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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Kings of Leon Liplock

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Kings of Leon Liplock

LeAnn Rimes is all smiles as she takes an early morning jog on Sunday (August 23) in Brentwood, Calif.

Last night, the 26-year-old singer hooked up once again with her current flame Eddie Cibrian (they went on a golf date together on Thursday). The couple attended the Kings of Leon concert at The Forum in Los Angeles. Other celeb couples who also had “Sex On Fire” last night included Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr and Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel.

15+ pictures inside of Kings of Leon lover LeAnn Rimes

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leann rimes eddie cibrian kings of leon 12
leann rimes eddie cibrian kings of leon 13
leann rimes eddie cibrian kings of leon 14
leann rimes eddie cibrian kings of leon 15
leann rimes eddie cibrian kings of leon 16
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leann rimes eddie cibrian kings of leon 19

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  • lucyhalesfeet

    That’s where I run too. Around Brentwood CC. WIll have to keep my eyes out for adulterers.

  • CHOK

    First, they deny being together. Now they ARE A COUPLE?! Wh*res and trash is what they are.

  • josh

    see that smile, just watch, life has a way of wiping it off.

  • mertz

    i like the pic with her hand on her face…lol. that’s how i look at the end of a run.

    no to the yellow top.

    i feel sorry for her husband…the dude is ______ and i don’t have a problem with that since i have lots of friends who are. he should admitt it and move on.

    she’s a douche. sorry leann i like…liked you but i can’t look at you now without wanting to puke…and i’m not even talking about how you look.

    that boy band lfo guy is a douche also. i feel sorry for his b*tch of a wife with the bad attitude.

    POS deserve each other. i hope they’re happy. am glad they cheated and are now together because it’s better than them being total liars. NOW EVERYONE KNOWS THEY LIED. lol @ janice min doing one good thing at US.

  • anthony

    She doesn’t even get much crap considering she’s a home wrecker.. She should be so proud

  • gwen

    Just because they golfed together or went to a concert where they “liplocked” doesn’t mean that everything is all rosey with them. Remember he did the same thing with his wife when his affair was exposed. He made sure that he was seen all over the place with his wife, kissed his wife, held her hand, and even was spotted smiling and laughing with her. I know that it’s the job of these media blogs to sell/promote them as a couple, but at some point these media blogs are going to have to be realistic. If he did the exact same thing with his wife and was having an affair with LR, then it is quite possible that he is sleeping with someone else while “going public’ with EC. He is milking this affair for all it’s worth and she is trying to protect her investmest because she knows that he has the tendency to cheat with his co-stars. This wasn’t about going public, but was probably a message to the woman that EC is sleeping with. In other words the trip to the concert and golf course was more like a “stay away from my man” warning.

  • lily

    Ewww she’s so annoying, she nauseates me. Cibrian’s ex wife was so much prettier but im glad she dumped his srry a**

  • blah blah blah

    *rolls eyes @ the hateful comments*

    You people aren’t perfect either, so don’t judge….

  • mertz

    lol anthony. one cannot go against the angle looking angle sounding leann rimes. what does she do now? i mean seriously.

    and gwen thanks for the info on female and male behaviour. i didn’t look at that piss on my mate angle or his i go all ways behaviour.

  • twitheads


  • mertz

    yeah blah blah blah…and that’s why we’re all here. it’s very nice being vain posting on a celeb website where we can kvetch or we can all kumbaya. what’s been said about her so far or him that is so bad and so far from the truth? i mean people were gunning for kate gosslein and giving that lard of her ex-baby husband a free pass, and people were giving that dumb republican senator who went to argentina a free pass. i cannot say i condone cheating or understand it because i haven’t been there, and maybe i will be, but i do have opinions about this (not like they care) just like i have opinions on just about everything and i’m a big leann rimes fan (would defend her forever) but i can’t even begin to tell you how i avoid all media stories about her because she makes me want to puke. i mean i defended her even when there was video evidence…more because i hate us mag, but i was one of the loonies on this website trying to turn the goodwill towards the lovely rimes…and now i see this sh*t and she’s officialy dead to me. i feel really bad for her husband, and that boy band dude’s kids.

