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Kate Gosselin: Stop in the Name of Love!

Kate Gosselin: Stop in the Name of Love!

Kate Gosselin puts her hands up and asks photographers to stop as she makes her way into an office building on Tuesday (August 25) in Century City, Calif.

The 34-year-old mother of 8 was accompanied by her personal bodyguard, Steve Neild.

Remember to tune into Larry King Live! tonight, on Tuesday (August 25) at 6pm PST/9pm EST.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin stopping in the name of love…

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kate gosselin stop in the name of love 01
kate gosselin stop in the name of love 02
kate gosselin stop in the name of love 03
kate gosselin stop in the name of love 04
kate gosselin stop in the name of love 05
kate gosselin stop in the name of love 06
kate gosselin stop in the name of love 07
kate gosselin stop in the name of love 08
kate gosselin stop in the name of love 09
kate gosselin stop in the name of love 10
kate gosselin stop in the name of love 11
kate gosselin stop in the name of love 12
kate gosselin stop in the name of love 13
kate gosselin stop in the name of love 14

Credit: Brewer/Banks; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, WENN/Fame Pictures
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  • __

    Um isn’t this what she wanted?

  • megan

    @Cathy G. Don’t you think that’s a little harsh? Her kids aren’t ugly.. they’re just kids. To me it seems like you’re saying that because they are dark, that makes them ugly..

  • Wendy

    @Cathy G

    The only one here displaying a big doze of UGLY is YOU!!

    Now sit your bigoted a*s down, no one cares what you got to say, specially about little kids appearance!

  • Cory s.

    @Cathy G.: Yeah, a tummy tuck gave her a ‘great figure’. Good thing Jon is the children’s dad, otherwise they would have be ugly apes.

    Dark and ugly? So I guess it’s a bad thing to not be blue eyed blondes. My apologizes, I didn’t realize that. The ethnicity does nothing but makes them more cute. So Jon isn’t a supermodel. But maybe…maybe Kate didn’t marry based on how their kids would look. Again, I apologize. Now I know that when a woman looks for a husband, she does so just to have beautiful blue eyed and blonde babies with him. (Note the sarcasm).

    Kate’s exploitation of her own children is disgusting. They are going to have so many issues when they’re older if Kate keeps parading them around like her personal bank account.

    Your comment Cathy, is riddled with ignorance and prejudice. I feel sorry you are so confused.

  • JLS

    Go back to your 1.1 million dollar home, Kate.

  • JLS

    Go back to your 1.1 million dollar home, Kate.

  • Joanna

    Cathy G. you are right. those kids are ugly. They will get even uglier as they grow older.

  • Holly

    I’m so used to seeing her with her hands palms up in front of her begging for handouts that I almost didn’t recognize her with her hands up.

  • abby

    @Cathy G.: Those kids look like they all have downs syndrome. Ugly is for sure. They were ugly babies. So of course they are uglier now. Plastic surgery is in their future. Afetr all, Hailey will be their step-mother.

  • teletubby

    Steve Neild looks perturbed AT KATE for being dramatic and putting her hands up. Look at the pics, Kate is creating drama where there isn’t any. What an attention seeker. Maybe Neild is catching her number after all or tiring of it.

  • manda

    Guess she finally got sick of the attention “rolls eyes”

  • cece


    You are an ugly person inside and out for making a comment like that…karma is a bit*h remember that.

  • Flo

    Strange how Chris Brown was in court miles away yet all the paps gained entry to a private underground parking facility and found her. I know these builings in CC and am sure she tipped them off.

  • dancer

    She does have some ugly kids. They don’t look a bit like the attractive Kate.

  • bella

    Kate, if you do not want cameras in your face and your childrens faces QUIT THE DAMN SHOW!!!!!

  • Tandy Mandy

    I don’t see one good looking kid in the bunch.

    NOT ONE!!!\

    They are only 1/4 oriental too.

  • suzanne

    Kate must be bi-polar. One day she wants her picture taken, and the next day she doesn’t. Kate you need to get some mental help. I see Steve the bodyguard/boyfiend is back screwing her.

  • jake

    I am sick and tired of these haters who always have nothing nice to safe but horrible things. Esp this JOANNA Girl. She called Blake Lively ugly in another post. Your ugly for calling children ugly.

