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Halle Berry Brings Nahla To Nobu

Halle Berry Brings Nahla To Nobu

Halle Berry enjoys a family dinner with her adorable daughter Nahla Aubry and beau Gabriel Aubry at Nobu on Sunday (August 23) in Malibu, Calif.

The 43-year-old actress also enjoyed a round of golf with Gabriel and daughter Nahla, 16 months, over the weekend. She decided to golf going barefoot throughout the whole day, wore beige trousers and a ringed top with a baseball cap.

Halle was just named Sexiest Lady by‘s Annual Summer Pop Culture Poll.

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halle berry brings nahla to nobu 01
halle berry brings nahla to nobu 02
halle berry brings nahla to nobu 03
halle berry brings nahla to nobu 04
halle berry brings nahla to nobu 05
halle berry brings nahla to nobu 06
halle berry brings nahla to nobu 07
halle berry brings nahla to nobu 08

Photos: Famepictures, Wire Image
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  • anna

    that baby is cute…that whole family is

  • cowaregood

    Nahla’s adorable and her parents are gorgeous, but I hate how unhappy and scared Nahla looks in pap photos.

  • the other liz

    Thanks for the weekend family pix of the happy family-both Gabe and Nahla don’t look thrilled to see the pappis. BTW JJ Nahla is going to be 18 mos in September, golf source got her age wrong, plus the photos weren’t taken over the weekend–check Gabe’s stubble.

  • grass

    Nahla is the most beautiful Hollywood baby with extremely good-looking parents. I love her eyes.

  • CHOK

    Gorgeous family. I can’t wait to start my own and have mixed babies.

  • Faith Lynette

    *SIGH*…I’m sure the male audience believes that HE’S (Gabriel) is the lucky one ~ but {{drool}} looking at HIM, and being a straight female—hehehe—I’d have to say SHE’S (Halle) the lucky one. OF COURSE, LOOKING AT THE ADORABLE DAUGHTER THEY CREATED—THEY ARE *BOTH* BLESSED.

  • dundies

    gabriel looks like jesus

  • huh?

    While I don’t blame Aubry to be upset at the pappis and doing anything to protect his daughter, if he’s always pissed all the time, why don’t they eat in. Isn’t he supposed to gourmet cook or something?

    Is it me, or does he always look he’s about to punch one out? And usually doesn’t like his privacy invaded (don’t blame him)?I don’t understand for celebs that complain about the pappis always hounding them, they’re seen out a lot.?

    Maybe it’s true about the comments, Halle needing the attention to stay relevant? Guess she’s forgotten that it stopped being about her when she said she wanted a child. I hope Nahla doesn’t become traumatized by all of this regardless of how a lot of us enjoy seeing all the adorable photos of her.

  • jc

    I love this family! they are all so beautiful and blessed

  • Cammie

    Nahla looks the happiest…

  • anon

    Daddy’s eyes. Mom’s hair. The jeans are so cute rolled up.

  • cool

    Man they’re all beatuiful. It’s good to see them out as a family.

  • Halle better watch it

    Halle ‘hasbeen’ Berry better watch her P’s & Q’s, looks like her man is about to snap any day now. If she’s not careful, it wouldn’t surprise me none, if he tries to get custody of Nahla and taking her to Canada where those ugly stalkarazzis won’t bug’em.

    The woman’s such a C&*$ (rhymes with punt), throwing her cr*% (rhymes with wrap) out to the wind, about having more kids, moving to Canada, bitchin’ about being stalked then have them follow you on your family vacation? The woman is definitely a basket case.

  • Seriously ppl

    halle is definitely preggers!! look how she’s trying to cover her baby bump

  • anonymous

    OMG! What a cute little girl Nahla has grown up to be! She is really a cutie pie. There will be a playful war between Nahla, the JP girls, Sunday Kidman Urban, Harlow Madden and the Affleck girls who is the reigning princess of Hollywood. Nahla has beautiful eyes and she obviously is dad´s little girl. Both her parents are gorgeous and it wouldn´t surprise me one bit if she becomes either an actress or model one day.

  • Faith Lynette

    {{in catty voice..hehehe}} “In that one picture of HALLE where she’s by herself, scan down and look at her left foot ~ tell me…do you see a sixth toe on that foot!!!!!????!!!!” *grins innocently*

  • sugar

    Too Sweet, what a beautiful baby…
    Cute family…

  • Unimog

    So if you’re famous you’re not allowed to go out! Rather there should be a law that anyone taking unauthorised photos of anyone should be punished for unlawfully, and without permission, invading someone’s right to privacy where ever they may be. A fine of $2000 and a jail sentence for persistant offenders should slow the paps down and stop them from hounding decent people and their right to a private life, whether a meal in a restaurant or a stroll down the street.

  • Faith Lynette

    “This lil piggie went to market…this lil piggie stayed home…this lil piggie had roast beef…and this lil piggie had none…and this lil piggie cried WEE WEE WEE…I think there’s a toe that comes after me!!”

  • HA!


    Really. You sound like a moron.

  • leslie

    that little girl looks stunning ;) I mean she’s the prettiest baby girl in hollywood, I just can’t take my eyes off her, so cute <3

  • Bastardus Grull

    Huh and its many incarnations is probably a seven toed ‘itch who’s just a biscutt away from a ton who’ll never see quality rod for as long as it lives.

