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Stefania Fernandez Is Crowned Miss Universe 2009

Stefania Fernandez Is Crowned Miss Universe 2009
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  • hadis


  • CHOK

    I do not see Esmee as ever being famous. All she did was sing cover songs exactly like the original singer. Does she even have her own style?

  • Morro de Sao Paulo

    I’m sure there were more beautiful girls than the Miss Venezuela .

  • Jen

    @Morro de Sao Paulo: yes there were. Like the runner up and the other top 4.

  • Ninoska

    we made it venezuela!
    congratulations to my beautiful country with now the new queen of the universe

  • pooter

    # 3- morro de sao paulo

    they don’t select on beauty alone! Get that straight!

    I also like the fact that they did not pick someone with huge false boobs.


  • benito delicias

    pretty cool!!!! can’t we believe we got two in a row….people here are going crazy they live for this sh-t….

    very very well done…i was sure she wasn’t even going to crack the top15 I didn’t support her miss venezuela win last year…then again I didn’t support Dayana’s win either (last year’s miss universe)….

  • justme24

    You people watch too much TV. Lok outside; there’s a world waiting for you/ Miss Universe is rigged. All the runner ups and the winner are chosen before the show starts. It’s entertainment to attract the ratings; who cares who wins.

  • tamara

    urgggggg she didnt even give that good of an answer, australia should’ve won

  • Ilovemiami

    Miss venezuela the best! I want to go to venezuela and find a girlfriend!!!!!! they are soooo beautiful

  • Nohemi

    Hello!!! Las venezolanas bellas por excelencia!!!!

  • i’m Venezuelan

    i’m so happy… this girl is really really cute… congratulation stefania!

    i <3 Venezuela

  • kenza

    Ugh! Dominican Republic, Belgium, and Puerto Rico were soo much better then the winner.

  • Sarah

    kenza @ 08/24/2009 at 11:27 am

    Yeah! You are right…Miss Venezuela wasn’t pretty and you could tell she’s had a nose job and face lift….

    And I was embarrased for her when she answered so I guess the show is rigged!

  • The Baroness

    Contestants from Latin America are cheaters! During the final Q&A, they pretend that they don’t understand the question and can’t speak English that’s why they need an interpreter. In reality, they can understand and speak even a bit of English, just pretend that they don’t for them to be given enough time to think.

  • GagAgain

    Let’s see what she can do to screw-up her opportunities?!!!! The last few “beauty”(?) queens have been in scandals regarding exploitation of their bodies, drugs and alcohol abuse, or being involved with drug dealers. The truly beautiful women in the United States and the World are not put in “dog and pony” shows by their mommy as little girls and brought-up to perceive themselves to “think” they are the most beautiful and end-up becoming sexual objects and brainless wonders.

  • nanda

    Stefania is much prettier than the p*rn star looking Dayana! All you people are jealous cause almost all the most beautiful women in the universe are latinas!

  • one

    miss universe VENEZUELA! i proub be venezuelan

  • Cassie

    Yes, time for most Mexicans and Latins to return to their own countries with their lacking ethics due to the Catholic Church (priest forgiving breeds having a lack of consciousness) and stop populating the U.S. with huge families, drugs, gangs, and other forms of violence.

  • what the

    Why do all these latinas always win in Miss Universe? Damn it, it should be Miss Latin Universe instead!

  • bella

    sorry but who care.

  • Tania

    Miss Universe looks like Natalie Portman!

  • venezuela Boy

    Waoo she’s stuning! She looks more beautiful without all the make up

  • Miss Universe 2010

    Gosh……… i’m much prettier and smarter than this sl*t

  • La dOminiCana

    Damn that girl is really ugly . Miss Dominican should have won [; .

  • Jen

    Miss Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico or Australia should have one

  • Jen

    have won

  • mertz

    how did she win?

