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Kate Gosselin: Larry King Live!

Kate Gosselin: Larry King Live!

Kate Gosselin steps out in Nike and Under Armour athletic gear on the way to the tanning salon and gas station on Saturday (August 22) in Wyomissing, Penn.

The 34-year-old mother of 8 is scheduled to be interviewed on Larry King Live on Tuesday (August 25) at 6pm PST/9pm EST. The next J&K+8 ep, Dude Ranch and Dress Up airs tonight (August 24) on TLC.

WILL YOU TUNE into Kate Gosselin on Larry King Live – YAY or NAY?

10+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin looking pretty in pink…

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Photos: INFdaily, WENN
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  • jdub

    not hating on kate at all…i think she has an awesome body for having 8 kids, but NO ONE and i mean NO ONE should ever wear under armour compression shorts out like that. the only proper time to wear them is if you’re at the gym or cycling

  • Rhonda

    no, It’s time to let it go, please!

  • Jill

    #1..Having babies don’t mess up your body, you eventually get you shape back.

  • holli

    leave her alone, she looks amazing for having eight kids.

    go kate! tell your story.
    i’m not going to watch it, only because its getting old.
    PLUS, larry king is boring. haha, sorry kiddo’s.

  • tinA

    These two have become soooooo boring, she looks like an ad for Nike, totally foolish.

  • Pandora

    I think featuring her and the ex hubby has gotten old. I must say, though, at least she’s keeping in shape, unlike lard-assed Jon.

  • sekss

    she has a great ass

  • julie

    NAY. Not interested in hearing anything she says. I agree Larry is boring.

  • Julie

    Will only watch if JON GROSSlin is NOT on the show. My family and my friends cannot stand the guy. Kate is so much better looking that Barboro looking girl, I don’t know how or why Jon ever gave up on his family for that trashy girl. So TLC if your listening, the fans of the show has had eough of that man.

  • Lollipops

    I like UA….but not what’s under it here!

    she has cankles, cellulite and a big fold over her knee…..this does not need to be seen in public (unless her town provides public puke boxes for unsuspecting passersby)

    you don’t get all that from having 8 kids.
    the only thing that outfit is covering up is the hip-to-hip scar from the folds of fat the doc cut out.
    yea….it gave her a relatively flat tummy with a belly-button doubling as a belt buckle since he shoved it up under her rib cage….but everything else is the same sagging, cellulite covered body….yuk!!

    she’s just gross….and no amount of child exploitation can change that.
    she’ll always be gross

  • Flo

    If like she keep saying, her kids were the most important thing in her life she would not be all over the media throwing their father under the bus. The kids love both parents and it is so cruel and vindictive of her to keep pushing innocent victim act and blaming it all on Jon while the poor kids are in the middle of this.
    I may not like Jon’s choices in women but he has only ever said that Kate is a good mother, she on the other hand needs to shut up and consider and protect her kids feelings.

  • Sherry

    Hey people Jon has a new business venture on Rador, he’s evidently selling lemonades, ROFLMAO.

  • jedi


    because hateful Khate is a BITCH…that’s why!

    and hailey has nice hair.
    try running your fingers thru that manscape on the back of her head….
    mmmmm……real romantic…huh? NOT!

    Khate is a fugly BITCH who doesn’t put out…..she wouldn’t even try sex to have her kids….had to “do it” in a petrie dish.

  • ANN

    I agree with Julie, TLC get rid of Jon he’s just pond scum!!! Go Kate

  • Flo

    NO I will not tune in to watch, stick a fork in her I am done.. I am sick to death of seeing her playing the victim and feel I know more about her divorce than I ever did of my own.

  • candygirl

    oh please larry….not again!!

    this is the most b-o-r-i-n-g no personality, fake crying woman ever on TV!
    such a whiney, complaining all the time beeyatch!

    I can’t believe people actually watch this crap!
    Do that many people REALLY NOT have a life? Really?….how sad.

    Won’t be tuning in larry….not that i normally do anyway….LOL!

  • Lisa

    I am sick to my stomach of this ho. TLC changed gears on this mean hateful witch and now trying to make her out to be so innocent. TLC found another angle try to get divorced fat housewives to cheer for this ho. She sold her family out for money and fame. There is nothing innocent about this thing. She and TLC want more money. I hope they choke on the money because those kids are just cash cows to Kate/TLC.

  • Donna

    Kate has so much more class and beuty than that trash Hailey or Kate Major. While the sleazy Hailey, Major, or Jon goes on dirt magazines like, In Touch, Star, or E and trash talks about everyone, at least Kate goes on legitimate shows like Today, Laryy King, or even People. She also doesn’t talk trash, which to me shows a lot of class.


    Heard that GWOP wants to boycott the sponsers. Well, one of the MAJOR sponsor is INTEL. Wonder if they will boycott that company also. If they do they won’t have any computers left to talk trash, lol.

  • msmitchell


    People is legit? hahaha!! good one! they are at the top of the tabloid trash heap!!

    and no….kate doesn’t talk trash….she IS trash!
    the hair alone tells you that!

    and in case you haven’t noticed….larry king is a joke and will interview anyone……OJ…..Anna Nicole……Octomom……and K8….the usual.

  • dani

    Why any one would watch this media who*re who pimps her kids out for money is beyond me.
    This is not a good mother. This is a horrible mother.

