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Nicole Kidman: Project Runway Fan!

Nicole Kidman: Project Runway Fan!

Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban spend some quality time with their adorable daughter Sunday Rose, 13 months, on Tuesday afternoon (August 18) in Nashville, Tenn.

Last night, the 42-year-old Aussie actress introduced one of the challanges on Project Runway: All-Star Challenge via a taped video message. She said, “Hi designers, I’m on location right now, so I’m really sorry I can’t be there in person. I’m a huge huge fan of Project Runway. You’re all so talented. Now, I have a new movie opening this fall called Nine with an extraordinary cast. We have Daniel Day-Lewis, Penelope Cruz and Sophia Loren. Your challenge is to design a dress for the up and coming premiere of Nine. Good luck to all of you and give my best to Tim [Gunn].” She then signed off by blowing the camera a kiss.

20+ pictures inside of Project Runway fan Nicole Kidman

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nicole kidman project runway fan 02
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  • yuri


    love her!! cute cute baby!!!

  • Cooh

    who won?
    please tell me who won?

  • WOW

    Lifetime Television’s ‘Project Runway’ Becomes Highest Rated Premiere Ever for the Series and in the Network’s History

  • Mrs Gates

    How precious the baby is and how nice to see an actual celebrity who has a talent instead of these people who got famous for hatching a litter of sextuplets then got rich begging for freebies and forcing their CHILDREN to be under the camera while they fight and wh*re around.

    Nicole Kidman is lovely and uber talented, her husband is a great musican and hot, and it’s so nice to see them just kicking around like a normal family. I look forward to her next movie!

    Let’s keep coverage on the media worthy and starve these “reality” wanna be celebs of the oxygen they desperately need to survive.

  • rainbow

    #2 Daniel won the All-Str challenge.

  • Jacquie

    Awesome family. Totally handsome and talented Keith Urban. Totally beautiful and talented Nicole Kidman. Totally precious baby Sunday Rose. How fortunate Keith and Nicole found one another and have formed a loving family. They are to be commended for seeking their privacy and not flaunting their precious child to the media.

  • anon

    Nice to see pictures of Nicole and Keith, their baby is adorable..hard to tell which one she looks like more, a mixture.

  • Cooh

    where are here other children?why did she adopt them if she doesn’t take care of them,I don’t get it

  • SAM

    Finally some new pics of Sunday Rose.

    Aww, she looks cute with that green dress! and it looks so cool: Mother and daughter have exactly the same hair colour.

  • tams

    The other kids are probably with their father. You don’t see a bunch of picture of them out with Tom all of the time, compared to the Gosselins or something. I’m glad they’re enjoying Tennessee. Despite other things it’s a beautiful state, I’m 3 hours away in the Bluff City guys! ;)

  • GO

    Lovely pictures. They are soo cute!

    Mommy and Keithette are just so cute my gosh,Sunday Rose has her mom’s curls and hair color ,She still looks a little bit like Keith but I’m starting to see more Nicole in her .

  • Cash

    and Cooh, you know Nicole very well to know how good or bad are her relationships with her children, don’t you?
    Kidman sees her older children reguraly, and she doesn’t show them as prizes like her crazy ex husband does. Tom “look how I’m a good father” is fake, everybody knows that. He calls paps and pose for them with his children, he disgustes me.
    Nicole is a private person, she hates show her children, and she hates show herself, these are the first pics in MONTHS, she’s very private and she likes to be private and it’s a very admirable thing nowdays in a world of stupid starts who wants to be photographed everywhere, even nude in front of a mirror (Jamie Foxx for example)

  • Ella

    AWWWWWW ,red hair! Been ages since we’ve seen new pics of them. So adorable! Thank you so much for posting JJ.

  • John

    cute cute cute baby!! sunday is adorable, those cheeks and those reddish hair…awwww! I want to squeeze her!! she’s too cute!
    and Nicole and Keith are very normal people, they enjoy the simple things of life, they’re very humble and normal. I adore this couple.
    A very real and sincere couple

  • NORA

    Adorable pictures. So good to see Sunday again! she is just a cuttie!!!

  • taco

    finally new pics!! I miss her!
    thankyou JJ, this family is adorable!!

