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Brandi Glaville: Eddie Cibrian is a Liar and a Cheater

Brandi Glaville: Eddie Cibrian is a Liar and a Cheater

Brandi Glanville is speaking out against her ex, Eddie Cibrian, who has been romantically linked to singer LeAnn Rimes. Here’s what Brandi told People and Us Weekly:

On her ex-husband-to-be: “Eddie is a compulsive liar, cheater and a home wrecker. And he has been an absentee father… He’s just somebody I don’t know. I don’t understand. You think you know one thing and you wake up and it’s all been a lie. I’m just like, ‘You know what? You’re not the man I married.’ ”

On her and Eddie’s two sons Mason, 6, and Jake, 2: “Eddie’s displays of poor taste have hurt our two children. Eddie may just end up drowning himself in that ‘unfair fishbowl.’”

On hoping to file divorce papers soon: “There is one side of him that I absolutely love and always will. but that side of him is not the side I’m divorcing.”

Brandi to LeAnn: “He’s all yours.”

Over the weekend, Eddie and LeAnn stepped out together at the Kings of Leon concert.

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  • __

    blahhhhhh this is old news – who cares?!!? i feel brandi’s pain hope she’ll be okay…as for leann..that betch SURE is enjoying the attention!

  • fresh

    Brandi looks so plastic–she should have laid of the surgery. She’ll probably start production on a reality show in 2 months—can’t wait for it. haha

  • Yvette

    How can someone that looks like him be such a ugly, disgusting, pig? How could you leave your wife and kids for ‘LEANN RIMES’??? Megan Fox or Halle Berry I could understand and I would just want to move on but LEANN RIMES? How big of an idiot can he be to hurt his kids that way? He is selfish! He does not care about anyone but himself! Sorry Brandi I will pray for you and the kids. Leann Rimes is a skank and a homewrecker and white trash from hicksville.

  • gp fan

    Boy, these two have some balls, HUH? They first deny / lie through their teeth that there was no affair. Now out and about with each other! Shoot; they have no shame. The poor spouses married to these two adulterers, I just feel so sorry for them. It’s an unfortunate thing.

  • Anne

    now just wait a minute, one minute she’s in us talking about how eddie’s so devoted and just an awesome dad and now she’s slamming him every chance he gets. it’s like when bruno was on the today show and says this is a private moment, the turns to the camera and says “come in for my close up.”

    She does look plastic though, maybe he just got tired of latex.

  • Anne

    @gp fan: i agree.

  • CHOK

    He is one sexy, home wrecker wh*re. Leann is a typical, ugly, sl*tty, white h*e.

  • jk

    to brandi,
    you used your ex’s money to get so many plastic surgeries on your face and boobs. i’m sure eddie doesn’t know who you are either. you pretty much ask for this yourself. when your sons grow up and see how plastic you look and they will understand why daddy cheats.

  • Mai

    his wife is prettier than this BiTcH

  • bella

    I realize that he cheated and hurt her . . .but I find her behaviour just as disgusting as the actual affair. It is a private matter and they have TWO kids. Her opening her mouth and bad mouthing them both is just disgusting. Obviously they fell out of love with one another and there where problems in both Eddie and LeeAnn marriages. . . not that it makes it OK. Still horrible and wrong, but his ex wife is handling this situation very poorly, and seems to be playing the bitter poor me card. The fact that LeeAnn and Eddie seem to be flaunting there love is gross since both denied the affair when it was obviously true.

  • http://justjared always the truth

    Wow someone sounds bitter. I mean why is she going to the press anyway. She is the one wanting to make the divorce public and that would hurt the kids more than she could ever know. I say she just needs to keep quiet and have a respectable relationship with her kids father. Just a thought.

  • commonsense

    Brandi should shut up!! I get the fact that she’s hurt and all but her blabbing her problems to all the sundry is very distasteful. It’s not the high road that she keeps alleging that she’s going to take in previous statements. And in all likelihood their sons will only be hurt in that they will miss their father’s presence in their lives on a daily basis. They are only 6 and 2, they’ll adjust (speaking from experience).

