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Jennifer Garner: Child Success With Violet Affleck

Jennifer Garner: Child Success With Violet Affleck

Jennifer Garner takes her daughter Violet Affleck to the Child Success Learning Center on Friday (August 21) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 37-year-old actress was just named Most Natural Beauty by‘s Annual Summer Pop Culture Poll

For all the relationship drama, there are a few couples that appear to be making it work according to An overwhelming majority (48%) think Jen and Ben Affleck are the most “normal couple,” followed by Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens (14%), Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal (13%), and Heidi Klum and Seal (10%).

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner‘s child success with Violet Affleck

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jennifer garner child success violet affleck 01
jennifer garner child success violet affleck 02
jennifer garner child success violet affleck 03
jennifer garner child success violet affleck 04
jennifer garner child success violet affleck 05
jennifer garner child success violet affleck 06
jennifer garner child success violet affleck 07
jennifer garner child success violet affleck 08
jennifer garner child success violet affleck 09
jennifer garner child success violet affleck 10
jennifer garner child success violet affleck 11
jennifer garner child success violet affleck 12

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  • jessalyn

    The most natural beauty? She’s pretty, but I wouldn’t have voted for her. I get the sense they are a normal couple as well, but I think that’s mainly due to the fact they look like normal everyday people. They could be huge drama queens for all I know!

  • Jayasree


  • jessalyn

    Why is she wearing shoes that don’t fit? The only thing I don’t understand after looking at these photo’s , is why we have so many photo’s of her and Violet? Do the paparazzi stalk their house that much? She’s not really a huge money maker at the moment, how do they know where she’s going to be? It just seems weird to me,

  • me

    Like papazarris never follow celebrities from their houses to whereever they go to. Its no secret where they live. I even know.

  • Luv Her!

    The beautiful Jennifer Affleck. Ben is a lucky man but I’m sure he already knows that. Jenn is such a natural beauty it’s no wonder she is often cited as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

  • emma

    Violet is such a pretty little girl.

    If there was a most normal celeb child it would have to be Violet

  • Living the Life

    Jennifer is beautiful… and her daughter too!!

    I like Just Jared very much!!

    Visit my blog


  • for ev errrrr

    love them — she’s such a TRUE loving & dedicated MOM!

    If anyone were to play taylor swift as a kid–i’d say violet 150% !! lol

  • Well

    Shes a natural beauty because she looks beautiful without makeup

  • Frida

    She is a natural beauty because she doesn’t feel the need to put on a show for the paparazzi and get all dressed up. it’s not her style and she should have credit for not faking it. She’s beautiful anyway and a very good role model for her girls.

  • mimi

    Garner had plastic surgery. I saw a picture of her when she was younger.
    What’s natural about lips and a nose job?
    Not to mention that even with all that work, she is far from pretty.

  • LOL

    Parade poll “results” are PR joke.

  • you have a point!

    “What’s natural about lips and a nose job?”

  • Emma

    How are they normal – you never see them together! Normal couples go out together, especially with their child, and as much as she is photographed, it says something that you never see them together in public. It doesn’t mean they aren’t a perfectly happy couple, but if you never see them together how would you know!

  • poll results

    Most boring fauxmance couple: Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal – 98 %

  • Pippi

    Jen is naturally beautiful and when she has her beautiful enhanched by makeup and hair, she is drop dead gorgeous. She is not obsesssed with vanity and dressing up when she is just hanging out with her family. BTW mimi (her biggest fan) she was born with that nose and those lips. I’m sure she would appreciate you complimenting her features though. Those lips are luscious and her nose is nice also.

    She and Vi are so down to earth and loving life as ordinary folks you see on the street on a daily basis. Sometimes I wish they could be left alone but then, I wouldn’t get to see such loving pics of them together. Stay as you are and never stop the love beautiful people.

