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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Golf Date!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Golf Date!

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian are spotted together on a very public golf date at the Valencia Country Club in California on Thursday (August 20).

Eddie arrived at the private country club in his Porsche a few minutes before LeAnn,” an eyewitness tells People. “LeAnn was beaming when she saw Eddie and the two gave each other a quick hug. Eddie was sweet and went to buy water and energy drinks from the golf store.”

LeAnn, 26, and Eddie, 36, met while filming the Lifetime TV movie Northern Lights, and have been linked romantically every since despite many denials. Just last month, LeAnn separated from husband Dean Sheremet and Eddie separated from wife Brandi Glaville.

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64 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Golf Date!”

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  1. 1
    mela Says:

    she is so ugly. there is nothing “sexy” about her. eddie must be using Leann for her fame.

  2. 2
    me! Says:

    You took the words right out of my mouth!
    He is a hot man (albeit an *******), but she is a plainjane!

  3. 3
    HockeygurL Says:

    These two douchebags deserve each other. I hope they remember the word KARMA cause it will get you twice as hard next time.

  4. 4
    nick Says:

    she’s not attractive at all…

  5. 5
    me Says:

    Should have left her husband like that. Both should be ashame of what they did!

  6. 6
    Scarlett Says:

    How the hell did she get him to fool around on his wife?? She’s fug!

  7. 7
    mela Says:

    hockeygurl, karma came quick for Leann! she was accused of misdemeanor hit-and-run right and questioned by the LAPD after their “golf date”!

    i just can’t get over how gross she looks.

  8. 8
    who called them? Says:

    Looks like LeAnn was the one. She is looking at the camera in every pic, some smiling. How many paps hang out at the VCC?

  9. 9
    Frankie Says:

    How much is she loving the attention as well?
    Both disgust me.

  10. 10
    ick_factor Says:

    another brangelina in the making

  11. 11
    silver Says:

    wow…homewrecking and proud.
    they are such losers

  12. 12
    jj Says:

    So the Smirk and the Jerk have taken their affair public. Although he does not look to happy at the paps attention, Smirk girl is glowing. Hope the Jerk’s wife gets a huge settlement and he gets restricted access to his sons. Smirk girl has been pretty clever in orchestrating this whole affair so the Mrs. would leave him. Their total disregard for all the pain caused is disgusting. In order to hold her man, how long till she gets pregnant? How long before this affair crashes and burns? Ya think Smirk Girl has been getting pointers from Sienna Miller, superior homewrecker??

  13. 13
    Unicorn Says:

    She is ugly and so is Tori Spelling.

  14. 14
    Wendy Says:

    Do some of you live in the real world? Jesus, the comments on here suggest you must be complete idiots! So because you think she is physically unattractive, he couldn’t find her beautiful, or think that she has a great personality, and has fallen for her, kids stay in school!!

    I know many girls who would not be considered beautiful if judged on pictures, but are just stunning in real life because their characther comes through, its never the same thing.Are you all so far removed from reality on these blogs?!!

    Anyway this is very uncool, they both hurt their spouses in a public way.

  15. 15
    fresh Says:

    Thanks Wendy. I agree—she may be a really cool person, so what, she’s no supermodel but im sure you’re not either. So relax on those comments.

  16. 16
    Karma za Says:

    You guys,lets change this broken record.LeAnn and Eddie are in love and they have passion and that love and passion just won.
    When its love,it is right.

    Let them be.

    And ,Brandi should divorce when , if Eddie marries LeAnn.
    Dean should divorce LeAnn now.Let love flow. Let love be Let love in. Really,why separate. Separate is silly.Wht is it,a thinking time to see if you will get back together after one spouse makes a public fool of the other.

    And let the laughs in when these two,LeAnn and Dean turn on each other in their sick and wrong love when Eddie finds another. …when LeAnn loses more of her good name and some money to Dean,Eddie,andBrandi,and the Cibrian kids and when her sales slow down..toher [alstic surgeon because Eddie is going tomake her stress and cry when he finds yet another woman.

  17. 17
    karen Says:

    In the non-celeb world, I would agree 100% with what you are saying about LeAnn’s gawd-awful fugliness, but we are talking about celebrities here on this gossip website. In particular, we are talking about a celebrity who has no qualms contributing toward breaking up a family and calling the paps to make sure they document every juicy details. She’s fugly and a *****. Eddie is good-looking, yes, but those looks will fade quickly and his children will teach him the meaning of karma when they treat him like poop once they are old enough to realize what he did to their family.

    Fug, fugly, fuglier and homewrecking – the both of ‘em!!

  18. 18
    Taylo Says:

    So much for “sacred” anymore.

  19. 19
    anon Says:

    I think Leann Rimes looks just fine, why do people judge people on their looks so harshly? It is sad to see Leann look like the cat that swallowed the canary though..she needs to grow up a lot still. Think about the parties and children that are hurt. Didn’t this happen to Leann with her parents (the cheating)?

  20. 20
    Rhonda Says:

    Wow, those lifetime movie sets must be HOT! Isn’t that where married Tori met married Dean on a LIFETIME movie.

  21. 21
    Nick Says:

    Leann is SEXY and CUTE and besides she probably gives great HEAD.

    Nuf said.

  22. 22
    Look out Says:

    If they each did ths to their partners its only time till one of them do it to each other.

  23. 23
    Karma za Says:

    YES ANON!!!!! #19
    LeAnn’s dad , who was also her manager , did have an affair on her mom. Well, Ms.LeAnn was an adult of age 17 or so, but adding that she was a millioaniare,she older in maturity level, rather than a typical17 yr.old.
    It was SO BAD that she ,Little MissLeAnn ,stopped talking to her father,Wilbur Rimes, and that was because of the affair Iassume.On the business front,around the same time for her, she sued Wilbur Rimes and her record company. He is no longer her manager. Wilbur Rimes remarried,but does anyone know if it is to the same woman he had an affair with. LeAnn sided with her beloved Mommy. I GUESS she has a relationship with her dad today. I know she does with her mom.
    Does anyone know for sure if she is close to her dad and his wife or is she just cordial?

  24. 24
    Ann Says:

    He looks horrified by the media attention but she just loves it. LeAnn has played this whole affair very cleverly and it is obvious that he never intended to leave his wife and family. Rimes ensured that it went public, leaving the wife with little choice. Remember that only a few months ago, he and Brandi were photographed returning from Bruce Willis’ wedding. Walking lovingly arm in arm, it is hard to believe that he was continuing to betray his beautiful wife with this unattractive ****.

    There is no excuse for the public humiliation that they afflicted on their spouses.

  25. 25
    Karma za Says:

    I just googled
    LeAnn sues father

    Wilbur Rimes remarries

    What a mess! Net surf this stuff.

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