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Heidi Montag's Miss Universe Performance -- VIDEO

Heidi Montag's Miss Universe Performance -- VIDEO

Heidi Montag and husband Spencer Pratt enjoy themselves at the beach on Paradise Island in the Bahamas on Sunday (August 23).

Later in the day, Heidi rocked out the Miss Universe stage with her her new single “Body Language” from her debut album. Watch the video below!

Before the show, Spencer tweeted, “Everyone I ask you to please say a huge prayer for @heidimontag’s first performance for 1 billion eyes tonight on NBC for Miss Universe!”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Heidi’s dance moves and vocal ability — HOT or NOT?

Heidi Montag’s Miss Universe Performance — VIDEO

20+ pictures inside of Heidi Montag prior to her Miss Universe performance…

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Credit: Pedro Andrade; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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# 1

the performance was painful to watch

# 2

I don’t see why they asked her to do the show. She can’t dance she was horrible and the she lip sang. She has a contraact why? She just sucks! They should have gotten someone better to do the show.

# 3

thank you donald trump.

why has this world become so shallow?

did anyone catch trump on letterman. he sickens me.

# 4

*speechless* i think i just threw up in my mouth a little. what the hell? who was that saying thank you at the end megan fox? must. go. cleanse. eyeballs. and. watch. glitter. to. relieve. pain.

# 5


# 6

oh dear lord that was uncomfortably embarassing

# 7

Come On’ Heidi !
She looks like a cheap copy of Brit back in 2000…
Is it possible to be bad at lip sync … seriously

# 8

Why do we even give these two the time of day?

# 9

ummmm… NOT!

he’s not her husband. he’s her pimp!

She was marginally better than Katie Holmes dismal performance!

Nooooooooo! can I please have back the last 1 min 48 seconds of my lifeeeeee?

i lost what little respect i had for heidi… she lip synced and was a rip-off of britney in 2000. heidi, you will never be britney spears!!!!

it looks like a 7th grade talent show

boricuapapilov @ 08/23/2009 at 11:14 pm

ummm .. yea all i can say is Britney spears you are now free.. everyone will forget you performance from the VMAs with gimme more cuz this just surpasses it and its just straight up bad.. i mean like omg it makes the Gimme more performance look like a master piece lol

Its a damn shame she is being uttered in the same sentence as Britney. Even with her personal problems, Britney is a performer. This chick here cant dance, sing or anything. Donald Trump should be fired.

Its a damn shame she is being uttered in the same sentence as Britney. Even with her personal problems, Britney is a performer. This chick here cant dance, sing or anything. Donald Trump should be fired.

so hilariously terrible!!!! why cant she get a normal looking weave?! her body doesnt even look good. no ass! hahahahha so terrible, i honestly cant stop laughing. most stiff “dancing” ever. she can’t move at ALL! YA SOOO SEXY HEIDI!

oh yeah, and praise jesus.

wow- that was ROUGH. elementary school recitals have better dancing than that

dohh!!! it was horribleeeeeeeeeeee !!!
cant dance … cant even sing !! and her outfit .. wtf ? goin to yoga ??

She is so gorgeous! She was what made this Miss Universe worth the watch.

itstrueagain @ 08/23/2009 at 11:21 pm

Cheap imitation of Britney Spears? That’s an oxymoron. They are both useless. And, what kind of ‘entertainment’ is that, when the contestants are asked questions on women getting ahead, etc. Dumbing down of America…and humankind in general.

yessiriCANBOOGIE @ 08/23/2009 at 11:21 pm

Performance of 1995 year….boring.

lol @ her moves ,she cant dance

That outfit was done 9 years ago by Britney Spears at the 2000 VMAs. And it was done better.

A freaking Disaster @ 08/23/2009 at 11:25 pm

What a disaster that was. So was Kelly Rowland’s performance. There could have been a hundred better singers who would have been better. Why did they have to be American? Flo Rida was decent but I’ve see him perform better.

They are both seriously delusional

she was terrible. i didnt even know it was possible to be that bad at lip syncing. and her dancing….um…..
no. no. she really needs to stop.

Soo i absolutely loved how during the show they didnt show heidi for half of her know the people at miss universe think you’re bad when….
haha…but seriously why does she even perform? Why is she even important?? her and spencer deserve each other…bunch of famewhores!!! Please stop thinking you’re important…cause you’re not, and get out of hollywood!!!…hollywood is for people who have talent!

Why is he wearing that shirt and holding her playboy magazine? Another case of white trash with $.

I feel embarrassed for her.

brit wannabe


lip singing

cant dance

show off

im sorry, not your thing heidi!

I love how mid-way they started to do video tricks in order to make the performance look more appealing. not so much..

LMFAO! Is she serious? Like for real? What does this girl got that hookers don’t have? She just needs to S-T-O-P! And those pictures made me sick. oh JAREDDDDDDDD WHY DID YOU HAVE TO POST THEM for crying out loud ugh!

the most annoying couple ever.

Boycott JJ for pushing this no talent media wh ore down our throats after we ask them to please stop. No one cares about these two.

You're a loser! @ 08/23/2009 at 11:34 pm

@Ash: Wow Spencer, you don’t only respond to douche, we can call you Ash too?!

I had to laugh at the beginning the most “She’s a celebrity get her out here!” hahahahahahahhaha! um no?

Oh my. I feel really bad for Heidi, this could be a total career breaker. Well, if she had a career. Enough with the Playboy mag.

huh? and that was a ” performance” ? I’m not sure what that was called…but she made a real fool of herself!

I would have booed her off the stage!. She acts and looks like a flake.

What is Hollywood coming to nowadays? Shameful!

Simply awful

I hope these two are highly aware how much they seriously get made fun of. Wait I don’t think they are, because they continue to make FOOLS out of themselves. A joke – both of them. And that performance – only one comment, I feel bad for the people that had to painfully watch it front row lolz…..

Okay, that was just pathetic on so many levels. I read in a magazine a quote from Heidi that the world is ready for a new pop star and she’s the next Britney. All I can say about that is LMAO. Keep dreaming, hoe.
They’re so desperate and fkn annoying.

These two are such fame whores,but I give them credit for honesting playing the famehwore game. Instead of wearing sunglasses at night,looking stupid, they are gleefullly in all camera ranges without stupid sunglasses playing up for the cameras.

