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Violet Affleck Makes Sticker Art During Dinner

Violet Affleck Makes Sticker Art During Dinner

Jennifer Garner and daughter Violet Affleck go to Toscana in Brentwood with friend Victor Garber (who played Jen‘s father in Alias) on Sunday (August 23).

Violet, wearing all pink, had fun making some sticker art while she at her dinner.

Jen, 37, was just named Most Natural Beauty by‘s Annual Summer Pop Culture Poll

10+ pictures inside of Violet Affleck making sticker art during dinner…

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violet affleck sticker art during dinner 01
violet affleck sticker art during dinner 02
violet affleck sticker art during dinner 03
violet affleck sticker art during dinner 04
violet affleck sticker art during dinner 05
violet affleck sticker art during dinner 06
violet affleck sticker art during dinner 07
violet affleck sticker art during dinner 08
violet affleck sticker art during dinner 09
violet affleck sticker art during dinner 10

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  • HockeygurL

    Its good to see her and Victor are still friends, Violet is adorable

  • sarah

    Cute! I like these two!

  • Victor/Violet

    Violet looks a lot like Victor. Are we certain Victor isn’t Jen’s real dad?

  • yap

    Thanks,its gr8 to know Im mot the only one with that thought thats crossed my mind,ive always found she looks too much like him,hmmmm look at the resemblence in the eyes

  • Pripri

    @Victor/Violet: Victor/Violet, you’re so right ! i’ve always been wondering that !

  • Powersaver

    Where is Ben? I am sure by the time these two announce ‘irrreconcilable differences’ , their pubicist will also add, Ben and jennifer have been seperated for a year!

  • wow

    Violet looks so much like Victor.

  • carrie

    the most natural beauty? with her lips? it ‘s say “collagen”

  • ??????????

    Violet looks like Jen.They have the same eyes,lips and nose

  • emma

    I could of sworn Jennifer has two kids or maybe i’m wrong and Violet is an only child.

    Violet is a cutie.


    Yes does Jen have one child or two>>??? Where is Seraphina>>

    Never with those two..and who is this new guy that she is kissing…>>
    When are we going to see real Aug 2009 photos on her own website
    half these photos don’t show up.. And it looks like Vi is a only child..

    Which is why next month maybe someone will ask her when she promotes her movie with Rob Lowe Truth about Lying..

  • stefano


  • A spade is a spade

    Violet is a doll, but she really does look a lot like Victor, with Jens dimples. I see no hint of Ben in Violet.


    Ben’s shooting a movie in Boston right now.

  • Alyx

    awww, i love violet so much <3

  • HA!

    Violet looks exactly like Jen and Ben. Hmmm, maybe Victor was chosen to play her father in Alias partially because they resemble each other? Duh. I’m pretty sure he’s gay. AND he performed the wedding ceremony for Jen and Ben. You people are ridiculous.

  • HA!

    BTW, Violet has Ben’s eyes.

  • twpumpkin

    WOW! Another picture of thes two. What a suprise.

  • bella

    Too cute.
    I like the fact that her and Victor are still close. It proves how down to earth she is. . .so not Hollywood.

  • carol

    I’m not a huge Jen fan, was a huge Alias fan though and because of that I did read a bit about the actors. Victor is like another father to Jen and it is one of those Hollywood worst kept secrets that Victor is gay. Victor & his significant other were the only other people at Ben & Jen’s wedding. I think that the guy she is kissing is the same guy that was at her wedding but that’s just my guess.

  • Dellina

    The comments on here are so stupid they’re actually funny. Victor Garber is gay. He married Jen and Ben. He played Jen’s Dad on Alias and obviously they’re good friends.

  • Sam

    Victor is gay and the godfather to Violet (not to mention, he performed the wedding ceremony for Ben & Jennifer.) Nothing really to see here except a nice day out

  • Jasmine

    I thought that everybody knew that Victor and Nathan Lane were a couple? Two of the nicest guys anywhere for sure.

  • Tom

    That is so nice that they are friends

  • lollipop

    Uh, Victor may be gay but he still carries seed. If Jen wanted to trap Ben, she could get Victor’s seed to bait Ben but Ben probably knew all along and he’s supposedly gay as can be so its just one big gayfest. Ironically her BFF Reese is with a guy who is reportedly gay too. Coincidence, I think not. I don’t believe Jen is straight either. The baby does look like Victor’s baby. Very sweet. Hollywood is filled with straight acting gay people.

  • get a life

    Victor and Nathan Lane are a couple. Jen and Ben are a couple. Jen is probably kissing a family friend “good bye”. Ben is directing a movie in Boston. The nanny probably has the other daughter. Why can’t people think anyone else is normal?

  • violet is a stupid name

    That kid looks like such a drama queen. A true brat who still wears pull-up diapers. What a disaster her parenting is…. She should be ashamed of herself not having that kid potty trained by now. Maybe she’s a little retarded?

  • lexy

    The kid looks like a drama queen/brat?? You got all that b/c the kid wears pull-ups?? Who cares?? Jen buying pull-ups is helps the economy – keeps the clerk at Walmart employed at a minium! So let’s not worry about Jen and her kids diapers.

