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Anna Paquin - Nylon Magazine September 2009

Anna Paquin - Nylon Magazine September 2009

True Blood star Anna Paquin takes the September 2009 cover of Nylon Magazine.

Here’s what the 27-year-old on-screen vamp said about TV acting: “It never occurred to me that one form of acting was better than another. I think if you approach your career like that you’re limiting yourself to a very boring path. For me, it’s about the material.”

Her on-and-off-screen lover Stephen Moyer also had a few words about vampire sex: “The thing about vampirism is that it taps into a female point of view – you have an old-fashioned gentleman with manners who is a f—ing killer… it’s an interesting duality, because in our present society it would be an odd thing for a woman to say, ‘I want my man to be physical with me.’ How, as a modern man, can you f—ing work that? It’s one thing to be polite and gentle… But when do you know it’s OK to crawl out of the mud and rape her [as Bill does in one scene]?… It’s difficult stuff for a bloke, but a vampire gets away with it…. I think that’s the attraction of the show – it’s looking back at a romantic time when men were men, but they were still charming.”

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Photos: Jason Nocito
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  • Sarah

    Very Talented Girl…

  • Superapple

    She has such a manly and, I’m sorry, ugly face. She isn’t even that talented. Already sick of seeing her everywhere.

  • Sarah

    I don’t find her appealing…she is not pretty…and what’s with all the “f*ckin this and that”…she needs to talk properly…it’s an interview!!!

  • Tom

    Agreed. She’s my least favorite on that show. I wish she would do something about that grill… Ugh!

  • fly

    Oh people.. She is brilliant!

  • demi

    anna looks hot in those pics!

  • Angela

    anna’s not the one cursing, that part of the interview was done by stephen,her fiance

  • dee

    Sarah, maybe you need to read the article excerpt again. Maybe then you will see that Anna isn’t the one dropping the f-word, it’s Stephen Moyer which is clearly stated in blue.

    I think she’s a very good looking woman and I love her on true blood. She’s done more in her 27 years with her gap than anyone on here with perfectly straight teeth will do in their entire lifetime.

  • Wendy

    Oh well i didnt view that scene as a “rape”, i truly did NOT! It was hot, and she was clearly into it, hands down one of the sexiest scenes on Television ever.

    I love that Anna is getting all this love lately, she is superb on the show.

  • lucy


  • ri23

    Hey, kids, guess what, even if she did say it, a woman dropping the f-bomb is perfectly fine. And the muddy sex was lovely.

  • marissa


    yea i didnt either! it was consensual! well i thought it was

  • Mackenzie

    She looks gorgeous here. I think by “rape” Stephen was speaking figuratively (e.g., rough sex). That was unbelievably hot and definitely consensual.

  • liz86000

    Love her & him together. And yeah, the graveyard scene was really hot…

  • ps

    Anna is very beautiful and great actress. The show is great and I like Anna as Sookie

  • lizzy

    I agree Mackenzie, Bill and Sookie’s hot mud sex was rough sex but totally consensual and very erotic. That was one of the hottest things I had ever saw on TV. She looks amazing in the photoshoot.

  • love her

    I think I like her even more, she looks awesome in these Nylon pics, the cover is fantastic. She’s amazing in True Blood and I’m also glad she’s getting more recognition.

  • True blood!!!!!!

    anna paquin is superb at portraying sookie stackhouse. noone can give secret naughty glances at eric like she does in the show. great photoshoot btw!!

  • Tomas

    She is BY FAR the worst part of True Blood. I wouldn’t go so far as to say she’s ugly, but she’s not an attractive girl by any stretch of the imagination.

  • Mary Ann

    Thank goodness that her part has been cut back on the show. She is a horrible actress.

  • me

    @Superapple: agree . . .and the blond hair makes everything much worse.

  • true blood

    Anna Paquin totally rocks it as Sookie Stackhouse and those photos in Nylon are fabulous.

  • Hate Sookie stackhouse

    I see she is just as foul-mouthed ignorant and vapid as her character in the books but much less intelligent and thoughful. Also considerably uglier.