  • liam

    At least she doesn’t pimp her daughter .every week like someone to get attention.
    she was in NYC for almost two months and we didn’t see her with sunday every day like someone i used to know.

    who is the protective mom now?

  • adorable

    Sunday is so adorable. Nic and Keith look great, as usual. What a good-looking family!
    and I really like Sunday’s green dress .

  • soooooo cute.

    Thanks JJ for these beautiful pictures! Sunday is so adorable with her red hair,porcelain skin like mom,That dress is adorable on her. She is soooooo cute.

  • O

    Little Miss adorable Sunday appears to have red, curly hair, just like Mommy. Also, she looks tall to be just one year old. She is definitely a gorgeous little girl.

  • anon

    Another cute Hollywood child…and more to come by the looks of the baby bump watches.

  • to wow 3#


    When NK on TV she makes History ,thanks for the Article

  • Cooh

    yeah sure,I see a lot of pictures with her and the baby,but none with her and the big ones

  • anon

    @Cooh: Dont judge her too quickly. She and Keith are Catholic or more important NOT SCIENTOLOGISTS and Mr Control himself Cruise probably does approve of this. He may present the image of a polite ex-husband but the realty is chilling.

  • dianelll

    There is the FAMEWHORE and her blank face kid must have a movie comeing soon

  • yahooooo!!!!!!!!!!

    Sunday is so cute and I have to agree she looks like Keith, but I also see Nic in her”the hair ,the skin”, love the dress it is so cute on her, and her hair is growing. What a beautiful family.

  • anon

    @Cooh: Oops… #24 meant to say Tom would NOT approve…

  • Love

    Sunday has grown so big and her hair is so red!

  • cash

    you see a lot of what? don’t be ridiculous. We don’t see Nicole’s pics in months. please.
    A lot of bloggers and twitter sights report that her children spend a lot of time with her mother, so get informed please. don’t talk about the private life of a person if you don’t know facts

  • tpmmy

    dianell, too much loneliness?

  • Love



  • Brando

    wh@to wow 3#:
    Because Nicole Kidman is a big part the history!!

    Everything she does is EPIC.

    After the huge ww success of Australia, be prepared for another huge success for Nine!

  • laura

    Just saw Keith in concert in DC last night and he was AMAZING! Definitely one of the best shows I have ever been to. His guitar skills are extraordinary.

  • dian

    Why don’t tiny keithy hold the baby just wondering

  • to Brando 32#


    If you can’t handle it take a heart attack pills before you exploded.

  • Melissa

    I love this couple! Baby Sunday is adorable. Nicole looked beautiful on Project Runway. She and Keith have never looked happier and I’m glad they’ve found a way to balance their home life and their professional life. They both deserve happiness!

  • sue Raddatz

    That should read

  • Keithurbanfan2007

    Awww! Sunday is so adorable.I love her hair and her dress.

  • Brando

    @to Brando 32#:
    hey dumb, doctors should not let you use the pc..

  • to Brando


    see i told you take those pills .

  • nikomilinko
  • Lilly

    I read Sunday Rose is handicapped: Some say she’s autistic or retarded. She looks strange, always the same look on her face.

  • grass


    Why is she private with Tom’s kids, but she isn’t with Sunday Rose?

  • grass

    @anon: “She and Keith are Catholic”

    Wrong again!

  • Lilly

    although maybe this is just mazines crap. the kid does look cute

  • Lilly

    it could be just magazine lies. the kid does look cute

  • COgirl

    CASH #12 – And you know all this HOW????? You a personal friend of Nicole Kidman or just obsessed with her??? Gee whiz, get a life!

  • Marieme

    I thought the judges last night were out of their effin minds during the all-star episode! That whole group they eliminated with Uli and Santino was outstanding. Uli, in particular, had the BEST collection. Daniel’s clothes were boring, trivial and even ugly in some cases except for the one skirt. This felt like some scam on the audience – like we were punked. Ridiculous choices!

  • LONA

    thanks for posting them! Love JustJared!

  • NK lover

    Adorable pictures So good to see Sunday again!,I wanna have Nicole’s dress! I love it!