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Heidi Montag: I Sang Live at Miss Universe

Heidi Montag: I Sang Live at Miss Universe

Heidi Montag and husband Spencer Pratt ham it up for the cameras while downing some cocktails in the Bahamas on Monday (August 24)

On Sunday, Heidi performed her new single “Body Language” at the Miss Universe competition.

Last night, she arrived back in Los Angels via LAX airport. She told TMZ, “I was as live as live could be.” Spencer added, “It was the livest performance in history. I’m still recovering from my wife’s super-galaxy star performance.”

Their Hills costar Kristin Cavallari couldn’t get enough. “I was really impressed,” Kristin told Us Weekly. “It reminded me of Britney Spears at the VMAs — whatever year that was — when she ripped off her suit and was, like, nude with sparkles. She kind of looked like that.”

10+ pictures inside of Speidi at the beach…

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Credit: Pedro Andrade; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • K2

    first…..i hate you both

  • dabu

    Hahahaha. Right.

  • Rocky

    I had the misfortune of changing channels and came across this loser’s dance and song for a hot minute. The woman CAN’T DANCE OR SING!!! Britney CAN dance and moves 100% times better than this woman. When will these two go AWAY????????

  • baby Gone

    Very Inutile People

  • Twin Mom

    I wonder what the interaction is like between these two the 5 minutes a day that a camera is not on them. Do they stage pose even then? They better enjoy it while they can, because the combined talent level between the two of them is less than zero.

  • true

    o dear God. these idiots need to just stop blabbing. period.

  • Erica

    Her performance STANK! The woman can’t move, she looked like she didn’t know what she was doing and YES she was 100% lip-synching.

    She wants to be like Britney? Britney is an entertainment icon and she is a fantastic dancer and entertainer. Heidi beyond sucks on stage. She can’t sing nor dance nor have stage presence.

    She needs to go away and take that monkey Spencer with her. They’re both ridiculous!

  • Buzzy

    I wish Heidi and Spencer were as “live” as her performance.

    Are the Bahamas anywhere near the Bermuda Triangle, by chance?

  • nick

    ugh.. lost my appetite for lunch

  • jess

    i swear these two idiots are just asking to be brutally murdered

  • Famewh@res

    jess @ 08/25/2009 at 12:41 pm

    i would love to do it for free if I don’t get arrested for killing.

  • rpatzfan

    this girl is a joke

  • Anakin

    Kristin’s got it right it, Heidi’s performance was reminiscent of Britney, yeah her brutal performance at the VMA’a from 2007

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    How in the world was the live? I actually watched it cause my friend said it was good. Boy was she wrong.

  • karry

    This low life should never be compared to britney!!! Britney is amazing this thing is ugle and sucks and enough wit the playboy wht playmate does tht noooo one give it up and stop possing for the cameras wht “celebs” do that god i really cant stand these two plz stop posting about them I HATE THEM AND SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE!!!!

  • Anon

    Ahahahahaha!! #10 and #11, yeah, that’s how annoying they are. As far as I remember nobody in the biz has ever created such public hatred.

    The sad part……we are the morons and they are smartest by making money of this garbage…sad sad world we’re living in!!! Bad press has never been this profitable

  • Tito

    Britney CAN’T sing
    Heidi CAN’T sing
    Two clowns

  • Cindy B.

    She was beautiful and the best talent of the night.

  • anonymous

    @Erica: you can’t call spencer a monkey. it’s insulting to monkeys.

  • fiona

    Why is he looking at the same stupid Playboy all over town in every picture?! PERV!!

  • dale


  • ace11a

    i actually like them…

    spencer seems to be the kind that would love 3 somes….if he got paid

    and hedi looks like she would be a great do

  • MB Unimog U5000

    She’s welcome to drape herself across my back seat, providing o’ course she don’t sing!

  • natasha

    oh my GOD! these two again! and ok Spencer we KNOW your wife is on the cover of playboy. you really don’t have to show it every time! they are sooooo fake and famous for nothing!

  • Lisa

    live my ass:|

  • Jen


  • mertz

    once again they prove that they are not HUMAN :/.

    and you know what considering this is my first time on the site today and i’ve seen two posts about this f’n low rent whUre…i have to say JARED MUST REALLY HATE US.

    everyone should post in their comments if they want to continue seeing these two on this website.

    i’ll join the many others and say NO. n to the hell o. NO!