  • dee

    Definately preggers…………

  • Sarah

    That baby daddy is sooooo hot!
    Halle Berry you lucky biatch!

  • minx

    What a beautiful child! She has amazing eyes, a real beauty… I think that Halle is pregnant, she’s been covering her mid-section a lot lately…

  • Tito

    Very UGLY kid

  • diva

    Luv seeing this family ouy together Nahla is a beautiful lil girl and im not just saying this becasue of who her parents are, it’s the truth if Halle is indeed pregnant again good for her she and Gabe make cute kids so why not!

  • Pandora

    Tito, the kid is really cute. In no way is she ugly. The hotter Gabriel gets, the worse looking Halle gets over time. She’s looking rather dyke-like these days. Perhaps she thinks this is the key to completely converting a gay man. He never looks happy, but perhaps the “trappings” (materially) make it worthwhile.

  • Pandora

    The word D*Y*K*E is verboten now? Oh, please, Jared! With all the slurs, etc. racially that go on here, you choose such a benign one to be censored?

  • Carey

    She reminds me of Suri Cruise, very “exotic” looking. I love it. I’d do anything to be reincarnated as Nahla. She’s gonna be hot when she’s older.

  • @Pandora#2

    @Pandora: There maybe some truth to what you are saying. Think I remember on the Internet where that whacky schock jock Wendy Williams ran a show a couple of years ago saying that Halle was bad in bed especially bad about giving hummers citing Spike Lee, David Justice, Eric Benet and several others. Agree that he never looks happy (except in some of the Miami pix, but still alook), maybe he’s getting tired of being or feeling like the hired help? She does often refer to him as one of Nahla’s nannies. She treated Eric the same way. Hope things work out for them for Nahla’s sake.

  • Fashion

    In the fourth picture Nahla looks a bit like Shirley Temple. Cute!

  • True Blood Rocks

    That baby is beautiful and the baby daddy, omg! They look so cute together as a family.

  • more

    @@Pandora#2: Don’t buy the crap about how wonderful their sex life is in that bs Esquire article. From the looks at a lot of the picture of them when they’re they both don’t even look like they’ve even gotten close to anywhere near “make me feel good” ever or at all. Maybe those IVF comments from those wacky haters/stalkers could be true?

  • Karma za

    cute baby. exotic good looks. pretty.she is going to be a stunning adult.
    paps should take pics as they wait outside of Nubu, but should not be rude about it.
    Katsuya,Nubu,are CELENBRITY RESTAURANTS where they go and go to be seen.
    It is likeThe Ivy ,which must have closed.
    Honey,this places are for celebs and these are not your Neighborhood Applebees.

  • Donna

    Nahla looks JUST like Halle’s mom. Google her!

    Guess what they say is true. Your kids will look like their grandparents

  • Nell

    thye r too beautiful!

  • sheigh

    Nahla is cute as heaven !

  • vmars111

    LOL, the headline reads like a Star Wars line!

  • Danielle

    minx @ 08/24/2009 at 11:50 am What a beautiful child! She has amazing eyes, a real beauty… I think that Halle is pregnant, she’s been covering her mid-section a lot lately…
    I couldn’t agree more. She is definitely hiding her mid-section here. She and Gabriel both said that they want to give Nahla a sibling.
    Nahla is looking more and more like dad. Very cute

  • jane

    Is that his boyfriend walking behind them? lol

  • http://BMAN BUCKEY

    Halle looks horrible, couldn’t she have fixed herself up a little? They have never looked like a couple at all, he always looks angry like he’s being forced or something. He’s prettier than she is.

  • leanore

    She looks nothing like her mother. Only in one or two shots does she look cute, the others she’s not so cute. Halle’s looking have really taken a fall.

  • leanore

    I meant Halle’s looks have really taken a fall, maybe having no career is taking it’s toll on her appearance. Hollywood doesn’t seem to want her. I heard that she asked to be in one of the latest Bond movies and they turned her down. That’s gotta hurt!

  • http://tofuscloset.blogspot.comp cassie

    nahla just gets more gorgeous!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    super boring!
    i only come on her to hate on her now =]
    i still find that kid to have a perfect resemblance of Terrence howard

  • Celebwatcher

    One more kid for Halle and Aubry in 3 years and it will be a boy.

    Check out my other celebrity psychic predictions at

  • WOW

    Wow, there are some really hateful jelous people on this comment section. I can understand not being a fan off comeone but I am always suspicious of peopel who troll around the Internet just to post negative comments about people they dont know. Why are some of you all up in these peoples sex lives? Wendy Williams is really in no place to talk about anyone. Seriously, get a life and a clue.

  • Camille

    She’s so preggers. Shes doing the ‘hold stuff over my stomach so the paps don’t get a pic’ pic.

    Not a fan of this duo, but nice to see their kid is growing into her looks and is starting to become cute.

  • http://www. janaina

    nahla is a beautiful perfect child, she is more beautiful that shiloh has a natural tanned skin, our perfect child that I want a daughter like ela.linda, her daddy is very handsome.