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Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick: Baby Shopping!

Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick: Baby Shopping!

Five-months-pregnant Kourtney Kardashian and her entrepreneur boyfriend Scott Disick go shopping for their their first child’s arrival at the Juvenile Shop on Thursday (August 20) in Calabasas, Calif.

Kourtney, 30, and Scott, 26, have been studying up on pregnancy.

“We watch these videos together on some random Web site I found called,” she tells People. “They have videos which tell you what to expect, like the size of the baby at different stages, what the baby is doing inside. They’re cool. Neither of us have read a book, but we’re going to.”

“At nighttime, I’ll make Scott put his hand on my stomach and feel it,” Kourtney added. “Every time he leaves me he kisses my stomach and says goodbye to the baby and talks to it. It’s so cute.”

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  • jmo

    Sad, she has to “make” him touch her stomach?? Yep, he’s gonna make a great daddy!! Irresponsible idiots should never be allowed to reproduce.

  • lollipop

    Hah, you can tell who wears the pants in that relationship. The guy looks like a wind could blow him over and apparently a wind knocked over his condom too. What the h*ell do you know about someone in less than 5 months? He’s going to have his b*lls kicked in for the rest of his life. His posture says it all unfortunately and she knew it. Bitchy girls love to dominate weak boys like that.

  • Jen

    I have to say she looks so cute. I wish them the best of luck with the baby that is on the way.

  • alison

    i don’t keep up with her but i was watching keeping up with the kadashians and she broke up with him cause she thought he was cheating then she went to miami so what they got back togrther?

  • Sam

    Oh, Brother!
    Look at her, She prolly called the Paparazzi her self….
    Sooooo desperate.

  • escrow mama

    Neither one of them is capable of reading a book.

  • Sooki

    I dont know who he is , but sockless boys are always hot!! yumm

  • me!

    Please do not post another word about these two celebrity whores.
    What have they done to deserve the spot light?
    Just ignore their plea for publicity and hopefully they’ll disappear into obscurity where they belong.
    Thank you.

  • anonymous

    I hope that shes going to be a great mom. But why the hell did they get together again.
    FYI – If you haven’t watched the ‘Keeping Up With Kardashians’ episode. She actually broke up with him because he cheated on her TWO times already. With hard evidence that he cheated on her.
    I guess its for the sake of the baby…
    I mean, look at Nicole Richie, when I found out she was pregnant, I thought that she was still immature to have a baby. But look at her now!!

  • Lucy

    OMG! she can’t stop looking to make sure they are taking her picture,
    all those girls want is superficial attention.

  • jbo

    SCOTT is one FUGLY dude! Kourt could DO WAY BETTER – she’s so pretty and hot.

    It’s SO SAD and PATHETIC to read when someone says “the baby saved our relationship” – if your relationship needed “saving” in the first place, your SCREWED and now you’ve brought a child into the world to majorly screw up – these dumb whores!

  • Topdog

    she’s problems written all over her face. obviously, her mama didn’t raise her right.

  • sonna

    yes these girls ARE superficial and fake, they’ve had boobjobs and other stuff we will never know about.. but hey who are we to judge?
    it’s pretty sad but i guess she did call the papzz haha just to get some attention..
    and if it’s true he cheated on her, she’s doing this only for the fame. that’s why she’s called a fame
    they do shows, s.xtapes and other stupid stuff like going to a ranch with a bunch of stupid rich people, only because they want the money and the attention..
    and what are we doingg?? exactly,, giving them what they want..
    jared, cut it with the kardashians.. they’re making a big mess of their life.. just to be ”cool” in th L.A. world they live in…

    and bytheway, i don’t know but his style is a little bit weird? like nerdish or even maybe gay? i don’t know, but i personally think she should be with someone who will catch her when she falls and tell her what is good and not and support her.. this boy looks like a kid.. damn

    wish the best luck for them….. ??

  • sarah

    They look like they’ll make it this time around, the baby’s made them grow up, and helped their relationship become stronger. Hopefully Scott won’t cheat on Kourt anymore.


