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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Golf Date!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Golf Date!

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are spotted together on a very public golf date at the Valencia Country Club in California on Thursday (August 20).

Eddie arrived at the private country club in his Porsche a few minutes before LeAnn,” an eyewitness tells People. “LeAnn was beaming when she saw Eddie and the two gave each other a quick hug. Eddie was sweet and went to buy water and energy drinks from the golf store.”

LeAnn, 26, and Eddie, 36, met while filming the Lifetime TV movie Northern Lights, and have been linked romantically every since despite many denials. Just last month, LeAnn separated from husband Dean Sheremet and Eddie separated from wife Brandi Glaville.

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Credit: London Entertainment; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • mela

    she is so ugly. there is nothing “sexy” about her. eddie must be using Leann for her fame.

  • me!

    You took the words right out of my mouth!
    He is a hot man (albeit an asshole), but she is a plainjane!

  • HockeygurL

    These two douchebags deserve each other. I hope they remember the word KARMA cause it will get you twice as hard next time.

  • nick

    she’s not attractive at all…

  • me

    Should have left her husband like that. Both should be ashame of what they did!

  • Scarlett

    How the hell did she get him to fool around on his wife?? She’s fug!

  • mela

    hockeygurl, karma came quick for Leann! she was accused of misdemeanor hit-and-run right and questioned by the LAPD after their “golf date”!

    i just can’t get over how gross she looks.

  • who called them?

    Looks like LeAnn was the one. She is looking at the camera in every pic, some smiling. How many paps hang out at the VCC?

  • Frankie

    How much is she loving the attention as well?
    Both disgust me.

  • ick_factor

    another brangelina in the making

  • silver

    wow…homewrecking and proud.
    they are such losers

  • jj

    So the Smirk and the Jerk have taken their affair public. Although he does not look to happy at the paps attention, Smirk girl is glowing. Hope the Jerk’s wife gets a huge settlement and he gets restricted access to his sons. Smirk girl has been pretty clever in orchestrating this whole affair so the Mrs. would leave him. Their total disregard for all the pain caused is disgusting. In order to hold her man, how long till she gets pregnant? How long before this affair crashes and burns? Ya think Smirk Girl has been getting pointers from Sienna Miller, superior homewrecker??

  • Unicorn

    She is ugly and so is Tori Spelling.

  • Wendy

    Do some of you live in the real world? Jesus, the comments on here suggest you must be complete idiots! So because you think she is physically unattractive, he couldn’t find her beautiful, or think that she has a great personality, and has fallen for her, kids stay in school!!

    I know many girls who would not be considered beautiful if judged on pictures, but are just stunning in real life because their characther comes through, its never the same thing.Are you all so far removed from reality on these blogs?!!

    Anyway this is very uncool, they both hurt their spouses in a public way.

  • fresh

    Thanks Wendy. I agree—she may be a really cool person, so what, she’s no supermodel but im sure you’re not either. So relax on those comments.

  • Karma za

    You guys,lets change this broken record.LeAnn and Eddie are in love and they have passion and that love and passion just won.
    When its love,it is right.

    Let them be.

    And ,Brandi should divorce when , if Eddie marries LeAnn.
    Dean should divorce LeAnn now.Let love flow. Let love be Let love in. Really,why separate. Separate is silly.Wht is it,a thinking time to see if you will get back together after one spouse makes a public fool of the other.

    And let the laughs in when these two,LeAnn and Dean turn on each other in their sick and wrong love when Eddie finds another. …when LeAnn loses more of her good name and some money to Dean,Eddie,andBrandi,and the Cibrian kids and when her sales slow down..toher [alstic surgeon because Eddie is going tomake her stress and cry when he finds yet another woman.

  • karen

    In the non-celeb world, I would agree 100% with what you are saying about LeAnn’s gawd-awful fugliness, but we are talking about celebrities here on this gossip website. In particular, we are talking about a celebrity who has no qualms contributing toward breaking up a family and calling the paps to make sure they document every juicy details. She’s fugly and a whore. Eddie is good-looking, yes, but those looks will fade quickly and his children will teach him the meaning of karma when they treat him like poop once they are old enough to realize what he did to their family.

    Fug, fugly, fuglier and homewrecking – the both of ‘em!!

  • Taylo

    So much for “sacred” anymore.

  • anon

    I think Leann Rimes looks just fine, why do people judge people on their looks so harshly? It is sad to see Leann look like the cat that swallowed the canary though..she needs to grow up a lot still. Think about the parties and children that are hurt. Didn’t this happen to Leann with her parents (the cheating)?

  • Rhonda

    Wow, those lifetime movie sets must be HOT! Isn’t that where married Tori met married Dean on a LIFETIME movie.

  • Nick

    Leann is SEXY and CUTE and besides she probably gives great HEAD.

