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Ben Barnes: Shirtless in 'Dorian Gray'

Ben Barnes: Shirtless in 'Dorian Gray'

Ben Barnes goes shirtless in this new still for his upcoming movie, Dorian Gray.

The British actor, who turned 28 earlier this week, plays the title character who becomes the subject of a painting. His vanity takes over and he agrees to sell his soul to stay young and good-looking for eternity.

Dorian Gray opens in UK theaters everywhere on Friday, September 6. No U.S. release date has been set yet. Check out the new movie clip below!

“Dorian Gray” Clip
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ben barnes shirtless dorian gray 02
ben barnes shirtless dorian gray 03
ben barnes shirtless dorian gray 04
ben barnes shirtless dorian gray 05

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  • nick

    uh… dude should have hit the gym before filming

  • dundies

    ive never heard of this story until recently. thanks jj for featuring it. just bought the book

  • hum

    Well he is handsome, maybe not built, but he looks good. I’d watch the movie.

  • dg

    He’s trying too hard to look seducing but fails.
    No charisma.

  • BB is hot

    He’s hot, but does need to work out more. Whatever, I’d still do him.

  • Sweet Bejeezus

    Put. Your. Shirt. Back. On.

  • panda

    I like him lean – I think it’s nicer than an unrealistic buff bod! I am really excited to see this, a whole hour and half of BB? Niiiiiiiiiice! xx

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    i still cant believe they picked this butt-chinned kids to play dorian gray. lmbao.. look at his little bird chest. if someone was to punch him in it they’d kill him. hahahaha.. that might be the most unsexy shiit i’ve ever seen.

  • rpatzfan

    nice face,ugly body ,lol

  • Topdog

    This dude looks disgusting and ugly.

  • jazz

    Eh. Not my idea of Dorian gray.

  • trinka

    he looks great.. even with his small chest…
    I like the pic.. and I hope I can see this flick..

  • Paula

    Omg hes fine….
    I think he looks hot
    If you want a hill of mucles go watch some porn here maybe he could be dorian gray what do you think???

  • Cavilgirl

    Henry cavil would be a perfect Dorian Gray ,he’s hot and has and an amzing body not like this skinny ugly dude .thank you for ruining my fav book :(

  • sooo

    is he gay?

  • T

    I love the book. Hope the movie is good.

  • me


    I agree! Henry Cavill is perfection and he would’ve been the perfect Dorian. I hope this movie is good. I can’t wait to see it.

  • Harriette

    Victorian men wouldn’t of had hot bodies anyway. So I don’t know why your all faffing around saying that he’s ruined it for you, just because of his body. Muscly men aren’t attractive all the time anyway.


    BB, really?! Dorian had blonde hair and blue eyes!! Any Wildean knows that! Heck, Jude Law would’ve made a better Dorian, even at his advanced age.

    I’m boycotting, like many other Wildeans I know.

  • kell

    He is not really that bad its the way they have him situated in this picture. This movie was filmed last year around this time. He been going to the gym. He is just the type of guy that can work out all you want and just can’t get it. Kinda like my Husband same build. But anyway Ben looks like a nice guy no matter how he is build, and to me a real good actor. I would go see this move in a Heartbeat If it would only come to the U.S.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @WICKED WENCH: i second that. jude “gay” law definitely would of made a better dorian gray. he was alfie for god sake.

  • @wicked wench

    Yes, the entire movie is going down in flames, all because he’s not blond. *yawn*

  • Ann.onymous

    Ben’s still GORGEOUS to me!!! And I think he’ll make for an extraordinary Dorian!!!

    I’m THRILLED at the casting decision on the many wonderful actors…

    I still can’t believe Ben just turned 28..he looks SO young..might there be something Dorian Gray-ish going on there haha

    I love Colin’s mannerisms throughout the clip..he’s such a nut…

    I really hope the film will also open in the unfair for it not to lol

  • Linda

    I agree with # 4. he should have kept the shirt on.

  • rpatzfan

    i kinda agree ,of course that i dont want someone like Kellan Lutz all muscles to be Dorian ,it wont fit but Ben doesnt look healthy ,he’s too skinny for my taste,Ben is the type of guy you want to see with the shirt on.

  • kell

    All you that put him down Have you seen the trailer. Look at it. It is a good trailer and shows some of his acting skills, and Ben can pull off Dorian Gray very good. From a very nice and inocent guy to an evil one, just watch it.