  • justified aholes

    Rime’s gay husband should contact cibrian’s wife and plot revenge! he could be seen taking her and the kids out everywhere, to the park, store, golfing, laughing etc. and rub it in these 2 scumbags faces.

  • justified aholes

    Rime’s gay husband should contact cibrian’s wife and plot revenge! he could be seen taking her and the kids out everywhere, to the park, store, golfing, laughing etc. and rub it in these 2 scumbags faces.

  • justified aholes

    write to rime’s hubby and tell him people!

  • Terri

    this bitchhhhhhhhh thinks she has no shame???? well wait til the shittt hits that fanny ass of hers. she will need help.

  • the nerve on this s l u t…

    i wish i could smack that smug look off this bi*ches face! what a little homewrecking wh ore. she’s going around town with another womens husband acting like she’s done a good thing. bi*ch. thanks to this hoochie, the lives of 3 innocent children have just been flipped upside down. i hope to God karma eats her alive!

  • gwen

    What’s more hateful then gloating over the fact that she is with EC? She wears that smirk like she really has “won” something worthwhile. All she proved is that EC is scum and that this “relationship” is one big audition for him. He has time to liplock with her but no time to visit and be a father to his kids? Who is EC liplocking when LR isn’t joined at his hip?

    Why is EC wife a *****? Because she stood up to EC and LR? I’m glad that she is speaking up. For too long these women have been depicted as the villians when they speak up about something that is happening to them; while the “other woman” get’s patted on the back for speaking about her affair with someone else’s husband. Check out People magazine and how they fawn over EC and LR so-called “chemistry”. People magazine should do a spread on the women who hold their families together while their husbands and their mistresses play golf, meet at hotels, and go to concerts.

  • cc

    She’s loving the fact people are interested in her again

  • heather

    Remember this:
    “Eddie vehemently denied the affair rumours, saying: “Other than being friends and two actors who were romantically intertwined in a movie-for-TV we filmed last fall, there is no truth to the reporting. It is a fabricated story that is using random snapshots as connective tissue to create a scandalous relationship.”

    See she is just a steeping stone for EC. It’s going to be interesting watching her trying to prove to the public that he really does love her.So now EC loves her because they went to a concert together? Is she an adult or a teenager? He went out with his wife too and look where that ended up. Oh look, is that EC with another woman?

  • mertz

    gwen his ex-wife being a huge b*tch has nothing to do with ec or this new relationship. she’s always been that we to me and i always thought she allowed him to get away with just about everything. like she’s the supporting wife or whatever and he gets to go scotts free while she takes care of the kids. anyways she’s one of those hwood people who are all over themselves and think they are so much better than everyone else. she remindes me like that lady tori spellings douche husband was with before her and dean started hooking up. there’s just some females who walk around with their nose in the air and then when reality hits them they look for sympathy. w/e. cry me a river.

    that smirk used to be such a lovely smile before she lost all that weight and started looking like this…you know that surgery when your face/skin gets pulled to your scalp? yeah that’s how she looks. remember when leann rimes was normal. she’s not doing anything i’m interested in and she’s had that stick that’s up her butt there for too long. she has that john mayer smile/smirk going on like she’s playing the game, playing the game better, in on the joke, all knowing. i hope she has a good time with that dude, whether they are boning each other or not, but all those years i’ve looked up to her has been a waste of my time. i can’t believe i continued to defend her…even when she got married i was like look she’s not doing it because she’s insecure, she’s in love. yeah right.

  • mertz

    cc @ 08/24/2009 at 3:12 am She’s loving the fact people are interested in her again
    of course. has she done anything worth anyone’s time lately. she dropped off after coyote ugly.

  • T

    You can tell she’s super excited she doesn’t have to sneak around anymore.