I do not like them.

Sarah from Canada @ 08/23/2009 at 11:51 pm

The pictures are disgusting and pathetic. She is an absolute TRAMP and represents so many things that are wrong with this world. Please stop posting anything related to her. It is just gross. Like a train wreck you can’t stop yourself from watching.

who or what are those two? seriously…..


We can’t stand this too anymore.

ughhh, i cringed when i watched that. she’s early on all the counts. bad bad bad dancer!

WTF is this sh**?

terrible but she’s not a celebrity or a major recording artist so why did the network let her embarrass herself like that by putting her on?

i couldnt even finish it, i felt too embarrased for her

shenanyginz @ 08/23/2009 at 11:58 pm

yipes. her dancing was way off and it was definitely no help that the choreography was terrible. Ugh. Just give up girl. you suck.

wtf is wrong with them?! @ 08/23/2009 at 11:59 pm

oh my gosh heid! fix your damn wedgie already!

Damn you reality TV!

Such a despicable era we live in where talentless F!CKS like these constantly getting attention and press for every little thing they do and say. “Oh I forgot to take the pill! LOL oops!” “I’m posing for Playboy because I love God and Jesus!” “I have never changed a diaper before what is a diaper? OMG LOLZ!”

I am beyond sick of the Kardashian sisters.
I am sick of that obese Jon Gosselin prancing down the street in Ed Hardy.
I am SICK of Spencer and Heidi posing for the cameras while buying valtrex at 7-11.

Websites such as these are meant to give us “celebrity” news. When i think celebrity I think of George Clooney, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hanks, Leona Lewis, Tina Fey, off the top of my head. Are Kourtney Kardashian, Jon Gosselin, and Speidi on par with the aforementioned people? Yet it is these people and anyone affiliated with Twilight or Disney (don’t even get me started on that..)that get 90-95% of the space on celeb gossips sites such as these and on E! when all I want is news on people with talent. Because they aren’t as boring as Daniel Day-Lewis and because they are stupider than Penelope Cruz, they are news worthy? So sad.

Is he going to carry that stupid Playboy mag around forever?????????

That “performance” was a joke. A t-shirt? Could these two be any more lame?

Yikes!!! She can’t dance nor sing!!!!! waste of time.

Heather ♥ @ 08/24/2009 at 12:00 am

JJ, please dont post anything about these two, EVER AGAIN.
they make my eyes bleed.

@cece: I couldn’t agree with you any more. Christian my a$s

if i could get away with murder….i would definitely murder these two idiots!!

Heather ♥ @ 08/24/2009 at 12:02 am

i’m with you.

@vanessa: I like that notion.

the most annoying couple on planet.

and wow, Spencer must be an incredibly slow reader since he’s been “reading” that magazine for the last few days everywhere he goes…ughh…seriously no shame at all. -_-

uhmm there’s lip-synching and then there’s heidi’s performance (if we can even call it that) i don’t think she should have said anything about the world being ready for a new pop star and that she’s the next Britney because the world clearly can live without her whatever you want to call what she did.

Twifanatic Amanda @ 08/24/2009 at 12:10 am

That was terrible.

These two are real live walking mental cases and they are taking a certain group of people along for their lunacy trip.

She makes Paris Hilton look like Madonna in comparison.

That was HORRIBLE! She can’t sing – nice lip syncing, and she can’t dance either – she was off the whole performance. Heidi – don’t quite your day job – wait – what is it that you do exactly? You have no talent!

Really…..?! Did I just waste two minutes of my life…. That was horrible and someone went shopping in Britney’s closet from 2000!!! Wow! REALLY REALLY BAD!! Her hair looked nice though, that all.

Heidi Sucked @ 08/24/2009 at 12:15 am

That was BAD!! She can not dance and can not sing. Her lip singing sucked and it doesnt even sound like her annoying voice…its so enhanced by machines and her voice still sucks. Her and Spencer need to move to another country cuz I am so sick of them.

so did people actually watch this. i haven’t watched the pagents in years and i used to be a big fan. then i realized trump is a big wad so no freaking way. i will see the highlights i guess tomorrow/today on the tv. who won? were the performances good? was it better than the victoria secret show?

UGH……..They both make me sick! I cant STAND them!!!

Donald Trump might have as well paid me to do that. I could’ve done a better job.

Omg! I hope she reads all these comments! SERIOUSLY. I’ve never seen such a bad performance in my life! Did you see how she was jumping into a move.. lol. She can’t dance or sing.. and that last part.. “Thank you” Thank You” what are you? 9 years old.

She was totally trying to be britney spears.. On her myspace she says Britney spears is one of the people she would like to meet.


this girl isn’t even famous for anything. .. OHHH HEIDI… PRAISE JESUS.. LOL

it was just painful and kinda made me think wat actually went thru donald trumps head wen he decided to let her sing. shes all plastic and fake its just scary

are those poor backup dancers aware that they are dancing for a REALITY STAR???

omg what has this world come to?? u know the entertainment industry has reached its brink when they request a reality star to perform. performances should be reserved for actual singers!!
damn those people that get famous for DOING NOTHING! does genuine talent exist anymore?

Jesus loved this performance.
Jesus loves Playboy.
Jesus loves Heidi’s T&A.
Jesus loves Spencer.
Jesus Loves The Hills.
Jesus loves the 20 pictures above.
Praise Jesus!
Thanks and good night!

Jesus loved this performance.
Jesus loves Playboy.
Jesus loves Heidi’s T&A.
Jesus loves Spencer.
Jesus Loves The Hills.
Jesus loves the 20 pictures above.
Praise Jesus!
Thanks and good night!

They should have just got Britney to do it. Britney sucks but what’s her name is just an even cheaper version of Spears.

Whoever pays money for this, should be shot to death – no joke. Pieces of garbage like her should not be supported.

How sad, Heidi will now be ridiculed BY 1 BILLION PEOPLE WORLDWIDE! LOL

She was god awful in the first part where she was completely out of sync with the other dancers. Not to mention the Britney Spears-like outfit and the lip-syncing.

It’s like they only turned on her mic only when she wanted to thank the audience with her squirrely voice.

WTF is with those poses? I didn’t watch the show.

lol. these comments are the best part of this whole thing. i don’t even need to watch it.

