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Taylor Swift Buys Ten Pizza Pies For Waiting Fans

Taylor Swift Buys Ten Pizza Pies For Waiting Fans

Taylor Swift must be a top contender for “Nicest Celebrity Ever” after the stunt she pulled outside her London hotel on Friday night (August 20).

The 19-year-old country cutie treated all of her waiting fans to dinner including ten Domino’s pizza pies, several boxes of cookies, and cartons of milk. Everything was delivered but Taylor took the time to hand it all out to her fans!

T.S. fan Rojan tweeted, “Taylor Swift bought me and other fans pizza for dinner….then she gave me cookies and milk, haha. XD She is like epic. I love you.”

Tomorrow and Sunday, Taylor has sold-out concerts to play at “V-Fest (Hylands Park)” in Chelmsford, UK. Then she’s off to play another sold-out concert at NYC’s MADISON SQUARE GARDEN.

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66 Responses to “Taylor Swift Buys Ten Pizza Pies For Waiting Fans”

  1. 1
    Jennifer Says:

    There is something about her that is just So FAKE!!

  2. 2
    Just Jared Says:

    @Jennifer: Yo mama.

  3. 3
    Menna Says:

    i have to say…she’s incredibly genuine….and i love her music!

  4. 4
    Sarah Says:

    That is so sweet!

  5. 5
    Rita Says:

    She is so cute and I think she is very genuine and sweet.

  6. 6
    Realme2008 Says:

    She is so sweet and kind! Wow.

  7. 7
    mish Says:

    it’s nice but seriously. the money she used to buy all those is just loose change in her pocket.

  8. 8
    Sue Says:

    Mish, your comment is so rude. You are diminishing the fact that she did something very nice for her fans by insinuating that it was only loose change to her. Since when does a person have to spend a fortune on a nice gesture to give it any bearing? You must be hard to please.

  9. 9
    holli Says:

    aw, taylor. (: shes so sweet, gotta love her.

  10. 10
    Elaine Says:

    wow! a celebrity who really appreciates her fans! how refreshing!!!

  11. 11
    CHOK Says:

    She looks weird. Is she mixed with Asian?

  12. 12
    alicia Says:

    Taylor is definitely not fake! I know plenty of girls who have met her and have all said the same thing. Taylor is a genuinely nice person and she adores her fans.

  13. 13
    LuckyMe Says:

    I love her hair, she’s got great legs, very cute style with her boots and dresses, and good music. Plus she’s sweet. Buying pizza’s? That’s awesome. Nice to see a celeb treating their fans well :)

  14. 14
    taraxxxxxxx Says:

    FAKE are you joking?
    She is one of the realest celebrities out there.
    miley cyrus is fake.

  15. 15
    sweetie Says:

    She is beautiful and sweet. :-)

  16. 16
    Krista Says:

    Hmmm… can anyone say ANNE HATHAWAY?? Anne did the same thing for people waiting to see her play about a month ago. She bought a pizza and delivered it to people in line herself.

    I guess she’s set a good example for other celebrities to follow.

  17. 17
    ron-b Says:

    she might be nice but she’s too skinny, unatractively skinny. if i were her i be eatin those 8 pizzas like now!!!

  18. 18
    sarah Says:

    She is AWESOME!!! I love her!!! There’s no one sweeter and more genuine!!!

  19. 19
    mccc9 Says:

    Well, if Taylor is the contender, I guess Mariah is the Queen of “Nicest Celebrity Ever” as Mariah has bought her waiting fans pizzas and donuts several times in her career. They are both talented artists with good hearts.

  20. 20
    sucks Says:

    i hate celebs who try to act nice

  21. 21
    LuckyMe Says:

    @mccc9: I love Mariah’s new songs. I had an opportunity recently to listen to some new music out there and I have to say her new songs are really cool.

  22. 22
    Sarah Says:

    Taylor is so nice!
    And I like her now even more after reading her tweets with Justin Bieber wh is such a cutie! =)

  23. 23
    Dassie Says:

    I love that whenever a celebrity does something really kind, some people have to accuse them of being ‘fake’ as if they must be HORRIBLE mean people in real life. Dude…put yourself in their shoes. If you were rich and famous and had people waiting outside your hotel just for a chance to see you, would YOU give them pizza and cookies? Or just ignore them?

  24. 24
    LuckyMe Says:

    @Dassie: I’d give them pizza and cookies and blow them kisses for sure :)

  25. 25
    Joes Says:

    She is so cool. One of the best celebrities out there.

  26. 26
    anon Says:

    Just because others have done similar before her it doesnt negate the sincerity of the gesture. There are many celebs who are so full of themselves wouldnt do it unless there were lots of paps around to document it. BTW what did you want her to order for her mostly young fans…sushi and caviar or maybe some wine and cheese??

