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Jennifer Aniston is a Handcuffed Hottie

Jennifer Aniston is a Handcuffed Hottie

Jennifer Aniston gets arrested and put in handcuffs by Gerard Butler as they film a new scene for their movie The Bounty in Astoria, New York on Monday (August 24).

In the scene, the 40-year-old actress is driven to the police station where Gerard plays a bounty hunter whose next target is his own wife.

Off-screen, Jennifer and Gerard were recently spotted holding hands at The Jane Hotel in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District.

20+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston getting cuffed and arrested by Gerard Butler

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Credit: Perez/Opinaldo; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • ManLESSton, I likely

    I can’t wait for this stinker to finish filming. Tired of all these dull updates. Thanks paps for giving the total plot away. No suspense and no surprise in this sucker…Sorry Gerry. Bad choice on your part…

  • Hello

    The lonely cougar goes to jail.

  • amanda

    This chick is just fugly!

  • Jennifer

    She is guilty of the crime…..
    Being linked to everyone she works with.
    (Even though when the rumors start the male costars are so quick to deny them). I wouldn’t want to be rumored to be with Jennifer either.

    I always thought she can’t keep a man…..but the truth is, a man won’t keep her.

  • Anita

    She’s so pretty ,funny and cute!!!:)


    Brad is a very smart man to leave this ugly b!tch. Brad you will continue to be successful now that you have unloaded that dead weight. Congratulations on two successful movies TTW and IB. Much love to your and your beautiful family.


    Brad is a very smart man to leave this ugly b!tch. Brad you will continue to be successful now that you have unloaded that dead weight. Congratulations on two successful movies TTW and IB. Much love to your and your beautiful family.

  • Beautiful Jen

    She is looking so cute with her little suprised face. What a doll.

  • Beautiful Jen

    @TRUTH HURTS.: Aren’t your idols buying gerbils somewhere? No? Too bad.

  • 100mph

    she is also guilty of … another Bomb! it should be a crime.

  • p3rp3tu4

    LOL I was trying to concentrate on Gerard’s Muscles & OMG will that “assistant?” Stop putting her hands up J’s skirt it is distracting… I guess it is for wedgie removal? sound device fixing & Lipstick fixing… I bet next to G she wants to keep the movie going on forever hehe

  • Anonymous

    How does this ugly, untalented woman keep getting work? Her face looks like Jay Leno. All her movies suck. Would somebody pulleeezze make her disappear??????

  • Tina

    Here is what sane people do: They don’t look at things that upset them and make them jealous. Try it haters, just for one day!

  • angel

    wasnt this movie called mr. and mrs. smith?


  • Tina

    @Anonymous: And it makes you sooo maaaad! I hope she is in every movie until the end of time just so you can get maaaad!

  • Geraldine

    Maybe JP will go to McDonalds today!

  • fresh

    I feel like Ive seen the whole movie and its not even out yet. The crew should really try to block out the paparazzi if they want people to be interested in the movie when it comes out.

  • mimi

    Jen is so boring. She had the same hair for 10 years.

  • In Her Dreams!

    If only he had gagged her too! (Might help hide that chin)

  • Susie Q

    I heard she is going to star in 5 more movies this year. Yeah! You go Jen, the public cannot get enough of you!

  • Yuck

    Girlfiriend CANNOT act!

  • Lisa

    Same hair, same wooden expressions, same fake tan, same too tight clothes – another movie with Jennifer Aniston playing her aging self.

  • Melinda

    You know people say unkind things about her, but I like Jennifer. I am also a woman a bit past my prime and I need a bit of help to look good. I also smoke like Jennifer, have been dumped many times, use suntan beds and over exercise in the hopes that some man will still want me.

    Also like Jennifer I sleep and date a lot of men hoping that one of them will stick around. I know that makes me seem a bit desperate but I am OK with that. I want a man and like, Jennifer, also really really like attention.

  • Tim

    I am a 60 year old biker and I find Jennifer really attractive. She looks good for 45, I like women that look a bit hard. Her smoking is also very very sexy.

  • Linda

    She certainly doesn’t ever change her hair or dress style – always the too tight clothes and same same same same same hair. She needs to mix it up a bit as she is getting SO BORING!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    I like her, but this movie looks AWFUL!

  • Mike

    Also forgot to mention she is starting to look really hard and old. If this was any other woman, people would be saying she looks totally desperate and like a cougar – particularly the way she dresses. It is too young for someone her age. Isn’t she in her late 40s now??????

  • Susie Q

    @Melinda: Good for you Melinda! I see you are living the good life. As long as you don’t start cutting, shooting heroin and kissing your bro you should be having the time of your life! Lucky. Most Aniston fans are married.


    OMG Jen ???