@jenniferwong-she was off on her counts? how is that possible…did she not practise…like does she have anything else going on in her life that she can’t practise for possibly the biggest performance of her life. oh scratch that…she’s too busy being spencer’s b*tch and indulging in his oh so grand penoir and receiving mucho orgasms

@afreakingdisaster-did kelly rowland perform that david guetta song? was it better or worse than her so you think you can dance performance seen here ? i’ve seen her perform it a couple of times and she’s a hit or miss performer. i love her but sometimes her energy isn’t there.

@person saying this is more than gimmer more vma performance…is this really true? like this is even more epic than brittney on drugs? wow. i guess i will have to see this then today.

@person saying it’s a shame this chick is being compared to ms. spears is right. BRITTNEY SPEARS AS MUCH AS I HATE TO SAY IT IS A STAR. WHO THE F IS HEIDI F-ME MONTAG? yeah get at me when she is anywhere on a brittney level. she’s making a fool of herself and she thinks…no she doesn’t think enough it’s more spencer, he thinks he can get enough idiots to buy his plan…and i hate to say it but it’s working. i mean what have they done to deserve whatever they get. do they do anything worthwhile? seriously? being on reality tv makes you a star right? and if you answer yes to that question that is exactly what is wrong in this world…not my world, but the entire world and reality in general. i don’t hate people getting ahead, fine, but definately not losers.

lol @burn. if you don’t know the answer to your own question then you must not live in this day and age. of course he is, until he gets something else to pimp. it’s his investment after all. she’s his pet project. anyone who knows spencer pratt should not be surprised by him ever. the dude is a sucubus. he actually has a brain but it’s like he’s one of those people who doesn’t like to use it too much if not at all.

@ the person making the katie holmes comparison…i haven’t seen it so i can’t say anything about this, but i remember thinking jessica biel couldn’t sing, and the same with scarjo when i first heard her…but all of them are better than heidi right? i didn’t even think katie holmes could dance, and granted what she did isn’t what i call dancing…more like acting (bad acting), but i’m surprised she could even move as she comes off like a STIFF.

i mean this girl cannot compare herself ever to actual actual entertainers. where’s her background info? did she ever train to dance or sing? did she have aspirations that she then worked on? or does she think she can get us all hook line and sinker because supposedly we are all idiots ready to stick out our wallets to them. remember when kristen cavalleri wanted to be a singer or an actress and now same with audrina, huh…and look at them. i can’t believe some of these people. i say every struggling musician, dancer, artist, writer, actor, etc…out there should go and do a reality show because it is the way to make your name now. sell your souls people.

i thought paris hilton and brooke hogan and some of these other disney people. shows me i know absolutely nothing. the best thing spencer can do for his hound heidi is sign her up for some classes. i mean any person with a brain would know that. or invest her playboy money instead of burning it. don’t you know guys? they want to be millionares so lets all help them out. get your local promoters to book them to show up at events…i don’t want to join the jilling brigade and it’s not something i condone but i just wish they would go away. please god i don’t ask for much. hear me out ;).

This was just ridiculous! Why do we encourage lame celebrities that have no talent nor any proper, admirable justifications for their status in pop culture? Is society really getting that dumb?

that looked like a Stephanie Tanner routine on Full House.

britney redeux. that was really terrible. the male host hated her too – could see it all over his face

lol kyndall…it’s more likely spencer is the troll among us all…that or one of heidi’s family memebers/friends.

goodluck with that tiffany. trump likes blondes, with boobs and behinds and little to know brains and definately think skinned+weak spine. he also like the second chance females so i hope you have a vice you indulge in and love a lot.

a big thank you has to go to MTV, no? thank you mtv. i wish you would go away.

barron797 @ 08/24/2009 at 1:18 am

Her pants were very unflattering. Does she not have someone who helps her dress and looks at what she looks like on camera before it airs? The pants were a size or 2 too big and the shoes cut off her legs, making her look even shorter and stocky. The black runners should not have been paired with the nude colored pants.

Despite her mediocre performance, she could’ve at least looked better. This did not help her career.

Stephanie @ 08/24/2009 at 1:19 am

UGH!!! TERRRIBLE!! there is no comparison to britney at all. she looked nasty and wtf with when they said “next is heidi montag” and it shows her and the dancers, she looks like she is having a asthma attack! JARED STOP POSTING ABOUT THEM PLEASE!!!

alibobally @ 08/24/2009 at 1:20 am

@ scoffi HAHAHA that was the best comment ever! i’m so sick of these two! you’re /not/ celebrities so get the hell off of this site!

That was sadly the 1:49 of time I will never get back. I don’t want to say this, but when Michael Jackson died, he took being a true entertainer with him because was definitely not entertaining. I’m officially scared for the future of music.

OMG… That was horrendous.

She can’t sing; that was obvious from the get go.

So much for the rehearsal pics of her working on the choreography. She can’t dance; she was posey. She was off but that was more about the nerves but she just can’t dance.

Why’s Britney in the conversation?! Does Brit lip-sync? We all know the answer to that, but Britney at least can entertain a crowd and dance her tail off.

Heidi makes Paris Hilton look good and that’s not saying a heck of a lot.

Spencer, you have no life. Nobody gives a flying you know what about the magazine. Aubrey’s spread was better.

Go Away Pratts… stay with Reality TV; your specialty.

lol cynthia. billy bush? he’s such a shill.

lol michelle…stephanie tanner is better than heidi montag. anyone is better than heidi montag. what’s so special about heidi vajayjay montag?

and I beg for all of us to officially boycott anything with them because I am tired of them. Please Jared ban them or else I will not come back.

anonymous @ 08/24/2009 at 1:35 am

ewww!!!!!!!!!!! what a waste of time!

Lyndsey Catastrophe @ 08/24/2009 at 1:39 am

The only thing i could think of to do or say when seeing this video was to laugh hysterically, and thats what describes this performance. I watched this special for her performance alone expecting to get a real good laugh and i did, but because i have snapped. She tried way to hard to be Britney Spears, but Britney does it better. She promised us live singing and it was so lip synced i can tell when her lips dont match up with the vocals, the dancing was very stiff and i can do alot better, to add to it, i guess the MU pageant wouldn’t want to put the audience at home through the whole performance and cut half of it out, and made her lip sync because she sucked. She was trying to hard, with the hair, the make up, the outfit. And tried to make it all about her, the other performances shared the stage with the beauties but heaven forbid a good looking girl share the stage with the great Heidi Montag. i’ve seriously snapped, they need to be brought back down to earth, i’m going to become a stalker and kidnap them, tie them up and tape their mouths shut so they are forced to actually watch themselves, listen to her singing, and finally, actually listen to what the rest of the world thinks of them for once and not laugh it off,
And what the hell is with SPencers shirt?! Printing a pic of her playboy cover to it? Unbelievable. But i guess no one else is advertising it so they have to. They will be brought back down, even if i have to do it alone. I’ve had enough of them.

