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Anna Paquin: Nylon Magazine TV Issue

Anna Paquin: Nylon Magazine TV Issue

Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer celebrate her September cover issue of Nylon Magazine held at Mondrian Hotel’s Skybar in West Hollywood on Monday (August 24).

Last Thursday, the 27-year-old True Blood star talked about the upcoming season of True Blood, telling the audience about what to expect for her character. “Even if it’s just a dream, odds are we’ll be privy to some extra lovin’ between poor, duped Sookie and conniving Eric [Alexander SkarsgÃ¥rd]. “She drank his blood, so now she has really vivid sexual fantasies about him. I guess that’s how it works,” Anna told E!. “Because in season one after she drinks Bill’s [Stephen Moyer] blood, she has a moment outside of his house…She’s kind of sitting there by herself having a little touch and feel.”

FYI: The dinner was sponsored by Habitual Denim.

10+ pictures inside of Anna Paquin celebrating Nylon Magazine’s TV Issue…

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Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Jody Cortes/WENN
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  • anna pukey

    she is the ultimate SKANK!!!!

  • Lucy

    she is beautiful in a different way. I like the fact that hollywood now has a bit of variety. very brave girl keeping it natural in a place that promotes fixing everything to blend in and suit the norm. at least she is letting her talent speak for itself. clearly she has done good as she’s the lead in a brilliant show and has already won an oscar (the youngest EVER!) only way is up for this one

  • me!

    Was about to make a nasty comment about the way Anna Paquin looks, but then I read your comment.
    I actually completely agree with you!
    We have become so accustomed to a certain Hollywoood beauty ideal that we sometimes fail to see real talent because we get distracted by a space bewteen the leading lady’s teeth.
    A bit pathetic!

  • bella

    I am so sick of seeing these two.

  • liz86000

    LOEV these two! Sookie & Bill (and so Anna & Stephen) have such great chemistry! :)

  • liz86000

    oops! Meant LOVE of course!

  • bumblebeej

    #2 and #3 – what?! she only gained attention once she went BLONDE like every other bimbette in Hollywood.

    And Stephen Moyer – your diamond earring is so misguided. What happens to Brits once they hit the sun? I see it in Australia all the time. Makes them go nuts and think they’re about 15 years yonger. Ugh.

  • Wendy

    Great couple, and i love them and the show.

  • iceicky

    forget those two – Nelsao Ellis, Rutina Wesley, Carrie Preston and Allan Hyde aka Godric were also at the party!
    Where are the pics of them huh?

  • Ilia

    I think Anna is beautiful as well as very talented. Both of them are very real, and down to earth – cool peeps!

  • Sari

    I love her, she`s the best. I really like her “I’m not pregnat” dress. ;)

    bumblebeej “she only gained attention once she went BLONDE like every other bimbette in Hollywood” : It’s joke isn’t it? She was brunette when she won the Oscar, and when she appeared in X-men, Almost famous, and the squid and the whale!!!

  • bumblebeej

    @Sari: I was responding specifically to #2 and #3 comments.

    She had the attention of the critics, sure. But she didn’t have the attention of the popular press until true blood, and as for her being some ‘other’ type of attractive, #2 and #3 didn’t notice her til she went blonde and got engaged to someone who is 14 years older than her with loads of baggage (read: two kids with two different mothers!)

  • patrick

    She is a horrible actress, who is lucky to have a job. Her Oscar was from years ago and the Golden Globe was more than likely purchased for her by HBO and Alan Ball. If she is so great ,where are her other projects?? She has none, according to her IMBD page. She has Trueblood and that is it. Even that has (thankfully) been scaled back, due to her inability to act. She should get acting lessons on her off time.

  • Anna’s fug mug

    The only good acting she does is when she is quiet and in her love scenes. She could be a great adult movie star, if they covered her fug mug. Her man is ugly too. They both have horrible teeth. I hope they plan to invest in the dental care, because between the two of them, their children will have horrid teeth.

  • true blood


    I completely agree with you. She is an awesome actress, Oscar proves it. I love her in True Blood, well everyone in True Blood really steps it up. Brilliant show and amazing cast!

  • love it

    I’m also glad were gettig more variety of what is considered beauty in hollywood. People shouldn’t have to change who they are to feel attractive. Congrats to her and S.M on their engagement. More True Blood please!

  • ks

    They both look good, but I don’t like Stephen’s lighter hair color. He looked way better with dark hair, he got a bad haircut and color. He looked way sexier a couple of days ago. Some hairstylist f***ed him up. Anna always looks good.

  • me

    No. 14 they both look great . wouldn’t change a thing about the show its great!

  • lizzy

    Love these two.

  • Cam

    The both look hot – I’m sure this is Stephen’s natural hair color, but I love him with darker hair too.

  • fix it

    great chemistry but she needs to get her teeth fixed there ugly and he needs a face lift and a trim

  • Jennifer

    wow some people are insecure with themselves and have to hate on these two wonderful beautiful actors. Really? if you dont have anything nice to say, then dont say it at all!

  • fly

    Love them!