  • casey

    I cant wait to see this movie!! I think Ben looks as Dorian Gray: Slender, graceful and sexy . Really guys, I dont imagine Dorian Gray with muscles. Its would be a joke xD

  • melinda

    WOOOWWW This movie looks awesome!!!!!. In my opinion Ben looks soo beautiful and hot x3. I dont know why BUT I LOVE SKINNY,PALE GUYS X3

  • kell

    There is a clip on where he confronts his painting for the first time. It is also on youtube.

  • brenda

    This flick looks very interesting !!! Dorian Gray is one of my favorite books. Its unfair the movie doesnt have a date release in states.
    Anyway thanks Jared!!

  • becca

    The Picture of Dorian Gray is one of my favorite books – and I just saw the 1945 film adaptation a few days ago.

    Dorian Gray is supposed to be blond and cherubic, but no one seems to want to cast him that way. I’ll be seeing this anyway.

  • coraline

    well , he hasnt big bicep or muscular body but he hasnt a ugly or unhealthy body either, hatters. Hes got a nice, lean but strong body .
    I know some hollywood young actors build muscles for show his body in magazine or action flicks but Ben is an brittish drama actor and not a meat loaf, you know.

  • mz sass

    There is something sexy about him……..I think it’s the eyes and the mouth.

    The body needs a little work.

    I’d date him gladly though.

  • cherie

    I agree with Coraline
    But I read in an interview that Ben is working out in a gym in case he gets a job in Hollywood. it would be a pitty. I really like his lean and lanky body. Well At least they dont paint fake muscles in his body as Rpatzz in new moon lol

  • flirtlikecrazy

    Why a fuss? Ben had done a full frontal (with his genital being covered up) at Easy Virtue before.

  • vanessa

    Jude Law is classy, blonde, slender and hot but he is older.
    to Cavil girl
    Henry Cavill is sexy as hell too. He would be a great DG too. He is very unlucky, first Edward Cullen then Dorian Gray. Though he is great in Tudors.

  • Binbonslover

    Omgosh i love his little bird cheast, he is very cutey, isnt he?.
    I wonder how looks the rest of his body. I cant help it .LOL

  • Heather

    Not the best picture of Ben…but I’m still madly in love with him!! Thanks Jared for continuing to support my man Ben.

  • jaye

    This movie has been made a lot of times. I particularly liked the 1945 version. Although Dorien retained his youthful appearance, he still gave me the creeps through the whole movie lol. He was so cold and calculating in his speech and manner especially after he sold his soul. I don’t know if Ben has the acting chops for that, but it’ll be interesting to see what he does with it. Considering the time it was written he wouldn’t have been a man with a ‘buff’ physique, more than likely he was slim with pretty boy looks. He was described as being beautiful, made out of ivory and rose leaves.

  • Sandy

    You guys are pathetic!! You haven’t EVEN given Ben a chance!! Hold your nasty comments until AFTER you see the freaking movie!! Who knows, we could all be pleasantly surprised by Ben’s acting. I, for one can’t wait for this movie!! And I agree with comment #34, at least they didn’t paint fake abs on him like Mr. Pattinson!!

  • Trisha

    @ KELL: I agree with you. The trailer looks really good. Plus Ben even said in a recent interview that he’s been going to the gym to try to bulk up for future roles.

  • Cynthia

    Aahhh! Ben is like a breath of fresh air. I love my men tall, dark and handsome. And who cares if he’s not buff, I still have crazy ,naughty thoughts about him!! I’m a huge Ben Barnes fan and agree with Sandy, let’s give him a chance with this role. Don’t worry Ben ,you have fans that love you and have faith in you!!

  • Laura

    I don’t care what anybody thinks: Ben is H.O.T HOT!!!!

  • pp

    Im so over him…..

  • VanCity PC

    It’s eerie how much Ben Barnes looks like Hurd Hurford the actor in the original Picture of Dorian Gray.

  • Jordan

    EWW ,his armpit hair ,he’s too skinny and girly ,

  • Nic

    I don’t care whether he’s pasty, plain and flat, I’d still wanna marry him! Ben’s the best!! Thank God he’s the one chosen to be Dorian! Can’t wait!

  • Marian

    I think he is so hot any way…. I love him so much, with or without, jummy…. Love u Ben!!!!!

  • Marian

    I think he is so hot anyway… with….or….without…..So hot and talented always.Love u Ben!!!!

  • Emmy

    Jordan, don’t all men have armpit hair?