Oh My God that was horrifying! I didn’t even imagine it was going to be that uncomfortable…. Who was in charge of bringing her to that forum? They need to be fired first thing tomorrow morning!

bahahaha she’s a JOKE! …. dis is the chipiest copy of britney spears ewwww

lol soffi please say that isn’t a prayer. it was lulz.
best heidi montag comment of the weekend coming from a grade a b*tch herself. check the link.

lol barron…some stupid person is telling her to follow this gimmick. it’s a gimmick. i have to believe that because i’ve seen her dress differently than how she does for her supposed music venture. if this somebody isn’t spencer then it’s her…and that’s the sad part.

hey ali, i and many others are with you. all posts should be directed to jared i guess. i don’t know if he’ll care though.

who would perform with a bunch of FEMALE back up dancers? that looks so gay lol

lucyhalesfeet @ 08/24/2009 at 2:00 am

She’s not such a good dancer. But she is a phenomenal singing talent. She will have brilliant career.

lol donna i bet donald the balding trump with the fish lips signed off on it himself. he probably thought it was a GREAT idea. he’s all about giving chances, and he’s all about those underdogs who suck ball-z ===69o.0 for a living.

lol lyndsey. imagine if heidi and spencer were left in a white room with her music playing and quotes from him. it would be too funny. why couldn’t they have been left jungleside?

omg she was so bad, poor woman.
Spencer must be hidding his face since he hasn’t write in twitter since she performed hahaha

yeah lucy, “phenomenal singing talent”. that is such an insult to people blessed with talent anywhere in the world, to those who have lived, and those who will come…that i think you should get best comment of the entire thread.



Can spencer leave his house without that damn magazine?….and yeah horrible performance, big surprise! ha

ewww. really? she was definitely trying to copy britney spears. horrible. heidi will never replace the pop princess.

anonymous @ 08/24/2009 at 2:18 am

HORRIBLE dancing!! i thought she said she wouldnt lipsync!

I wish more of these TV shows would be like the “E” channel and refuse to report on these losers. she thinks shes so freaking hot and looks like a cheap *****. Now she says she wants to get bigger boobs for her pimp Spencer-Nasty? These two need to go back to Colorado and have an avalance smoother like she smoothered the viewers of the pagent tongiht. Do they not realize that NO ONE takes them seriously and all of their co stars laughs at them and makes fun of them. What a waiste on earth they are. They seriously need to crawl back under that rock! She is just plain GROSS looking

how is this TOP PICK…i thought top pick was supposed to be good one way or another. wow.

and anyone who believed her that she was gona sing live is obviously an ***** and can’t use their brain. i mean why would she risk singing live on national/international television? even spencer isn’t dumb enough to advise her otherwise. no one with a brain believed the sh*t coming (pun) out of her mouth for one milisecond.

Jonathen mahler @ 08/24/2009 at 2:26 am

hahaha Is she trying to be britney spears or what??? You couldn’t understand a word she was saying. They obviously had her to lip sync so why the mic? Also, why suddenly all the butt poses in the pics above?

I actually like the song…lol is that wrong? But i have to admit she sucks!! Her performance wasnt as bad as i expected but still it was bad…she cant dance and her outfit was a brit knockoff outfit for sure…but the song is catchy hehe

nanananaa @ 08/24/2009 at 2:39 am

i really didnt think she would be THAT bad…….

Jared, May you rot in hell @ 08/24/2009 at 2:39 am

I want my minute back!!

What a joke!? That is horrible,

Don’t even compare Heidi to Britney. Britney is a performer/entertainer/really good dancer. Heidi is the most useless celeb and even Paris Hilton surpasses Heidi. Why do these two keep trying???! I don’t get it, who keeps encouraging them to keep trying? Have you guys even seen Heidi’s music video “higher” where Spencer video tapes her rolling around in the sand and looks super goofy. I admit she’s pretty but it’s all plastic surgery and she can’t dance for her life. iono had to watch this coz I’m a hills fan and just ugh, i hate myself for watching this. Heidi and Spencer you two suck and just fall off the face of the planet while you can.

lucy i have to allow that your pehnomenal talent comment and the brilliant career were all made in jest because no one can really be that serious. i mean that’s stuff spencer would say…and we all know spencer is not totally all up there in the brain department.

lol johnathen. i think the butt poses is just pointing out where she likes to have that stick stuck…and it’s also an obvious callout to a poon film company. it’s not a stretch to imagine this.

yeah lily and that’s the danger. i also had the misfortune to have some of her crap songs stuck in my head and that’s when i really started to hate the fact that i can be so sonically manipulated.

i mean i thought brooke hogan and paris hilton and some of the disney kids were bad…but this chick makes those people look like stars. i mean she makes that lemming paris look good. sh*t.


wtf was that

Haha sorry but just can’t stop laughing….

umm.. wow! that was even more horrible than i imagined it would be.


I agree with you. Celebrity status is so down the drain. Andy Warhol was right when he said everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes. Although I do have to say some people in Twilight CAN actually act…but the whole “phenomenon” is too much. Disney stars blow. I liked it better when they stayed on disney channel where they belong…now they’re everywhere.

where’s the REAL singing? i know that with such a weak voice she couldn’t sing live, (i know what happens when somebody tries to do that, look: but please, stop that stupid acting.
and the dancing… oh ****, it was the worse performance dance i’ve ever seen!

lol lep. this is why i and many others insist jjjr and jj be kept seperate.

Jesse kristina @ 08/24/2009 at 3:54 am

dear god. please let the pratts disappear.

