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Kevin Federline: Central Park Zoo With The Boys!

Kevin Federline: Central Park Zoo With The Boys!

Kevin Federline and his girlfriend Victoria Prince take his two sons — Sean, who turns 4 next month and Jayden, who turns 3 next month – to visit the animals at the Central Park Zoo in New York City on Tuesday (August 25).

The foursome were accompanied by a nanny and security guard.

Looks like Sean and Jayden need a new dye job soon!

FYI: Kevin & Victoria are using their Maclaren stroller.

10+ pictures inside of Kevin Federline at the Central Park Zoo with the boys…

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    I can’t get over how much they look alike. They seem to be real happy kids.

  • mela

    i’m glad kevin found a steady, sane, girl in his life. i have to say, she has got some killer legs and gorgeous hair! poor brit brit is no where near as naturally good looking at kfeds new girlfriend, and brit brit has top of the line groomers. it’s always baffled me how shitty britney spears looks (her hair specifically and clothes) when she can afford the best of the best groomers.

  • thats_right

    the boys are so cute :)

  • unknown

    Lazy brats, old enough to walk!

  • Anon

    I agree #2, she has a killer body, but “living la vida loca” of Britney money is not cute at all!!!!

  • T.

    the boys always look so happy with Kevin I would have NEVER thought he would be a good parent

  • zxc

    They look retarded.

  • Diana

    Shouldn’t Kevin also be spending time with his two daughters? He does have 4 kids…

  • They dyed Sean’s hair!?!

    I knew Sean had pretty dark brown hair, but I was giving him the benefit of the doubt, that when you shave your head real close your hair will sometimes look lighter. Now I knew Jayden was blond but not Sean. Now I know that they dyed his hair blond. You can see his brown roots come in. Why would anyone want to put harsh chemicals on a 3 yr. old’s head to change their hair color? Aren’t they happy for what he naturally looks like? I guess not. Poor kids…..

  • mela

    well britney is half retarded so they must be at least a quarter!

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    @Diana: WHY the f*ck do you know that he doesnt?????????
    I’m sure that he is spending also alot of time with his other two kids (boy and a girl), but the paps doesnt taking pics of him then…..

  • http://Israel Lisa rose


  • mela

    i mean britney didn’t even graduate highschool. she probably didn’t go past the 8th grade. sure some skewl probably sent her some bullsh*t GED dipoloma- but they’s be serious, she’s dumber than rocks! and being half retarded doesn’t help

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    @They dyed Sean’s hair!?!: Gwen Stefani did the same with her son- Kingston!!!
    its the most stupid thing to do to a 3-year-olds!

  • nik

    They never look that happy when they are with their mom. the small fry always is suckin on the binky and looks weepy eyes with Brit. With dad they seem like cute kids.

  • BoomBoomPAU#16

    WTF happened to K-fed? He got FAT! Yech!

  • BoomBoomPAU#16

    WTF happened to K-fed? He got FAT! Yech!

  • jesus

    Victoria has great legs, long and slim, unlike Britney who has tree trunk short, chunk and stubby legs. the kids always look more happy
    with Daddy too.

  • I s a n d y

    I hate women like Victoria. Go have your own kids!!! Those are Britney’s and Kevin’s.

  • piss_angel

    why the f would anyone dye their 3 and 4 yr old children’s hair???!!

  • I s a n d y

    @Diana: Exactly. He is never out with the bwn ones…
    RE: Shouldn’t Kevin also be spending time with his two daughters? He does have 4 kids…

  • sdfldfmg

    he’s so fat and she’s so ugly

  • pinkness

    Does Kevin spend any time with his other two children. . They were in this world first.
    Now you would think, he only had the two children with Britney.

  • l

    Kevin has a hot girlfriend. wow.

  • jim

    sdfldfmg @ 08/25/2009 at 4:11 pm #22

    he’s so fat and she’s so ugly
    she looks better than trailer trash Britney.

  • l

    That girl is hot, Britney is the ugly one.

  • nancy from encore

    OMG U HATERS R SOOOOOOOOO Jelous. Kevins g/f is fat.
    britney is slim and toned.

  • Kim

    I’d Kill to have legs like that chick.

  • Sewgirly

    Dyed hair does not grow back in like that. My guess (and it could be way off) is that the boys got into some of Mommy’s hair dye/stuff and the adults cut their hair to fix it. The boys have always had longer hair until now. This is the leftover look until it grows out. Kids do dumb stuff after watching parents. I know at least 4 kids that hacked their hair or bangs off with kiddie scissors. It happens all the time.

  • mertz

    wow he looks like he’s lost a lot of weight. good for him and goodluck to him. wow. i thought he’d stay the other way forever but it looks like he’s not that stupid.

  • Topdog

    KF’s spousal support must be running low. He’s transporting his kids in a cab. Doesn’t he have a car service? He needs to get a job and stop sponge off his ex-wife. LOSER!!!

