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Rihanna Granted Protective Order Against Chris Brown

Rihanna Granted Protective Order Against Chris Brown

Rihanna attends a meeting at a Midtown Manhattan building on Tuesday afternoon (August 25).

After the Chris Brown stay-away order was imposed by the court, Rihanna‘s attorney told reporters, “There were no surprises this afternoon. Rihanna was advised of the plea agreement before it was entered. She did not object.”

As for how Rihanna is currently doing, her attorney shared, “She’s doing fine, she’s pursuing her career. She’s tremendously appreciative that her family, friends and fans throughout the world have supported her.”

20+ pictures inside of Rihanna in Midtown Manhattan…

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  • melissa

    is it just me or has her skin gotten so much lighter than when she first came out

  • You/Me

    Ugh. She sure changed her tune real quick didn’t she? Where is her punishment for attacking Chris? Where is her punishment for smacking him first?? She started this whole mess and she walks away the “victim”??!!WTF?? She is a piss poor excuse for a woman and she is gives a bad name to the woman who are REALLY in abusive relationships.

  • nick

    You/Me… I can’t believe you would even go there. A man has way more physical strength. Did he look hurt to you? No. She was absolutely brutalized. How dare you blame her. She is the victim.

  • just me

    Wasn’t she trying to get the protective order lifted?

  • WTF

    WTF is she wearing?

  • Isis

    She looks naked under the blazer.

  • clay

    @nick: I think she is entitled to her opinion without being beat down.

  • mertz

    nope to those pants. and i knew that this would go through. obviously.

    she didn’t change her tune at all. lol. and they weren’t dating after he did what he did.

    yeah and you want her to get charged and reprimanded for hitting him fine, lol you know who would still be the loser in the entire sitaution, cb. you need to learn a lot more about the system before you start commenting about things.

  • beats

    The girl has a nice body but she’s such a cheap dresser. She usually resembles a street walker. What a waste of styling.

  • lol

    she attended a meeting looking like a sk.ank

  • rap it up

    I don’t believe she stopped seeing him after the attacks. His car was spotted at her place during the early hours of the morning so many times. They were sneaking around, but staying with him is career suicide. The label must have knocked some sense into her.

  • eggs

    Rihanna is a horrible dresser.
    Does she really use a stylist?

  • mertz

    agree to disagree. i know from friends that they weren’t dating.

    yeah she uses a stylsit for events, but no for the rest of the time. she does get a lot of products sent to her.

  • Naley

    Even after the attack there were still pictures of them together. I just don’t like her one bit.

  • lala

    @melissa: Beyonce bleached too, its a trend once they get into the spotlight… its an inevitability, and really should come as much of a surprise anymore.

  • gigi

    Another story copied from GG.

  • jenny

    she’s beautiful, she has her own style, get over it already jealous hens and good for her, she was brutalized creeps, love her, and yes her fans supports her.

  • asdf

    @mertz: That’s my guess too. She probably gets a lot of designer freebies but she just doesn’t know how to match them up.

  • gross

    first offenders never get this harsh of a sentence. what is the lesson learned here? roman polanski raped a 13yr old girl, never saw the inside of a jail. halle berry, brandy nor the noxema girl served jail time for their hit and run ( and murder for the last two). something in the milk ain’t clean

  • david

    @jenny: She’s cute, not beautiful and sometime she looks fug. The jealousy card is getting old. You obsessed stans need to get a new hook.

  • majesty

    Rihanna looks like a 35 yr old Dionne Warwick.

  • ticky

    She is a totally mess, definitely. Her style is really ugly, as her haircut and she gained weight.


  • paranel

    What kind of a ridiculous outfit is that ? Hire a stylist dumbo.

  • Erin

    gross – you’re drifting into idiot territory. Roman Polanski hasn’t seen a jail cell because he hasn’t stepped foot back in the US since the incident. He was charged but has never come back to the states, so there’s that. If he was to do so, he’d be arrested on the spot. In the Halle Berry and Brandy case, the district attorney declined to bring a felony case. Halle did plead to a lesser charge and was given community service, a fine, etc. You are in danger of being one of morons who runs around the internet spewing nonsense. And it’s not like we need any more of those.

  • kdots

    Why does she dress like a tramp? It’s not edgy; it’s just ugly.
    She could look so cute with the right stylist.

  • http://Gmail mrs brad pitt

    check out the long haired geek trying to get her autograph. how do stars do it? happy with the sentence…

  • http://Gmail mrs brad pitt

    rihanna is light by nature. her grandfather is mixed and so is beyonce. beyonce has creole lineage and her mom is really light. you can see baby pics of them.

  • http://Gmail mrs brad pitt

    i love how this girl is on her way to a high profile meeting with assistants and a bodyguard and really expensive clothes and probably chauffeur driven there and staying in a 1st class hotel while trolls on a blog are trashing her. like her life has anything to do with yours? the girl is living a charmed life. you are watching her on a blog not vice versa. see the irony? i think rihanna is beauticul and i like her a lot.

