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Adam Lambert Helps Public Schools In Need

Adam Lambert Helps Public Schools In Need

Adam Lambert records a video message to help support high-need public school classrooms on

“My fans have been so amazing in their support that I would love for them to contribute to something I believe in,” the 27-year-old American Idol vet said. “Every kid deserves a great education and access to the materials and experiences that make it possible. I’m so thrilled to team up with and encourage my fans to support arts and music projects in classrooms.”

Watch the vid below! (Ignore the semi-annoying editing!)

Adam Lambert Helps Public Schools In Need
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  • nick

    I’ll refrain from making a joke about his make up because this is serious. Glad he’s using his celebrity to help out the schools.

  • jenifer is sexy

    Love Adam!!!!!!!!!!

  • jj

    yay for adam. now hurry up with that single!

  • Jamie

    its hard to take him seriously when he looks like a clown.

  • give

    Great cause, and what is so cool about it is that you see exactly where your money is going. I know some people have rcvd thank you notes from the teachers and/or the kids.

    Adam is wearing a ton of makeup here (guess he didnt have time to take it off after the show? ;-)

  • Los Angeles Local

    He needs to ease up on the guyliner.

  • Gaylord

    He should go straight…to Broadway because he sucks at everything else. His career is really really over because he’s so flaming.

  • *****

    Ugh!!!! I can’t stand this gay a- ss clown!!!!!!!!!

  • mickey

    He donates eye liner. Is that how he helps? I didn’t read the blurb I just saw the headline and his raccoon eyes and put 2 and 2 together.

  • Nadine

    Ok you haters, then why are you here?! Adam is an artist and I applaud him for supporting artisitc kids. He’s a great a role model to kids who might be a bit “different”. As I see here, different kids/people get laughed at or rediculed, so at least Adam is there for them! Adam is beautiful and interesting, leave him alone!

  • elsa

    Love adam but agree with a little less make-up- don’t forget your fan base is women mostly- not gay men, Adam. Less is more. I think his hottest look was when he was in Hollywood Week, Satisfaction, Black or White. I like the guyliner, just not so much of it!

  • elsa

    Although he did look pretty hot when he sang with Kiss. That gorgeous face is hard to resist.

  • Cate

    @nick: He just got off stage, which explains the dark make up, but I love it, he looks super hot with all the make up… made my donation!

  • Cate

    @elsa: It’s stage make up, dummies

  • Lola

    @Jamie: It’s his stage make up… you’re a moron.

  • Lola

    It sucks that Adam is going to have to put up with homophobic idiots and others who insist on commenting on his sexual orientation every chance they get, even when he’s talking about helping children. People have no shame, it’s disgusting. Adam is wonderful and I’m sure will have to develop a thick skin, b/c stupid morons are everywhere.

  • pooter

    I like Adam. He is very talented.

    However…I do NOT like how much eye makeup he applies. It’s totally unnecessary..he has beautiful eyes naturally.

    The black makeup makes him look like a racoon!

    Adam….you have beautiful peepers….pls ditch the black stuff

  • Jamie

    Stage makeup? Did he just perform a drag show?

  • t


  • Ay

    Really, we’re all just gonna sit here and talk about how much eye make up Adam’s wearing, and not the fact that he is trying to do a good thing here? Who gives a rat’s ass what’s on his eyes? It’s his face, not yours. What do you care?

    Oh and please, let’s bring up the gay thing again, because that hasn’t been beaten to death. I think every time a photo of Brad Pitt is posted, we should comment on his raging heterosexuality. Because clearly, sexual orientation is a measure of talent.

    If anything is offensive in this video, its the editing.

  • Bethany

    I love adam!

  • queeneetha

    Have you seen him onstage???????????It is totally appropriate. Millions – yes, I mean millions of fans around the world L O V E Adam. What small minds – focusing on eyeliner.

    Adam is a really nice person and a Rock Star!

  • Mel

    Jeez, what a bunch of haterz, who snark and judge without even watching the video. The first thing he says is that he just got offstage, so that’s why the makeup — the Idol Tour plays arenas of around 10,000 people, his makeup is meant for effect and to reach the cheap seats. And he’s cramming in this video between concert performances, pre-concert press, official meet and greets, post-concert barricade autographs and traveling from city to city on the tour bus. Fans send him TONS of gifts, and even with how busy he is, he’s making the effort to rechannel the money spent on gift for him to money spent on kids in need instead. No matter what you think of Adam as a performer, it’s a pretty damn cool thing to do.