  27. 27
    mertz Says:

    yay her and her fans. it’s not everytime people do nice things for others…especially considering that she’s a young celeb i guess and most of those ones are rotten to the core. we need more kids like hilary duff (please no singing or acting) and emma roberts and that harry potter chick, even daniel radcliff…we just need more kids acting human for one thing and being children and doing good things. dakota fanning for one, and her sister…but i don’t know since she’s running with that kstew chick who has foot in mouth disease like katherine heigle. hmm. so good for taylor and her entire family because she seems like a normal albeit with some dated tendencies (but refreshing since people like that lohan chick, miley cyrus and some of these other disney people are 16 going non 100…same with taylor momsen. i heard she was 15 and i almost died. i thought she was 25) but entirely refreshing considering the times we live in.

    being nice isn’t a hard thing to do.


  28. 28
    Whoever Says:

    She look like a cat

  29. 29
    mertz Says:

    lol anon. dead on. and i just read someone’s comment on twitter about being tired of celebs complaining about being celebs, and you know what she’s absolutely right. taylor did a good thing…despite the fact that i hate domino’s pizza and it taste’s like cardboard…and i don’t eat milk and cookies with pizza (as if), but i can’t deny my taylor love because she proves it to me every time. this girl is the real deal. it’s not even about her voice. it’s because she’s herself. she’s a goof. she’s awkward. she’s intelligent. she’s independent. she’s clingy. she’s normal. she’s an odball. she’s a writer (albeit she writes mostly the same things but it’s amazing she rights at all considering kids nowadays). she composes her music. she’s self thought, which means she had to take some innitiave. i mean this girl is normal. not normal in the way that she want’s to be 40 at her age and date older men or be snotty h wood and wear **** things without undies, get drunk and be belligerent, etc…i liked taylor swift way before she could sing and i still will because she’s taylor swift. it has nothing to do with her celeb status or even her music for one thing cause i’m not a big pop/country fan. there aren’t a lot of people i’m fans of, especially if they’re not my friends or friends friends in the industy i’m obligated to like, but i don’t know her…i don’t want to know her but i know that if i ever met her i would like her.

    wow. that was a lot of words :). jibberjabber=me.

    oh and man i’ve met miley cyrus before hannah montana and have friends that are close to her, and she is not like how she was. she’s still the same but different. it’s kinda weird because i always felt like i have to like her (because of the friends rule), and i never bought into the craze, and i never will, but for real anyone telling you that she hasn’t changed is lying. she’s growing up so it’s par for the course. her moms real nice though oh and same for her dad. i didn’t even know who he was. it’s funny the people you get to know.

  30. 30
    lana roxanaia Says:

    awww, thats nice, but why?

    i mean, very lovely but did she just turn up @ there houses??? lol…

    sooo nice ily taylor!

  31. 31
    Ali Says:

    i never really liked taylor swift until i saw her live at a music concert. she seemed really genuine and just like any other girl my age, only one with a lot of talent! she’s cool and i think that was a nice gesture of hers.

  32. 32
    LuckyMe Says:

    @mertz: One thing that has always really stood out to me about Taylor is that I think she is very close to her mother. And I think her mother is a very very good mother. And I think the reason why Taylor is the way she is comes from the way she raised and how good of a job her mother has done parenting her. It seems I have read some interviews of Taylor and her mom and it always struck me that her mother is very involved and has lead Taylor down all the right paths in life so that now that she is older and more independent she has a good head on her shoulders from that firm base her mother has given her and continues to give her. Sometimes that makes all the difference.

  33. 33
    vmars111 Says:

    Wait, they have Domino’s Pizza in England???

  34. 34
    mertz Says:

    yeah i don’t want to say anything bad about mr. and mrs. cyrus but i remember when they were living here and my friends were taking classes with miley (now they do films together. oh disney thanks for giving my friends jobs. why didn’t i go into acting :( ) and i swear her mom would invite miley’s new friends and their parents over to their place to chill out…granted i never believed they were friends with some girl who was younger than me with big teeth and a huge voice with a famous dad that i could care less about, but they really really really liked miley and we’re good friends with her. i always thought it was funny when they got me to tag along or even go to their plays and i thought the whole thing was bullshit, but she was really a solid chick, down to earth. oh and her sister would come too. she’s real tight with ther sister. this was all before she booked hannah montana, and even after she got the show and stayed in contact with my friends i never made the connection. then she was bigger and bigger and undoubtably unavoidable so when i saw a picture of her i was like THAT GIRL. no freaking way. we lol went downtown and saw movies together. now she can’t even go anywhere without being hounded. it’s kinda funny and sad.

    yeah sometimes it has to be the parent’s that keep you grounded i guess.

    another good thing was my friends booked the latest joebros movies and we ragged them endlessy for it. even now when i see their names hahah i never let them live their credits down and i bet i’m not the only one. it’s always a good thing when you know people doing good things in their life. i mean they could always become drug dealers, murderers, or hook for a living.

    if you know talented people support them no matter what, cause they’ll thank you and remember you one day even when you are no longer their friend or when they get famous.