  • eeeeeeeeeek

    yuck i didint notice till now in that last pic her toes yikes the liittle toe is deformed on top of the others

  • Pippi

    Violet is such a happy go lucky little girl, she looks just like her mommy at that age and Jen is well just lovely even in plain and simple clothes. She likes to hide her beautiful body in baggy clothes. She is one celeb who really plays down her looks. I think thats why she is considered by most people as a *natural beauty* unlike most celebs who flaunt their assets to advance their careers.

    She and her family are beyond adorable.

  • Pippi

    #17 that pic was posted just to get a rise out of idiots like you. Relax, that is not a big deal. Jessica Alba has the same thing with her baby toe, hers is on the opposite foot. Nobody bothers to point it out. Anyway, not a biggie. If that is her only flaw, I’d say she is still head and shoulders above you. You are missing a brain, so I ask you, who is better off, you or her? ROTFLMAO

  • yaahoo

    my favorite west va. inbred!!!!!

  • P

    She is a publicity whore that uses her kid. Her career is not “hot” anymore, yet there are always pictures. In LA, NY, Boston, everywhere. I don’t see pictures w/kids everyday of hotter stars like Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, Catherine Zeta Jones, Madonna etc…. This is so completely obvious to anyone who has a brain.

  • mel

    violet looks a bit retarded

  • vmars111

    Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal????? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • gg

    she seems like a great mom, and she is a natural beauty. im glad that she is so normal. what is with all this hate?

  • curious

    Anyon know – has Violet got Downs Syndrome? I know Hugh Jackman’s daughter has, but Violet also has “the look”. Yuk yuk. Also rather see pics of Jen and Violet (even with the Downs) than the flat-chested Sarah-Michelle Gellar and her non-existant hubby. By the way, any idea how she is going to breastfeed with such small tarrrrr taaaaaaa?

  • Jane

    It’s hasbeen and her PR monkey.

  • Sally

    Lovely girls: Jennifer and Vio. They’re both cute, sweet and adorable!

  • fakenotnatural

    Why is this woman ALWAYS photographed with her ugly child? Yeah, paps know where celebs live and hang out, but besides Holmes & Suri, Garner & Violet are almost photographed daily. Coincidence? Seriously, when people talk about PR and child hooooring they should look at this woman. And agree with some comments. You can’t be a true “natural” beauty if you’ve had a nose rhinoplasty and lip injections! And one last thing, I’ve read Jen is not as nice as her image plays her out to be. Just another HW deception.

  • me

    Where did you idiots get that she had rhinoplasty and lip injections? From where do you get your bad information? You just cant come to terms with the fact that these are her normal features. Anyway, if she did have work done so has angelina and about 100% of all hollywood starlets so that would put her with all them anyway. Why do you even bring it up?

  • lakers fan in boston

    she’s pretty but i dont consider her that beautiful

    at least this time she decided to change her pants, no jeans for once
    maybe it’s the bag but she actually looks nice for once
    girly…not sloppy mom =]

  • Evil posters! 22 & 25

    #22 & #25 are you really adults posting such HORRIBLE crap? Look at yourselfs in the damn mirror and ask yourselfs if you are even HUMAN! Disgusting!!!!!!

  • Curious what?

    Downs? Get a life, what a moronic statement!
    Coming from the worshippers of kids not even NEAR cute…in the pitt family. But that is just dandy, and nothing is ever said.
    Downs, unreal, and sick to even post such BS! KARMA IS A BITCH!

  • roberts was right

    Reading postings of 22 and 25 and Curious (Some name for this poster!) I recalled reading an article from Julia Roberts saying how she read CRUEL postings about her little boy. I would bet these are the SAME “People” who say these horrible things about a little darling girl. I read her article and thought “how horrible for her to see that about her child” But you jerks just continue. I’d love to see your faces on here but you hide behind your masks , masks that call children horrible, evil names.

  • nikomilinko
  • Jokergurl

    Violets going to be tall, it’s always cool to see Jennifer and Violet together. They seem pretty normal Jen and Ben seem like nice people too.

