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Natalie Portman Covers 'Interview' September 2009

Natalie Portman Covers 'Interview' September 2009

Check out the stunning Natalie Portman on the September 2009 cover of of Interview Magazine.

The 28-year-old actress (and Harvard graduate) shares her “dirty little secrets” in the new issue, which also features Gossip Girl stud Chace Crawford, Inglourious Basterds actress Diane Kruger, the King of Pop Michael Jackson and Brooklyn-based artist Vito Acconci.

Hair By Mark Townsend, Make-Up by Jeanine Lobell.

Stay tuned for more Nat coverage from this issue! Bigger cover pic inside…

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  • itstrueagain

    Beautiful pic, but she is completely unrecognizable.

  • cheech

    very exotic!

  • fresh

    Looking good. I wonder what her “dirty little secrets” are.

  • paranel

    This is Natalie Portman ? since when? It looks nothing like her. Gives a new meaning to the word ” Air Brushing” , gone too far.

  • mark

    Natalie is not just stunning, she is unbelievably beautiful.

  • @paranel

    Looks exactly like Natalie who has unique features and never looks like anyone else. She has honey eyes, which are exactly depicted here and are light, she has dark hair and stunning nose and facial lines. Love her.

  • the real me

    Natalie is the most beautiful young actress in Hollywood and this image proves it.

  • sam


  • Sofia

    What a stunningly beautiful and talented creature. Smart and Hot.

  • @8

    I know, jealousy is killing you Sam.

  • @all

    How could any one be so gorgeous. She is just stunning. For once JJ is right.

  • Bliss

    Natalie Portman is not a nice person. We saw her wandering in Central Park once and she wouldn’t even speak to us. We only said hello to her and smiled but she gave us a very mean look and ignored us, like,”How dare you speak to me!” Ever since then, I’m off Natalie Portman.

  • amy

    And yet you post in her threads Bliss? People on Just Jared are weird I am fine with people not liking a star, you cant like everyone right? but why bother wasting your time posting in their threads if you ‘have no time for her’ People on here do that a lot…go figure

    Anyway onto the topic of the thread, I love Nat, and she is looking fierce on this cover

  • @Bliss

    Central Park is full of people, she may have gone for a walk with her friends and said hello a million times by the time you showed up. Did it ever occur to you that she may have been tired and wanted to be left alone. You got annoyed by being ignored once, she is annoyed by strangers all her life, think of that.

  • @Bliss

    Natalie is unbelievable beautiful and talented and she gets approached by fans all the time since she was a kid. I love her and respect her.

  • Neil

    Bliss @ 08/22/2009 at 11:18 am

    People don’t know how to behave around celebrities. When you came across Natalie and said, hello, it could have been seen as an opening for a conversation she doesn’t want. Who are you? You could be anyone and she is not obliged to indulge any and every person who wants a part of her time. People who are not neighbors, friends etc, should remember they are ultimately STRANGERS and should try limiting their accidental interactions with “non-leading” statements like, “Hey, Natalie! Looking good!” or something like it that doesn’t ask for verbal interaction. If she does respond it is because she feels charmed, angry, interested etc., but it is because she WANTS to and not because she is OBLIGED to.

  • @all
  • katt

    nice pic, first i thought it was kristen stewart…the eyes…
    doesn’t look that Nat like

  • lexy

    How do you know it was REALLY Natalie Portman you saw in Central Park?? I mean do you know how many petite brunettes there are walking around CP? Perhaps you said hello to a stranger who just looked like her?

    Either way, I still love her! It’s great to see JJ post info on some TALENTED actresses.

  • Ian

    It still looks like Natalie but it looks like she’s got blue eyes instead of brown.

    Beautiful cover btw.

  • sheigh

    Is really her in this pic? I see a Megan Fox like! She’s got very troublant blue eyes.
    Also, I think this girl can do more she does. Always say about her, she ‘s a Havard graduate…but don’t say with psychology…it’s not really really difficult. She was genius at 12 but now she’s only like any stars!