    I imagine it’s hard to manage one child let alone 2 AND have the paps follow you around. I mean they follow Jen and her kids EVERYWHERE – she takes Violet to school they are there…the park…they are there.

    If Violet’s a drama queen/brat it’s b/c she’s got more paps following her around than some of the D-listers JJ calls actresses!

  • lakers fan in boston

    it’s the return of the everyday jeans =[ =[
    just when she was starting to change =[
    ill only say she looks nice but at least her hair looks nice and clean

  • Amy

    Violet looks more like Victor Garber than Ben Affleck she looks nothing like the man who is supposed to be her father. It’s uncanny how much she resembles Victor, he must be her real father. It’s terrible to see Violet who is 4 and still in pull-ups that’s really bad parenting. Jen’s a lazy mother who probably expects the nanny or school to potty train her child.

  • Pippi

    I am laughing my @$$ at some of these comments. Violet looks exactly like Ben as a toddler. (At his profile on People, there is a pic of him, blond hair and all, looking exactly like Vi). You people are so pathetic looking for something negative to say about this family. It only took Ben and Jen and make both Violet and Seraphina. Saying that same crap over and over trying to convince youself something is true only makes you look stupid. Get a grip on reality folks. No drama here, this is not creative writing 101.

    Oh and to the idiots saying that Jen’s lips and nose were the results of plastic surgery, how do you explain the fact that Violet has her same lips and nose? DId Vi also have plastic surgery? Another theory shot to h.e.l.l.

  • Pippi

    Violet Affleck is a beautiful little girl and a perfect combination of both her parents. The same is true of her little sis Seraphina. Whoever can’t see that is either blind or just plain crazy.

    BTW that guy that Jen is shown kissing has been with Jen since Violet was a baby. He was photographed with Ben and Jen in NY when she appeared on Broadway. Him and his wife were pictured with Jen and Violet when Vi was about the same age at Sera now.

    Stop making up sh!it and trying to entertain yourself at the expense of these good folks. What a crock of dodo!

  • lexy

    How do you know Jen’s a lazy mom? Did she ask you to change the kids diaper? Also, she if she wants school or the nanny to potty train she should leave the kid with school or the nanny! Instead she’s being a mom and actually spending time with her daughter!

    Quick someone call child services – celeb mom spends time with daughter – oh no!!!

  • dee

    violet in the 2nd picture looks like a mini taylor swift.

  • where is sera

    She has 2 daughters not 1. Why is Seraphina always left at home with the nanny, when Violet was a baby she was always at restaurants with Jennifer. You never see her spending time with Seraphina.

  • Maudhy

    Natural beauty??
    Her face looks weird now she had something done and her lips!

  • sekss

    She looks amazing!

  • man in the moon

    Jen looks very beautiful and *natural*. Every woman should be so lucky and look this good without makeup, dressed down and hanging out with friends and doting on her beautiful little girl. I ‘m sure Sera gets her share of love too. Not to worry.

  • anon

    Pippi – you are exactly Right, alot of hater here gave stupid comments because their idol (KT, TC & their authis adorable kid) are media whore and KT is a lazy mother and poor suri with alot of sign of authis (claw / clenched fist or bump on forehead).
    Hater cann’t stand to facing this Lovely & beautiful family (Affleck Family) and hater cann’t facing the truth that Jen is good mother, and she has natural beauty & normal family.
    Also at least Violet never has loaded diaper, Unlike Suri with loaded diaper because KT is lazy mom Soooo Disgust.

  • Sherlock

    Violet looks like her mother BUT her mother looks like Victor Garber. That’s why Violet looks bit like Victor.

  • anon

    Scientology people full of forced to support & defend their Idol, they’ll attack all “A” list actress who’s their Idol’s Rival (Nicole Kidman Fam, Jennifer Garner Fam & Angelina J Fam)

  • mimi

    Shiloh and Suri are beautiful. This kid is homely like her mother, and being pimped more than any kid in the world.
    Jen can’t seem to leave the house without calling her PR people.
    and Ben is NOT gay. It is Matt that loves the guys and married a poor single mother to serve as his beard.

  • 51/50

    You need to have yourself evaluated Anon, there are meds that can help you.

  • 51/50

    You only see and know what celebrities want you to perceive about them. That’s why they pay their PR people an absurd amount of money to do their job.

  • Zan

    RE: pullups
    Sometimes when there is a new baby the big sibling reverts a little. Could be she was potty trained until her little sister came along. It’s perfectly normal.

  • jj a

    If a kid is not ready for potty then you just can´t force her! It´s not like she´s 18, she´s not even 4, she just needs more time. Jen could be the best of the best mothers- if the kid doesn´t want it…
    BTW Jen´s boobs are perfect – they are so small like they don´t even exist! Lucky woman – she doesn´t actually need a bra. What did she do to make them so small again after her two pregnancies? Testosterone?

    Where is Vartan? I thought JG said she is friends with him too.

  • Pippi

    EWWWW this kid is peeing and pooping in her own PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jj a

    Victor Garber looks so old!

  • fan

    Man, there are a hell of a lot of perverts on this board. What the hell are you pervs doing checking a 3yrs bottom for?

  • coolchix

    jen is a natural, luv her beauty! violet is so pretty and very adorable!