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Melanie Griffith: Yes to Rehab!

Melanie Griffith: Yes to Rehab!

Legendary actress Melanie Griffith, 52, has entered a rehab facility, who has struggled with drugs and alcohol over the years.

“She is there to reinforce her commitment to stay healthy. This is part of a routine plan that was designed between her and her doctors years ago,” Melanie‘s publicist, Robin Baum, tells Star.

According to a source, “Melanie‘s struggling right now, but Antonio has been checking in on her as much as he is allowed, making sure she gets back on her feet. Without Antonio in her life, I honestly believe Melanie would be dead.”

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  • B

    i think her drug issues are from being an aging actress. there are no good parts 4 her

  • bella

    Glad she is seeking help and bettering herself. It is good she has a great husband as well.
    Get well Melanie :)

  • silly putty

    wonder how old she is now??

    Do you know JJ ?

  • wtf

    Damn! JJ couldn’t you have used a less fug picture of her?

  • nick

    good luck melanie- wish you the best

  • add to the list

    …”struggled with addictions to drugs and alcohol …”
    add plastic surgery to the list
    her face is wack.

  • Frenchy

    legendary? Melanie is a B list actress who’s mother Tippi Hedren is more famous than she is.

    Star magazine? **rolling my eyes***

    If this is true I hope she gets better. She’s been into drugs since she was 14.

  • i’m a reader

    @silly putty: 52 years old

  • Cowboylady

    I agree with Frenchy. While I wish her the best and glad she has a suppportive husband, I would not dare call this actress “legendary”! And since when did “Star Magazine become a reliable and reputable source?

    I’m just saying….

  • me!

    She looks like Tammy fay Baker!

  • Rob

    I don’t think she is going in rehab….she ‘s going for even more plastic surgery! She should have left her face alone…..her mother looks better than her and I think she is in her 70′ s or 80′s.

  • Ckayed

    Good luck Melody – addiction is a bitch…

  • Reality Bites

    “Without Antonio in her life, I honestly believe Melanie would be dead”

    No pressure there Antonio..does anyone else read this as code for.. I know you left your beautiful Spanish wife for me once upon a time, but you better not dump me for someone younger and better looking or I will kill myself.

  • Unimog

    Is that a recent picture? She looks bad! Wish her the best but can’t see it myself, sounds like she relies too much on others for support & not on herself.

  • Terri

    is that Joan Rivers mother????

  • Morgan

    #1 – She has been on and off drugs for years.

    I don’t mind her, but I was really turned off when she told her son she would smoke pot with him if he ever wanted to try it. That is beyond irresponsible, especially when both parents were/are hardcore addicts. He ended up having a problem and so did her daughter. I could never understand why Antonio left his lovely Spanish wife and took up with a druggie who already had two kids by two different men. He always seemed very classy and not a Hollywood type. I guess love is blind.

  • Again

    If Tonio had ever left her,she would have crashed.
    Background though shall we…Antonio left his Spainsh wife for Melaine…Melaine has been battling drugs alcohol since she was14 and took then with DonJohnson…Melainendid drugs with her son from StevenBauer,the son has been to rehab,Dakota Johnson from Don is not on the right path.

  • Again

    and good luck to MelaineG.again.52,she will win this time.

  • afro sheen


  • Alison

    I don’t think Don Johnson is much better. He falls off the wagon every so often and unfortunately it is rubbing off onto their kids who are down the same path. There is a difference between being a cool parent and a responsible one.
    Good luck to Melanie, at least she is getting help and you can’t knock her for that.

  • pousadas Morro de Sao Paulo

    Good luck Melanie! Stay healthy …. for you and your family.

  • Wendy

    WOW how judgmental and cruel can some of you be!!! I bet your lives are a picture of perfect, sad people!!

    I wish Melanie (if this is true) all the best, and hope she gets better,addiction is awful!

  • blah blah blah

    She is SO lucky to have Antonio.
    He is amazingly talented and handsome.
    What did he ever see in her? No idea.

  • Skye

    @Reality Bites – you nailed it!

  • noname

    Poor Melanie obviously has some demons – low self esteem and low self worth. to name a few. She has everything – a gorgeous hubby, great children, loads of money but yet she still does drugs and booze. I saw her interviewed on The Actor’s Studio a few years ago and she spoke about it. How sad for her that she still feels so unworthy of love and undeserving of what she has. I wish her well and hope that this stint in rehab with help her once and for all.

  • babysitter

    So, Antonio has to babysit her for the rest of his life. Woman needs to stay on the wagon cuz that s#it ain’t fair.

  • sara

    I’m from Spain and it saddens me to see that he left his gorgeous wife for this @#$%. Maybe he thought it would further his career?

    I’ve always suspected that she had an unhealthy obssesion with her husband and any time he tries to leave she tries to kill herself. He probably stays with her out of guilt.

    This woman is a waste.He could do so much better.

  • Jokergurl

    Melanie used to be so pretty, the plastic surgery just has made her look terrible (and the substance abuse) She’s always had problems with drugs and alcohol, too bad she’s a good actress too.

  • Kieran84

    Get well soon Melanie!!!
    I hope you find to strenght to beat this, and I hope you know you have fans who love you!!

  • suppress your appetite

    love her so much