  • Wendy

    Great cover, she looks even more beautiful in her candids, the woman is a beauty!


    Cool!! I’m buying it. Talented and beautiful actress.

  • jenny

    she’s gorgeous

  • sweetie

    beautiful. :-)

  • funkey

    Love the pic of her wasn’t sure if it was one of the Twilight people kind of looks Vampireish still she is an amazing woman. The kind that the press don’t have to be called out to follow.


    When you are a celebrity in the public eye someone who likes and does keep a low profile being followed around is something many do not like. I find those that have met Natalie in person do adore her and claim she is horribly intelligent, kind and respectful. I think press, reporters and Paparazzi bother her for all she knew maybe you might have been hiding a camera or recorder stalking her around. Fans will also do that if they think they know who you are. I wouldn’t take it personally a few celebrities are off standish when around fans.

  • : )

    Love the way ppl think they can just walk up to celebs like they know them! If I were a celeb I’d be like “F*** off, can’t you see I want to be left alone, for f**** sake!” : )

  • rtc

    I agree, beautful photo, but I did not realize it was NP until I read the article. I do see her now and she is beautiful woman… I guess the cover takes a more artistic approach but if there goal was to sell issues because of her, good thing they put her name next to her face…

  • sheryl

    I can’t say that’s a good picture because it doesn’t even look like Natalie. Natalie is a beautiful girl, but this is photoshopped into somebody else. It almost does look like Kristen Stewart, and they don’t look alike in real life. So, while I like Natalie, I can’t say that I like the picture.

  • Bliss

    Dang. First of all me and my MOTHER are SO non-threatening. Second it was definitely Natalie. Third we weren’t trying to start a convo. We were walking towards her, she was walking towards us, we didn’t realize until she was fairly close who it was. So we gave her a pleasant smile and said, “Hi, Natalie!” and continued on our way. We were walking at a pace it was obvious we didn’t plan on stopping. She was rude. And if you weren’t so narrowly obssessed with her, you could read about this kind of stuff happening to other people. It wasn’t just us. She is rude to fans. She smiles for the cameras, and on the red carpet, and on Letterman, or whatever, but she definitely does not invite any pleasantries from strangers. Yes, I KNOW we are strangers to her. LOL! But sometimes complete strangers have smiled at me and said hi, and I thought it was nice. Makes the world seem kinder.

  • lexy

    I have read that she won’t sign stuff while she’s eating and doing other personal things and I can respect that – seeing as she doesn’t have to call the paps to be seen, however I still say there’s a very good chance it was NOT Natalie Portman. Maybe that’s why you didn’t get a reaction from her.

    Also as a woman and NY’er I will say maybe if it was her she was being careful. You and your mom needed to be careful too – NY is still a dangerous enough place (as is CP) that you have to be cautious. How many stories have you read about regular people where a woman was used as “bait” for some mugging or other violence. I know we all want to live in a nice kind world but I’m sure you watch the news – so you know it’s not always a nice kind place!

  • jade

    i hate it

  • rick

    She is stunning, simply stunning.

  • logic


    Again maybe she had a bad day but don’t we all from time to time. I won’t claim that everyone who has met her felt the same way you do. Maybe a few but, when you approach them out of the blue or when they are eating, on the phone or at a movie shoot many just rather you wait. There are several who have met Natalie who claim different from you some even claims she is a sweetheart. Only a few like yourself say she was nasty. Before you approach any celebrity expect the unexpected they all don’t appreciate fans in their face and that is any celebrity or athlete.

  • robinred

    Sorry folks but Natalie looks NOTHING like that photoshopped pic. NOTHING!!!!!

    Her eyes are brown and rather smallish.

    Her teeth are totally different.

    There is no resemblance and Natalie is NOT beautiful by any stretch of the imagination! And she has goopy upper legs.