  • mrsefron.

    LOVE ADAM !!! <33

    that’s nice of him to this..the actual kid who won idol, isnt doing ANYTHING. lmao !

    <3 Love ya Adam!!

    His Album, out November ! Single out October, WILL BE AMAZINGGGG


  • Mel

    In less than a week his fans have raised more than $40,000 toward music and theater programs in underfunded public schools. Pretty impressive, if you ask me.

  • Amanda

    Thank you for posting this! I love Adam and this is a good cause! We alredy helped get the schools lots of money and i know we can do more :)

  • SouthAfricanGirl

    How can Adam be helping schools when he looks like a druggie from a school?!?!
    I couldn’t stand him on American Idol and can’t stand him now!!!!

  • Denise

    To all haters, GO AWAY. Good thing ADAM is above all of you morons. He is a beautiful soul and doing a good thing for kids. You haters need to get priorities in order, GOOD GOSH !!

    Adam, you are the best and WE LOVE YOU !!!! Ignore the TOXIC PEOPLE !!!

  • Omaha Reader

    Before you say bad thing or making joke about Adam or this article, ask yourself “have you done anything to help Public Schools in need lately?” Adam is going to the right direction, using his celebrity to help out… Not much, but at least, he’s actually doing it. One can make a difference and I’ll support this guy or anyone who wants to make this world a better place… Go Adam!…

  • Jim

    The problem is that the Internet has enabled any idiotic moron with a computer to post an ignorant, nasty comment on any website. No wonder this country is going down the tubes – people who should be out there doing something productive have to weigh in with their stupid hateful opinions. A bunch of fat, dumb, antigay rednecks can’t deal with a rock singer who wears makeup – it’s like having a problem with a golfer who wears polyester.

    One of the reasons the arts are dying in schools is because so many kids have to put up with the stupid, fat children of these antigay rednecks, who call anyone in the arts a “fag” and discourage potentially talented kids from participating.

    God bless someone like Adam Lambert for having the talent to enrich our lives. These people don’t deserve talent – they deserve “Cops.”

  • jolie

    Not only does he possess the voice of an angel, whilst sizzling hot on stage; he is so real during his interviews, AND he has a heart of gold. Already he is using his good fortune to help children…. Unbelievable!!!!!!!! I’ve heard it before, now I have to wonder, is he even from this planet, you go Adam!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Baby

    The AI winner is sucks. He doesn’t have the talent, intelligence and heart like Adam.

  • spinoc

    Watch the video – he says he just got off stage. He isn’t walking around buying his Subway $5 foot long with that makeup on! Then maybe take a look at what has been accomplished already – well over $46,000 donated to school projects in his honor in just the past 5 days. Over $25,000 donated to MusiCares through the sale of a silver pendant Adam designed for PennrRoyal Silver (check out that site). Haters aren’t going to stop this juggernaut, Adam is already making a POSITIVE difference in the world and all your negativity can’t slow it down Try doing something worthwhile here
    This is a high-poverty school band project that several of Adam’s fan groups are working as a team to get funded. Give a buck, or a few.

  • Blondiegrrl

    Adam is as kind an generous as he is talented. I am so proud and pleased that he is lending his name to such a good cause. It’s just a shame that some people here as so shallow as to fixate on his physical appearance while ignoring his contribution to society.

  • sammy

    you idiots bitching about the eyeliner DO realize he’d just come OFF STAGE right? he’s not walking around everyday with that much makeup on. Shit, I hope that the people on this website aren’t indicative of society because you are some of the most disgusting and vile creatures on earth. The man is trying to do good for kids in need and all you can bitch about is his makeup? wow…

  • jamie

    Alright, I have nothing agianst the gays but this guy is so annoying now. i rooted for adam all the way till the end of american idol but ever since its end he has become so flaming it is not funny. WE GET IT, Your here your queer We are SO used to it so Adam if you are reading this tone it down a bit especially with the eye liner because eyeliner is meant for girls not guys.