    Yeah..Total media wh*res too. Figures. She is a midget too. Just happens to be a very curvy one. She is going to be HUGE @ 9 months! You just watch. At least she has beautiful hair.

    The b/f looks like yeah….I’m screwed!

  • Annie

    She went to some “random” website? You frickin idiot. Maybe a DOCTOR would be a better idea to find out what is going on with your baby?? What a complete waste of space. And like that guy is going to stick around, yah right. Trashy wh*res shouldnt reproduce. Why are these idiots even popular, because their sister had a sex tape? Well that should rise them to the top. Just like a floaty piece of cr*p.

  • June

    This this was old ugly ass Jennifer Aniston. You guys would be all praise.

  • lexy

    Mom needs to send her and Khole to the therapist so they can get over their jealousy of Kim. Maybe once Kourtney does that she can get her self esteem back and dump this loser and be a decent mother.

    Has anyone noticed that this man is unemployed and doesn’t seem to be looking for work?? THEY are not shopping, SHE’s shopping -he has no money to shop.

  • Paige

    Everyone goofs on Khloe, but Kourtney is uglier. She looks like a man.

  • zzzz

    Uh-oh. She has to make him touch her stomach? I never liked this guy. He’s too young and immature, he cheats, he and K. have extremely poor communication skills,and he’s not ready to be a father to this baby he was tricked into having. He’s only 25!

  • andy

    no kim khloe and kourtney are three beautiful women kim is my fav cause she seems the most down to earth and nice khloe my least cause she seems rude kourtey can do better than this guy and she seems nice at times and also rude but they are all naturally beautiful

  • haha

    Does anyone else find it funny and apropos that the name “Dick” is in this loser’s last name?

  • haha

    Yodn’t have to star out D*ck, Jared, it’s a legitimate name, like Jane.

  • D*ick Van Dyke

    Van Patten,Cheney, and I are insulted.

  • lollipop

    P.S. Straight men don’t wear bright red shoes. Its hard to believe with all that glamour, fame, money and vanity in the Kardashian family and that’s all she could dig up in LA to impregnate her.

  • lakers fan in boston

    seriously these posts r pretty usual
    i only come her to rant about her
    im pretty sure he was totally distraught when she told him, from the episodes of seen of him on kim’s show, he looked like that douche type
    not a doubt in my mind that says he wont go to another chick, he looks like he tires quickly

  • bruce j

    Scott…welcome to the next 18 years of your life dude. hahahaaaa

  • nofan

    I agree with #8 me!…..quit writing about the K-ho-TRASHians. E! network and Ryan Seacrest keep shoving them down our throats, just like they did with Paris, Nicole Ritchie, and Denise Richards only because they aired those insipid shows. Multiple sex partners, drunken binges, sex tapes, arrests, selfishness, vanity, limelight seeking, cursing and smug attitudes…these are character components most people do not want nor do they want them in their daughters.

  • Jason

    DOesnt this kid look like Kims dad. They look almost similar.

  • KATE


  • KATE


  • Lala

    hahahaters! she IS stupid for getting back with scott. but why hate on her pregnancy. she isn’t perfect. i’m sure all of you are far from that also. so reeeeeeelax haters. hahahahaters!!!


    Wait until this child grows up and reads that his/her mom thought about aborting them. Nice job Kourt!

  • Elle

    Talks to IT???? How cute a baby called it. I believe that was a book on child abuse. Is Kourtney eating enough. She looks super tiny to be over halfway through a pregnancy.

  • chez

    As far as I’m concerned 95% of all the people living in America have had one type of plastic surgery done.
    They are all artificial beauty’s.
    Let us not judge courtney, Scot was probably the only guy that had the guts to date her, I PERSONALLY LIKE HER ALOT.
    But Americans try and be natural alittle.I hope all this plastic would not affect u later in the future.

  • sally

    I dont think its Scotts baby if you see the show Kourtney sleeps with all kinds of men and they even showed her in bed with some random guy. Who knows who the father is. Could be anybodys

  • diana

    ciao kourt vorrei essere tu sister

  • julie

    does anybody know what dress shes wearing?! i want it

  • suppress your appetite