  • Rattlesnake

    it’s sad that we live in a society that has such a great need to lionize anything that moves… ! That’s what women do, they have children !!

  • Nick

    Kate is my hero and one strong woman. She is a great mom and the only thread keeping her kids together. Jon is a disgusting pig and is responsible for this whole mess. He sure has brainwashed some into thinking he was picked on. he is no man, he is a spineless lazy whimp. Kate had to wear the pants since he was so incompetent. And yes, I think she is hot with a perfect body, not too skinny and not at all fat.

  • suziam

    Cover up those knees K8. No, I won’t watch her on LK. I won’t even watch her on her own program.

  • George

    I agree with you there Nick, I’ve been saying it all along. She’s not only smart but has class to go along with her beauty. Man if I was Jon, I’d take by butt back ASAP to his family. I see a futrue of nothing but sorrow and regret for that porker.

  • jamie

    who goes tanning anymore??

  • Tito

    She has a great body now

  • Jon and con

    Why do people keep saying kate has a great body for having 8 (count ‘em) 8 kids!

    She has only ever been pregnant TWICE people!!

    I have been pregnant and given birth 6 times and I am slimmer than Kate. How many children you have has nothing to do with how fat you are!

  • Mol

    Kate looks great in pink!

  • Morgan

    When are J&K going to go away? Seriously, they are so played out already. What are their latest ratings?

  • Josh

    She needs to shut up
    Ugh she is f-ing up her kids
    Idc how bad the marriage was don’t profit out of it
    The poor kids have to go through this

  • converse


    if kate is your hero buddy… have some serious issues – whoa!!
    feel bad for ya pal!

    you need to get out more, to if you think this woman is good-looking LOL

    and kate doesn’t have any fat cuz’ the doc cut the big belly sagging slab out like a stuck pig!
    but hey…if you like it…..put a ring on it…..she’s available now – go for it.
    you’re probably the only one! LOL

  • gosselin mother whore

    doucebag pimp mamma. won’t watch larry on that night. that whole family is nothing but a crying jag of disgusting money whoressss.

  • funnyhats


    You sound like octomom. Her tummy tuck was to remove massive flaps of skin. You cant help but get those when your belly is stretched out like a balloon ready to pop. There was not much fat under the skin, what was there was the same amount a normal healthy adult should have.

  • Andrea


    So anyone without a perfect body shouldn’t be seen in public unless they’re covered from head to toe? You’re an ass.

  • Sugarface

    there is a new charity fund: SHIP THE GOSSELINS TO CUBA



  • DarkEmpress



  • http://justjared annette

    I will watch. I think Kate looks great.

  • Renea

    Hey NICK and GEORGE……Watch a re-run! She would treat you like the Dog she treated Jon Like. And bossy, cruel Kate Kick ed him out.
    After seeing her body guard Steve, and traveling she wanted a different type of guy.
    PS. I am so sure she dumped Jon before her cook book comes out so she will get all the $$$$$. Her kids are now in school, she has her MANSION, BYE JON. After beating Jon down for 10yrs. emotionally, I hope he doesn’t get a job and she can pay him spousal support! NICE!
    Who has the kids while she is ALWAYS out and about with that, (it’s a private matter) line. I just want to be with my kids. BYE KATE!

  • Skye

    She still isn’t taking her wronged wife whine fest around the country is she?!

  • chris

    Any man would have left this witch. She is bossy and controlling. If she wants what is best for the kids, then she would stop the show and focus on their well being. She is milking this for every penny she can get.

  • Shelly_2


    having a free tummy tuck helps :o)

  • Katy

    You have been brain washed into believing that Kate is a great mom. She has nannies and baby sitters that do all the work. Her only concern is herself. A good mother does not deny her child water. A good mother does not subject her children to weekly visits by mom and dads to film a show. A good mother shows affection and love for her child. There are no Hallmark moments when Kate is with her children.

  • Reality bites

    No, won’t watch the show. Kate Gosselin is a bore.

  • Max



    @Donna: Is it class when you make a habit of being condescending and belittle your husband in front of his children and on television?

  • Beach Lover

    I wouldn’t watch KG if she promised to set her fake boobs, porcupine hair on fire and to put her pre-veneer teeth back in. Why would anyone believe anything this woman has to say?

    She has class to go along with her beauty? Tell me you are kidding with that statement. Guess you haven’t seen her squating in her teen-age summer dresses to give everyone a look, seen her pushing away her little boys and spanking the girls …. among many other things too numerous to mention here.

  • Never posted before

    If you have ever watched shows like, Everyone Loves Raymond, King of Queens, According to Jim, and such, the man is always portrayed as the idiot and the woman the bossy one who is always right. I think TLC realized the show was getting boring and Chose to show a harsher side of Kate and the real Kate is somewhere in between of what we are seeing now. The real point is, there is NO REALITY in reality shows. If you are watching this show for any other reason than entertainment value then your wasting precious time that could be spent so much more productively. It’s OK GWOPERS to MOVE ON and focus on the lives of people you really know. That Karma you often mention works both ways and the hate you contantly spew can not send a very positive message to your families.

  • 9+1doll

    You think Kate has class? And beauty? Kate has NO CLASS WHAT SO EVER! Beauty is a possibility,because beauty was a horse & she does have those long teeth.