  • s.i

    I aggre that Jen is a natural beauty……. She is just extremely pretty!!! She is fabulous and has great features. Her face has a great bone structure, she has sexy lips and eyes, great body (especially the body she had in ALIAS) and great, just great skin! She is tall and classy and simple. Jen is talented and a good person and mum. Anyways…. i havent seen a more beautiful woman than her (and please dont start with Angelina or Megan) Who do you personally think that is more beautiful than Jen in this show industry???

  • Sunshine

    Jennifer Garner could teach a master class on how to pimp your child out for publicity to stay relevant in Hollywood when your movie career is fading.

  • Pippi

    For the record they is nothing cute or clever about saying that a child is retarded from a pic taken by paparazzi simply because you do not like the child’s parent(s). Violet is not retarded in fact, she is an exceptionally bright and gifted child from all accounts. Just hope when and if you are fortunate enough to have children they will be born healthy because we all know what a terrible time they will have just being born to someone like you.

    Stop being so hateful and jealous of people who are adored by others and try to better yourselves. It is a fact that only shallow empty unhappy people live to bring down others. That is the only way they can cope with their own issues. Those who are well adjusted and loved don’t have any such hangups. Of course if it makes you feel any better have had it you crazy @$$ b!tches.

    These two are having a great time with their lives and good for them. Naturally beautiful mom with her equally beautiful daughter. A sight for some eyes.

  • moms

    the most ‘normal’ couple with 80 milion dollars and a big 20,000 square foot mansion so they can stay away from each other when the husband is actually in town. lol. apparently, she’s had her nose tip slightly altered and possible lip injection or jaw reduction. all of hollywood does something that makes them look more ‘natural’ unfortunately. this is ben’s first marriage and her second..she’s holding on for dear life…but Ben, he’ll be out of there soon.


    I think she is pretty but not sure if she is the Most Natural Beauty. I am not sure who I would pick from that. Minka Kelly is beautiful.

  • mimi

    She’s got great ” bone structure” and coule have been a great horse- being so big and tall.
    I’ll give her that.
    I do find NOTHING normal about a husband living in the East coast while the wife and children living in the West coast, while the wife is not working, and thus could have lived with the husband.
    So we differ on 2 matters. Nothing natural about her nose and lips, and nothing normal about her shotgun marriage and band aid babies.

  • ohno

    If normal and natural is showing up in daily basis with ratty tooth kid wearing homelss cloths while hubby is off somewhere and never with me , I don’t want non of tha

  • My two cents

    Just because people don’t care of what she is wearing and even more care less about her personal life and outing doesn’t make her normal. I can’t see others do what she is doing and left alone.
    Pretty yeah beautiful and sexyl No a chance.

  • aflack

    people think of her normal because she take the kid out in her pJ the sad thing is this all ” normallity” they are selling doesn’t help neither of their carriers. Their movies suck and tank.

  • ellie’

    I just adore Jen, One of the best and well grounded families along with Cruises, Beautiful..

  • Naomi

    Jennifer is not pretyy,but she is nice girl.Violet is not cute ,buc lucky .

  • Celebwatcher

    Jen and ben will divorce in 6 years–for real.

    Check out my other celebrity psychic predictions @

  • lisa harris

    CELEBWATCHER: NO THEY WON’T Ben has taken a cue from his
    PHOTOS WE HAVE SEEN OF HER..>>?She does have the longest legs and is a lot taller and looks like a 3 and half year old JUST ASKIN’ AND WHERE IS THE LOVE OF HER LIFE SERAPHINA… THESE ARE OLD PHOTOS They take turns taking care of the kids.. when she comes out and promotes THE TRUTH ABOUT LYING NEXT MONTH …

  • twpumpkin

    So sick of these two. Jennifer is a media whore. She complains about the paps and yet she seems to always have her and the kid everywhere.

  • selam

    dont they have bed room issue