    True Blood really sux this season. Stopped watching it 3 weeks ago.

  • Mackenzie

    @Hate Sookie stackhouse:

    Wow: hate much?

    She’s intelligent, down-to-earth, and smarter than book Sookie by a mile.

  • Cam

    I think she looks and is awesome, funny, intelligent, and dead-on as Sookie (she actually makes her sexier than she is in the books at times. I’m sorry, but “stretchy jeans that lace up the sides”? pinning a bow on over ponytail to look sexy? I think not.)

  • Greg

    Two comments… First I hate black and white shots in magazines. Second, Anna is one of the loveliest woman on televison today.

  • Vinicius

    ‘ putz ! brothr supeer foda a capa com a Anna (!) eu amo ela (True Blood !! ) eu vou comprar essa ae nao deixo passar .. e a Anna como smp lindoona e cheia de atitude YEAAH !

  • Iggles

    Ewww. Mud sex was NOT hot! It was so unsanitary it was disgusting!!

    There are some places you don’t want to sand. And in those place you really don’t want MUD!!! Gross…

  • me

    GORGEOUS!! Love Anna!! She’s so awesome and such an amazing actress!!

  • taniesha

    @Sarah: uM YEAH, ACTUALLY it was her FIANCEE who said that, a GUY and he is KNOWN for cussing

  • me


    *SPOILER ALERT!!* In the book it’s much more graphic and not so consenual. But even that wasn’t a rape…Bill does rape her eventually which is why I can’t stand him.

  • liz86000

    Oh, come on! He was “dying” of hunger, was almost insane because he had been kept hostage. For me, it’s Sookie & Bill forever! :)

  • oceane

    She won an oscar when she was 11. When you win your oscar (lol) then you are entitled to say uneducated opinions. Maybe in your case when you learn to read…

  • cam64

    I just love Anna Paquin. She is very talented and beautiful. The more I read about her the more I like her. She and Stephen Moyer make a wonderful couple. Their chemistry is what makes True Blood a hit.
    I wish them all the best….

  • ann

    I love true blood and Anna & Stephen are awesome together! I have read all the books and i think she plays Sookie really well …she is pretty and confident and i love the fact that she has her gap and embraced it instead of covering up like the rest of hollywood.

  • Cam


    According to the AUTHOR, it was not a rape. Eric fans see what they want to see.

  • Jen


    It’s completely consensual — in fact she initiates it in the book (just as she does in the TV show) and has a great orgasm.

  • lulu

    still…she’s ugley.

  • Kim

    Jared, just so you know, Anna does not play a vamp on screen. Sookie is not a vampire.

    For the others, in case you didn’t know, the author of the books never liked Bill and she didn’t want him to be around for very long in the books. She didn’t kill him off because the fans like him. From what I have read. And if you haven’t figured it out, the show is LOOSELY based on the books. (I just hope they put the shower scene in the show) :)

  • rene

    love anna and stephen she is a beautiful girl and he is a sexy guy and her part on true blood is not getting smaller

  • carol

    Why is everyone so focused on looks? And, who has the right to criticize her for keeping her teeth natural? She is the center of True Blood and without her there is no show. Just deal with it!

  • Bill

    Anna Paquin is not only intelligent, but she is very funny. Check out her interviews at the Nylon website.

    The girl has sooooo many acting awards and nominations, just search her name at and go into awards.

    Jealousy of a character is just crazy … its a TV show!

    I agree Carol, without Anna on true blood there is just not a show … all the characters are related or connected only to her in some way. Just like the books.

  • christine

    Maryanne … her part is huge on the show … I hope that I never read another uneducated, spiteful and just plain crazy stupid posting like yours again!

    Who are you to judge acting ability? Look like Bill said at her section … and all her awards.

    Everyone else in the world is wrong and you are right?

    Grow up!

  • Beth

    Christine… way harsh comments. Yes, I agree that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but Anna is a real, genuine person. Not fake.

    Some people only like to post mean things about people and should be ignored.

  • suppress your appetite

    damn! she is gorgeous!