    Nuf said.

  • Look out

    If they each did ths to their partners its only time till one of them do it to each other.

  • Karma za

    YES ANON!!!!! #19
    LeAnn’s dad , who was also her manager , did have an affair on her mom. Well, Ms.LeAnn was an adult of age 17 or so, but adding that she was a millioaniare,she older in maturity level, rather than a typical17 yr.old.
    It was SO BAD that she ,Little MissLeAnn ,stopped talking to her father,Wilbur Rimes, and that was because of the affair Iassume.On the business front,around the same time for her, she sued Wilbur Rimes and her record company. He is no longer her manager. Wilbur Rimes remarried,but does anyone know if it is to the same woman he had an affair with. LeAnn sided with her beloved Mommy. I GUESS she has a relationship with her dad today. I know she does with her mom.
    Does anyone know for sure if she is close to her dad and his wife or is she just cordial?

  • Ann

    He looks horrified by the media attention but she just loves it. LeAnn has played this whole affair very cleverly and it is obvious that he never intended to leave his wife and family. Rimes ensured that it went public, leaving the wife with little choice. Remember that only a few months ago, he and Brandi were photographed returning from Bruce Willis’ wedding. Walking lovingly arm in arm, it is hard to believe that he was continuing to betray his beautiful wife with this unattractive slut.

    There is no excuse for the public humiliation that they afflicted on their spouses.

  • Karma za

    I just googled
    LeAnn sues father

    Wilbur Rimes remarries

    What a mess! Net surf this stuff.

  • solarfire

    Le Ann may have an open relationship agreement with her ex-husband OR he may have slept with other men during the course of the marriage.

    Eddie has had a 3 year extra-marital affair with Scheana Marie Jancan and is a notorious skirt chaser… has been reported.

    Brandi has probably known about his flings but looked the other way but couldn’t any longer when this one went public.

    If Eddie has been cheating on Brandi all along then there really isn’t a there?

  • solarfire

    Le Ann needs a red-blooded male in her life. Unfortunately Eddie won’t be faithful to any one woman so he will break her heart.

    Eddie is too beautiful for most women to resist. He was never commited to his wife and she has known he is a philandering male. Too bad kids are involved.

  • robin1

    Le Ann is a very gifted voice and I hope she has some great music for us soon.

    She does need a REAL man after her limp-wristed husband experience.

    But Eddie won’t be true to her either. Not in his genes (or should I say jeans) LOL!

  • robin1

    I think Le Ann’s husband probably slept around with other men on her.

    Supposedly her husband was known to be gay as early as high school.

    Did Dean lie to her about his sexual preferences just because she was young and naive and had a fortune and the publicity was good?


  • lydia

    I too think that Dean was probably cheating on Le Ann over the years and probably with other men.

    But Le Ann respectfully kept quiet about it. Goodness she probably wondered if she was even attractive to real men.

    Eddie has a rep of sleeping around so he will disappoint her too. But I hope she finds a good man. I know she wants a family and Dean was just too frilly.

  • kelli

    i have always thought leann was very pretty, her face is so natural and fresh, it’s a gorgeous complexion. they aren’t any worse than any other hollywood couple that meets on set and then dumps their spouse(s). give ‘em a break

  • robin1

    In some pictures she is quite pretty. There’s a sunny quality to her.

    Hey……maybe Brandi Glanville is a dull b#tch. Who knows?

    Maybe she is cold and harping. We don’t know but Eddie has cheated with others before Le Ann so something was wrong in that marriage.

    Le Ann’s talent is probably a turn on in itself.

  • solarfire

    From all the bitterness expressed here I think many have been dumped in this manner and I feel for you.

    Suppose you were to find out your husband was gay and cheating on you . And only married you because you had fame and fortune. It’s a possibility!

  • bella

    @Unicorn: agree . . .how these women break up marriages . . .i do not get it.

  • blah blah blah

    People need to stop being so shallow. Yes, I am talking about a LOT of people on this site. Leann has always been gorgeous. She’s one of the few country stars I actually like.

  • diva689

    The people on this site continue to shock me with your hate & jealousy.

    2. They are BOTH married adults.
    3. She may not be a “model” but she is definitely one of the greatest naturally gifted singers of our time. Talent is sexy (and I’m not even a fan of her music).

    It takes two people to begin, maintain and end a relationship. It is fair game out there. The amount of judgement coming from the common person to famous people who cheat is insane. We ALL cheat!
    80% of ALL married couples have an affair outside of the marriage in this world. Some divorce, some stay together. Get over yourselves!

    p.s. Eddie looks so thin. Clearly the stress of his separation has gotten to him physically. Leave them alone. And one of you even wished less custody of his kids to him. Karma is a bitch, you put that out into the universe, it’ll come back and bite you.

