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Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler Hold Hands Off-Screen

Jennifer Aniston & Gerard Butler Hold Hands Off-Screen

Jennifer Aniston is back to work on the set of her new film The Bounty in Queens, New York City on Monday morning (August 24).

The 40-year-old actress and costar Gerard Butler were spotted holding hands this weekend at The Jane Hotel in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District.

Jen and Gerry went out on Saturday night,” a source tells People. “[Gerry] had cocktails and … They were hand in hand.”

DO YOU THINK a Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler romance is brewing off-screen?

10+ pictures inside of rumored Gerard Butler lover Jennifer Aniston

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Credit: Asadorian/Mejia/Lee; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Wendy

    Love this whole look, so natural and beautiful, like always, she looks healthy and stunning.Class act all the way!

  • Denise

    Wow, she is just as manly looking in the face, as usual. All the botox and nose jobs in the world can’t make her pretty.

  • Jill

    She is so unattractive. But the dress is pretty.

  • erika

    Good grief! Do all celebrities do one movie after another without any type of break? I think one reason she does is is that she makes a family out of the cast and crew — this is where she is most comfortable. She cannot have a relationship with a guy and this is her substitute.

  • fresh

    Not a big fan of hers but she looks nice.

  • fan of jen

    She looks great

    Good for her

    F@ck the haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chin can’t act

    here we go with the she is so pretty, she looks great, she has a great body. she is beautiful. i wish i have her body, love jen blah blah blah blah. the same old shallow comments

  • Chesty peacock

    I hope these two get together. They are both so cute and seem like they are really down to earth people.


    Please God let it be true so she can leave Brad and Angelina alone. Please find someone to love this old hag for peace sake. Brad is more successful personally and professionally since he dumped the b!tch.

  • beth

    She is so freaking OLD. she looks so manly.

  • lila


  • chin can’t act

    TRUTH HURTS. @ 08/24/2009 at 12:10 pm

    LMAO. her face is just so damn ugly. thank god she has the money to get her face and hair fixed

  • dp

    wow i happen to catch a post be4 it goes nuts? never happened ever!

    and as for these rumours – yawn. People source or not – i’ll wait until the actuAl couple says so. these rumours are soo damn tiresome

    she looks lovely, and her usual sunny self :)

  • beth

    Well she doesn’t use the money to fix her face. she looks like dog food.

  • again?

    She’s so predictable you could almost set your watch by her. “Bad press week? New shomance in 3…2…1…”

  • beth

    She is so fake even Bradley hinted at that. insecure old dog dinner face.

  • ri23

    Show me pics (off the set) and I’ll believe it. Until then, bullshit.

  • chin can’t act

    if the GB dating story is true i am sure it won’t last. she is too high maintenance.

  • Tintangel

    Huvane is at it again:,,20299986,00.html

    That US article must have really p$ssed him off.Too bad he didn’t bother doing his homework.”Cocktails”? Butler doesn’t drink.
    More proof of how sad, pathetic and predictable Aniston has become.
    Her peeps aren’t doing her any favors with this BS.

  • Julie

    OMG…ANOTHER co-worker for her. She is so predictable. Run Gerard!!

  • prettyjen

    Pretty, fun, and sexy look. Keep it up, Jen!

  • You/Me

    Looking lovely as usual, I love that d*mn dress!!!! That’s nice if Jen is going out with Gerard, he looks like a nice guy….who knows though, holding hands isn’t that big a deal between friends and if they were hanging out and leaving somewhere I can totally see Butler being a gentleman and escorting her somewhere by holding her hand. He is hot though so props to Jen if she going out with him,lol :) LOVE HER!!!! ♥

  • insider

    They are doing it in revenge for Mr and Mrs Smith : it’s all fiction created by their MUTUAL management team at CAA. It’s for money and power. She has plans with someone else and he has a girlfriend, who he keeps secret. Mayer = CAA, Vaughn = CAA, Cooper = CAA, Diaz = CAA, Butler = CAA, Aniston = CAA. This isn’t a coincidence. It is giving the audience what they want because she knows if she gets pregnant, she cant play single women which pays her lifestyle…… she is a living CATCH-22. So they play games with people’s heads to get more money and get revenge because Pitt now has the #1 film. OK ??? that is what this is about.

  • Tina

    She is just so perfect in every way. She doesn’t have to bash others to feel good about herself.

  • dp


    pray tell how is Aniston “not leaving brangey” alone? I mean aside from tabloids playing the non-existent triangle, HOW is she not leaving them alone?

    i know it sucks that Aniston is not some non-celeb ex-wife who is not a huge star so that all of pitt’s douche-baggery could disappear quickly (a la Julia Roberts style) and your annointed couple could look saintly.

    i’m sorry that that’s not how this all turned out for you all. i know it must piss you off that the coupling of the brange is tainted and you can’t quite rub off that stain on the perfect image y’all try to create in order to sanctify a couple of celebrities. i’m truly sorry.

    – but coming here and posting 3 times in the span of 10 posts like some desperate twi-hard crazy (but only worse coz you guys are definitely not teenagers) in an attempt to sully the ex-wife doesn’t make Aniston look bad. it makes brangelina fans look bad…

    AND, if Pitt’s personal success is measured by level of conscious media whoring – then yeah, he should give himself a pat on the back for a job well done.


