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Rihanna: Bowery Hotel Babe

Rihanna: Bowery Hotel Babe

Rihanna attends a business meeting at The Bowery Hotel and then heads to a music studio in the East Village neighborhood of New York City on Monday night (August 24).

In celebration of his Blueprint 3 album, Jay-Z just announced plans to play a benefit concert at Madison Square Garden on Sept. 11 to benefit the New York Police and Fire Widows’ and Children’s Benefit Fund.

He’ll play songs off his album, which features the current single “Run This Town” with Kanye West and Rihanna. The concert will also air exclusively in HD and commercial-free, live on Fuse.

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  • imho

    Yeah, she look dressed for a business meeting.

  • dhihfdis

    love her
    she looks amazing as usual

  • jess

    Wow, they really put a thick weave on top. She actually looks like she has hair up top.

  • poptart

    Cute girl. Why does she dress like a street walker?

  • amara

    I can’t see someone wearing that to record an album.
    I guess they are trying to promote the image of her working since all she ever seems to do is shop.

  • You/Me

    Killer shoes! Love ‘em :)

  • Chris

    This is the only celebrity I can think of who seems to need to be photographed on a daily basis.

  • icey

    The girl has nice legs but she dresses too old for her age.

  • Tasha

    Yup, that’s a wig. Her side were shaved just yesterday.

  • wexx

    Nice outfit but the shoes ruin it.

  • david

    AINT GOT NO TIME FOR THE HA_TAS and what u mean thats a wig thats her hair her hair grows fast if u was a fan u would know


  • H.

    lol@bizness meeting. ho was out for dinner and hopping.

  • Katie

    @david: No way hair grows that fast. There were pics of her from yesterday with almost fully shaved sides. You cannot grow a head of hair that long in 24 hours. She’s clearly had a lot of help from a weave or a wig.

  • Aly

    I love her. She’s beautiful!

  • david

    1st of all she did not shave her hair few days ago it was actually almost a month ago know ur facts

  • G-UNIT


  • G-UNIT



    Shut up thats Rihanna’s real hair. Some of you jealous bitches always talking out your asses. Her hair grows fast unlike some of you. I am anxiously awaiting Rihanna’s new album.

  • salma

    Why is she wearing those boots with that dress? She should have paired it with some cute sandals.


    I have seen her in person and her photos do not do her justice. This is one stunningly beautiful girl. I love her eyes they are just so beautiful. This chick is flawless in person.

  • Keldo

    @i HATE PEOPLE THAT ARE ENVIOUS: Someone does not have to be ‘envious’ to not share your opinion. I’ve seen her in person too and she’s average-looking but she does have pretty eyes. Also saw her nudes. Shame she rarely dresses to show off her body — one of her best features.

  • Keldo

    @i HATE PEOPLE THAT ARE ENVIOUS: I think you’re missing the point. It doesn’t matter if she shaved her head a month ago. We saw photos of her just the other day where she barely had any hair on her sides. Now she has a whole bunch of hair. People are not stupid. They can spot extensions or a weave. It’s pretty obvious in this case.

  • freebird

    The girl is looking more and more like Lil Kim in the face.
    Same age too.

  • JJ

    Awesome legs but she’s still a buttaface.

  • honey

    RiRi looks really cute there but she’s so overexposed at this point that she’s bitch annoying.

  • jjj

    Rihanna looks so pretty… I like the new hairstyle she has in these pics. CUTE!

  • blackberry

    Props to the label. They finally upgraded and bought the bitch a decent wig.


    @Keldo I don’t believe you have ever seen Rihanna in real life. She is in NO WAY average looking. If she is average looking I would love to see what you call beautiful. Numerous celebrities and people who have seen her in person have commented on her looks. They have used adjectives/words such as stunning, beautiful, easy on the eyes etc. She is stunningly beautiful and numerous celebrities who are good looking have said the same.

  • TC

    @i HATE PEOPLE THAT ARE ENVIOUS: You are being ridiculous in applying your opinion as fact. It doesn’t matter if numerous people have commented on her looks, beauty is subjective and I’ve read tons of opinions of people who do not find Rihanna attractive. Personally, I find Halle Berry beautiful, but there are people who find her plain for whatever reason. Compare airport photos of Rihanna and Halle Berry and you’ll see a huge difference in beauty but there are still people who don’t like either of their looks.


    @TC I do agree with you that beauty is subjective. I just don’t see how someone who has really seen Rihanna in person would say she is average looking. I think Halle Berry is cute. I do think beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have seen some really unattractive people and some people think they are attractive.

  • RiRi4eva

    Rihanna is prob the only black celeb to nOT wear a weave. Love her!

  • Hannah

    She definitely wears a weave. This one is better than the one she was sporting last week.

  • Jade

    LMAO at whoever says this girl doesn’t wear weave, all she wear is weave which is why her hair is badly damaged. I’m good friends with her hairstylist babes, she mind as well shave that pretty little head of hers completely bald.

  • Pie

    @i HATE PEOPLE THAT ARE ENVIOUS: Rihanna stop commenting bout urself! We all know it’s u!

  • josh

    go riri, you are beautiful from head to toe, some people are just so jealous of every thing you have and your beauty. just ignore the haters and be you

  • susan

    I am anxiously awaiting Rihanna’s new album.

    P.s. Thats her hair. She combed it to the side. You see the other side is still low.

  • jswetz_d_truth

    i only say look at the photos thats her hair the side is short and growing back, she is f*****g hot.

  • Oh No She Didn’t

    Nice shoes but she needs a new stylist. That is not entirely her hair. You can see they clipped on extensions to make it fuller on top. She has a noticeably receding hairline and not much hair on top or the sides so to get that much hair they definitely added pieces.

  • LOVE

    @Keldo: you are such an idiot get lost.she just put her side ways and not are the one missing the point.

  • keltu
  • Quest

    @LOVE: Nope, the only idiot is the one who needs to engage in personal attacks because they can’t handle other’s opinions. Both sides are shaved and she suddenly has a huge amount of hair on the one side plus on top like others have noted. It didn’t all grow over night. Where did it come from? A weave of course. It’s used all the time by celebs.

  • Celebwatcher

    I sense that there will be more sexy pics of Rihanna coming out.


    Check out my other psychic predictions at

  • enoughalready

    #11 you also believe she can actually sing? That is not her hair, come on now! It’s weve, lacefront at that, when she copies she copies. There is still nothing original about this girl except the fact she can not sing..

    Read on another site she is depressed cause everyone is saying she cant sing, duh, she been that deep in denial! That secrest been out since day one the only difference with GGGB was the quality of the producer and the way the song was written and produced..

    Envious of what..being the biggest fake in the business, oh! and she dont have the money they say she does…Rihanna is not working on an Album, to many artists is coming out now that can sing and ole girl and the label is scared after reading all the reviews from fans on her vocals..

  • T

    I would love to see what some of you all look like

  • VV

    She’s a biiiig mess.. She looks like a tranny! She doesn’t have success anymore, sorry 4 her…

  • Cammie

    That’s a cute normal outfit, she looks cute.

  • Jen

    she doesnt look that bad for once

  • RiRi

    She looks very beautiful, but poor thing doesn’t look too happy. She’s young & hope she’s enjoying her life…she should be….she deserves to.

  • blue

    She looks cute from a distance but not so much up close.

  • delvin

    Agree, with those who say she’s wearing a weave. Big difference. Without it, she’s practically bald. That’s why J.Lo wears them too.