  • susan

    another brangelina in the making

  • gag

    Not only is she hideous looking, she is a homewrecker too. She can kiss her career (what she had left of it) goodbye.

  • Marieme

    I can’t even imagine what kind of denial it must take to go out and pretend to be on a normal date under these circumstances. He is a father and a cheater! One would assume he’d feel heartbroken! And look at that stupid skaank LeAnn, smiling like the cat who ate the canary. What a selfish, little witch. Hate them both.

  • jj

    There is a poem that ends with the line “with every goodbye you learn”. Raise your sons with integrity and honor and distance them from their souless “father” and future smirky stepmother.

  • nat

    I’m not one to judge, but what they did was very wrong. You can not go through life stepping over other peoples toes, its juts not right. If you love someone and you have a commitment with someone else the right thing to do is to end with that commitment so you can do what you want. I condone infidelity one 100% I don’t see the need to it; when you can be honest with the other person and just tell them that things are over.

  • Shemp lugosi

    The thing that is most disgusting is that JUST LIKE Brat Pitt and Angelina Jolie, they LIED about having an affiar. I could respect any of these people a lot more if they had just owned up to it at the beginning, Jolie had the nerve to say to Barbara Walters on national tv, “I would never do that with a married man.” BULL!!! Fortunately, the public is way smarter than these so-called stars or their enablers in the press think we are.

  • wendy

    That didn’t take long did it? And it looks like that comment she made at her concert was indeed directed towards EC wife.

    So she couldn’t get the married man to leave his wife, so she did and is still doing everything in her power to make his wife leave him. The public is only seeing these photos because she is ensuring that there is no way that EC wife will take him back. If she has to work this hard to keep him, that just means that he isn’t in love with her at all.

    Notice that neither of them has sued US weekly, so it was indeed them sucking/kissing each other on that video. The fact that they would insist on being seen after so much controvesy just shows what little respect they have for others.

  • gwen

    1) When the OTHER WOMAN is gloating, acting innocent when her behavior is called into question, brings God into the mix despite the fact that she wasnt’t thinking abut God when she was sucking on EC fingers, and made such a huge fuss over the fact that someone would call her out on her bad behavior with a married man, it’s not blaming the woman. It’s called she needs to be a responsible adult. When this thing blows up in her face she will be the first one to go running to the media/press to tell them just how Eddie supposedly took advantage of her.

    2) They are ADULTS, which makes their sneaking around that much more disgusting. If they wanted out, then they should have did the ADULT thing and ended their relationships. They didn’t care about their families because if they did they would not have allowed the affair to play out in the public eye and hurt 4 innocent people.

    3)No WE DO NOT ALL CHEAT. Some people actually respect their relationships and the relationships of others to not cross those lines. Just because everyone cheats doesn’t mean that it’s right.

    4) I agree, he does look thin and unhealthy and not like himself.

  • gwen

    Is that the same outfit he wore in that video?

  • maddison

    Never trust a man with a ‘y’ or ‘ie’ at the end of his name. Your life will be full of good-byes and lies with him.


    I can’t wait for the KARMA to kick in and that’s played out on tv and in mags. Seeing Leann grumpy and crying and Eddie grouchy over not seeing his kids. It’s coming soon….

  • jj

    Boycot the Jerk’s TV show CSI: Miami
    Boycott the Smirk’s records and concerts
    See how well the affair helped SM and BG!

  • gwen

    This “golfing date” just confirms what US weekly and his wife had been saying all along. Why would he be seen with her alone on a golf course if nothing ever happened between them? I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to justify this outting with her by pulling the “but we are just friends” card. What does that say about him if he continues to go out in public with his mistress onseveral occassions knowing full well that it hurts his wife? To think, a week ago he was taking about how he loved his family and that he was a good dad. If he loved his family and was a good dad, then he wouldn’t have had the affair in the first place. Now his excuse for having the affair is that he isn’t perfect. Is that what he wants to teach his kids, that they step all over others because they are not perfect. He knew what the right thing was and he opted not to do it. Now instead of taking responsibility he wants to blame it on the public for exaggerating the truth. So how is he going to spin this “golf date” in his favor? He can’t claim that the media took these photos out of context, why else would be continue to be seen with her if he wasn’t sleeping with her. LR made it even more obvious that something was going on and that she was waiting for him when she filed for a separation/divorce immediately after his wife left him. The sad thing is that he is probably addicted to the doors that this affair has opened for him (role on CSI) and will prance around with LR as long as HW continues to reward him for his infidelity and public humiliation of his wife and kids.

  • twitheads

    the jerk and the smirk! lol I can’t wait to see her bloated head when this DOUCEBAG gets caught kissing another tramp’s toes on a beach!!! the ex wife should keep those kids away from both of these low lifes.