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LeAnn Rimes Responds To Hit & Run

LeAnn Rimes Responds To Hit & Run

LeAnn Rimes picks up her clothes from an eco-friendly dry cleaners, The Cleaner By Nature, on Friday (August 21) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 26-year-old singer was reportedly involved in a hit and run and questioned by the LAPD on Thursday night. LeAnn‘s rep tells ET, “There was a routine police investigation into this incident, and a police report was filed. We are confident that this matter will be resolved shortly and LeAnn will be cleared.”

Earlier that day, LeAnn and her current flame Eddie Cibrian hit a round of golf balls.

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  • Paige

    I can’t quite make out what her shirt says.
    Does it say “Free Slut”?

  • ru

    She’s very unattractive.

  • assyhole

    unacttractive batch!

  • solarfire

    I think some of the vindictive comments are coming from Brandi Glanville and her troopers.

  • solarfire

    Le Ann can also take some very pretty pictures.

    Celine Dion is very ugly but her personality and vocal talent more than make up for it.

    So Eddie’s wife is prettier than Le Ann but maybe his wife is a royal b#tch and frigid. Who knows!

  • zoey

    LeAnn is the fug. Not pretty at all.

  • solarfire

    Did you know that Eddie has been having an extra-marital affair with Scheana Marie Jancan for 3 years that his wife must have known about but overlooked .?When this thing went public is when she went ballistic out of humiliation.She would take him back in a flash.

  • solarfire

    Le Ann might not be Jolie but she may have other great qualities. Eddie’s wife might be an empty book!

  • lydia

    Jennifer Anniston is very pretty but she can NOT keep a man… there has to be more than looks going for a woman to keep a man interested.

    Le Ann has more talent than a 100 people put together and men and women find musicians very attractive whether they are classic beauties or not.

  • .letty

    LeAnn, you are Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lydia

    Le Ann might have had an open relationship agreement as part of her marriage seeing that her hubbie, Dean, is reported to be gay and has been since high school according to classmates. I wasn’t there but this was reported by people who have known him or so I’ve heard.

    And there are photos of Eddie with his long time love, Scheana Marie Jancan. So his wife must have known about his philandering but tolerated it because he’s so gorgeous. I saw the photos of he and Scheana on one of the entertainment sites. Anyone else see them?

  • Annie

    Cibrian and Rimes made little or no effort to act discreetly and have humiliated their spouses in a disgusting way. It is quite possible that he didn’t plan to leave his wife at all, but Rimes made sure that the media knew all about the affair and this gave his wife absolutely no choice in the matter.

    There is no excuse for their blatant behaviour which has caused terrible pain to their spouses. Now their PR people are working overtime to whitewash her, hence the daily photos of Rimes grinning into the cameras. Personally I am sick and tired of seeing her ugly face on this and other boards and won’t be buying any more of her music. Most people who are cheating on their spouses make some effort to act discreetly and also protect their families but obviously Cibrian and Rimes think that they can do what they like without any reaction from the public. She should remember what happened to Sienna Miller’s career last year when she got involved with Getty (already broken up and she has very little career left at the moment).
    Does she seriously believe that a man like Cibrian will be faithful to her?

  • robinred

    I think Le Ann is pretty. She has a face that lights up when she smiles and is pretty in her own way.

    She needs a REAL man but hope she doesn’t think Eddie will fill the bill. He is not known for his loyalty in marriage and Le Ann was not his first peccadillo.

    Hope she has some good music for us in the future.

  • robinred

    to Annie……..

    His wife has known he is a serial skirt chaser. Did you know about his affair with Scheana Marie Jancan for the past 31/2 years?

    If not, look it up online . There are even photos of them.

    His wife probably has had it but Le Ann was not the first nor will she be the last. I wish someone would tell Le Ann that she is no more than another fling for him.

  • robinred

    to Annie…….

    Did you know there are men who say they have been gay lovers of Obama’s and have even proven it. But of course these things are kept beneath the radar of the American people.

    Do a search on “Larry Sinclair” and Obama and “Donald Young” and Obama.

    I bet you hate Bill Clinton for what he did to Hillary and while the Prez no yet? Right?

  • robinred

    Sienna Miller bounced back and is in high gear now, isn’t she !?!

  • lydia

    Anybody going to see Brad Pitt’s movie or is he boycotted because of leaving Jen?

  • lydia

    I wish her luck in finding happiness but I don’t think Eddie will be the one. He has a roving eye and Le Ann needs a REAL man who is committed to her and not some frllly gay guy like her ex.

    Poor girl……Dean should have told her he liked guys as was apparent way back in high school…at least, according to reports I’ve read from friends.

    And someone should tell her of Eddie’s reputation for roving.

  • solarfire

    Well whatever is going on Le Ann looks better than she has since her marriage at 19.

    She is happy and has a light about her again. I think Dean weighed on her.

  • Lenny

    Why does she care about an eco-friendly dry cleaner while her dirty laundry is all over the world.

  • solarfire

    to Lenny………

    You pounce on Le Ann..what about Eddie and hi other extra-marital affairs?

    Or that’s okay for a male?

  • solarfire


    So you hated Bill Clinton for cheating? And still do?

    How ’bout Brad Pitt?

    How “bout Obama who is said to be bi-sexual and there is evidence that there is some fact to that .

  • lydia

    Hey Lenny

    So down on the woman but you defend the man’s part in this? If you’re male you must excuse such behavior for yourself.

  • robinred

    Wouldn’t want Lenny as a partner! Double-standard there

  • nikomilinko
  • robinred


    Apparently you do care or you wouldn’t be on these sites.

