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Hilary Duff Gets Gossip Girl Giddy

Hilary Duff Gets Gossip Girl Giddy

Hilary Duff walks around in a hip-hugging peach and yellow Herve Leger dress on the set of Gossip Girl at the National Arts Club in Gramercy Park on Tuesday (August 25).

The 21-year-old Cheaper by the Dozen actress took a break from her busy schedule by stopping off at the Britney Spears concert in New York City on Monday night.

10+ pictures inside of Hilary Duff getting Gossip Girl giddy…

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Credit: Jose Perez; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • natalie

    HIlary looks gorgeous. I love that dress.

  • Callie

    She is so pretty. I’m loving that dress =]

  • Selma

    She looks FAT

    What a whale she is getting to be.

  • atiqhuxley

    OMG! i love hilaryy!

  • bella

    So pretty. I love her hair and makeup here.

  • H

    She is not fat!!! What an awful thing to say. It’s because of attitudes like yours that people get eating disorders and have image disasters.

  • lala


  • cutiepie32

    #3 selma, you’re an idiot! She looks healthy and happy. Her dress is cute too.

  • m.t

    @Selma: you soo right….

  • Sarah

    She looks great, oh, wait, she doesn’t look like a size 0 starved skeleton. I forgot that is “normal & healthy” nowadays. @@

  • m.t

    @cutiepie32: shut up…
    this is the Truth she is FAT deal with it

  • m.t

    she have man Shoulder…
    EW EW EW

  • Lucas

    Hilary haters are so stupid.
    She looks beautiful. She’s a perfect girl

  • jonny

    She has some extra poundage

  • Jasmine

    eww at her not starving herself and not being a size 0! You guys are pathetic Hilary looks absolutely stunning and healthy!

  • Raiseyourvoice

    She looks great here! Thats cool that she went to see Britney Spears in concert. Hope that she had fun!

  • Lucas

    You’re crazy. Hilary Duff is always beautiful

  • Jess

    What is with people thinking that girls who aren’t 90lbs are fat.
    My goodness.
    Hilary is perfect.

  • jonny

    SHE IS not perfect

  • Jasmine

    she is not perfect but she’s not fat that’s ridiculous!

  • pop86

    She’s not fat. She’s curvy but the dress doesn’t show off her curves well.

  • ♥Tiff♥


  • mertz

    that peach orange colour.

    oh before i forget i thought people said she was fat?????? what a bunch of cocaphony sh*t. you must not know what fat looks like. go and look at that post of kevin federline jared has up…but atleast now he’s laying off the whale look and staying healthy.

    if you keep calling this girl fat, just know that you and people like you is exactly what’s wrong with society these days driving girls and guys to starve themselves looking for some reaward of beauty. but of course you must love how people look so pencil thin and sick now, but that’s okay because there’s always tonnes of standards for hollywood and if you don’t look like that twat lindsey lohan, then you’re out. this girl is not fat. sh*t. some of you people disappoint me. and even if she was would you then do the nelson and point at her and go “he he”…because that’s what you need to do.

    nice to see duffster working again…and not on something that is total crap.

  • mertz

    who said she’s perfect?

    anyways selma you’re too funny. if she’s a whale then you must be the tiniest ant on the planet. i hope you’re doing well hiding behind the computer screen calling people fat. you must be the most beautiful woman living in our times. EVERYONE LETS LOOK AT SELMA AND BOW DOWN TO HER BEAUTY.

    what a flaming piece of turd.

  • Melannie

    omg, i cant believe some people are saying she’s fat! she looks great, that dress look so good on her. she’s not stick thin and i think thats a very good thing, and you haters need to shut up and if you dont have anything good to say dont say anything at all

  • mertz

    t_u_r_d. lol apparently you can’t type that on this website.

