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Michelle Williams Hits Cafe Gitane

Michelle Williams Hits Cafe Gitane

Michelle Williams sips on her glass of Hibiscus Tea during lunch with friends at Cafe Gitane in the Nolita neighborhood of New York City on Tuesday (August 25).

The 28-year-old actress will next star in Shutter Island, playing Dolores Chanal, the wife of U.S. marshal Teddy Daniels (Leonardo DiCaprio) in the Martin Scorsese-directed drama for Paramount Pictures.

10+ pictures inside of Michelle Williams hitting up Cafe Gitane…

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michelle williams cafe gitane 01
michelle williams cafe gitane 02
michelle williams cafe gitane 03
michelle williams cafe gitane 04
michelle williams cafe gitane 05
michelle williams cafe gitane 06
michelle williams cafe gitane 07
michelle williams cafe gitane 08
michelle williams cafe gitane 09
michelle williams cafe gitane 10
michelle williams cafe gitane 11
michelle williams cafe gitane 12
michelle williams cafe gitane 13

Credit: PPNY/GSNY; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Anthony Dixon/WENN
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  • K.G.

    She’s gorgeous and talented.

  • dguy

    she’s my fave.. so cute!

  • Tina


  • 7even

    Nice to see Michelle having a good time with her friends :)

  • laura

    She’s so beautiful.

  • mertz

    like what she’s wearing.


    she looks great!

  • yawn

    Why is everybody sucking her c@ck? She’s nothing special.

  • K.G.

    She is special and gorgeous. Watch Brokeback mountain or Wendy and Lucy, she’s one of the best actresses of her generation. So suck on that.

  • yawn


    Speacial and gorgeous? Thanks for the laugh. Overrated looks and acting wise and a b!tch on top of it. If she hadn’t had Ledger’s kid noone wouldn’t be sucking her c@ck.

  • yawn


    Special and gorgeous? Thanks for the laugh. Overrated looks and acting wise and a b!tch on top of it. If she hadn’t had Ledger’s kid noone would be sucking her c@ck.

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    @yawn: I’m agree with you!

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    maybe she didnt ask for it, but shes get way too much attention becouse of her late babydaddy!

  • mailey

    michelle is always so darned cute…………………….

  • Jennie

    I agree with Lisa rose and yawn.

    Michelle is relevant because of who her babydaddy is. Shes pretty in a dull kind of way. I think the interest in her will dwindle in a couple of years.

  • Janet

    Michelle’s looking gorgeous! Nice to see her out having fun with friends. I personally was a Michelle Williams fan WAAAY before I was a Heath Ledger fan so screw that crap you few losers are saying.

  • MJ


    Agreed. Personally, I was never much of a fan of Heath and won’t be anymore of one now that he’s dead. But Michelle really is something special. It’s sad people waste their lives commenting someone they don’t even like.

  • laura mary

    i can’t wait to see shutter island, looks soo good

  • Soko

    She’s purdy. Cool outfit, she has great style

  • anon

    I only like her cutie daughter Matilda, her no. I read Michelle is not nice to her fans.

  • Soko

    @anon: Darling, don’t believe everything you read.

  • Angela


    Some fans even closed one of her oldest fansites after she threatened the poor souls with a lawsuit. What kind of person does that, they loved her and she was a biitch to them.

  • Sarah

    Another day, another great outfit from Michelle ! :)

  • Sarah

    @ Angela: Actually close but no. As a member of the Williams Center, i actually know for a fact they were asked to remove photos that violated the conditions of the fansite and general propriety – personal photos that were taken on private property and photos that had been posted on the forum. The site owners made the decision to shut down the site because they couldn’t check everything that was posted. I was dissapointed that it was closed down, but that’s just life. Just clearing that up, since everyone seems to be spreading the silly rumor that Michelle closed down her own site.

  • pEACH

    I LOVE her outfit. so cute and quirky. her vintage pieces are so nice..

  • Angela

    “The site owners made the decision to shut down the site because they couldn’t check everything that was posted.”

    That’s true. They make the decision to shut it down because they were VERY disappointed in Michelle, they called her biitch and cold hearted snake themselves, I’m not making it up. She practically took them to court for a couple of pics instead of asking nicely to remove them.

  • Sarah

    @ Angela. Stop trying to twist it to fit your hate-filled delusional mind. She did not send them to court – she sent them a legal letter saying that if they did not act pertaining to the law, they COULD take legal action. It was a warning. I know a few of the admin lashed out, I happened to read some of the things they wrote about her out of spite, which proves their immaturity, not hers. I was more disappointed at the site staff than at Michelle at the time- it was a reasonable request which they took too personally. Just goes to show how petty and young at heart some people can be. And here’s a word of advice to you: perhaps instead of wasting your life on the internet spreading rumors about people you don’t like, you could find something more productive to do with your time, maybe something that doesn’t involve obsessing over someone you don’t know.

  • isla

    she’s a witch, looks like one and a one note actress
    Hollywood notices her because of less clothing and all the s## onscreen

  • dancer


  • mertz

    even if michelle williams bores the f out of me i’m not going to make any kind of connection with her and heath ledger for her celebrity status because that is DUMB. are you freakin kidding me. lol you only know about michelle williams BECAUSE of heath ledger? wow. that really shows how much you know.

    anways i’m not a big fan of hers but atleast she doesn’t carry herself like some of the other twats in hwood and she seems to have a brain that she uses. i like what she’s wearing. i haven’t seen wendy and lucy (i should rent it), but people were recommending it as something to watch because of the amazing director. she was good in bbm. she’s not that bad of an actor actually. she’s come a ways since her beginnings. she’s probably got more depth to her than what’s that girl’s name katie holmes. yeah. or even joshua jackson. i think she’s the one who has a career to be an actor.