  • Wendy

    Please she has every right to go public, wtf!!! He and Rimes have been trying to cover this affair up, they been straight up lying, so yeah she has the right to be heard.Whatever, i dont see how her being plastic or not has anything to do with the fact he has been y lying cheating bastard!Get a grip people!

  • .letty

    Maybe the whinning, bitchy mode she always seems to be on drove Eddie away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Beauty does not always have to be a factor in why a man finds another woman attractive. If this was the case why did Shania, Hallie, Christie Brinkley and numerous other drop-dead gorgeous women get CHEATED on. Come on people stop Hating LeAnn, Damn, some of these comments are so one-sided, mostly towards LeAnn, GIVe IT A REST!!! Luv Ya LeAnn!!!

  • youallneedjesus

    I see the title of a new country song, ” I’m a homewrecking ho”. Coming soon to a record store near you.

  • I s a n d y

    SMH at all the people getting angry at the wife. I guess adultery is the “it” thing to do in your world? Whatever happened to morals and standards?!

  • languid

    Maybe Eddie should go public with her dirty laundry.

    If she can do it, so should Eddie.

    Clearly there has been something very wrong in that marriage for some time now.

    Le Ann should go public about Dean too……………

    Dean will get 1/2 of Le Ann’s fortune ….which he never earned.

  • languid

    Maybe Brandi is a plastic harping shrew.

    Thus far she has handled this tastelessly.

    No man is going to want to date her knowing if she gets mad she’ll air his laundry in public.

  • jove

    Brandi better be careful living in Hollywood and blabbing her fool head off. HW doesn’t take too kindly to such indiscreet talk.

    She’ll do more to hurt her children than anyone else at the rate she’s going.

  • blah blah blah

    Maybe the marriage had problems/was long over before Eddie decided to cheat? Stop blaming Leann, who is far prettier than this woman. Leann is gorgeous and has a fantastic music career.

  • M

    Leann is ugly, but the wife looks like a 46 yr old made out of plastic. Brandi has every right to be bitter, but it seems like she is trying to get publicity. Maybe she is aiming to get on a reality show. Baltazar Getty’s wife didn’t say a word and Uma Thurman said she would ever speak ill of the father of her children. Brandi should zip for the sake of her kids.

  • Sarah

    “How can someone that looks like him be such a ugly, disgusting, pig? How could you leave your wife and kids for ‘LEANN RIMES’??? Megan Fox or Halle Berry I could understand…”

    You could understand him leaving his wife & kids for Megan Fox or Halle Berry? WTF! That statement is just as effed up.

  • Liza

    I don’t like Rimes, but the the wife had to know her husband was a cheater from before. I think the public humiliation forced her hand. I read a story about Eddie cheating with the girl John Mayer dated. I found the pictures that were printed in one of the tabloids.

  • gwen

    What a double standard. It’s okay for EC and LR to go public with their affair, but the wife is “bitter” when she doesn’t play nice and take what they dish out? She has every right to talk about her ordeal, especially when the LIAR is talking about being in a fishbowl, the SMIRK is walking all over LA gloating, and People magazine are acting as if this affair is a fairytale where everyone lives happily ever after. She doesn’t owe LIAR and SMIRK anything and as long as they keep going public she can say whatever she likes.

    This is not about publicity, it’s about how careless magazines like People patted EC and LR on the back and didn’t take into consideration this woman’s pain when they wrote that piece about EC and LR “chemistry”. It’s about how some people try to justify LR and EC actions by trashing his wife or claiming that a bad marriage makes it okay for LR and EC to cheat. Its about for once someone standing up and telling these magazines “great chemistry” means nothing when 4 people are being hurt. EC and LR and People magazine set this in motion. It’s about dispeling the notion that the wife should cope in private, but while the other woman can say and do whatever she wants. She doesn’t look like a fool, she made EC/LR and People magazine look bad. She has handle this very well considering the cirdumstances. She isn’t meeting someone’s husband at a hotel. While EC is at a golf course/concert with his mistress she is the one holding things together. That’s the chemistry People magazine should have wrote about in the beginning.