  • WTF?

    Excuse me, but WHO would ever TRY to imitate the white trash skank known as Britney Spears?

    THAT was Montag’s goal? and she failed???? !!!

  • elle

    “It was the livest performance in history. I’m still recovering from my wife’s super-galaxy star performance.” – lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol IS HE MENTAL?

  • nyob

    How do these two continue to get media coverage? They make me want to vomit.

  • teri

    Can’t stand either one, so over rated and annoying. JJ ban this couple please. Heidi is like the next prostitute around the block.

  • mertz

    also it’s not even a conversation HEIDI NO NAME MONTAG IS NOWHERE NEAR BRITNEY SPEARS. she has to have some sort of TALENT for that sh*t to happen (even if i pop isn’t my cup of tea)…and this girls talents do not impress, unless i’m into some p*rn. i mean this is how stupid this comparison is. it’s like saying PARIS HILTON, AUBREY O’DAY, ANY OF THESE OTHER BLOND CHICKS ARE LIKE BRITNEY SPEARS. i mean i never thought there would be a day i would deffend brittney spears but come the f*ck on people. seriously. if anything they should compare themselves to lindsey lohan, but even then stupid lindsey sold records. UGH. there is something wrong with people in the world today to allow sh*t like this to go on.

    so i’m going to do everyone a favour and google britney and then link to wikipedia because this sh*t comparison is ATROCIOUS.

    it’s almost like all the people saying lady gaga is the new madonna…ugh yeah wait for the original one to die first, and then start talking…and even then do you really think lady gaga will be doing music up until her 50′s, screwing anything that moves and SELLING RECORDS????? ARE YOU KIDDING ME. you really think in this day and age lagy gaga is going to become a music maven/legend. wow. anyways.

    and now here’s the heidi one. lol. i love how they have alto for britpack and for heidi they have vocals. i wonder who actually did her wiki page. i’m not going to read it. that girl is below anything base. if you read shakespeare or any old english lit you will know this. ugh.

    way to get that off my chest. my one rant of the day and of course it involves this peroxide twat. i can’t believe so many people admire people like this. i mean lainey has a post about how paris hilton is in vancourver and so many people are stalking her including young girls and of course their main mo’s. remindes me of when lindsey went to montreal and so many girls just wanted to be in her presence. atleast lindsey lohan was an actor. what the hell is paris hilton? a business woman? really…for guerilla marketing? or will she always be what she was which is an heiress…atleast now she’s adding some money to her already VAST FORTUNES.

    people suck.

  • pooter

    These two are so limited in the brain department!

    When is someone gonna get smart and throw these two out to the fishes in the deep blue sea?????????????????????????


    nyob @ 08/25/2009 at 1:42 pm How do these two continue to get media coverage? They make me want to vomit
    Chalk it up the the train-wreck syndrome. You know how we human beings slow down to gawk at the horror of a train wreck, feel sorry for the poor suckers in it and then hurriedly thank god that its not us or our loved ones? Thats the wh. o. ring heidi and spencer train wreck right there. LMFAO.

  • Lisa

    What’s with Heidi always trying to stick her ass out? We know she’s flatter than a pancake, so why try so hard Heidi?

  • paula

    why does this bimbo seem to have her butt up in the air posing all the time??

    guess her head is stuck in her butt. ugh

    the most stupid woman on the planet Earth

  • kara

    Read this Heidi : you’re as FAKE as fake could be… mouahahahah

  • die already

    Spencer really comes acrossed as gay or really slap happy. Heidi is just another useless bimbo sleeping her way up.

