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Mariah Carey Launches 'Forever' Fragrance

Mariah Carey Launches 'Forever' Fragrance

Check out the ad for Mariah Carey‘s new fall fragrance called Forever.

“Fragrance is so personal,” she tells People, “and Forever captures that glamorous feeling that I want to share with my fans.”

The opulent floral scent contains notes of lotus blossom, tuberose, gardenia, exotic woods and white musk.

You can also win a trip to the premiere of Mariah‘s new movie, Precious, which was directed by Lee Daniels and is based on the novel “Push” by Sapphire. Oprah Winfrey even executive produced the flick! Enter the contest at

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  • andy
  • LuckyL


  • Britney

    She’s over,Christina is the queen of pop

  • nikomilinko
  • silly suckas

    @#3 CHRISTINA WHO??? Bcus I know ur not talking about Aguilera. And you hating a$$ bi#ches on here, I wonder what ya’ll look like! Stop hating bcus at the end of the day her money is still long and she’s not losing sleep over ya’ll beyatches on a blog!

  • silly suckas

    Go head Mariah, do your thing mama

  • leslie arnelle

    That is awful photoshop…yuk!

  • zxc

    She looks cheap and trashy.

  • erikaB

    lol that Ad is a big Fail !!

  • marla

    I don’t know how long I can stand the puke worthy self glorifying images of Maria Carey. I don’t find it trashy but gosh. The images is just blasphemous. must we light a candle too? Just asking.

  • angie’s old nose

    “Forever” Ugly.

  • AerosManders

    I personally dont have anything against the lady…but her face just doesnt look right in the photo. I mean…this has to be a million dollar campaign…and that is the photo you chose? Hopefully they realize their mistake and fix it.

  • mayer

    Loook ugly yeahh…. and cheap

  • mayer

    Again,, she is over … her live singing recently has been so vain

  • fashionista

    I love the dress and platinum and diamond bracelets. I am so into that updated 1930′s glam right now. However mariah’s face has been photoshoped so much that it doesn’t look like her and her very ugly modern hair does not go with the look. She looks like she has a badly fitted wig on

  • abby

    No matter what she wears…she will always look trashy. Some people just have that look and she is one of them. ICK!

  • Whoever


  • ace

    No matter what she does, Mariah has a monkeyface. She just does. She looked nicer when she went for a cute look early in her career, but glamourous & smoldering don’t work with that face. It’s a monkeyface.

  • it don’t matter who i am

    she looks like she needs to shit

  • lisa

    The face does not look good whatsoever. Bad editing!

  • Me

    She looks like Lady Gaga

  • Me

    She looks like Lady Gaga

  • Ella

    she looks more like a monkey thank ever..and not a cute monkey

  • Claudia

    Bad photoshop! And I agree with abby :”No matter what she wears…she will always look trashy…”

  • Sam

    Mariah AND Christina BOTH suck! They both have cheap perfumes, they both look like trash and they both get air brushed to death in pictures, BTW, NEITHER ARE QUEENS OF ANYTHING EXCEPT

  • Saudia

    awful.. she’s too old now

  • huh?!

    Huh?!! I would’ve never guessed that’s Mariah. Looks nothing like her.

  • 100mph

    Go On! – do your thing Mimi – I ain’t mad at ya’ ..

  • Jacquie

    Mariah Carey is totally unattractive and overrated. Regarding her movie — if Oprah is involved that is a movie I definitely WILL NOT waste my time and money seeing.

  • lakers fan in boston

    she’s a freaking joke, i cant stand her
    is she even relevant anymore that people will actually buy her new perfume or that matter she her horrible acting skills
    her photoshop team did a bad job, they managed to make her face look worse

  • zoe

    eww who would want to smell like her yukkkky

  • Danny

    agreed she looks horrible; where the hell is she looking at?

  • mich


  • eww

    Karma is smacking her in her face, she needs to shill and hope that god gives her back that beautiful voice she once had. She is always disssing some celebrity or other she needs to be a little more humble and support other artists.

  • gold

    not surprised! just more of the same same same.she will never try something that will put her looks in danger. just like her videos where she is always rolling around in her underwear or walking around with people secretly desiring her. what a bore. that is why she cant act. she is to afraid of making any other facial expression other than the ones seen in every pose she strikes.Boooooo!!! you suck!!

  • http://no. kiskis

    The only good thing she´s ever done is get Wentworth Miller in her videos.
    Never liked her.

  • me

    She looks photoshopped. She hasn’t been that thin looking for a few years

  • .WAVE

    i only wanted to knw the release date for my chick, but reading some of what u guys have written i be cryin with laughter!

  • suppress your appetite

    Mariah looks great!