  • angie

    @jake: But some kids are ugly, it’s just a fact of life. Get over it.

  • Tandy Mandy

    @Cory s.:
    Tummy tucks don’t always work. The doc has to have something to work with.

    But I still wonder why her kids are not cute. It has to be Jon. He has ugly genes.

  • kate bosselin

    isn’t a bodyguard supposed to walk in front to keep all those photographers out of the way??? dee dee dee duh, she loves it.

  • Mary Jo

    Maybe Jon’s not the real Dad. Those kids certainly do have dark skin.

  • Tandy Mandy


    Not everyone is beautiful. Kate’s girls will never be as cute as she is.

    Get over it now.

  • tara

    Kate is ugly inside and out. That why her kids are ugly.

  • Zorro

    That woman is one ugly witch. Jon is ugly too. That’s why all eight kids are ugly. Get over it now.

  • teletubby

    Kate Gosselin put her hands up to look like she was being mobbed. She’s not, why isn’t the bodyguards getting out in front of her at any time? All a lie, as usual.

    She just said on LKL that she is all about the drama.

  • kari

    she looks so much older than 34!~!! maybe the short freaky hair or something??? too much tanning? I don’t know, just older than some other 34 year olds I know

  • Michelle

    Kate just loves all the attention. She doesn’t really want them to stop. What the heck good is Steve? He’s not protecting her at all. He’s no bodyguard.

  • http://yahoo Cynthia

    Looking haggard Katie Irene!!!!

  • Cory s.

    @Tandy Mandy: Maybe, but I think if Jon suspected that he wasn’t the father then he wouldn’t have stuck around. I don’t know. I’m not particularly fond of Jon or Kate. I dislike Kate more so but I’m no Jon fan either. They should just remove the spotlight from the kids. Ugly or not, they don’t need all that exposure.

  • Georgie

    Kate is very pretty with a good shape.

    Her kids are not cute at all.

    sorry you people that need glasses.

  • braymah

    Steve needs to get his woman, Khate in line. She’s making him look like a dang fool now. Check out the video at radar where the paps yell at Stevo-step-father-to-8. They also slam Kate for her parenting skills compared to Jon. haha Khate is a drama-mama.

  • blah blah blah


    Kate will get what is coming to her. SHe is not cute. It’s called KARMA.

  • Jenny

    Kate is a drama queen. She has a pissy look on her face. Kate doesn’t care about her fans. All Kate cares about is Kate.

  • Gayle

    @Cathy G.: Wow Cathy G …can we get any more racist ? The kids are just not white enough for you ?

  • Ashlee

    Kate is a drama-mama and crazy. People are getting so tired of her. It won’t be long before the psycho woman has a break-down.

  • Gayle

    @Joanna: Joanna… I think we all know who is really ugly here. Grow up and stop commenting on these beautiful kids. !

  • Georgie

    Kids are not white but they are still ugly. They are 3/4 white but still ugly.

    It’s amazing they don’t look like their attractive mom.

  • Tilly


    They still aren’t cute no matter how much you blow your horn.

  • ellen

    Kate is off her rocker and these kids are not beautiful. They have got to be some of the ugliest kids on TV.

  • Gayle

    The only ugly I see is in these racist comments . Are you people for real ?

  • Caroline

    Why should I tune in? To hear “victim” Kate?

    Get over it.

  • Caroline

    PS: Too much fake tan, Hkate!

  • Caroline

    Hey, kate, look at the comments above, and see what you’re children will google in 20 years?

    Is the traveling and designer clothing going to be worth it????

    You sux!!

  • Billy Jean

    Um, isn’t this what Kate wants? Um, if she didn’t want this why doesn’t she um, end the show. Um, I think that Kate is not playing with a full deck. Um…..

  • Caroline

    Hey, Kate….. By the look of the comments, you’re children are going to be so glad and proud of the decisions you made to continue the spectacle of their lives all over the internet.

    How could you even be CONSIDERED as a mother role model. HA.

  • Pat

    These kids are in for a really sad future. It looks like a good case of child abuse.


    you a words dont ever make fun of them just because yiur UGLY SO F U GUYS A *SS

  • jaden

    Aaden is a wussy kid, just like his mama raised him to be

  • molly

    So msnbc has an article that the kids are revolting about be taped. The kids are tired of “working.” This show needs to end, and soon.