  • Angela


    Blahblahblah. Spin as much as you want, Michelle Williams is still a biitch.

    And here’s a word of advice to you: perhaps instead of wasting your life on the internet mindlessly worshiping someone who doesn’t give a damn about silly fan girls like you, you could find something more productive to do with your time, maybe something that doesn’t involve obsessing over someone you don’t know.

  • mertz

    oh and she is pretty. sheesh some of the people on this website. oh people are too fat, they are too skinny, they are ugly. are you kidding me…and then these same people go and call jon gosselin and his latest troll hookup hot. wow. i mean i might be blind but i’m not that stupid. call a spade a spade even if it hurts you and stop being dumb about thing. f*ck. i mean people on this website are going to call brittney spears and heidi montag the hottest things since sliced bread but michelle williams (who i don’t give a sh*t about) is ugly. wow. no wonder so many girls falling for those traps the mags and society keeps feeding them.

  • mertz

    lol stop being trivial females. get over it. the fact is that you’re both on this website and while i might agree with sarah (unoriginal combeack angela but nice of you to point her posturing righteous finger back at her) i mean i might come on this website and act just like angela and spead lots of hate. anyways the bigger point is we’re all hypocrites. it’s here to stay. it’s not good. w/e. embrace your vaniites and enjoy your jj experience.

  • madmax

    when I try to enlarge the pics all I get is a blank page. Is anyone else having that problem?

  • Angela


    I didn’t say she sent them to court, I said “practically”. Regardless, the hard cold fact is Michelle threatened the owners with legal action instead of just asking nicely to remove the photos. You know they would’ve done it. Was there any need to involve her lawyers? It was just a harmless fansite that only professed love for her. See other stars like Johnny Depp for example, how sweet they are to their fans. But not Michelle, she has to act all high and mighty like she’s hot shiit. An actor needs fans, she should keep that in mind.

    My last comment I promise lol

  • Lucymaye

    Pretty lady!

  • Lucymaye

    @madmax: Are you clicking on the picture or the enlarge to full-screen option? :)

  • cina

    @MJ: poor Heath L, what ever will he do without you as a fan?! the millions of fans he has all over the world will have to suffice

  • mertz

    yeah mad max this website is having all kinds of problems in the last hour or so. i wanted to email jared about it but i didn’t know if i should. anyways email jared with your problems.

  • mertz

    lol angela. she doesn’t have to be nice to anyone actually. if someone is doing something that affects her she doesn’t have to put up with it. it’s not because she’s a celebrity that she can do that, it’s because she’s a person. granted i am all for being nice and niceness and i think michelle has a b*tch in her, but you must have not heard about that google case that just got resolved with the model getting google to release the identity of a blogger who was slagging her. the point is that people have power. you don’t need to be a celebrity. yeah she could have asked nicely about it, but how do you know she didn’t ask first before issuing the legal action against the website owners? i didn’t follow that case, but feel free to enlighten me. some chick just said that some of us in the kate gosselin thread who was picking up on the dumb people calling babies ugly are being trivial about nothing important, which i could say the same for your complaint about her not being “nice” to some people who posted pictures she obviously didn’t want used, but i understand if you are/were really pissed off about that. really. but it’s kinda _______. but that’s just my opinion. eveyone has them and they all stink :).

  • Frankie

    She’s gorgeous & a great actress. Looking forward to seeing Shutter Island.

  • Twilight sucks

    ironically enough the more people comment (whether haters or lovers) the more popular she will get and the more posts about her there will be

  • mertz

    well lets not hope that the comments determine whether a blogger posts about someone or not. we’re trying to get jared to stop posting about heidi montag and spencer pratt in that thread. some people like me post more than once (under the same name granted…can’t say much about people always changing their names) but that’s how the comments section on these pages improves. how do you think the jolie-pitt threads live on.

  • marla

    I really love Michelle Williams since her Dawson’s Creek days. Jen Lindley was always my favourite. I guess it’s safe to say that among all Dawson’s Creek alumni she was genuinely the most successful one
    in her acting career. And was the first to garner a nomination in both Golden Globe and the Academy..

  • madmax

    I’ve just been clicking on the pics like I usually do but it’s coming up error on page. I just clicked the last shot and that came up fine, then I hit the previous button and it showed two more pics and then that error message came up.

    As for Michelle, I think she is a nice person. I can’t say I’ve ever been a big fan. I remember watching her for the first time when a friend of mine from Australia was visiting and loved Dawson’s Creek so I watched that with him. I didn’t try to see that show again until after I saw Brokeback. I wanted to pay attention this time to Michelle. I think her acting was a lot better than Katie Holmes character (who was always whining about something like a spoiled brat)

    I think Michelle likes acting but doesn’t want to be a BIG named star. That is one thing she and Heath had in common, they both enjoyed making movies but not the limelight. Both knowing they have to put up with the publicity end of show business, but not seeking it out. I think she is trying to be a good mother to Matilda. I loved the pics of Heath’s family visiting. If there was any friction between them and Michelle they are putting it all aside for the sake of that little girl. And I think that is how Heath would have wanted it.

  • haha

    @Lisa rose:
    So true.

  • J.M.F

    Am i only one who thinks that Michelle and Heath relationship were total failure. I am not fan of his but if i have to choose i choose him over her.

  • mimi

    28 years old like 4 years ago. LOL.

  • Ahna

    Classy lady and a humble person. I just saw Wendy and Lucy and LOVED it. I’ve never paid her that much attention before but I definitely will in the future.

  • Jen

    @J.M.F: You’re not the only one who thinks that. I’m not a fan of either of them but I’ll take Heath over Michelle anyday too. i don’t think she’s a nice person.