  35. 35
    mertz Says:

    vmars111 @ 08/22/2009 at 2:55 am Wait, they have Domino’s Pizza in England???

    I KNOW!!!!!!!!! i thought the same damn thing i was like the heck. hmm. may the cardboard greasy taste be spread worldwide. they have a good peperoni pan though. i didn’t realize domino’s was so large, or popular but i thought that it’s american and therfore probably franchised all around the world.

    i perfer pizza hut myself.

  36. 36
    mertz Says:

    geez there’s something going on with this site. anyways i was going to ask WHO GOES TO/EATS DOMINO’S PIZZA?

  37. 37
    Shiloh13 Says:

    I think some of the older celebs should take notice of how the younger celebs treat their fans. Fans are the ones that make them famous and a lot of celebrities go out of their way to ignore the fans who love them. I personally think Taylor is adorable and one of a kind! Love her music!!

  38. 38
    Grangey Says:

    yeahh she sounds really nicee!

    actualyy 3 of my friends were the people she bought pizza for and they said she was soo niceeee!

  39. 39
    hery Says:

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  40. 40
    Mary Says:

    John Mayer did the same thing! even wore a bear costume to be with his fans and to find out what there real opinion was! copy cat

  41. 41
    Jen Says:

    Gosh people always think the worst. I dont think she is trying to be nice. I think she is nice. I remember seeing her on an mtv show where she went with a kid to his prom, and that girl was so sweet and acted so normal. It was refreshing to see. I think that giving her fans pizza, cookies and milk is a very nice gesture. I also have to say that she is a very pretty girl. I just love her style, she always looks so put together, with cute dresses and such.

  42. 42
    christine Says:

    she’s super cool

  43. 43
    liz k Says:

    She looks like an alien!

  44. 44
    mertz Says:

    yeah she might look like a cat because of her eye shape and her face (i also have those eyes and my bros make fun of me and say i’m not from the family. it has nothing to do with me being asian because i’m only from a long line of one ethnicity that has never been bi or tri anything) but that doesn’t mean she’s asian.

    and yeah taylor swift, alien rumours, she just doesn’t look conventional.

  45. 45
    Katy Says:

    Strange when people cannot comment on anything without attacking someone’s looks or body. Tells you allot about the person making the comment and it is not pretty.
    True beauty starts on the inside; very few people can make claim to that kind of beauty. Taylor happens to be one of those people.

  46. 46
    Marii Says:

    She’s probably the most down-to-earth celebrity these days! Just love her :D

  47. 47
    mertz Says:

    i forgot about the girl with the john mayer comment. john mayer is a douche. there is nothing like someone who thinks that they are one thing and acts in another manner. he thinks he’s so aware and in the moment but he’s obviously not. i love how he’s proven me right about everything i pegged him as because i am a big john mayer fan, but i’m not dumb enough to love the dude because he’s so much about himself it’s not even funny. he has a chip on his shoulder. he remindes me of emile hirsch. another person i like but wouldn’t be friends with. i don’t like people who think they know everything…and i’m one of those people, except maybe more humble. it’s perfect how he became friends with rob. atleast rob doesn’t lie to himself and he’s the ray he comes off all the time. remember when john mayer was starting out and he actually couldn’t get away with saying whatever he wanted because he needed to establish himself and sell records? what makes it so easy for him to be more of his true self…is it because he’s a bonafide star now? like his amazing guitar skills means he gets a pass? there are lots of guitar players in this world. he was lucky. good for him. doesn’t allow him to be a douche.

  48. 48
    trixy Says:

    tranny swift

  49. 49
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    nice thing of her to do but dominoes pizza sucks
    she looks classy and beautiful in that outfit =]
    it’s nice to see an actual nice person in hollywood

  50. 50
    sdf Says:

    @Jennifer: um.. i think u are mistaken.

  51. 51
    Jokergurl Says:

    What a classy, sweet and talented kid, she just looks like a sweetheart, keep it up Taylor, lots of the young ones could take lessons from you.

  52. 52

    Why the hate people? I think she is a really genuine person. People always say that she is truly a nice sweet girl. Do you realize that celebrities are people also? Like it’s so strange for them to actually be nice to fans? And she’s 19, she hasn’t been famous for very long.

  53. 53

    @mertz: I’m going to need you to stop posting unless you can properly form a complete sentence, and correct grammar.