It wasn’t great, but its probably better than anything else she’s done

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ! i dont even have words for how bad she is! i want does 2 minutes of my life back! O-M-G she is soooo horrible! hahahahaha! cant stop lauging!

yeah i’ve been checking the blogs and twitter for people’s reactions and although it’s all heavily skewed against her, there a couple comments here and there saying it’s not too bad. i will see this on tv tonight i guess. i am not looking forward to it. i can’t believe i got that stupid higher higher song stuck in my head. i hate people.

LOLOLOLOLO!! Talentless and funny!!!! LOLOLOLOLO!!! Kind of reminds me of a SNL skit. How embarrassing for her…oops…wait…she’s to stupid to know how bad she is. People like her are really pathetic. No talent whatsoever. Not even pretty. Yuck!

haters' hater. @ 08/24/2009 at 4:42 am

She was the only thing worth watching in Miss Universe, she looked hot.

ughhhhhhh @ 08/24/2009 at 4:48 am

Why is this chic so F#$K*^G into herself? Has she looked in the mirrior?

She looked like a *****, but it wasn’t THAT BAD

she was horrible i honestly couldnt bear to watch , i actually cringed

get both of them off TV

OMG…what a stupid and most annoying performance and song….she dances cheap!

LMAO! What a joke!

dance???? sing???? she so bad and sooooooo stupid

i want to poke my eyes out ! she is seriously retarted and no talent

Out of 137 comments only three were good, bwahahaha. If that’s your opinion of “it’s worth seeing” then go ahead. I have no idea why this couple is even in the news. I think I dislike her more than parasite hilton.

Jessica uk @ 08/24/2009 at 6:38 am

OMG Spencer with that top sooooooooooo stupid they are a pair of porn stars it is gross yuk

they are posers and I really don’t understand why people called them celebrities.

CHRIST!!!! That was just sad…… just days ago she said she’d perform live and this was as FAR AWAY from a live show you could possibly come!!! Oh my…. just pure painful, i regret watching it

Celebwatcher @ 08/24/2009 at 7:34 am

Her performance might have sucked but she’s still going to have a #1 song in 6 months. She’s going to grow on teenyboppers everywhere.

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Wow, she’s smarter than I thought. She can dance AND mime at the same time!

rnblover87 @ 08/24/2009 at 7:57 am


I was thinking that exact thing! and, even though I’m not a huge brit fan, she did it a hundred times better! i could at least appreciate Heidi if she did something unique!

My reaction?

Oh dearrrrrr…..

(aka bloody awful)

My Gosh, this girl must be crazy. She can’t sing, or dance she is USELESS !
I’m sick of her and her spencer pimp

That was the worst performance I have ever seen! Her dancing was awful it looked like she didn’t know what to do other than stick her butt out. The outfit was so cheesy and gross and she lip sang!!! I couldn’t even believe they asked her to do the show when I heard it and now I really have no idea what the hell they were thinking.

OMG! Can’t stop laughing- that was a joke right??? Only watched less than 30 sec. it was so painful and horrible to watch. I’d rather watch dogs being put to sleep and I am a HUGE ANIMAL LOVER!!!!! PAINFUL!!! Get this talentless person out of the public eye- PLEASE!!!!

OMG…why did I bother watching that clip? I think I jut puked a little in my mouth…o_O

Just another Hollywood fameho who is using her body for noteriety – what a shame. Her husband is really her PIMP at this point and they are sickening – everything about them is slimy and sickening. She looks very uncomfortable in her “act” at the pageant. She is certainly no performer of any caliber. And why does the media continue to talk about them and promote them?

what was that?

WOW AHAHHHAAH BEYOND HORRIBLE!!! she cant dance with her life depended on

@starangel: Trump has always been shallow, and is the most self absorbed SOB out there, next to Heidi’s husband.

Pathetic performance. She should be so embarrassed! I agree – she was a cheap imitation of Britney Spears. Give it up, girlfriend! You can’t sing, dance, or act. Yikes!

suomilainen @ 08/24/2009 at 9:08 am

one of her pictures should of made playboy, she is exposing herself!

omg that was so awful!!! Why would miss universe pageant have heidi montag performan lol She cannot dance at all!! She lip singed so we don’t even know what her voice sounds like lmao i bet no better than her dancing. Her and her wierdo wanna be pimp husband are losers and need to just disappear. Idk why people give them the time of day. What’s up with them and those awful staged pics they always take, umm no one cares about you two. She is always tryin to stick out her flat butt! Nothing there sweety just stop lol!!

this was a wannabe britney spears preformance execpt britney can actually dance and preform a good show….heidi just looks like a moran

OMG!!!!! this must be a joke i hate this her and spencer is ashame that they are AMERICANS … why am i even take time to write about these two JUST GARBAGE PLAIN DIRTYYYYYYYYY GARBAGE WHAT I WAST OF TIME

she was sooooooooooooo bad. Cant dance, move and was a bad imitation of Britney Spears.These 2 are just ridiculous and her poses in that bikini, could she act more dumb.

WOW, she didn’t even dance to the music. OK, counting is one thing but count to the music. Train Wreck is right. I think she likes making a fool out of herself.

WTF? was that is she trying to be the next britney spears! She needs to dump spencer and leave the country and never ever comeback!

petru tolmay @ 08/24/2009 at 9:48 am

Wow that was bad. And the picks of her rubbing up agains her hubby has enyone noticed her breast is sticking out! She looks like a wanne be playboy wanne be sexy girl, the poses are horrible. Can anyone tell this girl to get a personality and life and her husband, smushmend, that is all I can say! What a disappointment.

I feel so bad for her. How horrible! She is gonna have to live with that for the rest of her life. Its amazing what we as a society have come to. From Mozart performing a symphony at age eight to heidi montag, a mere hollywood barbie from a hit show based on scripted scenes and scenarios lipsynching a song that means absolutely nothing!

She made a complete fool out of herself.

WOW! That really sucked! Heidi is so useless and just needs to quit trying to be anything in entertainment. She looked like crap in playboy and now she is trying to perform. Please you can’t even lip sync or dance.

To: # 80 scoffi……..How do you know if “Jesus” likes or not? you are an idiot like Heidi. yikes! Make sure you go back to school soon!

To: # 131 hater’s hater….. somethng is wrong with you. Are you a guy with bad taste? Shame on you

I think Heidi ruined the show with her nasty idiot “performance”. It looked exactly like she was only performing with her silly and stupid booty moves. This girl is garbage and has no respect for herself. She WILL be ashamed of this later.