  • mertz

    elle @ 08/25/2009 at 1:39 pm “It was the livest performance in history. I’m still recovering from my wife’s super-galaxy star performance.” – lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol IS HE MENTAL?
    no he’s not mental. he is an extremly smart guy and he knows exactly what he is doing. he’s always been this way. he was/has been looking for the perfect oppertunity and because this chick is too dumb to know anything she fell into it. spencer pratt has been looking to get on tv, become famous, make a lot of money, without doing any work for a LONG TIME. it’ll surprise you how intelligent this guy really is except he doesn’t use his whole brain and show off. i mean i was surprised when i learned he actually reads. he reads BOOKS. books with more than 300 pages. GRANTED he also said he would rather read insignificant things that he doesn’t learn anything from and he bashes just about everything under the sun, but the bigger point is that his big plans didn’t work out with him and brody, but yet he found another one. he must have had saucer eyes the day mtv picked up on his dear friend brody and posse to be on that dumb show so he could finally get his foot into the market he wanted and fulfill his dreams. this dude’s brain is all kinds of sharp and the WORST thing is that you, me, everyone has fallen for it. i remember being younger and putting spencer pratt on my world domination list of evil people with incredible minds…and i’m glad he hasn’t proven me wrong so far. i just wish someone would stand up to him though. what a f*cken parasite. like you can’t even use your brain for something better. heidi montag is the biggest fool come kingdom come. i mean atleast brody got himself a manager. you idiot heidi you’re going to let spencer manage you. are you serious. as long as he gets his cut though right. i

    please god i don’t ask for much but maybe you can start with getting jared and many others to stop posting or talking about these two and then maybe help these two find a spot high up in the mountains so people don’t have to hear or see them. thanks a lot.

  • Sarah

    I’m done Jared! How many times do your readers have to ask not to see these losers? Who do you care more about, the idiots in the picture or the people who take the time to read through all your blogs? Since these fools are still wasting space here, I’ll be heading over to E! no Montag/Pratt nonsense over there.

  • hailey marie

    I just wanted to say that everyone needs to shut up about them b/c thats wat they are famous for!! If everyone just stopped talking to them they would go back to being nobodys like they should be they have no talent and do not deserve the fame….i dont know how anyone hires them..u would have to be just as lame as they are!! Im sick of hearing about them and obviously none of u like them either so how about u all stop talking about them b/c thats wat they want and thats what keeps them famous!!! DDDUUHHH!!!!!!

  • sofia

    @Twin Mom:

    They probably pose in front of the mirror!

    why are these two still around any ways? Please JJ do as E! BAN THEM!

  • mertz

    also if you haven’t figured it out yet half the time the guy says crap. he knows he says things he pulls out of his a$$. spencer knows exactly what he is doing. i mean he also makes it a living to torment his sister and people he doesn’t like. he has a long memeory and if you wrong him watch the f out.

    “It was the livest performance in history. I’m still recovering from my wife’s super-galaxy star performance.

    this comment means nothing. he knows it means nothing. he knows it is also going to be picked up and circulated.

    i know this website is not a democracy jared, and that you make money, it is your job, etc…but please please please stop posting about them.

  • hailey marie

    I totally agree with Sarah #40….see u on E!!!!!

  • Lisa

    @hailey marie: Wow! You’ve got to be the sharpest tool in the shed…next to Spencer.

  • mertz

    i dont know how anyone hires them-hailey marie
    hey you already answered your own question in your response. it is because people CARE. i mean however impossible that seems because it seems like people like to just hate on them and spew vitriol, but if people did not care then these two would never of had a chance. i swear. i mean how many things do we see or have we (the people) introduced to and rejected flat out. and yet it did not happen for these two and it looks like there is no recourse because everytime you think you are smarter and you have given up on them, spencer pratt prves you wrong because he is always one step ahead. either that or people like jared prove you wrong all the time because they allow people like these two to persist and to succeed. it is completely disheartening and it really is sad. like with the amount of eyeballs this two get you would think paris hilton or posh beckham isn not out there somewhere in the world posing very hard for the paps.

    i understand this website is not a democracy but seriosuly what is the point if you are just going to piss off your readers.

  • mertz

    yeah i think i am going to have to give up on my jj love and go somewhere else. i doubt anyone would care. it is the internet. one gone and a million others will take the open spot.

  • hailey marie

    @Lisa: Why the hell would u say that?!?!

  • soso

    mais kel conne, vas te cache,r parvenu vas !!!!!!

  • hailey marie

    @mertz: i plan to do the same but ur right , there will always still be pple talking about them but atleast there are a few of us like me and u who are more intelligient than pple like LISA#45 who have nothing better to do than bitch about pple and then insult me….what a bitch!!!