  • swallows

    to Gwen……….

    You sound like a broken record writing the same post on every board about this topic.

    Brandi is handling this very poorly and no one will want to be associated with her. She is doing a lot of unnecessary damage to her children she claims to care so much for..
    Brandi should shut her boca.

  • swallows

    Whatever comes of this it is certainly apparent that Le Ann should never have married Dean. Le Ann is looking really pretty and sunny these days. Living with a non-male must have caused a lot of suffering and now he gets half of her fortune. Yuck!

  • lol

    Brandi is giving the crazy eyes in that picture. no wonder Eddie felt the need to get out….He realized he made a mistake.

  • gwen


    Broken record? Just like you and those people who keep trying to justofy LR and EC actions by blaming the wife.

    What about the unnecesary damage that EC and LR did to the kids? That doesn’t matter because in your book victims should be seen, not heard right? If you don’t like my “broken record” then do yourself a favor and don’t read it. Comments like this is make it obvious that you are upset because are bringing up really good issues and siding with the wife. Instead of telling BG to shut up perhaps you should be telling the SMIRK and LIAR to be more discreet, like don’t be seen or heard at all. Instead of telling someone that they sound like a broken record why don’t you practice what you preach. The consesus is that BG hit the nail on the head. You can’t get mad because people won’t trash the wife.

  • Shurly

    I agree with the others. Brandy should just shut up for her sake and for the children’s !! Let it go. It hurts, we know. Go for the money honey !! But shut the H3LL UP!!! No need to air your dirty laundry outside. We know he’s mean for going everywhere with LeAnn. We already pity you, please don’t turn into in bitter angry woman… you’re becoming ridiculous !

  • gwen


    And there you go sounding like the broken record. You keep saying that she is pretty as if this somehow makes what she is doing right and keep blaming her husband for her actions.

  • Paige

    It’s going to be quite comical when Eddie dumps Lee Ann for the next flavor of the month.

    her career will be affected by this, BIG TIME!

  • heather

    Why do people think that trashing eddie’s wife validates LR? No amount of spin is going to make what EC and LR are doing cute or right.

  • M

    Gwen – how can you say she is not bitter? She is a woman scorned, of course she is bitter! Everyday men/woman get cheated on and they don’t go blabbing to the tabloids. What is she getting out of airing her dirty laundry? Fight it out amongst yourselves. Sometimes silence really is golden. Everyone knows he is a liar and cheater without her mentioning it. That’s why I think she is looking for some attention. For the record, I think Eddie and Leann are creeps.

  • q

    As long as eddie and leann rimes are going public, she has every right to speak. To think, all of these people telling brandi to shut up will be saying the opposite when leann goes public about eddie’s affairs. She just showed the world that there are double standards. The wife is expected to keep quiet, while the mistress is rewarded for talking about the affair. eddie/leann aired the dirty laundry, yet how many “so hot” comments are there? She doesn’t sound bitter at all, she sounds like a woman who refuses to be bullied by the media, her husband and his mistress.

  • tgk

    Honey, just make a call to Robin Wright Penn. She used to live with a liar and a cheater, and that was very public too (Penn’s fame is just a little bigger than your hubby’s). But contrary to you, she handles divorce with class,not constantly yapping to every tabloid,milking the thing for extra publicity and cash.
    Trust me your children will be more thankful if you chose the high way on this one.
    Keep your trap shut,or open it to your family and shrink only.

  • Logan


    I think Eddie is going to aim higher. Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, are some that come to mind. No doubt Eddie wants a bigger career and more publicity, a sure fire way to get that is by hooking up with a big name actress. He’s moving up the ladder with LeAnn. He’s a hot 30-something guy, I am sure they will be plenty of celebrity takers.

  • gwen

    She is bitter because she is talking about something that happend to her? Society and the media label these women as scorned and bitter and mentalities like this perpetuate it.

    If brandi is bitter/scorned, then LR is bitter/scorned because she keeps gloating and walking around with her husband.

