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Rihanna Granted Protective Order Against Chris Brown

Rihanna Granted Protective Order Against Chris Brown

Rihanna attends a meeting at a Midtown Manhattan building on Tuesday afternoon (August 25).

After the Chris Brown stay-away order was imposed by the court, Rihanna‘s attorney told reporters, “There were no surprises this afternoon. Rihanna was advised of the plea agreement before it was entered. She did not object.”

As for how Rihanna is currently doing, her attorney shared, “She’s doing fine, she’s pursuing her career. She’s tremendously appreciative that her family, friends and fans throughout the world have supported her.”

20+ pictures inside of Rihanna in Midtown Manhattan…

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  • Adorable

    s yrs, Wow can these two stay away that long? doubt it when they have already been seen in hotels togother. she tries too hard with the fashion, i don’t like her style.

  • CHeri

    wow never noticed how many people dislike Rihanna… my friend and i were just discussing her style and think she looks amazing. i understand people have their own opinions same way i get sick of beyonce after a while. but is she really that horrible of a dresser. i don’t think she’s “trying to hard.” if you guys notice some days she looks very casual and other she looks like “a streetwalker.” i personally don’t find a problem with it. she has the guts to wear it and not care what people say and that’s what i admire about her. and to the people sick of seeing her in blogs: if u dont like her why waste your time commenting?

  • always

    This is a celebrity blog, not a fan blog. Everyone comments.
    Agree, she dresses for ‘attention’ and it’s starting to catch up with her. She looks more garish than fashionable these days. Even the mags are noticing that her style isn’t quite working anymore. She’s popping up in the Worst Dressed sections. She used to make Best Dressed.
    She probably has access to the best stylists and makeup artists in the world, so no reason why she shouldn’t always look like a million bucks.

  • mertz

    wow blondie. you don’t get that chris brown was the one who wanted this all to be over and that he was the one who signed up for this because he felt like he needed some sort of counselling. now i may think that this is too much of a sentence considering these are famous people and we know how they get a slap on the hand, but i may also think like some people that this isn’t enough. rihanna isn’t a saint, a martyr, and chris brown isn’t a murderer. she may have hit him, but he definately hit her more than once. i’m just glad this has now moved on to the next point and it is 1 more day closer to being over. what is really disturbing about all of this are the people going around, young or old, saying she deserved something like this. well then put that up. i guess all females who deserve this should get beat up. i’m sure you haven’t heard about the guy who killed his ex wife that he was harrassing last week and stuffed her in a suitcase, escaped to canada and killed himself in a hotel. if you make a mistake you make a mistake. if you give in to your anger and hit people there’s no two ways about it. they were both in the wrong. temper problems.

  • Nya

    @mertz: I totally agree 100% with you. This story is sad either way you look at it.I beleive they are kids that came for families of domestice abuse, and most of the time that’s what draws kids like these together . The understand each others childhood experiences,people need to understand loves does hurt sometimes but not in the way these kids thought.My prayers would be for them in the coming months , and i hope now their parents would step up to the plate and try to help their kids heal . Both of them need help and if they truely love each other they would be together in the next five years or at least be friends.The judge did the right thing here they need time apart and if she feels his time should be decreased the court would do so.His felony charge can also be drop to a lesser term, that’s what the court clerk said yesterday at the press conference, so all is not lost for him, he was given a chance to put his life back in order. Chris and Rihanna need to see this as a blessing becase this could have been worst , he could of killed her, or even worst they both could have died in that car that night. Then we would all be here trying to figure out what really happened on Feb 8.

  • Gabe

    put some clothes on freak

  • me-mysely-and-i

    i know am one of those women that will wish a guy 10yrs impresionment only for hiting a woman, but then i will always be reasonable if the case is otherwise. Now tell me, what gives a woman the right to hit a guy first?, is it for the simple reason the she is a woman?, no Mam!, no one has the right to hit the other. If you dont want to be hit, yoiu should desist from hitting out first. There are lots of women that push men to the limit and then later play the victim when the story gets out…Rihanna is one of such. I sympathise with Chris because he couldnt call it OFF with her the first time she slammed him which would have saved him all this trouble. Now he is the guilty one and everyone is dishing out s..t at him while she plays the victim and run arround town without anyone telling her the simple truth which should be that she is an agressor and a provocator of bad situations. The judge should have st her to Rehab for uncontrolled temper. I know the truth is bitter but the she is as guilty as him. I feel bad for them both as i love them and is fan of both. I think she should really think about her life and put that temper under wraps if she wants to be happy with anyone cause life is not about how much money u have but how happy u really are.