  • jenny

    @ DAVID# 20…as i said earlier, i call a spade a spade, she is beautiful, you are jealous and most of the comments are from the same hater, and she dresses just fine, so you don’t like the way she dress?, who are you? and who cares what you think?, she has more money,clothes,looks, and talent than you, now go dress your own self.

  • nikomilinko


    yes, but she had white top.

  • Smith

    What meeting is she on her way to? She’s probably out shopping like any other day. The limo, hotel, clothes, etc…Most likely rented or loaned. Something is wrong with this girl. She does not put down roots. She needs to stay in a hotel instead of a house, and she is most likely footing the bill for all this ‘stuff’ in the end cause the label does not pay for it up front. They take it out of her costs.
    She should try investing in a stylist. If she truly has money, she should look much better than that.

  • ticky

    The funny thing is that Rihanna’s fans really believe that she is well dressed and that there is one same person who is the hater inthe comments…

    Guys: Rihanna is not “beautiful” and she cannot dress herself coz she doesn’t have any style^^

  • Justice

    @jenny: Since apparently people can now see through computer screens, the same could be said for you. Who cares what you think? You go dress yourself. Why do you fanatics keep trying to act like your personal opinions are factual? She is not beautiful to others. Deal with it.

  • Justice

    @ticky: They are a strange bunch, huh? I think it’s just one obsessed fan.

  • Onyx

    @nikomilinko: Good point though I think Rihanna is dressing sexy on purpose. She’s smart, she knows looking half-naked will land her in the press.

  • too bad so sad

    can we now get a protective order from seeing posts about her?? and make it FOREVER! Thank you.

  • Melvin

    Women are stupid and the younger they are the dumber they are. Their boyfriends beat them up but they love them anyway!

  • Brittny

    Swag is Ri-DIC! <3s Rih Rih

  • You/Me

    @nick: Look, real life is like this: women are abusers too and no matter what anyone says women DO provoke men to the point of wanting to slap the sh*t out of them. I’m a woman and I would never slap or punch or shove my husband not because I am scared of him but because I am mot a trashy perosn who is looking for a fight. I have some self-respect. Rihanna obviously does not give a sh*t about anyone but herelf and if you read the probation report that is out you will see that there are other incidents in which she attacked Brown and he realiated. Now, wtf did she think was gonna happen if she kept physically attacking him….yeah, he was goning to push back. Violence is disgusting, for both men and women, and Rihanna is no victim, she played the abuse factor just as much as Brown did. She is not a victim, she is an enabler.

  • mertz

    lol melvin that is true.

    lol at the bleaching comments.

    and how is she supposed to know how to match them. what is she some kind of fashionista. yeah mother f’n right. that’s after her getting singed…not like she dresses bad either way. she definately dresses better than me. i have no style sense. i’m just a critic and a n-o to those pants. if her goal was to look wide then bravo.

    lol what do you care about what meeting she’s going to when you’ve already determined that all she does is party and shop, which is not a lie but it’s also not the whole picture. and yeah she has a stylist and yeah she pays for things and gets a lot of freebies. anyways next topic. i call this look a fail just cause of those a$$y pants. ugh. i think if she had worn it in another colour she would look fine.

  • mertz

    he didn’t just push her back though.

    and yeah they had problems. people need to stop being stupid. if you’re in a bad relationship cut it off and don’t conitinue it. otherwise you just perpetuate the stupidity and then people are supposed to feel some sort of emotion when your a$$ ends up hurt or dead. no one cares. if you’re in a bad relationship LEAVE. that’s it. not surprised about this whole thing one bit.

  • blondie

    My advice is for Chris Brown to hire another attorney
    and have the new lawyer get this decision overturned,
    appealed, and thrown out of court.

    If you are engaged in a mutual fight,
    where both parties are drunk and taking swings
    at each other, than no one is at fault….IMO.

    He plead guilty under duress.

    Have the sentence tossed out.

    I think that another attorney might know a few more
    laws, cases, and judgements that could apply here.

    I am sure that the Harvard Professors would agree.

    Just my opinion.

    Five dang years! That is nuts.

    Can not be anywhere near each other.
    That is nuts.

    It is obvious that they like to go to the same places.

    What if he sends his “you know” for her to use
    like Jennifer Aniston, in the movie called, “The Baster!”

    Would that be breaking the rules???

    What if they get married by proxie,
    would that break the rules?

  • me

    @mrs brad pitt: totally agree with you love rihanna

  • james


    me too

    i luv Rihanna

  • dhihfdis

    people who are saying this is a “ridiculous” outfit just don’t understand fashion.

  • LaLa

    Luv Her!!!!! She is SOOOO GORGEOUS!!!!!

  • clay

    @blondie: Totally agree. Felony conviction? He will have that for life. 5 years probation? Insane. Much too tough a sentence for a first offense and the fact that she started the fight.

  • natt

    There’s a fine line between classy and trashy.
    Going to a meeting with a skank out outfit? Not smart, Rihanna

  • twisted

    She look cheap not fashionable, it’s just attention-seeking….

  • twisted

    ..but so is Rihanna…