  • lakers fan in boston

    i cant believe she’s only 18, she’s pretty but she doesnt seem that special
    ima look up the other runner ups l8
    enjoy the fame for now usain =]
    im surprised bastards even made that much, i swear not to long ago at cannes it got a bad review or something, but then again most reviews suck anyways

  • Anakin

    The judges are a joke, Heidi Montag?!! WTF!, And Miss Australia should have definitely won, she reminded me of Jennifer Hawkins, Miss Universe 2004, one of the best ever and come to think of it Miss Australia 2008 was a beauty as well. The Donald better do something to fix this pageant or it’s going to end up like the Miss America pagaent, and no one will give a cr@p.

  • Kimberly

    I think there should be a rule that if the country got it last time then they shouldn’t get it next year. It isn’t fair for the other contestants.


    Stefania F. is caztrocomunizt chavurra!!!


    Stefania F. is admiradora of the narcopresident Chavez!!!

  • leila

    @Cassie: first, get well inform on the subject of immigrants, religion, and latin culture….second, stop talking $h*t about topics you obviously lack knowledge off.

  • yulissa

    dominican republic should have won she is prettier with all of my respect to venezuela!

    pero the dominican was better viva republica dominicana

  • yulissa

    dominican republic should have won she is prettier with all of my respect to venezuela!

    pero the dominican was better viva republica dominicana

  • AJ

    Guys, it’s all about how their answer the questions..Miss venezuela did a greta job, miss dominic well, her answer was O_O

  • fifi

    Stefania is actually Russian, Polish and something else…eastern European origin who migrated to Venezuela.

    I like Miss Kosovo unique look!!!!

  • vale

    u all jealous -.- …. viva Venezuela! y Mérida!…. =)

  • AJ

    @ fifi But her mother is from Venezuela soo? :D

  • Just saying

    She’s pretty, but so are the others finalists! As for being smart, I watched the whole live broadcast and she surely wasn’t anywhere in the “smart” league. She couldn’t even answer her question. She was asked what women could do to become equal to men(pertaining to the workforce) and she answered that she thinks men and woman have been equal for a long time. That’s still not answering the question! Ambiguous much?!? None of them where really able to answer their questions accurately anyway, but her and Miss Kosovo’s answers weren’t too incredibly smart. They were even allowed to answer in their own respective native languages and still couldn’t sound just a bit smart. Then again, it could be the usage of translators. It’s a shame! However, I forgave Miss Kosovo, because I resented the question she was asked. Why are these people making questions about a Justin Timberlake quote? Like WTF?!? I’m a teen (I like his music/songs and I think he’s a good musician), but he’s still irrelevant to me-(he’s no great music legend/author/scientist etc.) and probably to these women too-(although most might know about him). Get real! They should ask them questions that make sense and if they MUST quote, use meaningful ones from great (historical) figures. The whole show was just a mess. WTF @ Heidi’s performance! This pageant needs to step it up a notch and stop using beauty as an excuse for being dumb (or borderline smart) and in Heidi’s case, TRASHY! As for the winner, she should have been 2nd place at most. Miss Dominican Republic, although not “perfect” was robbed of HER crown last night! She deserved to win-(best scores combined/nice walk/personality/reasonable final question answer)! Time to stop playing politics Mr. Trump!

  • maria

    As expected, another artificially enhanced beauty from venezuela won the pageant. She doesn’t even speak english! Apparently, there’s obvious discrimination of natural beauties from asia. These girls are just wasting their time and money joining this contest!

  • Rebel Yell

    venezuela Boy, if you seriously think she has no make up in that pic, wow – you’re clueless. Not only does she have massive amounts of make up (the colours are just more “natural”), it has also been photoshopped excessively. Although that is the norm in Miss Whatever competitions.

  • carol

    i truely belive that dominican republic should have won, stefania is pretty but for me she does not have an exotic look there lots of girls with that same look there was not special about her and she didn’t even answer her question correctly she almost repeated the question instead of given an inform answer seriously this is the last miss universe i watch the entire pageant is a joke

  • Yeah RIGHt

    Miss Universe?? most beautiful and charming woman of the Universe? There are aliens out there better looking than her I bet. Did you know that 11 out of 10 Venezuelan contestants get plastic surgery? heheheh.

  • suppress your appetite

    She is pretty