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Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols: Pop Yogurt Pair

Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols: Pop Yogurt Pair

Sophia Bush cools down by grabbing some Pop Yogurt sweet treats with her One Tree Hill costar (and rumored on-again boyfriend) Austin Nichols in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City on Friday afternoon (August 21).

Last weekend, Sophia, 27, and Austin, 29, arrived in the Big Apple together via LaGuardia airport. Last night, the twosome hit up The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers to celebrate Charlotte Ronson‘s new I “Heart” Ronson collection.

FYI: Sophia is wearing a Vena Cava jumpsuit.

10+ pictures inside of Pop Yogurt pair Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols

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sophia bush austin nichols pop yogurt 01
sophia bush austin nichols pop yogurt 02
sophia bush austin nichols pop yogurt 03
sophia bush austin nichols pop yogurt 04
sophia bush austin nichols pop yogurt 05
sophia bush austin nichols pop yogurt 06
sophia bush austin nichols pop yogurt 07
sophia bush austin nichols pop yogurt 08
sophia bush austin nichols pop yogurt 09
sophia bush austin nichols pop yogurt 10

Photos: Jordan Wolf/Broadimage
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  • sophia rocks!

    sophia can wear a trash bag and make it look sexy lol love austin and sophia both great actors and good people

  • ali

    what a sexy couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shannon


    MY LIFE WILL BE… complete if i meet themmm…


  • andy

    finally she shows her sexy body

  • Bree

    ahh they are sooooo fricken cute together!!!

  • mertz

    omg she’s wearing those shorts they wrote about in style and vogue. geez man. but although that makes me want to throw up i can’t hate because she’s pretty much the nicest good hearted genuine person and she’s really pretty. ugh. i should hate her.

  • sam

    they really werent holding hands at all, either way i am pretty sure this 2 are on

  • bobbycupcake

    I thought Austin was gay?

  • sam

    yeah well if he was then sophia definitely straighten him up lol

  • Love Sophia Bush

    Beautiful face!

  • vmars111

    You know Jake Gyllenhaal was only 30 feet away watching his secret lover Austin Nichols with his own beard (Sophia) weeping as he is obligated to hang out with Reese Witherspoon.

  • Bearding Inequality

    Jake’s wondering how the h3ll he got stuck with the old ugly mean, controlling bitter beard who has 2 rugrats he has to tow around while Austin got the young nice beautiful childless one.

  • Kelsey

    Beautiful girl, but it’s a miss on this one. It looks like she’s wearing lingerie in public! It does not flatter her great figure at all and it’s so unlike her to flash her “Cheeks”. Usually she emphasizes her clevage, so I’m confused on her outft of choice. Love you Soph, but don’t wear it again! We also share the same affliction. Flat “cheeks”. Can’t wait for OTH 7!

  • Charlene

    Awww they look so cute together :)
    love it!

  • Cooh

    Finally,they should be toghther,but if they’re not,it’s good they’re friends

  • perezh

    I know it might seem like they are a couple but they arent. They do spend a lot of time together, party together, lunch-ing together but they are not dating.

  • sophia

    the cw is doing a good job making it look like theses two are a couple when sophia is actually banging robert buckley…

    austin nichols is gay, sorry gals but these two are friends only, hence the platonic closeness

    ps. nice ass

  • sam


    of course and you know that cuz your friends is friends with sophia or something like that??????????? ahahaha
    kind of pathetic or how hard people are trying to convince everybody that they are not dating, i bet if pics of them kissing would come out people will go ahhh they are just friends who kiss from time to time or something like that lol

    not a fan of them but whatever makes them happy

  • steph

    they are holding hands though in the 7th picture.. i am leaning to they are absolutely a couple.

  • crawl

    yeah his pinky his holding her fingers…could be by accident, i mean his body language is not couplish at all…looks like he is ignoring her.

    He does have a gayface but who knows..

  • crawl

    I swear their bodylanguage is just “friendly”. they give no couple vibe at all. they were in NY to do some promotion, she probably had a “+1″ and decided to take austin with her since he was in town anyway.

  • mary

    Wasn’t he engaged years ago? I don’t know where this Sophia/Rob rumor is coming from because they never hang out in Wilmington and Sophia/Austin are everywhere together.

    They are holding hands together before they spotted paps in front of them.

  • LOL

    She’s so beautiful <3
    These two are NOT dating. He’s a player and she knows that. But they are really good friends.

  • mary

    OMG well wouldn’t someone spotted them together, I mean Jake and Austin, I haven’t seen anything recently and don’t tell me paps don’t follow Jake.

  • hehe

    he was, but after she found out he likes boyz the relationship ended obviously.

    I think robert and sophia are dating but they are trying to be really low-key like sophia usually is when it comes to dating, and that is why i dont believe they are dating because she wouldnt be this obvious about it.

  • mary


    yeah that was weird for me, I doubt she would be so public since she was hiding her relationships after Chad or maybe she got tired of hiding,I don’t know.

  • hawt

    hot booty girl.