  • Liza

    D amn, she looks happy! I don’t really feel badly for LeAnn’s husband, since I believe the marriage was always a sham. I do feel for Eddie’s wife, even though she came off like a complete fool blaming the affair solely on Leann. Eddie has been cheating for years, a magazine even published pictures of him with another woman (John Mayer’s ex) before his split. His wife is better off.

  • gwen

    I agree, she is super excited that she doesn’t have to sneak around anymore. She should market that smirk and call it “I’m proud to be sleeping with a man who wouldn’t even acknowledge that he was sleeping with me and probably wouldn’t have ever acknowledged it had his wife not left him”. If he had her waiting in the sidelines, you have to wonder who has taken her place. She should keep smirking though, it shows everyone that she isn’t as sweet as she pretends to be.

    What do you mean she is jogging? She’s looking for eddie. He went to the next door neighbors to get a cup of sugar and never came back. In that last picture doesn’t it look like she is saying, “I can’t find him, where did he go?”.

  • heather

    No the wife didn’t come off looking like a fool for blaming LR. By the way leann has been smirking it is pretty obvious that she was indeed doing exactly what brandi accused her of doing.

  • Chokie


  • welsfergo

    Leann looks happy. I’m happy for her. Love works in strange ways.

  • heather

    Don’t you just love those posters who take the time and energy to write posts telling other posters that they are bad people/ateful for posting on a message board or are just jealous because they are not famous? If you are posting on this same message board, then by that logic doesn’t mean that you don’t have a life and are a hypocrite? If you don’t like what people write about her then don’t read it or find another famous person who isn’t gloating over her affair with a man who denied sleeping with her to admire.

  • roja

    She’s so happy because the camera follow her!!!!!

    Attention w…….!!!

  • Jay

    I think they both are classless. Children have been deeply hurt by their selfishness. They should be living in shame instead they are laughing and prancing around town. Hurry and adopt a baby to make yourselves look better. ; (

  • Annie

    Whoever is in charge of Rimes’ Public Relations should understand that they are not convincing anyone by this daily dose of a happy LeAnn with her stupid smug smiling face. She obviously doesn’t understand just how offensive her behaviour has been – after all, she cheated on her husband and then set her PR team to spread the rumours about him being gay. Gay or not he deserved more respect.

    As for Cibrian, he is almost up there with Balthazar Getty, who embarrassed his wife in the same way. Who do these people think they are? They are performers and should know that their behaviour is going to reach the media. Cibrian and Rimes have humiliated their spouses in the more vicious way possible and are now starring in a PR campaign to whitewash their behaviour.

    As for Cibrian’s wife, she has EVERY right to speak out after what he has done to her. I cannot imagine the humiliation of believing the spouses’ lies and then to watch whilst the mistress stalks him without mercy. He would never have willingly left his wife if it hadn’t gone so public when she threw him out – he obviously wanted to have his family and a little bit on the side and Rimes wouldn’t accept this.

    I would like to ask LeAnn Rimes if she really believes that such a man is capable of being faithful for any length of time. I would also like to ask Cibrian how he could treat his wife in this way – what happened to discretion and protecting your family if you have an affair.

    They are absolute shits and deserve each other.

  • omg

    No amount of running LeeAnn can hide the fact that you are a homewrecker.
    Obviously both were not happy in there marriages, but when there are children involved (Eddies) then there is a problem. It makes the situation horrible.

  • Skye

    FugAnn Rhimes is loving the attention this is getting her.

  • sarah

    I liked her but now… UGH!
    Her story with Cibrian remind me Getty/Miller. Double UGH!

  • robinred

    Her hubbie is GAY. Maybe she let him sleep with men and got tired of the humiliation.

    Eddie never had a healthy marriage. He was in an extramarital affair with Scheana Marie for 3 years. His wife knew but didn’t do anything about it until this thing went public.

    Le Ann looks happy not smirky.

    Must be a lot of bitter dumped women writing nasty stuff on Le Ann. Get a life! You’ll feel better.

  • ugly

    Does she call the paps when she goes to the bathroom? She has no talent, and why are we even looking at her, why am I commenting on her? She is one ugly woman- what is what’s his name thinking?

