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Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer: Main Street Stroll

Anna Paquin & Stephen Moyer: Main Street Stroll

Stephen Moyer hold hands his two favorite girls — fiancee Anna Paquin and daughter Lilac — while strolling down Main Street on Saturday (August 22) in Venice, Calif.

The True Blood co-stars were later seen hopping into their Jeep Wrangler.

A new episode of True Blood airs TOMORROW (August 23) @ 9PM ET/PT on HBO. In ep “New World In My View,” Sookie tries to help Tara engulfed in darkness, Jason attempts to rescue Sam, and Bill finds traditional methods don’t work on Maryann.

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# 1

Awww. They look like a cute family.

# 2
Realme2008 @ 08/22/2009 at 11:52 pm

I love them together. So cute!!! It’s so obvious that Sookie is going to go for Eric though. I don’t think they have much chemistry though, which is odd because Alexander (Eric) has chemistry with pretty much everybody.

# 3

I love them together too. I really like Stephen’s hair. LOL. :D

# 4

That little girl is already deadly cute, but I wish they wouldn’t photograph his kids.

# 5


She probably will, but I think they will depart fromthe books. Alan has said 4 times now that Bill/Sookie are the core and heart of the show. They will never really be over

Love these pics.My favorite celeb couple

# 6

Adorable family. Stephen looks so happy! ;-)

# 7

They both look very happy! I love that couple. Plus, I’m tean Bill all the way, him & Sookie are soulmates (even if the actor playing Eric is really cute).
But that little girl doesn’t seem to like being hunted by paparazzi! Which is quite understandable.

# 8

I don’t think they even see the paparazzi. She’s probably just shieldig her eyes from the sun

# 9

Sorry it looks like he is taking his two younger daughters out for a walk.

Oh, so cute. What a beautiful little family. Stephen is so hot, with a tan! Lilac is a doll. I love Anna. Very happy to see these wonderful pictures, so happy that I don’t mind reading stupid comments like this one above mine. Haters have to live in their own sad and dark land, I pity them.

Can’t wait for Anna to get pregnant and have her own baby, I bet it will be a boy :) I know I will have to wait a lot, since she is filming True Blood but I don’t mind waiting.


I agree. I was gonna comment on that commnet, but then I thought it’s just not worth it.

She wants kids, but she has said she wants to wait and they put the show first. I want them to have a girl, lol

I agree Stephen & Anna look very happy and that his daughter is beautiful however the child looks like they’re taking her to the dentist rather than out for the day. Cannot anyone see this body language? That is one unhappy little girl. Check out the one where she is leaning her head on his arm and the one with her eyes tightly almost looks like she is saying “please God just let this day be over”!

I do love them together but this little girl had Mommy and Daddy until Little Ms. Sookie rolled in and I think in these photos you can really see how she feels about it. JMHO

No, Stephen was SINGLE when he passed the audition for True Blood, which is when he & Anna started to date. Stop this stupid rumor. Heck, the two women are kind of “friends”, since we saw pics of them & the little girl on their bicycles! I doubt she would do that with the “mistress”!

These are really lovely pics of them and SM and AP look adorable together.


Anna and Lorein ARE friends. Even good friends. Stephen has said so. And Anna get along great with his Lilac and Billy. I agree, STOP spreading a stupid rumor. They broke up in 2006 and he met Anna 2007 She’s probably just shealding her eyes from the sun and this is what kids look like. They can’t walk in a normal way for some reason, lol!

Maybe Lilac just doesn’t like having a bunch of photographers following her and her family around, flashing lights in her face and more likely than not, talking (or yelling) to them while they’re trying to have their own conversation?

She’s a gorgeous little girl, and Anna and Stephen look good. I’ve loved Anna since The Piano….. seeing pictures of her makes me want to go watch it.

I hope he is not going to start lightening his hair too now. Keep it dark and handsome . i wish they would let Anna go back to her regular brunette hair color as well.


I don’t think they even see them. Pretty sure they are not even near them

I think SM is just going back to being a natural blond for a movie he’s doing so when TB season 3 starts filming in December of this year, he will have to dye the hair black again. I sure do hope Bill gets his hair back to the way it looked in the pilot episode when it was just wild and untamed.

“Say…which one’s his daughter?”

The one he wouldn’t have fathered at age 11. Or, if that sort of math is difficult for you: the taller, adult one.

It amazes me that here we have a lovely couple – intelligent, devoted to one another and devoted to Stephen’s children — they aren’t doing drugs, breaking the law or hurting anyone and there are still comments (above mine) that have to throw negativitiy on these two people. What’s up with that? I don’t understand. Anna & Stephen are decent and lovely normal people. I guess haters will just keep on hating because that is all they are able to do???


I don’t know, but I’ll tell you one thing: you can tell which people are Eric/Sookie shiipers. Talk about being bitter, LOL

Shemp lugosi @ 08/23/2009 at 4:36 pm

Who the hell names their kid “lilac”? It’s a fragrance and a flower but not a girl’s name. Poor kid!

on what planet are these people hot?!

@Shemp lugosi:

Ugh, I wish people would stop being rude. Mature. Mock his DAUGHTER’S NAME. And I think Lilac means purple, which is his favorite color.

I bet you’re an Alex fan, haha

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