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Sienna Miller & Jonny Lee Miller: 'After Miss Julie' Poster!

Sienna Miller & Jonny Lee Miller: 'After Miss Julie' Poster!

Sienna Miller and fellow British actor Jonny Lee Miller grab lunch together at Cafe Gitane in the Nolita neighborhood of New York City on Monday afternoon (August 24).

Sienna, 27, and Jonny, 36, will star in the upcoming Broadway this play After Miss Julie. Previews begin Sept. 18 and the show opens Oct. 22 at the American Airlines Theater (227 West 42nd St.). Sienna plays the sexually provocative Miss Julie, one of three characters in the show. Jonny‘s character, John, is her chauffeur, while Marin Ireland will play the cook “Christine.”

P.S. Sienna wore this same dress over three years ago with Miu Miu sandals.

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sienna miller jonny lee miller after miss julie poster 01
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  • Kate

    Can´t wait to see Jude with them!

  • kristin

    wish i was in the states to watch the play, sienna is fantastic

  • Wendy

    Always liked him, and they make a hot stage couple.This play could be interesting, Miller no matter how disgraceful some of her antics might be in my eyes, is a decent actress imo.The girl CAN act.

  • Tuxedo

    Isn’t Jonny Lee Miller married with children ? You know he’s Sienna’s type.

  • jennifer is class

    Angelina Jolie’s ex. One of the only 4 she’s slept with. Really……Really

  • chin can’t act

    jennifer is class @ 08/24/2009 at 3:49 pm

    jennifer slept with tate. brad, vince, paul. john and i am sure there’s more….. angie slept with four but HUMOR with others doesn’t mean she did. we’ll never know will we.

  • Thanks to Jude law

    Sienna has blossomed into a very good actress, but I don’t think she would have made it this far if not for her association with Jude Law. I had never heard of her before that. So, guess she can thank him for her fame.

  • rocky

    Loved Sienna in GI Joe and I agree with #7, she’s turning into a damn good actress. What she does with her personal life is her business.

  • amy

    absolutely adore JLM!!!

  • jennifer is realclass

    @chin can’t act:
    Really….No Really…………. You actually believe that. Is that including her brother and the horse? I’ve seen pictures you know!

  • sunseeker

    Jonny was the guy Getty and Miller hang out with when the affair came to light, obviously he is not bothered about people cheating on their wives either. Most likely hiding Getty and Miller , because they have not separated, George Barker has been used to take the limelight of the GETTY affair. In a few month there will be another holiday in Italy.

  • lakers fan in boston

    @Tuxedo: psssh, she’s done with married peen for a few months, she’s on dj slinky right now

    she looks so cute, i just adore her =]
    hope she does great on broadway! =D

  • wave

    there will be no holiday anywhere. sienna is on broadway until Christmas so sunseeker this kind of shows how much you know about facts.

  • Roni

    “After Miss Julie” is a marvellous play and it will be interesting to see how Sienna Miller’s work is received in New York. Jonny Lee Miller is one of the best British actors working today and is married with a baby. Hopefully that won’t change as a result of working with Sienna!

  • clay

    Just curious, how do you “play” sexy?
    I believe you are either sexy or you are not? Is that so?

  • jamie

    can’t wait to see marin in this. she’s always amazing on stage!

  • ?

    Who will pay to look a slut? this piece will be a failure!!!! LOL

  • fresh

    ive always loved JLM. He seems like a good guy

  • nikomilinko
  • me

    Really . . .this girls other part time job is to ruin marriages. She ahs ruined this one yet, but give it time. Sorry sleep with whoever you want Sienna it syour life . . .but enough with the married men . . .WHO HAVE FRIGGIN KIDS!

  • Karma

    I’ll def pass on this.

    To Johnny Lee: Are you effin’ crazy, dude????

  • Erica

    Yeah, here’s a stretch for Miller, playing a sexually provocative woman! And are people high?! She was good in G.I. Joe? There was no acting involved in that movie, all the critics even said the actors were terrible. It really seems that people have no idea what good acting is nowadays. Next thing you know you’re going to tell us the guns acting was great. Puhleeze!

  • Shell

    “Sienna plays sexually provocative Miss Julie”

    What a stretch. If by sexually provocative you mean shoving her boob in a married man’s mouth, we’ve already seen the rehearsal photos, so I’ll save my money.

  • c

    Sienna is typecast, she just plays different versions of herself. What is so sexy or provacative about a woman who competes with a mother and her 4 kids for a man? How many times can she play a “sexy”/”provacative” woman?

    How long before SM is spotted sticking her tongue in JLM ear? he is married and they do have a baby. Better yet, how long before SM shows up in public with the married man under the pretense that they are just friends? She is just that stupid.

    This proves that SM really does know how to avoid the paps when necessary. What happened did the producers of After Miss Julie talk to her about her excessive need to be the center of attention? Don’t go on vacation with the married man, don’t talk about being a victim; don’t pass the buck; don’t rub the affair in RG face; don’t tip off the paps; think before you speak.

