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Paris Jackson: Las Vegas Weekend!

Paris Jackson: Las Vegas Weekend!

Paris Jackson, the 11-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson, goes on a big shopping spree with her grandmother Katherine Jackson at the Palms Resort & Casino on Sunday (August 23) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The pair was also seen getting pampered at the Amp Salon.

Paris and her brothers — Prince Michael I, 12, and Prince Michael II, aka “Blanket”, 7 — were later seen downing virgin strawberry-banana daiquiri’s by the pool at the Palms Resort.

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86 Responses to “Paris Jackson: Las Vegas Weekend!”

  1. 1
    Heather ♥ Says:


  2. 2
    nick Says:

    nice to see his kids out and about, not covered in masks.

  3. 3
    catty Says:

    That is not her grandmother dumbo, does that look like a 79 year old lady to you?

  4. 4
    LuckyL Says:

    Oh God, are they really going to start this sh** with these poor kids?

  5. 5
    heeeeee Says:

    @nick: Oh PLEASE. We saw them in masks how many times? Like 5? Out of their whole lives? HUGE DEAL!

    Not. Michael protected them. Their lives are now a circus.

  6. 6
    get taller naturally Says:

    Great to see Paris again… just remembering her pain at the memorial service chokes me up!

  7. 7
    janaina Says:

    I want this girl is very happy, and his brothers also, I love Michael and I know he is close to God.

  8. 8
    Erica Says:

    She spent alot of time in Vegas with Michael, I’m sure she misses it. It looks like she’s with the nanny, it’s definitely not Katherine. Paris seems to be really mature for her age.

  9. 9
    Dassie Says:

    It is good to see them happy! I wish them all the best!!

  10. 10
    sweetness Says:

    Why have them in Vegas?…when will this Jackson family step up to being adults and keep these children shielded from the paparazzis. They don’t need to be paraded around Vegas of all places..How about Disneyland or somewhere less contaminated with gawkers?!

  11. 11
    Annie Says:

    I just wish that the media would leave them alone. They are children, not celebrities, and deserve some privacy.

    to #10 The papz will follow this family to the end of the earth in order to get a pic of them. They are just trying to shop and they have the right to live their lives. I believe that the papz should be prevented BY LAW from stalking celebrities and particularly children but, of course, this isn’t going to happen because the celeb industry is such a money-maker for too many people.

  12. 12
    cynthia Says:

    it’s wonderful to see her out and being normal without masks and blankets

  13. 13
    kenza Says:

    She is going to be so gorgeous when she grows up! She is so mature looking for an 11 year old.

  14. 14
    Lisa Says:

    I like her. It will be interesting to see where she takes her life.

  15. 15
    CHOK Says:

    Spending all that money on the white man’s kid. That’s why blacks will never be rich. When they do make it [become successful] they marry off to whites.

  16. 16
    Meepzy Says:

    Sweet baby Jesus, the paps are going to screw these kids over now.

    But why be in Las Vegas in the first place when it’s so open..?

  17. 17
    keltu Says:

    She looks happy…

  18. 18
    __ Says:

    She’s adorable!! Good to see her smiling since the painful tragedy

  19. 19
    Kay Says:

    She’s going to be gorgeous when she gets older just like her daddy.

    Btw, Jared, that’s not Katherine in the pictures.

  20. 20
    lily Says:

    Vegas??? isnt there where Poppa Jackson lives? UGH!! I wouldnt want them near him…anyway i hope she’s having fun and hope shes happy

  21. 21
    Rand Says:

    his kids are beautiful. I’m glad they’re doing well. I know their dad is with them in spirit.

  22. 22
    XXX Says:

    Jared, that lady with Paris is not Katherine Jackson,

  23. 23
    Laura Says:

    for her to lose a dad at such a young age and 2 months ago, she looks like she is having a fun time shopping and being a girl. She also looks healthy so thats a plus. Michael is watching over his kids :)
    oh and Jared, i dont think thats Katherine… maybe its Rebbie??

  24. 24
    Shimmeringdew Says:

    This does not look like Katherine Jackson and also if you look real close the girl looks thicker than the other pictures out there of Paris.
    I dont think that is Paris either. Her face shape is not right.
    Anyone else???????????????