  • mertz

    yeah i’m with you kim. i never thought this girl looked ugly. if i could be even half her height and have her legs maybe i would be living the life.

    i haven’t read the comments but what the hell…this girl is FAT???? are you serious? wow. i bet these are the same people going in the hilary duff and kelly clarkson threads making all kinds of hideous comments. if this girl is fat then there is no hope for this world at all. WTF. like is it because she’s not anna wintour slim or what. what are people’s definition of fat? i have a friend who is this tall, who models, eats more than i ever will, and stays slim forever. tall people have it easy. not all short people have it like that. yeah lots of short people are slim, but have you seen a short fat person…they waddle. a tall fat person, not so much.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    those kids are so special-ed looking. looks like britney cut their hair.

  • mertz

    T. @ 08/25/2009 at 3:31 pm the boys always look so happy with Kevin I would have NEVER thought he would be a good parent
    yeah i know. it’s good people can always change. there is always hope.

    BoomBoomPAU#16 @ 08/25/2009 at 4:01 pm WTF happened to K-fed? He got FAT! Yech!
    yeah you obviously missed when he looked like fat bastard. he doesn’t look like such a neglected whale anymore. looks like he’s got/getting his life together.

  • Again

    He has a girl and boy rom SharJackson.
    Then he had these two money-makers with Stupid Britney.
    He has been seen out with the other two kids and the two money makers.
    The two money-makers do look happy. vVery happy. They look so much alike and they are 1yr or 9-12 months apart.
    Victoria could be a model and really should look into that since b she has rec’d so much exposure.
    One thing is for ,Kevin is not fool and he will not be remarrying and giving away his fortune,goldmine.
    a few million in alimony
    a few million from the sale of the home he lived in with Brintey
    $30,000 a month for watching his kids as Britney is working
    and more!!

    Kevin, like the comidians say, you are the ultimate Pimp Daddy!!!

  • Catalina

    Kevin has done a wonderful job with these boys. They always seem so happy when they are with their Dad.

  • mertz

    i agree with the he needs to get a job comments. i don’t know anything about the dude and i could care less. i hope i can keep it that way. who goes and dates their background dancer then gets knocked up twice. lol.

  • http://Gmail mrs brad pitt

    britney money! everybody enjoy! trip to nyc zoo y’all! yeah! losers. he and her.

  • Dellina

    THEIR HAIR IS BLEACHED BY THE SUN. It has not been dyed. Of course the roots are going to come in darker. Anyone with a normal intelligence would know this.

  • Kevin is a loser

    Kevin hit pay dirt siring these two kids. It’s not like he actually has a job now is it? No wonder he’s so fat now. He just sits on his ass all day long.

  • sir gaga

    i’m glad he’s becoming a good daddy, so respect! and those kiddies are GORGEOUS & they seem like they’re best freinds, love those babies and love Britney

  • sir gaga

    @zxc: ewww that was so mean, you’re sick

  • anon

    Is it just me or do the boys always look happier with thier dad? Maybe he does spend time with his other kids but thier not as pap worthy?

  • sir gaga

    @mela: please!!! STFU, Britney looks wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better, she’s a hottie, kevin’s girl is aaaaight but still can’t hold a cndle next to britney

  • Billy Bob

    Damm, I knew Kevin had super sperm and just had to look a a chick to impregnate her but did he actually knock himself up now too? When’s he due?

  • sara

    OK…how the hell did he bag himself such a hot girl? And why hasn’t his super sperm penetrated her fallopian tubes? Not that we need more Federline spawn running around.

    Seriously, this chick his hot. She must be in it for the $$.

  • mertz

    lol with the super spermies comments.

    yeah it seems like those kids have lots of fun with kevin. oh well. and his other kids lol don’t get papped because kevin feders is not a star and no one cares about him and shar jackson is sooooo removed from the list. plus i bet you she has cutsody most of the time and is the primary giver and that she is a pittbull about her kids. she’s not dumb enough to go and get her kids pappd. these kids will get pappd kevin or no kevin because they are britney’s kids…and she’s the star.

  • julia

    STOP comparing BRITNEY wit VICTORIA.. GEEEZ!!!

    I dont get why dying the kids hair.. OMG thats SOOOO stupid!

  • haha people saying Kevin is a good father. Please. He uses those kids for fame.(he’s trying to do a reality show with them), and money. He barely sees his other kids. Why is the nanny pushing them when clearly her could do it. Oh right. He’s lazy. He needs to get paid to look after his kids on TOP of the money he’s already getting for child support. He can’t even handle them, He has TWO nannies. Really. No one, male or female should get to live like that. They only deserve the right amount of child support. Victoria quit her job after meeting kevin….why?….to live of HIS EX-WIFE. They are both un-employed, sitting at home, and yet have two nannies for what?……..

    Their hair isn’t dyed. It’s bleached from the sun and pool (chlorine). Plus they had a mixture of blond/brunette hair before. Now that it’s cut you can clearly see that.

  • anna

    for those who think he doesn’t spend time with his other kids