  • Belle

    Annndd….Here come the haters. Didn’t JP do anything interesting lately?

  • Belle

    @dp: Good one dp. If she is so ugly, why post here at all? It is a jealousy thing for sure.

  • Victor/Violet

    They were holding hands?!!

    What are we…in pre-school? I can’t believe PEOPLE MAG is reporting this.

    Here comes another round of the “are they or aren’t they “shctick.

    She is so effing predictable.

  • Kristi

    Does anyone know who makes this dress?

  • Catalina

    OMG stop the presses, Jennifer Aniston has a date.

  • Tintangel
  • Jamie

    Another movie, another man for an attempted box office hit, nothing new!

  • Predictable Jen

    Here it is…

    We’ve been calling for it, waiting for it…

    And now it comes.

    Jennifer Aniston was hit hard last week. Magazine covers calling her pathetic, Bradley Cooper calling her “not natural”, Renee Zellweger trumping her ass in the battle for Hollywood’s summer box office sensation.

    And then Brad Pitt wins at the box office.

    So you knew come Monday she’d have to find away to matter again.

    And here it is, posted at prime web time 10:15am EST, an article on, of course!, about Jen and Gerry Butler holding hands on Saturday night at The Jane Hotel, enjoying cocktails after dinner.

    By the way, you know Gerry’s next movie The Gamer is due out on September 4th, right?

    Just making sure.

    Predicting Jennifer Aniston is so much easier than playing poker.

  • Kristi

    I feel so sorry for her. Every move she makes is tabloid fodder. I do love how she dresses and her calm and cool way.


    JA is nothing more than a sitcom actress who only claim to fame is a failed marriage and a hairstyle. If she wasn’t married to Brad Pitt she would be another forgotten FRIEND. If she had put the same effort into her marriage as she does chasing movie roles, maybe she would not be a lonely divorcee. This is another faux romance just like all the others.

    All you Jolie haters are mad because Angelina turned out to be a better woman then chinnifer. Brad you made the right decision to leave such a sorry excuse of a woman. She never loved you, she only used you to get movie roles. We all know she has zero talent.

  • Carrie

    “Gerry had cocktails”

    Suprising since he has stated, many many times, that he doesn’t drink alcohol.

    Just saying … I don’t trust these ‘sources’

  • dp


    yeah that’s what this is about…. do you just copy paste this crap everytime a Jen post comes about? good for you – it’s very efficient. now go back to your basement and work on some other conspiracy theories.

    and tip – just because you call yourself an insider it does not = being an actual insider.
    you should also say, Zellweger = CAA, Clooney = CAA, Will Smith = CAA, Spielberg = CAA, Ludacris = CAA, Barrymore – CAA, Oprah = CAA, Harrison Ford = CAA, Sarah Silverman = CAA, George Lucas = CAA, Will Ferrell = CAA… and there’s a few more.
    you see where i’m going with this???

  • roja

    Good for her!!!

  • fan of jen

    The haters cant stand she is going on with her life what everybody says it doesn’t mather

    She is laughing at all of you

    Go Jen enjoy yourself

    F@ck the haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nola

    PR, PR, PR…so predictable. I’m ashamed of Gerry for buying into this farce.

  • Karma za

    Insider #23 thanks. You said it!

    Anniston is pretty, shapely by ORDINARY standards.
    Shye looks ORDINARY. Many of your family,friends look like her or better.
    SHE IS SUPERRICH!!!!!She shouldbe happy.

    She is PATHEIC!!! Interviews are about: her looks at 40,which is raeally an insult. Does actresses in her 20′s get asked about maintaining their looks?
    Life afterBrad….livinga fun singlelife…blablahblah….same ole same ole.

    BTW Anniston fans,Gerald will leave her too.Why does she keep putting herself out there with costars:

  • @insider

    @dp: It is not my basement! It is the Mental Hospital! Scream at the ocean! I hate Chinnifer sooooooo much!

  • dp


    lol … “even. Lainey” you write it like she’s the bastion of objective reporting… you do realize this is the same woman who idolizes the beckhams ? and posh?has stupid lists and nick names all over her website like some teenager but thinks it’s hilarious how actual teenagers go crazy for twilight?

    this is the same woman who has said she’s gunning for Aniston. And apparently any sort of tabloid rumour for aniston is a PR stunt, but for other celebs it’s just plain garbage that the media is using to get hits.
    yeah real objective
    - she’s just another perez hilton wannabe

  • Sky

    Jen is a natural beauty. She is so classy and beautiful.
    Love Jen and Gerard.. They both are gorgeous, cute and down to earth people.
    Those haters pay so much attention to Jen. That means,
    Jen is definitely very, very attractive.

  • jaye

    lol Different day, same c*rap.I

  • dp


    okay i was being kind with the basement. but if it’s the mental hospital then atleast you’re getting help…
    and screaming at the ocean is really cathartic. you should try it. it’s definitely better than cutting yourself and general self-mutilation…

  • anon

    @Predictable Jen: Hmmm…direct copy from…cant come up with your own comment or is this Lainey herself??

  • Celebwatcher

    Jen should not be worrying over Bradley, he goes for blondes at this point in his career anyway.

    I’d like to see Jen with a more model type kinda guy.


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  • Claudia

    No, please, not again!!!… Run poor man, run!!!

  • Frenchy

    Loooooooooove her!