  • Saudia

    she’s not fat ! Wow you people are horrible.. Hilary looks great. This is how a real woman looks, curves all the way :) Love her

  • mertz

    i meant i like the peach orange colour dress.

    not so much the dress itself but she doesn’t look ugly in it.

    who’s excited for new season of gg? you think they are going to replace kristen bell as the voice of gg?

  • Melissa

    I love the way people talk about “society driving people to starve themselves”, all I see when I walk in the street is society driving people to stuff their face.
    There is more obese girl trying to make excuse about their unhealthy habits than anorexic girl doing the same. We are a nation of fat F@#& and as a result we are becoming super unhealthy. Being very overweight is dangerous for your health!!! Your body is not meant to carry that extra weight.
    That being said, I don’t think Hillary is fat at all… and seeing fat girls everywhere is pretty crazy too…

  • Nathan

    she looks better then she did looks like she is trying to pick her self back up she looks little grumpy still i just hope she can get back to normal. i miss the hilary i use to look up to

  • mertz

    lol not everyone in your country is obese okay. and you know there’s also a real problem with obesity and it can also be society dirven like how you’re saying people stuffing themselves with food. i was just reading another thread on a nerd website and i felt so bad for the dudes talking about being fat and eating food to fill a need for something and some other people were telling them to f everything and get their life in order. i’m not fat…i will never be fat, but it must be hard being fat. just like it must be hard being super skinny, and it must be hard being a normal size your entire life. you make some good points melissa, but you agree that the duffster isn’t fat and that these fat comments are unecessary right? cause they are. some of those nerds were talking about how the driven people make them feel like drinking beers and going to eat mcd’s…and some of them really really felt bad about themselves. it doesn’t help to keep piling on to them you know. but it also doesn’t help to pity them. i just wish people were smarter. just cause you’re not fat you might not understand how it is for them. as a skinny person all my life, i for one have complained more than once about being thin…and i wish i could have this girls body, but i can’t. f’n metabolism.

  • Jenn

    forget her whale-like body (i could care less), i can’t believe she is going to be on GG! ugh, she is so not GG material.

  • fattimes

    Fat times are here again
    Please get a fork and let’s all join in
    Fat ass and thighs are here again
    Fat times are here again!!!!
    Whoa that dumper, stomach, arms, and legs are getting effing huge
    She has her bytch face on cuz she knows people will see the
    weight gain and comment about how fat she is. Hahahahaha!!!!!

  • Raybanfan(:

    Haha I love how people get all defensive about her!
    The truth is that she is “thick” and thats saying it nicely.
    She might not be considered “overweight” by a BMI chart, but I know she must be getting pretty close because the girl is only about 5’2.
    If there is nothing wrong with her than why has there been several shots of her going to the gym? She is working out because she obviously knows she is too large and she is trying to fix it. I appluade her for that because keeping your weight in check is hard. Its not necessary for everyone to lie and defend her like she is a close personal friend and say there is nothing wrong with how she looks.
    Not all women have “curves” like that. After a certain point it just comes down to rolls of fat. I guess im not a real woman since im a size 0? Well excuse me. Just because you arent a size 8 or more doesnt mean you dont have curves. People like you are the reason why our country condones obesity. It is a PROVEN FACT that our country has the most overweight people and I am proud not to be one of them. If this comes off rude im sorry but a lot of you guys struck a nerve with me. You dont need to be fat to be a real women and being a size 0 doesnt mean your this emaciated corpse thank you very much.

  • mertz

    lol jen i agree with you. i don’t even know how she booked that show. atleast michelle trachenberg fits that kind of show. anways are you gonna watch the new season? i’m not sure i will.

    to hottiemchott…you’ve obviously not seen taylor momsen, lindsey or ali lohan, paris hilton, hayden panitierre, etc. i always thought she looked older too by the way but not 30 at 15. she’s not like some of the girls i previously listed…if anything i think it’s because she got boobs so early and then went the try so hard to be sexy music route so early, but there are way worse offenders than her.