  • cocoablossoms

    love them. they are both beautiful and very much in love. of course anna is getting more attention since this show, its her first starring role in a huge hit. her acting is fine. she gets judged way too harshly becuase she is such a young award winner and sookie is an easy character to misinterpret. stephen doesn’t have any baggage just because he has children from different moms, happens all the time. also for the record stephen has had his ear pierced for a long time he just doesn’t always wear an earring. he is also well acquainted with the beach and has been for awhile. he surfs and also taught his son and anna too as well. i love when people comment about things they have no clue about, especially with such a hateful and judgemental tone.

  • Carly

    AP and SM are very talented and gorgeous people.

  • ha

    he’s going to suck the youth out of her by making her carry his life baggage. than she’ll start looking haggard cuz he’ll be wanting to get her pregnant so she won’t stray, than they’ll both be out of work.

    old men can be very coniving especially when they see their partner’s career taking off. i hope she dumps him for alex sarsSEXY

  • feebz

    i love it that they are both sticking to their natural looks without the help of the hollywood cosmetic-obsession – and that they let their true talent speak for themselves.

  • Lissy

    I wish she’d stop giving ridiculous statements about Eric. First she blatantly tells a paper she’s a team Bill girl, and now in Nylon she makes these comments? ERIC IS NOT “CONNIVING”! He’s the best thing on this show, besides Lafayette and Terry. If it weren’t for those three boys, I’d be puking in boredom. Isn’t it interesting that she says Sookie’s “duped” when it comes to Eric, but she doesn’t consider herself “duped” when it comes to Bill. DOUBLE STANDARDS, much? Just because you’re dating Stephen Moyer it doesn’t mean you have to side with Bill too- you stupid, stupid, unprofessional girl. I get it, you love your fiance very much- NOW GET OVER IT ALREADY!

  • Kay

    Sookie got duped by Eric of course. That’s why the synopsis for that episode said he played Sookie for a sucker. Eric is conniving, he brought in Lorena to get in between Sookie and Bill’s relationship. Nobody can tell her who to side with, that’s her opinion. Alan Ball seems to side with Bill as well.

  • Perri

    Anna doesn’t do sexy too well. As for Sookie, the character is the most annoying part of True Blood.

  • Huh?

    Love me some Eric, but he is VERY conniving. How else did he get her to drink his blood?

  • Jennie

    Am I the only one to have notice that Megan Fox wore that same dress months ago? Which makes it practictly so last season . It looked way better on Megan Fox too, hire a stylist girl and stop shopping at the clearance racks!!!

  • she wears it well


    Why? What’s so wrong with wearing a dress that some other actress owns or already wore? I don’t really think A.P. is the type of girl to care about that kind of stuff. She probably wears what she wants to only becuase she wants to. Rock the dress Anna!

  • erics human


    Yeah he is very conniving and we love him for it.

  • true blood

    @true blood: # 15, Please get your own nickname. I always use true blood here and if you are a regular, I’m sure you’ve seen me under the TB posts.

    Agree, Anna looks nice here.

  • Anonymous

    They’re lovely together. I hope all the best for them.

  • maryrowery

    it’s interesting that in true blood they manage to look hot and in real life they are so different…. And I don’t think it’s abut make-up or photoshop, it’s their strange style

  • true blood

    Horrid actress and ugly too. She had to audtion more than six times and beg to get the Sookie role. Alan Ball should have gone with his instinct and hired someone else. She is the worst part of the show with her bad acting, duck lips, snaggle/gap teeth, and bow legs, thank goodness her role is getting smaller. The rest of the cast make for great television.

  • cute

    @true blood: She’s cute. You Jen Hens really need to get a life and stop impersonating other members and hating on more talented actresses.

  • me

    Gorgeous!! And Stephen is so HOT! I can’t wait to see more Sookie/Eric on the show!!

  • Celia


    Um?? Did you miss the part about her winning an Oscar when she was 10 years old? And she only died her hair to play a character who’s blonde.

  • Jen

    @true blood: I disagree – I think she’s gorgeous and not cookie-cutter. I’d like to see what YOU look like since you’re so judgemental and rude.

  • rene

    anna and stephen you are beautiful i absolutely love true blood anna’s role iN true is not getting smaller some people are so RUDE

  • AP is not pretty

    She looks like a gargoyle. I don’t know what’s up with him but she cusses like a drunken sailor and comes off like an idiot. Really cant’ stand her. SM is fine, a good actor. Have no idea what they see in each other, and I’m glad they’re happy, but she is SO miscast as Sookie. Series is starting to get bad anyway so it doesn’t matter. Will not see a Season 4.



  • TEam Wanda

    another oscar winner who would have made a great sookie-

  • Ckayed

    Anna Paquin is an extroridary actress and Stephen Moyer is also a credible actor — what a great couple – ON and OFF screen. Go team Bill!.

  • true blood

    @Jen: That’s not me. That’s another asshole imposter. Agree, she is a pretty girl and good actress.

  • Bills # 1 babe

    He is so unattractive. How old is he? He must be nearing 50. Why do women find him so attractive?

  • true blood

    Together they personify fugly and bad acting.