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Ed Westwick & Neal Bledsoe: Kissing Scene!

Ed Westwick & Neal Bledsoe: Kissing Scene!

Ed Westwick will have a same-sex smooch with rising actor Neal Bledsoe in an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl, reports EW.

Bledsoe, 28, will star in the sixth episode of Gossip Girl‘s third season as Josh Ellis, NYU’s head of freshman affairs. Here’s what EW reports: “Since Josh is tasked with selecting an incoming student for the honor of delivering the freshman speech, he’s, shall we say, a person of interest to Blair. In fact, she’s so determined to snag the slot that she goes so far as to pimp out her boyfriend out to the gay guy in charge.”

You can check out an acting reel of Neal‘s work on YouTube.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Ed Westwick and Neal Bledsoe’s kissing scene — YAY or NAY?

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  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    nay! way to gay!

  • justme24

    Ed is gay in real life, so no acting there.

  • Wendy

    Well i bet it will be VERY tame and not worth the mention.Of course we will be hearing about it before the episode, all the freaking time.They will hype it up and it will probably be just innocent and nothing major!

  • Alexis

    that sounds hilarious!
    apparently chuck will do anything for blair.

  • Dododo

    No, pleassseee no!!!

  • I s a n d y

    Who in their right mind would be excited over homosexuality? They know Gossip Girl is viewed by many kids!

  • emilie

    I can’t wait to see it.
    Ed has chemistry with anyone : actress or actor.
    It’s gonna be hot!

  • t

    sounds more interesting than last season at least

  • ashley

    This sounds HILARIOUS!! I cannot wait!

  • Kad

    love GG!

  • Sherrida

    That episode is going to be EPIC – can’t wait!!

  • sabrina


  • abby

    nay! chuck and blair forever!! this will just complicate things!

  • say it isn’t so

    This show is overhyped and stupid (it used to be stupid fun, but now it’s just stupid). Sherrida, please stop abusing the word EPIC.

  • justLikeapill

    YAY!! :D

  • Ann

    noooooooooooooooooo only not this

    Chuck and Blair 4 ever

  • Amy


  • Nikki


  • pcppcrn

    @I s a n d y: and why is this such a bad thing for kids (mostly 12-18 ish)to watch? why should it not be aired and all the other kisses allowed?

  • pcppcrn

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l: way to be prejudiced, loser

  • pcppcrn

    @say it isn’t so: please stop resisting the inevitable

  • Fergie Fan !


  • mari


  • Chau

    Nay. But Neal looks freaking sexy.

  • ELLA

    YES! Crazy HOT.

  • Helen

    Dang thats hot
    And why do i love the fact that its Blair pushing him to do it? lmao
    ahhh u gotta love Blair and Chuck and their dysfunctional ways lol

    I had the same reaction at first lol till i realize its Blair thats making him do it lol

  • karen

    at 1st, i was like oh * no! this can’t be happening, esp. when i got even more excited about chuck + blair! but, if blair is behind it then i guess it’s ok/will be comical, even though i do not want to see ed/chuck kiss another guy! i would be totally pissed if blair didn’t know anything about it.

  • Jdo09

    Wendy @ 08/25/2009 at 4:24 pm

    “Well i bet it will be VERY tame and not worth the mention.Of course we will be hearing about it before the episode, all the freaking time.They will hype it up and it will probably be just innocent and nothing major!”

    ^I agree. It’s getting hype now as all gay kisses do but I guarantee it’ll be like a small peck. If there’s no lip smacking or tongue or doesn’t last for at least a minute then it’s completely worthless and not worth mentioning, imho. I want to see full on, making out with groping and hot, heavy panting.


    #28 – LMAO. Yeah, me too – it’d be way hotter, though, if it were Chuck and Nate. (-:

  • Sarah

    NOOOOO.!!!!!! Please no. Thats gunna suck.! :((

  • Megan

    Lmao, I checked out this guys profile and he is listed as 6’3″. He will tower over Ed who actually is only 5’8″, and lies about his height.He’ll definitely have to wear his lifts in that scene!

  • Rontex

    First, I think Neal is way too hot for Ed and second, it would be awesome if they kissed and then Ed actually liked it a little and has to explain it to Blair who made him do it in the first place!

  • Michael

    If any of you have actually read the books, Chuck is gay in the books. And to the people who say kids watch this… What it’s not going to influence anything, seeing two guys kiss isnt going to turn a kid… also there is more stuff going on than just kissing. There is sex scenes and drugs going on in this show.

  • anna

    I LOVE BLAIR! THAT’S SO HILARIOUS! sweet of chuck to accept! they’ll make an amazing couple!

  • Nicole

    HOT HOT HOT. Cant wait. will be watching every episode now. YAY

  • Dave

    YAY YAY YAY! Sounds amazing, but I hope it’s gonna be more dramatic than funny.

  • lex

    NAY, DAMN IT!!!!! NAY NAY NAY NAY NAY NAY NAY! UGH. now my image of ed will be forever skewed. and we were getting on so well in my little fantasies… [sigh]

  • mary

    hahahaha i love blair :)

  • parkerjane

    YAY! I want to see tongue!

  • Radi

    Please,tell me you’re freaking kidding me, you can’t do this with my favourite character EVER!!!!

  • jameson


  • key oui

    Yay – most girlies love a bit of boy on boy kisses. It’s hot.

  • Lola


  • ****

    @I s a n d y: You closeted “religious” nuts are so transparent. You aren’t fooling anyone, luv.

    Anyway, speaking of kissing Ed Westwick, what self-respecting homosexual would want to kiss that…well, other than Chace and JC and that one he got into a catfight with at JC’s b-day party.

  • Stav

    @I s a n d y: Well, first of all homosexuality is a HOT thing and very acceptable at most of the tv shows so GET OVER IT!
    and as for the ‘kids’ problem, kids shouldn’t watch the show from the first place because it is not a kids show, there are things, many things in the show the kids aren’t allowed to watch so a kiss between two guys is your problem??

  • lex


    wat’s so hot about homosexuality?? sorry but the thought of two guys, or girls for that matter, rubbing up against each other doesn’t do it for me. anyway, if lsandy has a prob w/ it then she has a prob w/ it. it’s ok for u to find it hot and not for her to find it not?? [sigh] no1 wants to hear the other side…

  • tinkerbell

    in the books chuck is also gay, so they follow the storyline of the books a little bit at least-.-

  • Haya


  • Emily

    Its fine if he kisses the guy has long as they don’t make him gay! I love Chuck and Blair!


    Yay! Neal is a total hottie – I’d watch him kiss anyone!! I hope he’s on all season.