  54. 54
    Uncertainty Principle Says:

    When I first heard Taylor’s music and I read her blogs, I immediately recognized that she, unlike many famous artists, really appreciated her fans. She is not fake, as some people think. She has repeatedly stated that she knows that it is her fans that have got her where she is today. She is a real encouragement to us all and I think each of us can learn something from her.

  55. 55
    mertz Says:

    yay thanks team taylor. it’s noted. i couldn’t give a **** about what you think but go on ahead. just like you can post whatever you want on this website so can i, proper grammar or not. i wasn’t aware my teachers were on this website.

  56. 56
    Amy Says:

    V in Chelmsford!! I so wanted to go see Taylor, seeing as I love her songs and I live in Chelmsford. Maybe next year.

  57. 57
    ellie' Says:

    Such a beautiful young lady.. Your going places big time..

  58. 58
    anonymous Says:

    Same like John Mayer, he bought drinks for paps waiting on him when he was in NY during his old days. Heard they tweeted each other and flirted around just recently w/ their twitters. And she started it, too. Ha ha ha ……..sweet?????????? Maybe, John is giving her tips………on a lot of things…………………….these young musicians will do anything (not that I think John is still young. But his father got a wife, an ex-wife now, 20 years younger so that’s the same between John and Taylor….go figure). If you got talent, no need for all these…..but her lyrics appeal to the young ones, just like Miley Cyrus……guess it’s ok. Just saying what I see.

  59. 59
    mertz Says:

    you’re f’n kidding me. being nice is only attributed to john mayer. hanging out with fans, feeding them or siging or whatever is only secluded to john mayer. wow. he’s giving her tips on a lot of things? she NEEDS to GIVE HIM TIPS. he’s a douchebag. he’s always had that ego characterstic to him and i never thought he would go over once he got big, but lo and behold he proved me right.

  60. 60
    mertz Says:

    oh and that part about miley cyrus’ lyrics is laughable. miley cyrus doesn’t write. i doubt her lyrics is what appeals to people…even young kids who have no brains.

  61. 61
    Shannon Says:


    Does anybody know what hotel Taylor Swift stays at in New York?
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know. I’m a huuuuuge fan.

  62. 62
    Uncertainty Principle Says:

    I have read all of the responses to this article and I am, to say the least, surprised at the responses. I am a college student taking courses in advanced mathematics, philosophy and a number of other things. One of the first things you learn in philosophy is to present facts to support your claims. Plenty of people have written to say that Taylor is a bad person for one reason or another. But these “reasons” are pathetic. Give me a real reason. Taylor is simply the best there is, not just in country music, but relative to all genres of music.

    To all who seem to think that Taylor is a bad person, I would ask this, what would constitute a good person? If you say that such an act was unkind merely because you do not like Dominoes pizza, well, your simply being very ungreatful and hard to please.

    So let’s start incorporating a bit more logic into this discussion.

  63. 63
    William Says:

    Too bad there’s so much hate on here.

  64. 64
    William Says:

    Uncertainty Principle, great post. There’s so much hate on internet message boards because of anonymity. Actually, people seem to hate everybody for any reason. Just look at any article, and you’ll see a ton of nasty comments. Taylor is an amazing person and artist, and these people have absolutely no legitimate reason for hating someone so sweet, kind, and who makes beautiful music. I’ll tell you what though, alot of the hate against her comes from Carrie Underwood fans who are extremely jealous that Swift is now taking the spotlight which once belonged to Carrie. Then there are people who just say nasty things about everyone because they’re very unhappy in their lives. It’s a sickness really.

  65. 65
    Uncertainty Principle Says:

    Interesting thoughts William. I can’t say I am a huge fan of Carrie Underwood so I cannot comment on that aspect of the discussion too much. Regarding the view that some people may be hurting inside, I think this is a very probable cause of a lot of harsh feelings toward other people. However, I would challenge these individuals to view the situation differently. If a person who has only extended kindness toward you has been extremely successful in life, extending hate toward that person is simply illogical. It defies all of the principles a friendship is supposed to be based upon. It should lead you to conclude one of two things: (1) that you never really liked the person to begin with or (2) you are knowingly attacking someone you once considered a friend–thus accepting the death of reason in that area of your life. I do not say this from never experiencing what it means to live a less than satisfactory life myself. I am a blind student hoping to obtain employment some day. Needless to say, it is easy for me to become frustrated when everyone I know is either getting a job or achieving something else spectacular–though I did not say frustrated at the people around me. I know and appreciate the difference. I am a very dedicated fan of Taylor and, contrary to the view some may have, I view it as an encouragement when Taylor succeeds because I am a loyal fan. There are numerous ways to deal with unfortunate circumstances in life and this is what I would say to anyone going through them right now.

  66. 66
    suppress your appetite Says:

    I love her sooo much :)

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