I don’t know why….It is actually pretty sick when I think about it, but I am going to say this anyway….They are ridiculously entertaining…..I actually laugh out loud everytime I see them.

It’s unfortunate when your background dancers dance 125% better than you do…

She looks like a man impersonating Brittany Spears poorly.

OH how sad. I could have cried for her because she is an absolute MESS! ABSOLUTE, POSITIVE MESS!

cry no more @ 08/24/2009 at 10:42 am

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i watched only 49 SECONDS AND I WAS LIKE WHAT THE **** ! she sooooooooooo SUCKS omg i realy dont know what 2 say about thins trash realy guys !

I couldn’t even watch it entirely, it hurt my eyes.


… and my ears :-(

i love!!! HEIDI MONTAG LOOK AMAZING, and body language is a amazing song! HEIDI HEIDI HEIDI!! :D

I liked this performance… It was not the best, but it is ok, considering it is Heidi Montag, who never performed before

i luv music @ 08/24/2009 at 11:04 am

EPIC FAIL!!!!!!!

Whether or not I like her has nothing to do with the fact that people keep paying her to ‘perform’ and she hasn’t done anything that is slightly worth whatever she gets. The silliniess of tehm on the reality show in the jungle was a huge publicity stunt to keep them both in the public spotlight and had nothing to do with them wanting to win for any charity. They were fake there and continue to be fake with her claiming to be ‘very religious’ but she poses for Playboy and then her ‘husband’ tweats to ‘pray for her performance’. She then gets on a world-wide stag and sings “I know tht you want me so take me…I’ve got what you my body language and do what you want…” Her husband is proud of that she just ‘strutted’ (badly) like a street walker and was offering herself up to whomever (I know it’s a song, but if you don’t agree with the content of the lyrics then you shouldn’t sing it). More fake, because in some people’s minds it’s kool to claim (falsely) that you are religious (which has nothing to do with Christianity-Jim Jones followers were religious). Do that many people reallly want to continue to see her that she can still get work? Or is the joke on her (and him) and they just watch for a good laugh?

This ***** can’t dance

bhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! I’m so embarrased!!!!!


Anna licious @ 08/24/2009 at 11:41 am

horrible outfit, body, hair, ‘dancing’, ‘singing’, eeek why would someone want to mortify themselves like that. and what’s wrong w the production of this show, how they let her be one of the performers on this?????

She isn’t gorgeous
she is very average
fake hair fake tan
fake boobs fake nose and lips
no bootie
no legs
actually a very average gal you can see at the mall
and worse then that
she has a stick up her ass
she can’t sing- she lip synchs
and when she tried to be sexy and do leggy stick out her butt moves
it was laughable
this gal has nothing to offer – go away gals from THE HILLS

Shes hot but the moves are’nt there, she needs more practice! was she lip singing!!

ew. she CANNOT dance…at all…and the song stinks. That’s embarrassing.

It was HORRIBLE! She CAN’T dance! Ridiculous!

Fake……juste fake.
Can’t dance…
Can’t sing…
What is she doing in that show????
I don’t love her…

I almost feel bad for her .. that was horrible and what in the world did she have on

just browsing by @ 08/24/2009 at 12:35 pm


the word is ‘lip-synch’. It is not ‘lip-sing’ and therefore ‘lip-sang’ is nonsense


Reality Bites @ 08/24/2009 at 12:41 pm

YIKES! That would have been a career ending performance if Heidi actually has a career to end.

But since she is a pathetic joke it ends up being just cringe inducing not even mildly amusing ridiculousness that was the most horrible crap I almost watched for 35 seconds.

She is fake, but then Miss Universe is fake..its how much you paid and who your surgeon is that gets you the crown. We live in a world where pageant officials pay for the girls to have the “right” assets

Women and Men wake up , stop chopping off and changing body parts…the big man does not make mistakes….have a little self esteem and stop making plastic surgeons rich for no reason.


hot mess

she need to go sit down somewhere

she think she the next britney

dancing sucked the song sucks
just no

twpumpkin @ 08/24/2009 at 1:31 pm

I love these two! They are so trashy but so fun to watch. I have to say as bad as a performer she is I think her voice is better then Britney. We need people like this to laugh at! Remember Anna Nicole?

Trump hired her because he knows there are millions of people who love to hate her and Pratt. He knew that all of the haters would tune in for a good laugh, and they all did! Montag and Pratt are laughing all the way to the bank! They have learned they can make mega bucks off of the fact that people love to hate them. Genius! Wish I could figure out a way to make money off all the people who hate me.

It really did look like a 7th grade talent show, complete with the lagging soundtrack and three to four beat movement difference between her and her superior backup dancers. Unfortunately Pratag will review the performance and soon release a comment that it was brilliant and the beginning of a new era. Gaaaaaaaaag me with a spoon.

I almost felt sorry for her, but it was really funny, she looked completely lost, hilarious.

medusax70 @ 08/24/2009 at 2:41 pm

Dios mio quien le dijo a ella que sabia hacer algo. Eso parecia un talent show the escuela elemental. Ademas la ropa que uso las personas van mejor vestidas al gym. Ademas su esposo parece que en vez de darle publicidad la prostituye. Que verguenza

There is a reason Donald Trump paid to have this talentless waste on the miss universe … Heidi doesn’t cost much, he probably wanted someone really cheap and heidi opted to do it. But then again… Donald Trump has to be the stupidest mother F***ING idiot on the plant when it comes to women. He probably put her on their for her body which is completely fake. She looks like a plastic barbie doll. You know the ones without brains that sit on shelves waiting for someone to buy them… Donald Trump finally decided to make that trip down the isle to buy heidi for the miss universe for $12.99 lol. HA . I am so sick of people with no talent receiving such attention. She is a disgrace to talented people everywhere. And in regards to her performance she looked like a hooker on drugs seeming to have drank a little to much of the brandy. four year olds can dance better than her! honestly!!!

wow.. not only was that a waste of airtime but of my time. Whats with the kicks? If your going to TRY and pull of a sexy (well not really but lets pretend) outfit.. you gotta wear heels too. If you cant dance in heels… get off the stage. She just made a fool of herself.