  25. 25
    Linda Says:

    That’s not Katherine. It’s most likely Michael’s older sister Rebbie who also helps care for his kids with Katherine.

  26. 26
    REEVEN Says:


  27. 27
    Logan Says:

    Maybe it’s the nanny. Either way, I am happy that the kids are now getting to experience a somewhat normal life. I read that they might even start attending school, which is fantastic. They can finally be with other kids and make friends.

  28. 28
    Autumnm Says:

    I love Paris! Glad to see she’s doing well. She is a doll. I love MJ and all his kids actually. They’re all precious.

  29. 29
    Unimog Says:

    Just hope the paps leave em alone so they can have a normal life! Paps shud respect their privacy n just back off!

  30. 30
    lexy Says:

    Why would you bring a bunch of minors to Las Vegas? There are plenty of stores and salons in LA. Better yet, drive to a location where the kids can walk around freely without being followed by the paps.

    Isn’t this where dear old grandpa Joe lives?

  31. 31
    babe_luv_ya Says:

    She’s gorgeous. The King Of Pop must be proud of his children. xoxo

  32. 32
    suzy Says:

    wow..she looks so happy! Is she happy that her ‘dad’ MJ has finally passed away?

  33. 33
    Freddy Mercury Says:


    Fukcc off you suzy, Just because you were raped as a child and you turned in to a dumb *****, doesnt mean the rest of the world is liked your warpe ass. Did she look happy to you at the memorial? Do you expect them to be walking around inpublic crying twenty four seven? Anyway, how can you tell her state of mind by a few snapshots? Shes a strong girl, MJ actually said that Paris was the toughest. And it should be noted that Paris is still wearing the other half of the heart necklace she left around her fathers wrist.

  34. 34
    chelsea Says:

    Idk, but there’s something fishy about this pic. I have doubts of this girl being Paris, but if it is really her, I’m happy she’s going out and enjoying life as they should.

    I was just wondering if Michael would even approve of this, of his children walking at the streets of Las Vegas after protecting their identity, knowing paparazzis are ubiquitous and would literally eat them alive.

  35. 35
    Nita Says:

    Paris is such a pretty girl, exactly what an 11 year old should look like unlike Lourdes who looks like a mess

  36. 36
    mELISHA Says:

    Its great to see Paris smiling again and her grandmother is helping her deal with the death of her dad. BUt the media should lay off….we dont want his children to be in this celebrity frenzy spotted here n there,its ridiculous after what he went through. Im sure Michael wouldnt want his kids being followed by paparazzi everytime they go out. .no wonder he covered their faces.

  37. 37
    T Says:

    That’s not Katherine Jackson in the pics, but she was with the kids in Vegas. They spent a lot of time with MJ there, so I’m sure they like it. It’s nice to see Pairs smiling.

  38. 38
    T Says:


  39. 39
    Kelly Says:

    What a pretty little girl. She’s adorable. Glad to see shes enjoying herself but as I thought they weren’t going to get photographed, of course, they do.

  40. 40
    Not Rebby Says:

    This is NOT Rebby Jackson!!! Rebby is fitter, waaaaaaaaaay cuter and younger! Rebby is non plastic version of Janet! But she’s still beautiful!

  41. 41
    twpumpkin Says:

    Get over yourself! She seems like a very well brought up girl. No matter what people say it is clear Michael was a good father. God bless all his kids.

  42. 42
    cornelia Says:

    you’re right. wft is this information supposed to mean? it’s rebbie i think

  43. 43
    gabi Says:

    Paris é tão linda! É uma princesa. A Paris e sua família forças! Amo
    muito vocês! :)

  44. 44
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    is she naturually tan?
    cuz ive swear she was pretty light skinned
    because i always thought she she did that speech, it looked like she had on a fake tan

  45. 45
    victoria #1 Says:

    What state of mind do you exist in? ” glad her father is dead? ”
    Good God, woman, what kind of childhood did you have?

    Another site had these same pictures, ( these are terrible photo’s ) and there were face-on pictures. That is Katherine and Paris. Paris is just a little healthier looking, and Katherine seems a little more relaxed around her beautiful grandchildren. There was NO nanny, but Janet and Rebbie had the boys for awhile at the pool area, while Katherine spent one-on-one with Paris, then they switched.