    True people don’t go to the tabs, but maybe they should. When magazines like People glorify affairs, then yes someone should speak up. For years the media tells these women that they have to suffer in silence and they have to watch as magazines tell them that the affair that caused them pain is “romatic”. Everyone knows that he is a liar and cheater, but the points she raises are for those people who think that affairs are fairytales (just check out those comments about how hot EC is and how LR is happy).

  • sh

    So when L whines about E infidelities, will the “shut up” game also apply to her? Or do these rules only apply to B because she is giving L and E a run for their money?

  • My2cents


    Thank You!

  • MMM

    poor ex-wife… hope she’ll be happy too!!!

  • Taylo

    He’ll get paid back.

  • john

    lol…all the comments made me laugh…TEAM BITTER EX WIFE!

  • Mari

    What so ironic about this whole situation is that it’s making him more popular, even his ex wife lashing out is helping his career. I always knew of Eddie Cirbrian, but never thought much about him until now. I”ll definitely be watching CSI Miami this season for the first time.

  • lula

    It was already a public affair when those cheaters were outed in public. I think it’s great that Brandi at LEAST get to have her say. She may have gone a little overboard on the insults but who wouldn’t understand where the hurt in those comments come from. You guys are probably a bunch of cheating idiots too if you think she should just keep quiet. Shame on you all.

  • poon

    The only thing that matters here people is that Leanne Rimes is so damn UGLY. period.

  • they wouldn’t be the first!

    Every one will understand if he left her for someone who was gorgeous, did charitable work, and adopted children around the world, cause only then is it OK for a man to cheat on his wife, but hell to he no lets crucify them both cause he cheated with someone ugly

    time for them to start buying babies ASAP

  • Paige


    Yes, but maybe she has no gag reflex. lol

    oh shut up! it’s just a joke people..

  • Roni

    I can see that LeAnn Rimes’ PR team are hard at work posting on this thread! Rimes has backup from a team of people working round the clock to whitewash her actions and blatant behaviour. But how can anyone justify how these two people have treated their spouses? Both Cibrian and Rimes have humiliated their spouses in the vilest way without taking any effort to be discreet. When the affair went public several months, Cibrian was doing cartwheels in an effort to persuade his wife and everybody else that the rumours were just lies. He could have been truthful then and ended the marriage in a decent way. But no, he had to continue lying. He and Brandi were photographed going on holiday and returning from holiday and at endless events, all smiles and loved up. He didn’t want to break up this marriage or he would have done it at that time.

    It was Rimes who made sure that the ongoing affair went public, it was she who was determined “to get her man” and he went along with the lies and blatant behaviour. It was Brandi who dumped her husband after Rimes gave her no choice.

    I can understand when married people fall in love and want a divorce. This happens every day of the week. But why all the lies, why humiliate his wife in this way. I am sorry that she has resorted to speaking out because it makes her look guilty but I understand why she is doing it. He is a disgusting pig and deserves to be with a woman like Rimes who is the lowest of the low.

  • V

    Gawd LeAnn Rimes & Eddie (cant keep it in his pants) Cibrian should be ashamed of themselves Having an affair with a married man is nothing to smile about Leann.Who’s to say Eddie wont be a repeat offender once he gets bored with LeAnn R.

    Committing Adultery and then also being liars and claiming nothing is going on ‘Bullshite’ folks you have been cavorting around in a bloody golf-cart and caught on camera before. This is also nothing we havent witnessed before with other celebrity couples also claiming they have not hooked up but then do so official when the marriage has disolved and the divorce papers are being processed.

    Just remember KARMA what goes around comes around !!.

    So Digusting……

  • Annie

    To LeAnn’s PR team. You are doing great work guys! LeAnn has become the heroine, Brandi is the “plastic” evil wife. Congratulations, I hope that LeAnn will pay you overtime for your excellent work!

    These two deserve each other, two nasty cheats who trample over everything in order to be “happy”. Does LeAnn honestly believe that Cibrian is worthy of her love, is capable of being faithful to her? That is the biggest joke.

    To Brandi – keep strong, get on with your life with your beautiful children.