    Or maybe your business is to get people to click onto the links you hve highlighted in your posts and then you get a small slice or commission for directing traffic to certain sites.

  • Just Jared

    Relax guys.

  • joshy baby

    OMG that pic of her close up PIG NOSE!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOLOL


  • gwen

    Her current flame? You mean the married man she couldn’t get to leave his wife so she had to do everything in her power to make his wife leave him? Just like that comment she made at her concert, that “golfing date” was just another attempt to ensure that EC wife doesn’t take him back. She can’t control or make EC’s feelings for his wife disappear, so she has to pull these “he loves me because we are golfing together stunt”. This backfired because it just makes them look even more selfish, they didn’t they just separate from their spouses in the first place instead of sneaking around? That’s right, EC probably never intended on leaving his wife for her. What makes it so bad is that magazines like People talk about this affair as if no one was hurt by it.

    Just because EC “might” have been having affairs prior to LR, it doesn’t mean that she is completely blameless. Besides, what does that say about her if she has no qualms about associating with a known cheater? She is so desperate for a man that she would tolerate any behavior from him. Maybe that’s apart of his and LR agreement, he is allowed to sleep around while she gets to gloat about how she “won” him. Notice that he barely makes a smile in this photo-op and he looks sad, not like he is with the “love of his life”.

  • gwen

    Don’t you just love how some try to justify LR and EC behavior by blaming the wife? He didn’t cheat because something his wife did, he cheated because he was selfish, a coward, and immature. EC wife doesn’t owe EC and LR a thing because she wasn’t the one sucking on someone’s else’s fingers and meeting someone at hotels. EC and LR are to blame, not his wife.

  • lydia

    She has some serious karma to burn off. That smile and confidence is all her own. But did she really win a prize? The truth is that at the end of the day she has a cheater. Not only is she a cheater but she now has a cheater. They both cheated to be with each other so they should be mindful that they are each with someone who is capable of being deceptive and sneaking around. I am sure it felt fabulous when it was a current conquest but once the charm and newness wears off they will both have exactly what they chose and deserve….. a lying cheater.



  • Mary

    @lydia: I so agree! karma soon I hope!

  • Twisted sis

    leann’s next song will be: KARMA IS A BITCHHHH.

  • slambang

    She’s freaky looking, and an adulterer to boot!

  • jj

    Boycott CSI Miami
    Boycott her concerts and CD’s!!!!!!!!!

  • Lenny

    Solarfire and Lydia, I not picking sides and I do think that Eddie is a piece of garbage. I just commenting on her going to the cleaners. Any relationship that starts with Adultery and cheating will only end in disaster.

  • gwen

    This “golfing date” just confirms what US weekly and his wife had been saying all along. Why would he be seen with her alone on a golf course if nothing ever happened between them? I wouldn’t be surprised if he tries to justify this outting with her by pulling the “but we are just friends” card. What does that say about him if he continues to go out in public with his mistress onseveral occassions knowing full well that it hurts his wife? To think, a week ago he was taking about how he loved his family and that he was a good dad. If he loved his family and was a good dad, then he wouldn’t have had the affair in the first place. Now his excuse for having the affair is that he isn’t perfect. Is that what he wants to teach his kids, that they step all over others because they are not perfect. He knew what the right thing was and he opted not to do it. Now instead of taking responsibility he wants to blame it on the public for exaggerating the truth. So how is he going to spin this “golf date” in his favor? He can’t claim that the media took these photos out of context, why else would be continue to be seen with her if he wasn’t sleeping with her. LR made it even more obvious that something was going on and that she was waiting for him when she filed for a separation/divorce immediately after his wife left him. The sad thing is that he is probably addicted to the doors that this affair has opened for him (role on CSI) and will prance around with LR as long as HW continues to reward him for his infidelity and public humiliation of his wife and kids.

    Read more:

  • Jade

    LeAnn is fug and I’m sure she’s loving all the attention this is getting her.

  • heather

    When this hit and run occured was LR by any chance out looking for EC, making sure that he wasn’t meeting another woman at a hotel or sneaking to a friend’s house to see another woman? By the way she is gloating, you know that there is truth in the what EC wife said about how she stalks EC. Now she is stalking EC around LA because she is afraid that he is sleeping with someone else. How long before EC hooks-up with his next co-star? She is going to try to put on a united front for the cameras and may even start rumors about how he proposed or they plan to marry.

  • cbme

    @gwen: Love of his life? Did someone really say that? HaHaHa

  • michaela

    Le Ann threads have really racked up a zillion posts. Whew!

  • gwen

    micheala (aka cbme, validate, lydia)

    Whew, is right? You post under several different names and revisit old threads to make it happen, right?

    So that is what this about? You are trying to boost the hits by revisiting these old Leann threads?

    Racking up a zillion posts does not mean that Leann is popular or that the pubic likes her. If a zillion posts=popularity, there would not be a need for “EC and LR save our ***** tour” and you wouldn’t have to post under do many different names/site/thread to make it look like they have supporters. So if you can not make the public like them, you have discovered what you think is the next best thing-trying to make these threads hit over 200. You really are not helping LR and EC. People see the hits, visit the thread, are going to read the posts and walk away with one impression-that the public doesn’t like LR and EC and that LR is so despearate for support that her pr people post on these sites.

  • gwen

    FREE CITY=Leann thinks that she can do whatever she wants to whomever she wants and that she should not be held accountable for her actions because she is LEANN RIMES.

  • suppress your appetite

    she is cute

  • gwen

    On what planet is Leann cute?

    The planet of DENIAL.