and yet they jet set everywhere and live in multi million dollar homes instead of renting an apartment or even worse the own over 170 million in real-estate all over the world. Talk about diva’s…they’re even worse because they know the difference they could be making. Why on earth can’t the live on say 2 million a year and live in just 2 houses? sell the rest and save all those children you boohoo about on TV. Ange is the biggest fake of all time….starting with her face.

  • chloe

    what a pathetic diva..poor person holding that heavy floor fan.
    She looks so stiff…no grace..not feminine at all.
    This film is another Rachel…ygh..why do studios give this looser $?
    oh, wait she puts up her own $ ????? as in the block buster Management & her torture film “Love Happens” the trailer made me fall asleep.
    thin lips are mean people.

  • Bethany

    People named Chloe suck. How is that. You like that?

  • AutumnN


    Shut up would you? You Jen hags are so pathetic and ignorant. You guys are jealous because Angelina and Brad get press for all the charities they support and all the good work they do, while Jen is mostly in the press for her countless failed relationships. So what if they want to splurge on themselves once in a while and have multi-million dollar homes? You expect them to live in a shack and fly economy or something? You idiot, they’ve worked hard for their money and can spend it on themselves if they’d life because guess what? Unlike your selfish, shallow idol Jennifer, Angelina & Brad actually give back and give tons to charity, so they are more than entitled to splurge on themsleves.

    Unlike Brad and Angie who are very caring and give back, Jen is just all about herself. She doesn’t care about anyone but Jen. What a selfish hag she is.

  • LoriLori

    I wish JJ had posted the picture from Jen movie that was on People yesterday morning, chinchin was inside the trunk of a car – too many jokes for that one

  • Safi

    The person holding the fan isn’t hot of course not why should they be they’re not a celebrity not important (just like her fans) a bunch of plebs whose sole purpose is to ensure poor Missy Aniston is cool. If she weren’t so self-absorbed she’d suggest that person put it on a table or something but she couldn’t care less.

    #27 she may have better legs than Renee but she unfortuntely doesn’t have half of Renee’s brain….although having said that she is good at working out angles with her PR to ensure she gets maximum publicity for doing umm nothing…or in this case for having a slave hold up a heavy fan.

    She is not a true actor she is famous by association…she is the same category of actor as Courteney Cox but Courteney Cox didn’t marry as well as she did.

  • candi

    I think the fan was to get the windblown effect for the scene. As you can see in some of the pics, her hair is blown back. I would say not being a Diva at all, just doing her job!