  • Bret

    She is so pretty =)

  • manny

    I am tired of seeing her face too when will this end?

  • hehehehehe

    @Susie Q: The public dropped in the last one. she should be busy finding a real man menopose tick tock… She is old not matter how she masked it.

  • Susie Q

    @hehehehehe: Don’t worry about Jen. She will get married when she is ready. You need to worry about yourself!

  • longestchin

    never ending shooting…her face looks sucks!!!! always copying AJ, the style of dress(the maxi), the polo shirt ( the style of angelina wearing at mr. and ms. smith, the white one), she always used sunglasses now, she waves now to the paps coz someone told her, why can’t u be angelina…tsk!tsk!tsk!…angelina stalker…..

  • stinkylouise

    So at this point why bother seeing the film? Someone should just combine all the onset photos and recreate the film online.As for giving away the plot……..what plot?

  • lisa

    Looks like more of the same – same OLD Jennifer with the same old clothes and same old hairstyle.


  • candi

    I for one, will see this movie. I think Gerry is a cutie and that they look great together!

  • Juic y

    Amazing how for the last five years we have heard how OLD Jennifer Anniston is(she was the same age as Angie is now) and how she falls in love with her co-stars(let’s see Angie Married 2 and is now knocked up and lives with another – that’s the second married man for Angie) and that Jennifer never changes her hairstyle(when did Angie last change her hairstyle- still the same long and stringy mess). And for the final real laugh is Jennifer is knocked for filming romantic comedies(although she has a history which shows she has ventured out a few times) – just like Angie and her action genre. Wow… seems they are so similar. Except Jen hasnt been divorced twice.

  • Susie Q

    @candi: I will see this movie at least five times and then buy the video as well.

  • Amelia

    @Juic y: You forgot, Jen doesn’t have the filthy tatoos! Traashhhyyyy!

  • josh

    dang, that old dog is ugly, when will she stop putting that horrible bloated face on movie screen? it’s disgusting.

  • jen fan

    Handcuffed by Gerald, mmmmm, doesn’t sound like a bad day of filming does it?

  • starkist

    Jen should be promoting her new movie, Love Happens with Aaron Eckhart. He’s a better actor than this fugly Gerald B. He looks like a hobo. Jen always picks the wrong guy to be with that’s why she is still single and miserable. She’s looking like a real cougar nowadays. Her sexy outfits and hairdo reminds me of the cougars of desperate housewives of New Jersey. :)

  • bambamswife7

    I think that she and Gerry make a cute couple. I hope things work out for her now that she got rid of that backstabber pitt. I used to like him, but now hooking up with that jolie_ yuck.
    Go Jen!

  • Amelia

    @bambamswife7: You got that right! They both A and B look like they have hit by the hard lifestyle that they live. Jen still looks better each year. She should thank God that she is not with him.

  • to susie q

    so all aniston fans are married?….are ya sure?…….you sound like a dumped old bag or this you gain ellie?… old bag , i know you’re very much single and lonely that’s why you spend all your time defending her in your different alter egos. oh sure, you can watch that movie a million times and buy the whole stock of the videos, who knows you might find a lone lonely,needy man in the movie theater or maybe the one from video store, goodluck!.

    juic y???…..hmmmmm you must creaming in your unwashed crotz- less undies while your watching this.i know you are married , happily married. yes jen is married only once because there’s no other man OUT THERE!…..everybody is leaving or denying her. your reasoning STINKS, she has to find a man yet because until now she havn’t found one okay?….yes, she was link to many but that’s as far as it goes. i am afraid your also in the same position .how can you say aniston is as old as an angie?….you must have problem reading. jolie has been to hair changes , how many times, if you looked thru her films but i guess your blinding aniston cataract is taking over your whole eyes.honestly, if jen won’t go to the parlor her hair will be a big mess because she bleaches and put highlights too much in her hair. i can’t blame her for spending all the money just for hair alone.yes, jolie is knocked -up and happily living with her family , how about jen?….she’s happy being a lonely emblem for people like you, who kept getting dumped?…..i know you are happy juic y , keep on creaming down there baby like your elks because that’s all you got.if jolie had fallen inlove with her co-star, why she only married to two?….and now permanently w/ pitt. jen is always rumoured to all her co-stars but most of them denied her plus john mayer who said he is an oscar boyfriend, how’s that?……also for your info, jolie was never been dumped.

  • mimi

    oh, you know what’s missing – the nipples. dang! why didn’t she show them.

  • mimi

    Even Gerard is too good for maniston.

  • chin can’t act

    her face is so ugly. the struture is so wrong. that little eyes, long chin, that ugly nose. god, she is hidious.

  • chin can’t act

    Beautiful Jen @ 08/25/2009 at 10:44 am

    calling a 40 year woman cute and a doll. what are you 12?