    She may be intelligent and talent (that is up for question) but she is NOT good-looking!

  • robinred

    With airbrushing and photoshop even the most hideous woman can be transformed into something beautiful.

    Sorry but there is NO resemblance to Portman.

    She must have connections. That is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.

    If she’s SO beautiful why change her eye shape, eye color, nose shape and everything else?

    Because if she were beautiful she wouldn’t need to be airbrushed so drastically!

  • Movie Critic

    BP’s new squeeze!!!!!!!!!

  • lydia

    Absurd is right!

    Not even close……..Nat will not be known for her good looks nor her sexiness.

    Maybe something else but not beauty. And she does not ooze a natural sexiness.

    Let her play a professor or lawyer but stop trying to pretend she is a siren. It won’t work. People are not that dumb

  • jup/6

    Foolish attempt is right.

    Personally I don’t care for her acting. So what if she graduated Harvard. That doesn’t guarantee success or talent.

    Heck her father has connections from what I’ve heard.

  • JC

    Let her stand or fall on her own merits. This is a very silly thing to try to do to someone who is average looking in real life.

    Why not just use a picture of someone else and say it is Natalie?


  • JC

    In real life her lips are actually quite thin, eyes are brown and small, her nose was tweaked too.

    She is on the short side and as another poster said..”she must have connections”.

    Is it true she was born in Israel? Anyone know her story?

  • roja

    the real me @ 08/22/2009 at 11:05 am Natalie is the most beautiful young actress in Hollywood and this image proves it.

    So true, and maybe we cans say the most intelligent and (cultivée en français) , I always say that she is the Audrey Hepburn of the 21 century.

  • logic

    LIke natalie or not granted this is a magazine picture it’s to sell an interview and their publications. Personally she is amazing but, if she is not your flavor actress that’s to each his own personal taste. Why bash the woman for not signing your autograph or not smiling at you when you passed on the street. To me that is ridiculous if your judging her based on that alone.

    As for her looks the real unalterned version those that think she is unattractive well compared to what actress her age not the tween squad people love to compare her too. I think she is very attractive, she looks her age not some 28 year old dressing like a 15 year old or acting like one. I see Natalie as a very private woman she is truly the geuine article. Reason we do not see very much of her is because she is private. I hear too many celebrities try to make that same statement but, in all reality many need the hollywood paprazzi to promote their careers without it they are nothing but, another pretty face.

  • lakers fan in boston

    finally she comes out of hiding
    i honestly havent seen her in a good 2-3 months
    heard she’s gonna do some sex scene with mila kunis, most likely rumors tho
    it’s good to hear about her tho

  • history repeats itself

    There might be more trouble in Brangelinaland, folks. Rumor has it that Angelina Jolie is more than a little jealous of Brad Pitt’s new Artifacts co-star, Natalie Portman. According to a source, “Angelina had a massive fit and was shouting her head off. She accused Brad of flirting with Natalie. Angelina can’t help but feel threatened. Brad knows how jealous she gets but won’t stop saying how gorgeous and intelligent Natalie is. He keeps saying she is ‘cute as a button.’”

  • JC

    No reason for Angelina to be jealous of Portman.

    Portman is a plain jane in the looks department and flat-chested. Angie is not worried!

  • JC

    Portman in a sex scene………LMAO…

    well they’ll have to use a full-body double. She is flat-chested and got goopy short legs.

    Nice try but America ain’t buyin’ it. We’re waking up so give it up fools!

  • jup/6

    Now that is some funny sh#t. Nat in a sex scene? LOL

    She’s believable as a school marm

    The next Audrey Hepburn ………fuggit it!

  • robinred

    Hey! I’ve got a great idea!

    Lets get a picture of one of the most gorgeous models and say it is Natalie Portman.

  • me

    I love her! She’s so gorgeous! Natalie and Emma Watson are two of my absolute favorite celebrites!