  • mertz

    lol i’m a size 0 and i hate it. it’s hard to find things to wear. i would rather be her size. she’s not skinny and she’s not fan. you don’t have to be nice about it if you don’t mean it. you can say thick, chubby, whatever, but let’s get it correct before we start making absolutes absolute comments. i mean it’s hard for me to defend kelly clarckson because she is definately in that territory but hilary duff is not there…yet. yeah she’s short and chubby, or stacking some weight or whatever someone else said. she has some chub on her. w/e. i think i’ve posted this today in the k fed thread about how i hate tall people. short people it’s real easy to look fat even when you’re not because you get no help in the means of your height. she’s short, and with the eight she’s gaining she should look more like a box, but she doesn’t. it shows she’s working out because she still has definition and hasn’t managed to go the way of flubber…like kfed when he was really fat. so lets keep it real and call things as they are. she’s not skinny and she’s not fat. stop being concrete herders. and yeah the us has become the laughing stock for the rest of us who can point and laugh at your high levels of obesity, but it’s no better where i am at. there’s a real problem with anorexia and obesity so lets be real and cut to the chase like i mentioned before.

    i saw anna wintour on letterman last night. she is soooooo skinny. i saw her in profile and i was like posh beckham? man. and these are the people we’re supposed to look up to. i might not like miley cyrus but atleast she isn’t going around starving herself. that girl eats.

  • andypopo

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    ____billionaireromance .com____

  • jen

    she’s gorgeous HOT body!!! love u Hil!

  • rachel ;)

    in normal world – she’s looking great, but in celebrity world – she’s fat. let’s face it – look at all the other stars like leighton, blake, megan fox or even jennifer aniston or sandra bullock . compare to them hilary is fat.

  • mertz

    yeah and since when was celebrity world normal. you just answered your own comparison and you actually know what’s right unlike some people who visit this website. but of course hollywood is not normal and that’s why we all buy into it so much. she’s not fat. i would stand by that fact whether i like her or not. if she is fat i will be like many others and maybe call her whale (doubt it but i definately wouldn’t go and call her rail thin or anything. i am not deluded). yeah and we know everyone looks like all those female examples you provided. sheesh. i’m probably thinner than all of them and i couldn’t care less. being thin isn’t what people make it out to be. she should be glad she’s not like everyone else…i don’t know why people are ragging on her. if we want to talk about how she SUCKS at acting i would be there in a hot second, but this i cannot be a part of. just like i cannot be a part of the people in the kate gosselin paps thread calling those kids ugly, and down syndrome babies or anything under the sun really. the internet is a great tool but people just need to be better. i don’t know when i got a conscious but i’m just saying it doesn’t need to go there. if you want to look at someone who is fat go to the kfed thread.

  • **Jamie**




  • LuckyMe

    She looks fine to me. I think peach is a good color for women with light blonde hair. I think she’s cute just the way she is.

  • jk

    she’s really fat in hollywood standard. if she can act, i guess it’s fine……,but she can’t act to save her own life.
    of course in real life she’s not fat at all, just a bit thick.

  • Whoever

    She’s grown up to be very pretty!!! SMH! Sigh at the anorexic brainwashed girls commenting on this post….

  • Haya

    Well I wouldn’t consider her FAT! She’s pretty much slim except she’s a bit chubby in the arms.
    I’m really not accepting the idea that she’s gonna be on GG. Ugh!

  • say it isn’t so

    Raybanfan(: I must say nailed it right on.

  • ANN

    She is not fat she is healthy.. Deal with it HATERS. Why jared did not give as photos for the real gossip girl cast.? Where is Leighton,ed,Jessica,chace,blake , Taylor and penn?? I love duff but i wont my cast. :-(

  • ANN

    She is not fat she is healthy.. Deal with it HATERS. Why jared did not give ass photos from the real gossip girl cast.? Where is Leighton,ed,Jessica,chace,blake , Taylor and penn?? I love duff but i wont my cast. :-(

  • mike


  • Hey

    Th is jess!