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True Blood Ratings Continue To Rise

True Blood Ratings Continue To Rise

True Blood continues to draw record ratings every Sunday night.

Earlier this week, the vamp series pulled in 5.3 million viewers (12 million if you include DVR and HBO On Demand).

A new episode of True Blood (“Frenzy”) airs this Sunday (August 31) @ 9PM ET/PT on HBO. Watch a preview below!

No new episode will air on Sept. 6 (Labor Day weekend), so the season finale will air on Sept. 13.

“True Blood” Episode 11 Preview
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  • Rogue

    First, rise rise vampires!

  • true blood

    The cast does a great job. I can’t wait for the next episode!
    Thanks, Jared!

  • Wendy

    I am so happy about this, since i really love the show, and i think the cast is superb, as is the writing!

  • megan

    the episode was great!!! i love true blood!!

  • karey

    next weeks episode looks like its going to be so good!! sam teaming up with eric! yay!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    this show is fcuking incredible.

  • Wendy

    Oh and i just wanted to say since today is Alexander Skarsgard’s birthday, a huge HOT happy birthday to him.

  • tbfan

    I’m so looking forward to seeing what happens next week. I hope it doesn’t end 15 min early again…that kinda sucked. Anyhow, the show is awesome!!!

  • Sookie

    I am so Please to see the trailers and teasers pictures of Alex with kids and Sam and to see Him flying as well, so gracious. There are so much things they can do with his character without him bedding Sookie, hey still want to see his hot body.

    Jason, Bill and the others male casts they are so hot.

    Go True Blood

  • awesome

    Hell yeah they get the ratings. The show is amazing, the writing is fantastic, the acting is phenomenal and the cast is superbly talented. Thank you Jared we love True Blood! Happy birthday Alexander Skarsgard!!! Can you be my present for my birthday???

  • lakers fan in boston

    ima watch it next week
    i keep seeing pics of chicks showing their tits, altho i have no idea who they r, but that should at least make it worthwhile in watching

  • Ckayed

    This is the best television show ever produced! Holy Maenad how are they going to destry Maryann! Alan Ball is a genius and the actors are not only gorgeous but extremely talented and believable — OMG what a fabulous, fabulous show! Thank you Alan Ball and all the actors who do such a fantastic job to make this show so deliciously excellent! The sets are amazing, the music selections are right on target with the scenes and I am left not wanting more but CRAVING more like some addict! GREAT SHOW!

  • Ckayed


  • Tammy

    Best show ever!! Happy Birthday, ASkars!

  • Ckayed


    As Bill Compton would say, “I concur.”

  • true blood

    Happy 33rd, Alex!
    Thank you My & Stellan for creating such a great actor and beautiful man. :-)

  • jen

    what an amazing episode!!! happy birthday alexander!

  • lindsey


  • :]

    nooooo there pushing back the finale?
    i just died a little bit. :[

    & happy birthday alex <3

  • Mighty
  • liz

    Alex, have a great birthday!

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    I love true blood :)

  • mandy

    i’m so happy that true blood is doing so well! by the way last sunday’s episode was amazing like always!

  • chessu

    And who knew years back, when he was in Home&Away that he’d turn out to be soooo hot. Back then he was just a weird (bute cute) kid. Now he’s a major turn-on :D

  • chrissy

    Best show in the world. I still miss Godric though:(

  • Eve

    great episode!!! this show just keeps getting better and better!!

  • oceane

    Happy birthday Alex! Love the twists this seasons. Can’t wait to see next weeks episode. Will be a bit sad when the season is over. I look forward to the new Sookie book (short stories) being released in October!

  • Shemp lugosi

    Interesting how 5.3 million viewers is a smashing success for this show yet when Rosie O’Donnell’s Thanksgiving Special pulled in the exact same numbers, it was considered a flop. I haven’t watched either one, but… just sayin’.

  • ME

    Heck YEAH! I love this show!! I’ve just finished reading all the books that it’s based and they’ve got me REALLY excited about what’s to come on the show!! I can’t wait to see the next episode!!! The wait for season 3 is going to be TORTURE!!

  • cosi

    i just hope it won’t be jumping the shark anytime soon. loved allan ball’s other endeavor – 6ft under – but felt like the wrap-up was done sort of slapdash, b/c they couldn’t take the storyline anywhere.

  • katkat

    Happy B-Day Alexander!!!! I loved the beginning of this episode! Wished there was more of him but I guess we will have to wait till next week!

  • Six pack and then some…..

    Ryan Kwanten is so very very hot AND he’s a good actor as he makes
    Jason so believable, he is by far my favorite character on the show.

  • natt

    No 1 fan of True Blood, always have always will!!
    RIP Godric, you will always be remembered, forever! <3

  • lbg921

    OMG, I got my friend addicted but she doesn’t have HBO so we have this ritual of watching, her catching up, and eating dinner at my place. Usually we’re watching at least 2 episodes at once. We’ve caught up, but now we have only 2 eps left! We are totally freaking out realizing we have to wait until next June for Season 3. I don’t know how fans will survive this wait. We’ll be rewatching Season 1 and 2 to get us through. (Wondering if Anna & Stephen will tie the knot by then?) Best effing show EVER! Thank you Alan Ball, to the amazing cast, and of course Charlaine for your original creation of of it all.

  • lbg921

    Oh yuh, forget to wish Alexander a Happy Birthday, too!

  • pp

    They need to thank Fox News for promoting their program a lot.

  • Katherine

    True blood is the best!

  • leslie

    I’m so happy the numbers continue to rise. True Blood is a great show with an amazing cast.

  • lena

    True Blood sucks! TWILIGHT is so much better!!!

  • jenny

    Hey, did i see a new character, I think is Evan Rachel Wood!

  • jenny

    Evan Rachel Wood!

  • antonella

    0:23 Evan looks so great!


  • TV guide

    @Shemp lugosi:
    Rosie’s special was on network and TB is on cable. 5.3 million viewers is nothing for network, whereas it’s huge for cable. Not everyone has cable tv, but most people have regular tv, hence the expectations of networks hows are much higher. So, yes, Rosie bombed big time.

  • Sassy

    I started watching right from season 1. The show is still good but they almost lost me with the first 3 episodes this season. The Maryann character is ridiculous. Zombies with black eyes? Come on. It’s a little too “over the top” and I hope she dies off. Love the chemistry with Anna & Alex; if I was Stephen, I’d be worried! One thing I really don’t like is the goofy music they play when Sookie & Bill are getting romantic. I really enjoy when they go back in time and show Bill’s life, and wow, he can sing!! Just my opinion.

  • suppress your appetite

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