wow she makes britney spears look good at lip sync

LOL That was like watching an 8 year old attempting to dance, awful it was everything I thought it would be trashy, cheap, plain suckfest. I don’t like lip-synchers but at least Britney built her way up unlike this wannabe *****

i dont know what she is thinking she sucks she is not britney spears what she needs to do is get a job im so sick of seeing her and that dushbag husband of hers on t.v. why would anybody pay money to see her or damage thier ratings.

haters’ hater. @ 08/24/2009 at 4:42 am She was the only thing worth watching in Miss Universe, she looked hot.
that’s not good for trump then. his pagent is the sh*t and this is coming from a long time pagent supporter.

lol hayley. she definately knows what to do with that tushie of hers though. it’s good for the guys yeah.

this spawn was never ugly in the first place. fine so she gets surgery okay. you don’t need to act like an airhead because of this, but the fact is that she acted dumb when she didn’t have her surgery so i just put that all on her and not even on spencer…who is one of the best manipulators i’ve ever seen. he needs to get on wallstreet or become a politician. too bad he’s too lazy.

im with yah spence!
i did pray
i prayed that the music would stop and everybody would see her lip sync
that she fall
that she realize she’s a worthless human

lol madonna person how do you know she doesn’t “perform”.

lol @ angelica’s post. wow. spencer much.

i feel sorry for her dancers. imagine having that on your cv. lol.

She would be perfect porn star

Wow, was that supposed to be dancing? She is pretty, but all she did was strut and flip her hair around. I’ve seen robots that moved more naturally.

she would be perfect star for “grownups movies”


She is ridiculous!!! Terrible!!! She can´t dance, can´t sing… no carisma! Boooriiiing

WOW and that was not a good WOW!!! We will have to vote NOT on that one …. And on other MORE important news there are some good things about her singing

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The Miss Universe Pageant is a prestigious event and entertainers invited to perform should have the same caliber. Event organizers have lost their mind in inviting Ms. Montag………her style/kind of performance does not fit the degree of importance of the pageant. She’s a ***** and a second rate copy cat……..very much qualified to do pole dancing in the strip clubs of Vegas. Same goes to the African-American rapper though his song gave justice to the swimsuit competition – but then again he doesn’t have to perform live…….gheeeez…they should have just used his song as background for crying out loud!

That was hilarious, I thought it was a comedy routine! She is horrible, she can’t sing and she can’t even perform live as an entertainer. One thing you have to give Britney, she is one hell of a performer…Heidi was ridiculous!

LOL I didn’t catch that “cough”. Make sense, testing, one two, testing, mic on? lol. She’s lame. The review on MTV with her sister’s comment is so biased. I dont know if she will hit to stardom in the pop scene with just that performance….

Gag me!

Sick and tired of seeing her fake face plastered all over the place, not to mention that low life husband of hers.

BAMZSPKV4EVER @ 08/24/2009 at 9:26 pm

let me barf one more time please…normally not mean to anybody but man this was really painful too watch…stiffness and bad miss universe pageant must be really on low budget…can’t afford anyone with real talent! Sorry Heidi but I think you best hide…or save it for you think you can dance..

This is one of the most horrifc things i have ever seen. I totally agree; she looks like a cheap wannabe knock off of Britney. This was the fist thing I said when i saw her hidious performance.

This was in no way a performance. I am appauled that someone who has a reality show cannot be a real person on a live stage and i am flabergasted that no one told her she really needs to step up her game because everyone will expect her to be bad.

I mean look at Britney what she had to go through after that shameful performance on the VMA’s and she was a superstar. Look what she had to go through to get back on top and she is a true perfomer.

I am pissed this girl just showed up on live tv and was given the oppertunity of a life time and she frigin blew it, and the people who are behind her who pushed her to go on stage should be ashamed of them selfs. You are not friends but leaches.


Does anyone remember Dorothy Stratten the playboy playmate whose husband was just like this Spencer Pratt guy??? (he shot and killed her and then killed himself!) This guy is wacked and she is just so stupid!! I wish these 2 would GO AWAY!!!!

justjaredfan @ 08/24/2009 at 10:45 pm

uhm. all i can say is wow. and not a good wow. a HORRIBLE wow. her and Spencer make me gag, even when i hear theyre names. thank goodness theyre banned from e! news. Since i am a Hills fan (atleast use to be when Lauren Conrad was still on) Heidi was wayy better before Spencer. Theyre complete fakes. They pose ALL the time, and magazines say “see theyre just like us”- pshh yeah right.
oh, she would copy Britney- exept Britney is WAYYYYYYYY better! Miss Universe must have not been able to find a REAL singer/performer for the show because Heidi cant sing or dance. (sorry Heidi, but its the truth) Heres some advice- dump Spencer, stop pretending that your the “next Mother Teresa” (omg i cant laugh hard enough when she said that), get a actual job, and stop looking for fame,

sexya lada @ 08/24/2009 at 11:29 pm

sooooomebody needs a diet her but has 3 layrs of fat :p

I needed a shower after watching her!

Nasty performance and lady

why are they alway’s posing for the pictures. It’s called papparazzi, and their suppose to make you mad.

That is just sad and pathetic. Seriously. The only person who believes she has talent is the Spendouche who only can promote his ‘wife’ since he’s even more talentless than she is…
Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic. Two minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

They are the most ridiculous people i have ever laid eyes on. I mean really, come on now. And seriously we are soooooo sick of seeing him with that magazine. Get over it already, the rest of the world has!!!

The only performance Heidi Montag could master is double penetration.

Her singing was as I expected – bad. But I was really surprised by how bad and totally unflattering her costume was and how awkward her dancing looked.

Боже, какая бездарность…а все туда же

i love it! and i love that song!

I have no sound and it was still painful!! I am embarrassed that her husband would be pimping his wife out like that and asking for prayer for her in the same sentence. Can their 15 minutes be over NOW?!

Absolutely ridicilous!!!! What was she thinking, how could she even think that she can sing or dance, without all the plastic surgery she would just like an average girl and no one would even notice her, ive always been a Lauren girl anyway.
Heidi just sucks

msthang53705 @ 08/25/2009 at 2:25 pm

that is 1:48 of my life i can never get back… damn it !


princessxo @ 08/25/2009 at 4:57 pm

I thought she did great! I love that song– it’s very catchy and I loved the dance moves. I’ve seen this performance at least 7 times on my big HD tv. I like how the lyrics match the dance moves and the girly touches here and there were perfect! I would love to help choreograph the moves to Fashion, if she ever performs that awesome song produced by RedOne!

saynomore @ 08/25/2009 at 5:43 pm

Hey Heidi u sucked!!!
Hey if you’re looking to get more work done, check those thunder thighs!