    I believe this was on X-17 online or the Daily Mail report, as I visit so many. If I find it, I will be back with a link.
    @NUMBER # 44—-REBBIE,said in People Magazine that all the children live outside playing and swimming and skating. I’m sure that is why Paris AND and the boys look some darker than they did before.

  46. 46
    clay Says:

    The photos don’t even look like Paris or Katherine.

  47. 47
    cosi Says:

    …poor MJ… been jamming to his 70s hits since he died

  48. 48 Says:

    Nice pics, she looks really happy. :)

  49. 49
    rita Says:

    I know that’s not katherine Jackson and not sure if that’s Michael’s daughter.

  50. 50
    brina Says:

    she’s so pretty! and looks very well mannered

  51. 51
    . Says:

    they were visiting daddy!!!

  52. 52
    Immie Says:

    Its great to see her having a fun shopping trip like any other younge girl would do on weekends. Im about her age , and i go shopping too and its nice to know she can do the same thing. They all look like any ordinary healthy children having a good time. RIP MJ
    I wish them luck x

  53. 53
    lEO Says:

    SERIOUSLY get off it with the masks already! I agree with who ever said the masks were on them like 3 out of the 100 times they were out…stop making a big deal about it…stupid ppl

  54. 54
    lEO Says:

    SERIOUSLY get off it with the masks already! I agree with who ever said the masks were on them like 3 out of the 100 times they were out…stop making a big deal about it…stupid ppl

  55. 55
    MJ 4 life Says:

    If you all would read the story thats Jackie’s wife with Paris. She took her to get her hair and nails done.

  56. 56
    MJ 4 life Says:

    If you all would read the story thats Jackie’s wife with Paris. She took her to get her hair and nails done.

  57. 57
    MJ 4 life Says:

    ANd she was not shopping ..In the bags are complementery items she got for her first hair cut and visit to the salon she got her hair cut at. yall should read before yall talk.

  58. 58
    Nicole Lowe Says:

    @suzy: you are gros that is such a horrible thing to say that little girl loves her father and is probaly lost withut him byt she is doing what he would want her to do that is live her life being happy. you should slap yourself becasue that is a horrible thing to say.

  59. 59
    yaya Says:


    you are so right. at least when Michael was alive the had a sense of normal lives no one really knew what they looked like so they were able to have real lives. it was this crzy nonsense w/ crzy ppl coming forward saying they had his kids and they were w/ him tht he wanted to protect them from. the masks were for their safety PLUS they weren’t even HIS idea in the 1st place DEBBIE ROWE is the one who suggested it to him after she got a death threat for Paris shortly after she was born. so plz can ya’ll quit debating on **** you have NO idea about. the paternity of the kids is none of your business. even IF they weren’t his biological they were his kids in every other sense of the word. he was there father so respect tht and shut the hell up cuz this is none of your concern, its the concern of their family

  60. 60
    beachgirl Says:

    They love both their grandparents. To bad people believe the news media about the family. They are close. All of them

  61. 61
    Teodora Says:

    “Bug shopping spree” ? and then they say MJ kids don`t have money ? come one… and why is she so happy? her dad died like 2 months ago. I`m not saying she should cry all day and not leave her house… but, still…

  62. 62
    me Says:

    that’s not the nanny and it’s not katherine

  63. 63
    Sandra Says:

    The grandmother is more chunkier for one and that don’t even look like paris to me but thats just my opinon :)

  64. 64
    leeminho Says:

    wow.. they look so happy.. and they have time to shop! LOL! maybe that’s why, they keep on postponing MJ’s burial! LOL!

  65. 65
    ashlee Says:


    that was pretty rude ya know

  66. 66
    oana Says:

    she’s a good girl with good manners, let’s hope she’s not going to end like other celebrity kids… and btw i don’t think that’s Katherine… i think it’s Rebbie or the nanny…

  67. 67
    bambam Says:

    She seems so mature for her age. I think it will be interesting too when she gets older. I think she is going to do something big with her life.

  68. 68
    CEci Says:

    I ‘m Glad to see her out and about…… Her father will live on in our hearts and I personally only wish the best for her and her brothers ….. Take care Paris j. and make your Daddy proud .

  69. 69
    jorden Says:

    @T: hello

  70. 70
    jorden Says:


  71. 71
    Lola jaye Says:

    Uh that aint rebbie either i have NO idea who that is…hmmm ive seen rebbie and katherine that aint them boo..another website said it was either thier tutor or jackies wife(their aunt) but thats all shady too..hmm another jackson mystery??? and Vegas???!!! i mean really as long as they are happy thats all that matter these kids need all the support they can get from anyone!! But Vegas is soo..idk..public??? i like that one girls idea, take em to disneyland or something i mean regardless these kids are always gonna be in the public and watched but VEGAS??? well to each is own, hope they are happy and May the good lord bless them with all the happiness thier poor father never had.~ R.I.P Our King~

  72. 72
    ME! Says:

    @Sweetness: you are so smart, I bet you get that all the time! And why is the Jackson family not acting like grown-ups to you?? Because they take those kids to the mall? What are they supposed to do? Lock them up in the basement?? They’re not showing them off, it’s the scandal press and the gossip junkies who need to act like mature people and stop googling their eyes, not the family who’s trying to live a normal life!!

  73. 73
    TROY Says:

    That is not Katherine or Rebbie, as a matter of fact she doesn’t look familiar or looks to be any member of the Jackson family. Not to say I know all the Jackson family members…I think Michael did his kids justice by protecting them with the mask as they were children, because of all of the mockery/ridicule he had to endure growing up. Though sometimes his child-like antics made him the poster child for ridicule, he still was able to be a good father, the best he could be to those children, considering his addiction to pain medication. I’m so sad that he won’t be able to see his children in their adulthood, but everything happens for a reason. Those children, Paris and Prince for the most part seem like well-rounded and mature children, which goes to show that Michael wasn’t all that bad of a person. It doesn’t hurt that they have all those cousins and a big family like the Jacksons to watch over them and keep them grounded and happy. It’s the damn media that will more than likely be the downfall of these kids, just so that they can sell a story. It’s like Reverend Al Sharpton said to the Jackson kids at the memorial; “there was nothing strange about your daddy, what was strange is what he had to go through.” God bless those children and watch and keep them safe from the vulchers that are waiting to pick at their innocent little souls., and God Bless the Jackson family and may Michaels soul rest in peace.

  74. 74

    Is that really paris? poor kids, Michael was such a good father, he protected them from the press. Now they are probably being followed everywhere.. there should be a law to keep papz from stalking celebrities.

  75. 75

    Is that really paris? poor kids, Michael was such a good father, he protected them from the press. Now they are probably being followed everywhere.. there should be a law to keep papz from stalking celebrities. I just hope they will have a normal life and be happy.

  76. 76
    Michelle Says:

    Paris dresses and acts like a normal kid who is raised well by parents. I have nothing against the mask thing when MJ was still alive. It kept the kids away from the spotlight and the pretentious world of hollywood. They never looked a bit of a brat to me as compared to other celebrity kids.

  77. 77
    Pat Says:

    as much as I hope the press would not hound Michael’s kids, I must say that I love seeing pictures of them. The three kids are beautiful and seem like such wonderful children.

    God Bless Prince, Paris, and Blanket. I wish them all the best

  78. 78
    Kiara Says:

    Well i’m happy 2 see her having fun which is wut God is makin’ her have and most importantly without masks but now wut coverz paris’s face are her glasses. I hope dat she doesn’t have dat much pain now dat her father is gone and she won’t see him in person anymore 4 life. And all i wnt her 2 know is dat God will try 2 makesure dat shez happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. 79
    paris Says:

    plz leave these poor kids alone and for nick they wernt always covered in masks read it up u idiot and

  80. 80
    Hannah Says:

    You a**!!!!!!!! That is so NOT true u b****! Just suck a c***!

  81. 81
    suppress your appetite Says:


  82. 82
    Kiara Says:

    will i’m glad that she ishaving a gr8 time but does that really look like katherine jackson 2u

  83. 83
    lisseth Says:


  84. 84
    maria Says:

    que le pasa a la Paris ke no se murio su padre ps ya ni el sow ke iso el dia del homeaje!

  85. 85
    get taller naturally Says:

    That’s filial. Awesome!

  86. 86
    bleu Says:



    U might wanna take another stab at rephrasing that comment. Regardless of what anyone says, MJ was black! Period! His bloodline says he is black. Hid DNA says he is black. He is a black man. Not white. U need to knock it off, weenie.

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