  • me-mysely-and-i

    you/me is more than right, for the simple fact that you are a woman doesn”t give you any right to run around hitting guys at will. A responsible lady is one that respects herself first.

  • Jade


    hell yeah she has gotten lighter, she used to have a light caramel complexion…. even off the set and in the brightest of light, have you seen her GLM days? Compared to now?

    Definitely a bleacher.

  • Jade

    Yall Ri-Ri stans are the most delusional idiots I’ve ever witnessed, yall will do whatever to stick up for this puppet. Yeah she’s beautiful….. but how far that will go?

    it’ll only take you but so far.

    And her outfit is freaking hideous, who wears a thick ass wool/fur looking whatever the hell that is…… in the freaking summer? in 85-95 degree weather, we can definitely tell she dressed herself. But those Louboutins are flyy, at least she keeps her stuff and wears it over again….. I remember she wore those on 106 back in 07, when she first came out as supposedly bad.

  • Celebwatcher

    Rihanna will be seen with a famous hip hop star in about 3 weeks.


    Check out my other celebrity psychic predictions at

  • judie

    What a sad world this has become! I would love to know what any one of you that enjoys defaming people in such a way look like sitting there e-mailing. I bet it isn’t in front of a mirror.

    Get a life.

  • LT

    @judie: I’m more interested in knowing what the people who think she look good look like. Are people not viewing the full pictures? I guess if you’re only looking at the thumbs you might think she looks ok, but not the close ups. She looks ridiculous in the hammertime grandma pants, shrunken tee and hooker heels.

  • hey

    The music industry is a “BUSINESSS” as soon as you sign that contract the goal is to make millions now I’ve been asking myself for a while now why do persons with LESS?NO talent make it bigger than the ones with ACTUAL TALENT like for example Christina Milian, Teairra mari, etc….. and I’ve came up with this simple reason. The truth to the fact is the music industry is NOT about the artist or making them rich its in fact 100% about the managers the producers basically the industry itself rich because when u look at it while they gain the artist is strip. Rihanna is a pure example of the industry puppet……… the industry does not want persons who have actual talent they want people like rihanna who they can make millions off of….. now one may say that it does not make sense, wouldn’t the persons loaded with talent make more money than the ones who don’t and that’s it there that’s why the public is always fooled because if a person like jay Z can signed a person who can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t write then it makes it a lot easier for him to become rich because all the money he invested in that person that persons becomes a product so therefore what that product sells the money is then given to the manufacturer. It was quoted “it has emerged that singles artist Rihanna has lost millions out of her recording contract due to the fact that she has little creative input in her work.
    Because Rihanna does not write any of her songs (and the songs she does co-write are never released) the writers of songs like Umbrella make more money from it than she does- including Jay Z who gets writing credit for his rap.
    Also the fact that Good Girl Gone Bad only spawned 150,000 units in first week sales despite the success of Umbrella meant that her label Island Def Jam refused to fund her videos- leaving the funding to Rihanna’s financial team which means that the cash she made from Cover Girl and Nike are spent on her videos- travelling and hotel expenses.
    Also- Rihanna’s ex label mate Teairra Mari revealed that although both she and Rihanna released commercially unsuccesful debut albums- she was dropped and Rihanna was kept because Rihanna’s management got hold of Sos (Rescue Me.)
    Rihanna also lost money on tour as well- because so little of her fans bought tickets- the venues she played in were miniscule and meant her label had to foot the bill for unbought tickets and costumes not to mention her expensive videos.”

  • hey

    correction* can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t write but has a pretty face and a body like a model

  • Poppy


    LMAO, Rihanna is fugly her face looks like a pig and her hair is a big mess.

    Can’t sing, can’t dance, and not pretty… I guess that in 2 yrs she will sell burgers at Burger King.

  • Remy

    What Is The World Coming To???
    Yall Take The Time Out To ACTUALLY Click This Post And COMMENT IT. Yall Stop Suckin Her Dick And Let Her Live Her Life.

  • Gul

    @Poppy: agree with u, Rihanna is soooo 2008

  • suppress your appetite

    She’s sooo sexy!!!!!!!! :)