- Re: the sample – It is from the 80′s single “Situation” by Yazoo.
- Re: the lip-synching – Britney & Madonna do it all the time.
- Re: the dancing – Heidi’s certainly does not compare w/Madonna or Britney but then they’ve been doing it just about all their lives.
- Re: outfit – Heidi has said it was tribute to Brit.
- Re: performance – Not amazing but still pretty hot… I’d dance w/her!
- Re: the full-on hate-on – Hard 4 me to resist loving what is so over-the-top hated… Go Team Heidi!

is that a dance, seriously?? I really don’t get her, i’m sorry for the ones who do but I don’t understand how she can be “successful”.

wow.. She can’t even dance… She’s got quite a ball to perform like that at least. Speechless. She’s a dumb-dumb. Piece of work.

wow.. She can’t even dance… She’s got quite a ball to perform like that at least. Speechless. She’s a dumb-dumb. Piece of work.

OBVIOUSLY, she was posing for the camera. LOOK AT THE PICTURE, shes such an idiot. 20 yrs from now, she won’t be anything.

shes an embarrassment


The worst, worst performance I’ve ever seen. She was horrific and pathetic!! She and Pratt need to stop trying to always be in the spotlight. They are both way too full of themselves…..they have no talent and it’s high time they go away!!

we should stop encouraging reality show, as some people after these shows thinks they can be REAL STARS, it was good fun while it lasted, but really, the tv ppl should give back our drama with real actors…

Defin8ha8er @ 08/26/2009 at 1:51 pm

Can someone give me back the 1:49 of my life that I wasted watching this?

That was pathetic, was she even listening to the music she’s not in rhythm half the time, she obviously wasn’t listening to herself.. Lol thats hilarious. And what the hell does spencer do for a living????? I really wish the Mr and Mrs Pratt would disappear already!!!!! Omg i cant believe that hahahaha… think i may need to peroxide my eyes and ears…. WTF was that… They’ve taken pathetic to a whole new level.

OH god, i swear my ears just broke or something.
really, why is she coming out to embarrase herself?!!?
spencer nobody pratt looks so F**king gay man!

@Ash: are you okay?

Heidi, do the world a favor and commit suicide…..

so… hmm. lipsynching was almost as bad as ashlee simpson. outfit was worse than britney spears. dancing looked like a twitch attack. well… her back-up dancers looked good! :D

wuerita12 @ 08/27/2009 at 8:56 pm

wtf??? the dancers looked much better than her!!!!
Girl please learn how to dance and sing… It was awfull!!!
i wanted to kill my computer!!!

Couldn’t she just have played a clip of Britney’s performance? This is just pathetic!

FOR REAL? @ 08/31/2009 at 6:02 am

I hope I never have to hear or see another stupid song from her again. Lip sings, obviously, and dances like a new girl on the block. Stick with your fake posing with your nasty husband, if this didn’t screw up any plan of fame you had.

HAHAHA! If laughing lengthens life, mine just got little vbit longer!
Awful! Heidi is so sick for attention that she doesn’t even realize that she’s making a fool of herself! Obviously she doesn’t have a bit of self-respect. Doesn’t Speidi realize that the whole world is laughing at them?? Hahaha!

kittyinnikki @ 09/02/2009 at 11:38 pm

just when you thought u had seen her culminating point of personal and professional embarrassment (refer to those videos of her sprawling in the beach in a near naked bikini, filming wat can only b described as a semi-p*** flick) heidi manages to outdo herself and produce THIS. if you thought ashlee simpson’s lip-syncing fiasco was atrocious, heidi just gave her a run for her money. who knew you could be bad at lip-syncing. god forbid we actually hear her SING. and as for the choreography (if it can be described as such), her complete lack of rhythm and co-ordination is appalling to the point of humorous. the sad thing is, this wasnt a practical joke – she was actually being serious when she was performing. no kidding guys, u werent watching SNL. and well don’t let me get started on the choice of wardrobe. two words heidi: cue: EXIT.

kittyinnikki @ 09/02/2009 at 11:44 pm

oh and i think we hav a new phrase: “u’ve done a heidi”

She can’t sing, has no rhythm and is just pathetic.

that’s awful…and what’s worse she actually thinks that people are just hating on her because she’s so awesome!! umm…news flash sweetheart you really do suck!!! you’re too stiff when you dance and i don’t care what you say…you were not singing live!!! and your man is a dork!!!

I’m sorry, but for everyone who thinks that was live: YOU’RE WRONG!

That was so not live! And the whole performance looked a little weird, I didn’t like her outfit at all, and that isn’t just because iets so reveiling, it just looks poorly… Next, let’s talk about her weird looking, outragous long legs, I don’t know what shoes she is wearing, but the whole thing looks very weird. If you have long legs, hire some dancers who also have them!

Oh, and last but not least, she can’t dance, she is thinking about every step and it shows! Maybe that’s why she couldn’t sing live, because she was constantly counting her steps in her head…

Nothing against Heidi, I love her on The Hills, she and Spencer are the only reason I watch the Hills (and now K-Cav, the ***** is back!), I love their drama, but singing is just one carrier that Heidi should NOT persue… Sorry!

Yanethxoxo @ 09/22/2009 at 9:26 pm

NOT! no where near Britney, I’m embarrassed for her LMAO. If Spencer told her she was great then, honey that’s not the man for you!
&& don’t even let me get started on the outfit! horrible. JUST STOP!
She is so fake and not just her personality but the outside as well. But ewww, how dare they compare to the Britney! umm yeah no, nowhere near her!


I love how the announcer says “She’s a celebrity” before they bring her out. So the audience could know who the ***** lip syncing, and dancing badly on the stage was.

Thanks America…Another talentless drone who believes she’s a pop star. Enough already with the reality show losers….

Oh Heidi, I pity you so. Your obsession with vanity and fame with be the death of you.

Oh Heidi, how I pity you so…Your obsession with vanity and fame will be the death of you.

Oh Heidi, how I pity you so…Your obsession with vanity and fame will be the death of you.

At least Britney can actually dance. That dancing was just terrible what an embarrasment.

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