  • ianaleah

    This i know, all the jealous people that comment here puting bashing Adam are losers in life. Adam is an outstanding talent that the entire music industry praises, so they do actually know what they are talking about. And supporting a good cause is something none of the bashers are doing or ever can match the good Adam is doing.Adam is a success in life, they are losers in life, sooooo “Ha ! “

  • ianaleah

    As for the cause; The arts (painting, poetry, music, writing) are healing and used in health institures and rehab and prisions- and are shown to be healing. The schools save the sports and sciences, yet, it is the arts that human beings needs for soul and spirit and mental/emotional health. Supporting Adam’s charity is good for our society as well as culture.

  • Kelly

    Lambert is articulate & intelligent, but naieve- unforftunately the massive smudged guyliner detracts in public speaking announcments. Adam is and will do great good with this charity though, esp w an updated video0 my opinion. And congrats to his success, which is phinomenol already.

  • Chauncey

    First, let’s all laugh at the small minded haters.

    With so many idiots in the world doing nothing to make it a better place (see my first statement above), it’s refreshing to see a young man at the start of his career already doing something to make people’s lives better.

    Adam Lambert is talented and honest and amazing. And if this video is anything to judge by he’s also a very nice giving human being.

    Bravo Adam.

  • assitant

    This is a very important cause. Adam Lambert is a hugh help because his fan base is hugh and very open minded progressive thinkers, many with mega creativity as well. Go with the flow, and when and if you can help, every little bit adds up. Just think, if one million people just gave $1.00 dollar-that would be a million dollars. So Thank You, Adam Lambert for your caring and support.

  • steveo

    pathetic. An artist is trying to do something positive and all you people can do is bash. Pathetic. IT also makes you look unsophisticated and back water that you dont realize that when perfomers go on stage they have to wear tons of makeup to make their features or their “look” stand out in the harsh stage lights and for the great distance most audience are from the stage. Have you people never been to a theatre play…even a high school performance.. and seen the actors after they come off the stage? never seen other rock stars right off the stage? Never noticed the gobs of make up? Morons.

  • lucky w arts

    Exactly. These same throwbacks who bash would learn from day 1 that if anyone in the audience was to see their face in a play, they woudl need to wear makeup and these same bashers would do so. Thertre trained people like Adam just take it for granted that the public knows this info. Wrong. -there are those from certain circles who haven’t had the opportunity – that is why. we. need. support. for. this. cause. for. the. teaching. of . the. arts. in; our. schools.
    As for ‘guyliner’ here in LA. at the most exclusive clubs, the guys and gals both wear eyelinver- and have done so for years. Adam’s guyliner is old news here and individual’s sexuality is not the factor, the look is the factor, dude, and it gets the ladies :) Guys in guyliner are exotic looking.

  • katherine

    Thank you justjared for shouting out the message

  • Jazz

    @JAMIE & all the haters I’m pretty sure Adam doesn’t care if you want to say bad thing about him, he used to people like you that making fun of him all his life. NOW my questions to you JAMIE and all the haters that only talking about his stage make-up, after trash talking Adam, WHY DON’T YOU GRAB YOUR WALLET AND DONATING $25.00 / $45.00 for these kids. If you don’t even want to give up your money for these kids, well we know what kind of person you ‘re. You’re trash talking Adam, but lemme tell you, Adam is a better person than all of you haters. He cares for the school and the kids.

  • Terry

    Adam is a good kid, brillant talent, and georgeous. Capital He** with the guyliner complaints, this kid is amiable,personable and has tremendous inner strength, beautiful spirit. If the arts in school helped form his charismatic personality-let’s all stand behind him on this.

  • Jenn

    Aside from the sad bigotry on here. I really aplaud Adam for using his fame to support a great cause. In the current economy it is tough on teachers. Having been a teacher I assure you that teachers pay for so much out of their pocket – and this organization is terrificly helpful. Way to go Adam = you are truly a wonderful man and an amazing talent.

  • Ay

    @jamie: So you have nothing against gays, as long as they fit into your little ideal of what a gay “should” be? OK.

  • Kim

    Adam is doing such a wonderful thing by asking his fans to donate to this worthy cause. The children are our future…nurture them.

    Please go here to donate in support of his OFFICIAL site.

  • frankie

    OMG – how sad is that – so many bigots and homophobes – and what’s with the comments on the make-up – jeeeez people. Here’s a person who is just trying to do some good ………..

    way to go Adam Lambert – and Adam fans

    think I might be a fan now