    The DJ slinky thing was a pr stunt. It’s no coincedence that this new relationship comes as she is promoting GI Joe, has a premiere for Vogue, and is gearing up for the play. Someone must have had a long talk to her about how her messes cost them money.

  • Dee

    I can only hope this nasty ass ho bag will have her play shut down before she manages to ruin yet another marriage. I’d bet a month’s paycheck she is still banging Getty and they are laying low to revive both of their ruined careers.

    “She’s great on stage” How would any of you know? She was on stage once five years ago for 10 minutes and terrible reviews!!

    The best thing about GI Joe crashing and burning is this spoiled brat will finally go away.

  • Team Maniston

    Jared, are you paid to promote Sienna? Must be, since you fail to mention her trashy affair for a year with a married man, and now she just so happens to “star” with a married man on Broadway. What a double standard you have, when you can’t quit digging at some other celebs.


    the TRAMP can’t act, she is just being herself. she gets around and around and around and that’s her only talent and gets her roles. WOW THE SLUT THINKS SHE IS CLASSY! PUKING NOW……


    her nickname is: PHUCK MILLER…… she wants to do a play, she phucks a producer, she wants to go on a yacht vacation, she phucks P. Diddly, she wants to sing, she phucks a d.j., she wants to be in a fashion shoot, she phucks a designer…..

  • Just jo

    I’m on Team Sienna. People have got to seriously get over the whole affair thing. It’s her life and her decision. I happen to think she’s a good actress. I wonder why the husband/men never get blamed in cases like these.

  • Just jo

    You’ve got a lot of hate there. I bet you’re super ugly and can’t ruin a marriage even if you tried your hardest. There there, feel better?

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    do not need Sienna on JJ!! Jonny lee miller looks very good. I love HIm and Jude Law//

  • sunseeker


    Read what I said ” In a few month time ” in four month time the play will be finished. Let’s wait and see, and when she appears with Getty then you can comment.

  • n.o.l.a.

    Sienna is great actress. she will success in Broadway. I love her in GI JOE.
    but my question is, why Johnny Lee miller?! he’s not really good.
    I don’t even think he exists in acting world.

  • Dee

    @Just jo:

    And I bet you think boning married men is a fun thing to do.

    But nope, not ugly and not evil like Stlutty

    Do you work for her PR?

  • Skye

    Jonny Lee Miller has a wife and kid doesn’t he? Watch out Mrs Miller!

  • riri

    Sienna please do something with your hair! I don’t want you to look like Jennifer Aniston….. you’re much prettier and a much better actress than her!

  • leigh

    I agree that Sienna is a much better actress than Jennifer Anniston. Now if she could stop being such a slut she might get as many movie offers as Jennifer does.

  • Fern

    @leigh: Uh huh, meanwhile Jennifer Aniston is earning the roles and the cash and doesn’t have to do a sloppy cheap kid-toy flick (tank!) to make her money (poor Sienna has been at it for, what, 8, 10 years?) and doesn’t have to resort to getting naked with married men to get attention.
    Sienna couldn’t act her way out of a dime bag.

  • c

    Sienna is not a victim of double standards. BG has received his fair share of criticism, but the difference is that he LAYS LOW, SHUTS UP, and doesn’t tip off the paps and then cries wolf. Not to mention SM has the need to be in competition with the married man’s wife and kids, so she spreads lies about the married man’s wife and then taunts them by wearing the breast sucking dress and the mickey mouse shirt.

    The men never get blamed? JL did and Sienna has never let anyone forget about his affair. BTW, Sienna publicly berated JL nanny, so she has contributed to the “if I was a man this wouldn’t be happeining” mentality.

    People can’t take SM seriously because she won’t stop acting like a child. A woman who wants to be taken seriously doesn’t keep allowing her personal life to overshadow her career/image(ie-make out on a boat with a man foe the umpteeth time while wearing the same bikini she wore when she vacationed with the married man just a month ago). People will take her seriously if she can manage to refrain from playing the victim, blaming others for her bad behavior when she is spotted with the married man, tipping off the paps and then crying wolf, spreading lies about the married man’s wife, dropping hints that she is still sleeping with the married man, making ANY public appearances with the married man, and releasing stories about how she broke up with a married man.

  • Peter Parker

    Well said #39!!

  • Peter Parker

    Well said #39!!

  • champagne

    I’m seeing After Miss Julie with Sienna Miller and Jonny Lee Miller and I’m seeing Jude Law in Hamlet as well. That will be interesting. To say the least. Also going to see Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig in A Steady Rain and the play God of Carnage with James Gandolfini and Marcia Gay Harden. I’ll be driving back and forth to NYC from Boston and stay in a hotel a couple weekends in a row but I love the live theatre, restaurants and museums of NYC anyway!

  • suppress your appetite

    She is pretty