  • jj

    In the original US article, they quoted Smirk girl as saying the Jerk would be single by his anniversary (?May). When this did not happen, Smirk girl went into stalker mode to “out” the affair and push the wife out of the way. I agree with those who say he was never going to leave his wife, so Smirk girl gave the big push. Lie after lie by these two, how repulsive. Hey Smirk and the Jerk, see what the affair did for Miller and Getty? Boycott CSI and her CD’s and concerts. Why should such flagrant liars be rewarded?

  • robinred

    Le Ann looks healthy and happy and beautiful

    She and her gay boy probably have an open relationship. Did she know it when she married him? Nope! But the people Dean attended high school with were aware of it. So why did Dean not tell her beforehand?

    Because he wanted her fortune and fame!?!

  • languid

    Maybe Eddie;s wife was uninteresting, had false boobs, was vapid and a b#tch! Perhaps?

    Maybe their marriage has been an unhappy and troubled one.

    Dean is gay….yes?

  • jj

    Can anyone confirm if any legal papers have been filed by any spouse in this case?????????

  • languid

    Le Ann’s body looks really strong and nice. She ia quite athletic and smart.

    So her husband is gay and she needs a red-looded male.

    Eddie has a rep as a serial cheater. He could have 10 side girlfriends right now. Who knows!?!

    Charlie Sheen slept with 5000 women…..he admits. So I hope none of you posting here watch his show and I hope none of you went to see GI Joe with Sienna Miller or Brad Pitt;s movie. That would make you hypocrites.

    Got to think those of you who are judging so harshly are either dumped single women or in fear your husband may do the same. RELAX! What wil lbe, will be!

  • pugnose

    i’m still in aw of this fugly b i t c h
    how can anyone f her w/o a bag over her head
    look at the third to last picture

  • reBecca

    She’s happy because she’s no longer a virgin after being with that gay almost ex husband of hers. Go Girl!!!!!

  • casey

    Leann had a sham of a marriage, so did Eddie. The fact that they would hook up makes perfect sense. They may not last long together but that’s not the point. The point is that they got out of their marriages however ugly they had to do it.

  • Shelly_2

    For a homewrecker, she sure looks happy!

  • nyob

    She may or may not be a homewrecker and a cheater – I have no idea. But she is really not very attractive and he is hella hot. What is he doing with her?

  • Roni

    This business does remind me of the Getty/Miller affair in that the cheating partners made little or no effort to act discreetly and protect their innocent spouses. Getty also has a terrible reputation like Cibrian.

    Rimes should remember that it is Miller who caught the flack not Getty, who was the married man with kids. Miller’s career has been put on hold for almost a year (GI Jo was made BEFORE the affair) and she is still struggling to regain it. Both Rimes and Cibrian rely on their fans for their career – such blatant behaviour is not acceptable unless you are Elizabeth Taylor!

    Miller and Getty have split, with strong rumours that he dumped her and went back to his pretty wife. So be warned Ms. Rimes. Eddie would not be with you if his wife hadn’t thrown him out because of the humiliation. She might just change her mind!

  • HockeygurL

    Did anyone hear much from her before the whole affair started ? I hope the Karma police come knocking for these two, her and that smirk like she saying” Oh look at me ya the paps are finally paying attention too me again and not Carrie Underwood “‘ jealous bitch !

  • jj

    Great comment Roni.
    Updated info on People website has Brandi Cibrian’s reaction to the recent public dates. All these two idiots had to do was legally separate and then “date”. But no had to lie and cause so much pain. Guess divorce papers will be filed soon per Brandi. No matter the state of her marriage, did she really deserve to be treated like this and deal with her son’s wondering where the sperm donor, oh I mean father is? Terribly sad, and Smirk girl looks like she won some grand prize; how can you be so friggin’ happy at someone else’s pain?

  • jove

    Sienna Miller’s career was NOT hurt by her link up with Getty. In fact, look at the popularity of Sienna’s latest movie.

    Sheen came out of lost period smelling like a rose.

    Brad Pitt is more popular than ever