  • huggue

    sophia is dating the other new guy on oth…

  • austinsophia


    exactly and that is why im telling you guys that they are only friends

  • léa

    Great !!!!!!!!!

  • hery

    Hey guys, would you like to date a cougar? Or are you a cougar yourself? Okay, no matter you are looking for an NSA, FWB or serious relationship. You’ll want to check this out:**== Matchcougar-c O m ==**It’s where cougars and younger men can meet(Cougar is the slang for woman who is mature, experienced and want to date a younger man).

  • heeej


  • lilly

    Shut the heck up about Austin being gay, seriously. Just because you like to fantasize about two hot guys being together, sorry, but they’re not.

    Signs are all around that Sophia and Austin are together so GET OVER IT. They’re hot <3

    And Sophia was only private about her relationship with James, for whatever reason, probably because he’s a low-key kind of guy. She was public about her relationship with Jon Foster though, and you can find tons of pics of them together too.

    Haters need to get out and stop denying that these two are together just because you don’t like it. I’ll be laughing the day that kissing pictures of these two surface because it’s bound to happen sometime soon.

  • CI99

    wow… i love sophia & austin

  • steph

    trust me even if pictures of them kissing would come out people would still find an excuse as why they are kissing, it is ridiculous that people are still in denial that they are dating.. It is a pretty safe bet..
    And she was pretty open with jon foster she even did the red carpet with him, i agree about the james thing, he is a very low key kind of guy and thats why i think they were hiding and stuff..

  • mareq

    I love Sophia & Austin together. They look so hot together. Thanks Just Jared for their pics & story. Bring It On…baby.
    Austin was always there for Sophia. When she broke-up with Chad (early 2006). When she broke-up with Jon & Tony (early 2008) and now when she broke-up with James. What a guy.
    Austin is getting hotter & hotter since he join OTH.

  • ********

    Don’t care for her outfit… ugly

  • ana

    Please tell me this is a joke, austin really???????? I lost all respect for Sophia.I am not judging but i really was hoping this wasnt true for her sake.

  • Eric D. Midget

    Freaking gorgeous…..look at those arms…..those legs….the hair….she’s okay too…but I rather take her out of those pics…..

  • Baci

    Why are some people refusing to believe they are dating. If she wanted to hide it she would go incognito and wear a hot and sunglasses like a lot of celebraties do to hide and not stand out. But you can tell she wants to be noticed. She wears short shorts and is in no way trying to be inconspicous. Who knows if she ever dated James anyhow. He doesn’t strike me as her type. Too quiet and not an attention hogger.

  • Kayla

    Are you kidding??
    Just because a celebrity wears “sunglasses” or tries to do other things to blend in doesn’t mean they don’t get noticed. Tons of celebrities are photographed EVERYDAY trying to hide but yet the paps end up finding them and snapping pictures of them anyways. And just because she wears short shorts doesn’t mean shes wants to be noticed. My friends and I wear tiny shorts all the time in the summer and its not because we’re trying to get noticed. Its because its HOT. And the same applies for celebrities too(in case you didn’t know this, they’re people as well who also tend to get hot like the rest of us). I live in NYC and I’ve been seeing plenty of celebs wearing tiny little outfits because of the summer heat. So the h*ll cares?

  • LA

    @ana: They are just freinds, longtime friends.

  • lisa

    they are holding hands though in the 7th picture.. i am leaning to they are absolutely a couple

    They are not holding hands in the 7th picture

  • nah

    They don’t look like a couple at all.

  • Ali

    she is so damn HOT!

  • karmababykarma

    thats because they arent a couple.

  • hehe

    Why do you guys think Jared is writing RUMORED boyfriend; because meeting and seeing them interact probably didnt convince him they are dating, and thats clearly because they are just friends, and really good friends for that matter. Sophia is dating another guy and time will tell who this guy is.

  • Jennifer

    I saw them yesterday and all I can say is that I just a friends vibe from them. They weren’t acting couply at all but rather like two friends just hanging out. And as for that “holding hands” picture, I saw Austin grab her fingers for a few seconds because it looked like he was about to turn but then changed his mind. I guess instead of grabbing her arm or something, he grabbed her fingers so that she would know they were turning or whatever. And thats when the paps took the picture. And besides, my guy friends do that to me all the time.
    Whether or not they are dating, its still questionable. I know a lot of people are saying that they are dating while a lot of others are saying they are definitely not.
    Now I’m not sure myself. But just because a guy and girl are always hanging out together and go everywhere together doesn’t mean they are dating. I have a guy friend who I hang out with and do EVERYTHING with EVERYDAY. But me and him are JUST friends although I can see why some people may think we’re dating. Plus, if Austing really is gay……then all this hanging out makes even more sense since I’ve seen plenty of girls and their gay guy friends get along like there’s no tomorrow.

  • LOL

    I completely agree with you. People are just stupid to realize that guy and girl can just hanging out together!

  • mel

    I don’t know if they are in couple, but on these pictures they held the hand, look there are some: