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Rihanna Worship Hits Las Vegas

Rihanna Worship Hits Las Vegas

Rihanna continues to work on her new album at a downtown recording studio in New York City on Sunday night (August 23).

Last Wednesday, the 21-year-old Bajan beauty relaxed with the Kings of Leon in a private cabana at the Hard Rock Hotel pool in Las Vegas. Afterwards, she attended the band’s concert at The Joint at the HRH.

The day after, Rihanna hit up Tao Nightclub’s Worship Thursday around 4AM.

This past weekend, Rihanna partied at M2 ultralounge in the Chelsea neighborhood of NYC.

10+ pictures inside of Rihanna back in the Big Apple…

Just Jared on Facebook
rihanna worship las vegas 01
rihanna worship las vegas 02
rihanna worship las vegas 03
rihanna worship las vegas 04
rihanna worship las vegas 05
rihanna worship las vegas 06
rihanna worship las vegas 07
rihanna worship las vegas 08
rihanna worship las vegas 09
rihanna worship las vegas 10

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  • Pete

    Good to see she got one day of work in.

  • becca

    Rihanna looks so much nicer when she dresses casual.

  • Justice

    Nice skin but she still looks like a man.

  • mystique

    I’m glad she’s back in the studio but the almost daily photo-ops are
    getting boring. She should try lying low and preserving some mystery.

  • me

    she looks good. love her so much.

    Rihannna Forever!!!

  • eggs

    Finally the girl is making some music.

  • LOVE

    haters should get lost ,she doesn’t look like a man she looks awesome.

  • BRE

    she look like she gain weight..look @ her face!

  • groovelicious

    She looks like a tranny.
    If she were a teen boy, she’d probably be adorable.

  • pop

    Is that a woman or a man?

  • Evan

    cute girl. mediocre singer.

  • Woods

    I think the Def Jam clams monitor this blog.
    People have been noticing how Rihanna’s always
    shopping and partying and all of a sudden we see photos
    of her heading to the studio after her stams claim there are no pics
    cause they don’t take photos of that stuff.

  • Run This Town

    Rihanna’s stylish, but she can’t sing for shit.

  • dragon

    I’m over Rihanna. All this girl does is whine in her songs.

  • RiRi4eva

    LOVE HER!!! She looks brill! She’s been working on this album for like… a 6 months already! Loving it. MORE RIRI

  • luckie

    she’s cute but she sings like she has a mouth full of pop

  • rap it up

    Rihanna’s the only chick I know who can sell albums but cant sing.

  • YUCK


  • YUCK



    Talent doesn’t not count for much in today’s music industry.
    It’s all about looks. That’s how Rihanna and Cassie made it

  • Chillin’

    RiRi fixed her wig.
    She’s lookin’ less bald than usual.

  • me2

    i think gaga will have a longer career then rihanna
    even though she’s ugly, she can sing. i like her performances.

  • Atari

    That song that they are playing on the radio with Jay-Z, Kanye and Rihanna is horrible.
    Her hook sounds like someone is strangling a cat.

  • getty

    Agree, Rhi cannot sing. But at least she’s more real then that fake ass Beyonce.

  • Bajan B

    Good that Rihanna works on Sunday.
    This girl has six days of rest.

  • mertz

    lol pete.

    lmfao atari. this is true.

    that hair looks like it’s suffering.


    and once again lol at the comments. man. just cause you aint seeing the pics doesn’t mean she’s not there.

    anyone seen the pics of chris brown, teyana taylor, polo at the bowling alley? nice to see polo (producing for teyana right now) is thick as thieves with that crew as well as being a producer for rihanna. money talks.

  • mertz

    rap it up @ 08/24/2009 at 3:30 am Rihanna’s the only chick I know who can sell albums but cant sing.
    lol. she’s not the only one man. that’s a joke. there are lots of people who can’t sing and moving records. miley cyrus.

  • mertz

    oh and about the sunday working comment…yeah really tell me you know how to book a studio and get some recording time.

  • Halo

    I wondered where she was these past couple of days. I guess she doesn’t get much press in Vegas. Girl is kicking herself over the missed photo-ops!

  • T

    I would think a studio would be open on Sundays if needed, but what’s her excuse for the other days of the week?

  • lily

    ewww why is she hanging with kings of leon?? they are better than her musically. And that makeup is too light for her…Also her nails are gross, they look like Witches nails

  • welsfergo

    rihanna’s so cute. No wonder every body loves her!!

  • blondie

    I predict that both Rihanna and Chris Brown
    will begin to eat like a horse
    to feel the emptiness that is left inside
    from missing the presence of each other,

    and they will both become
    as big as a house.

    After the five year seperation
    they will unite
    and marry
    and have a home filled with little ugly kids
    that never fight
    and they will live
    happily ever after.

    People will call them the Bruisers,
    behind their backs.

  • blondie


    I made a slight spelling error above:

    to FILL the emptiness,
    not to feel the emptiness….

    Maybe they can appeal
    after some time has passed.

    I hope that Chris Brown finds
    someone else.

    Someone that is not the jealous
    type that would not start
    a fight while a man is driving,
    drinking, with a anger problem,
    and who might go beserk…..oops!


    Two young.
    Grow up before you start slugging
    each other.

  • Whooty

    She looks awful, as usual… And she has a double thin: FATTY

  • deee

    Haters you’re not cool,like look at her,she look really cute,nice outfit,smile on her face.. working on her new album,for real she is great girl,and who says that she can’t sing? maybe,she have different voice,but that don’t mean that she can’t sing,I like how she sing,and I respect that girl ..

  • Cammie

    She has gained weight

  • imho

    Weird, her face does look bloated and ITA, her voice is not the best.

  • te amo

    I love rihanna i never liked her before but now i luv her….pls no time for NO haters but ur head up and do u girl…. i love te amo, hatin on the club and run this town… plus u are my fashion icon u killed the video plus i like how u gave ur haters the middle finger in ‘run the town” video

    te amo riri


    @deee: I agree 100% with you. This is why people dislike americans, our history has shown that we knock what is that are diffrent, we do not embrace something new with open arms and love . If she were to sing like Beyonce you would hear she coping her , that’s what was said when she first started out .Now that she change her music to more pop , she copied Fefe dobson. For crying out loud Pink is a wonderfull singer and she has a hard time staying main stream , I would say there are lots of Rocker chicks what happen to Melissa , Cheryl crow, Joan osbourne, etc. Janis is to me the orginal Rocker Chick.Internationaly Rihanna is love and respected more than i can say for half of these other singers on the market now.No wonder why Madonna moved to the UK. Look what happen to Britney for chirst sake , she cracked under the pressure.Now we all trying to beat down little Miley, thanks god she has loving and supporting parents behind her.

  • Luv yU

    Girl, in this world, people will always speak bad about you, especially when they cannot “touch you”, you know what , they talk about Jesus, so just ignore them. keep on doing your do.

  • te amo

    @deee and @justice u guys are so right….. I never knew riri until the incident happened and people were bashing her left and right , then i decided to do my own research rather than being a follower and listened to her music and oh boy did i fall in love with her music… Most of the hate i have notice its because of her accent/culture as i have seen some racist comments especially from blacks of her own peers telling her to go back to barbados . I love her song te amo and hatin on the club. I will support her to the fullest and buy 10 albums when it comes out. I just dont like when people say hateful things to someone they will never know or meet.

  • Regina

    Get over it, some people don’t like her..stop with the elementary Haters comments, Some people appreciate good music over a another pop star who can’t sing well.

    And don’t compare a tattoo wearing, wannabee edgy singer to Jesus, some of you fanatics need therapy

  • twenty-two

    @Regina: Well said! What the bitch does her accent have to do with anything? You can’t even hear her accent when she sings and this girl is not much of a singer. I could care less if someone has an accent. If they produce good music, they have my ear. This girl does not and she’s overexposed which adds to her annoyance.

  • te amo

    There are idiots that dont like her but yet they google her and comment about her ….go figure why click on the link that talks about rihanna or waste ur energy if u dont like someone SMH still beyond me

  • observer

    @ te amo……Well said.

  • Celebwatcher

    Rihanna and Chris Brown forever????


    Check out my other celebrity psychic predictions @

  • Edna

    I wish you obess fans would go to her fansite and stay off of Jared, Iam sick of the whining about this chick, I don’t google her or buy her music, I am happy when she goes away for periods of time. She is useless and cannot touch true divas like Whitney Houston, Tina Turner…singers who can actually sing or dance. This chick will be gone in the next 5 yrs…No legend here

  • observer

    @ Edna, where would you be?


    @observer: Well said I was wondering the same thing.