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Gerard Butler: Shirtless Gamer!

Gerard Butler: Shirtless Gamer!

Check out these steamy new shirtless shots of a Gerard Butler from his upcoming action flick, Gamer, out September 4.

The 39-year-old Scottish stud looks like one mean fighting machine!

Gerry was recently spotted holding hands off-screen with his The Bounty co-star Jennifer Aniston. Though he has repeatedly denied any romantic relationship with Jen, a real-life relationship doesn’t sound so far off anymore!

Check out the Gamer trailer below! Milo Ventimiglia and Kyra Sedgwick round out the cast.

Gerard Butler – “Gamer” Trailer
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gerard butler shirtless gamer 01
gerard butler shirtless gamer 02

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  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    this ‘lamer’ shiit looks trash. and it’s going to bomb at the box office.. but butler’s new movie with jamie foxx looks pimp ass.

  • Haya


  • Haya

    He usually looks hot, just not in this picture!

  • Sweet Bejeezus

    Not ONE pic of this “hand holding” incident in public?
    Are there pics of ANY kind?
    This one comment from an anon “witness” is being plastered everywhere, and no pics.
    Gimmie some Rimes-Cibiran-type questionable photos to work with.
    Same thing with the “stolen kiss” and hand holding on set.
    Paps have been ALL OVER this movie set what feels like FOREVER, not even one peck on the cheek pic.
    A link. A website. Artist’s rendering.

  • bored

    I love his manly hairy chest. I hate men who shave their chest OR WORSE don’t even have chest hair to begin with. Or some that just have a little wiry bush right in the middle. ewww. Gerard and Jake Gyllanhaal when the awards for sexiest shirtless hairy men. it’s so gross when a man looks like a barbie doll.

  • Insane Gamer

    Check out these B-roll clips (I, II, III) for Gamer. They are going to blow you away (pun intended).

  • nick

    Gamer reminds me of Death Race – I just hope it’s not as awful. Death Race was seriously one of the worst movies ever.


    He is an over paid idiot that can’t act.

  • Alex

    Built or bloat. Too close to call.

  • Michele


  • butterface?

    Wow Butterface you need anger management classes. Why would you call someone an idiot that you don’t know? And you’ve probably never bothered to see any of his movies. This world is so full of hate, and for no reason other than the fact that you’re a angry human being who not happy with your life. Seek help and learn to love yourself.

  • Anna

    Hot!! Gerard is an awesome actor!

  • gracie

    He’s fat and looks ugly with that bear like body —- disgusting!!

  • Stinkylouise

    I’m actually rather intrigued by this film. It’s an interesting premise.I’ll see how it plays out on screen.
    A poster on Dlisted, who was at the Jane Hotel on Saturday night, claims that Aniston put in an appearance, then promptly left. G stayed until closing and chatted up various ladies.

  • bored

    @gracie: he’s a better actor than Brad Pitt and that’s why you hate him.

  • Sally

    He has such a masculine beauty. And the best thing is he can be hot, but he also can be so funny or touching. I don’t known about this movie “Gamer”, but in general Gerald is great!

  • fresh

    this movie looks ridiculous.

  • maria

    Can’t wait to see both Gamer and LAC. I think Mr. B is the best thing going on in Hollyweird right now. There isn’t anyone else half as interesting.

  • Excuse me?

    Sweet Bejeezus @ 08/26/2009 at 1:55 pm Not ONE pic of this “hand holding” incident in public?
    Are there pics of ANY kind?
    This one comment from an anon “witness” is being plastered everywhere, and no pics.
    Gimmie some Rimes-Cibiran-type questionable photos to work with.
    Same thing with the “stolen kiss” and hand holding on set.
    Paps have been ALL OVER this movie set what feels like FOREVER, not even one peck on the cheek pic.
    A link. A website. Artist’s rendering.


    It’s impossible to post pics of an event that NEVER OCCURRED. If Butler so much as touched a pinky to Nippleston’s veiny OLD hand, Huvane would have had an army of paps capturing it.

    This “handholding” LIE is about as TRUTHFUIL as Huvane’s LIE about her having a “cozy” dinner with Cooper in DC. NEVER HAPPENED folks, NEVER HAPPENED.

    Butler has ZERO interest in The Chin. When he looks at Nippleston, he thinks he is looking in a mirror. Her face is as MANLY as his.

  • Catchy


  • thanks #15

    i agree with #15 bored…pretty much sums it up.

  • gillianfey

    Thanks for the pics, JJ. Several GB movies coming out, lots of pics. He’s the best talent going in today’s movie business, and it is a business. I’m really looking forward to Burns, which promises to be a labor of love, and I hope it is as successful as Gamer, Law Abiding Citizen, and The Bounty, all of which I eagerly anticipate. The Hollywood movies are giving this actor the bankability to carry Burns forward.

  • iluvlucy

    He always looks good; he looks like a normal guy who might hang out at the corner pub

  • http://. A FAN

    I think Gerard looks good. The previews of Gamer that are running on television look fantastic. I will go see it.

  • Gamer gonna kick azz

    Gerard looks really handsome in Gamer as seen on the TV commercials and the behind the scene clips. Next Friday couldn’t come soon enough. It’s not clear what his next project will be after The Bounty and a lot of his fans are rooting for Burns. Hollywood finally took notice of Gerard and hopefully this recognition will translate into easier financing and better backing of his future movies. Go Gerard.


    Say what you like, he is the best thing to come to Hollywood in a long time. He is the best actor around. Love him and will watch any movie he is in… I don’t know why there is so much hate and meaness. I guess just jealous and unhappy people..

  • gerry’s

    a puppy kicker?
    Probably not. He just got miffed when his true love was attacked.,,20300551,00.html
    Gerald Butler,
    Jennifer Aniston’s new leading man, Gerard Butler, is at the center of a canine controversy after a New York dog owner accused him of striking one of his animals earlier this week near the set of Butler’s romantic comedy The Bounty.

    Retired banker Fred Varecka told Radar Online that the actor struck one of his greyhounds, Mayfly, after Butler’s unleashed pug came over to check out the two pups Monday afternoon in Queens, N.Y. “My dog crashed into a fence before ‘yelping’ in pain,” Varecka claims. “I asked him: ‘What did you hit my dog for?’ But he just kept ranting and raving that our dog should be put down – it was unbelievable because the dogs never came into contact at any time.”

    But a person with knowledge of the situation tells PEOPLE Pets that one of the greyhounds “attacked Gerry’s pug. Gerry had to physically get in the middle of the two of them to protect the little dog. And then he quickly put a leash on his dog. As far as I know, they are exaggerating; Gerry is an animal lover and simply separated the dogs.

    “Gerry is not going to respond to this because he knows he didn’t do anything wrong,” the source continues. “He’s devastated that these people are saying these things, he would never hurt another animal.”

    A rep for Butler tells PEOPLE: “A larger greyhound repeatedly attacked Gerard’s small pug, so he separated them to protect both dogs.”

    The Vareckas did not return calls from PEOPLE Pets for comment but told Radar that they filed a complaint with their local police station.

    NYPD spokesman Martin Speechley confirms that a harassment complaint was filed Monday. “The victim states that the male’s dog was unleashed and charged at her dog. She stated, ‘Your dog should be on a leash,’ to which the perp cursed her out,” says Speechley, noting that this is not an offense that could result in an arrest. “They are claiming someone cursed at them.”

    The spokesman says Butler won’t be interviewed by cops nor will he be sent a ticket.

    While the Vareckas were filing their complaint, Butler took his pug to a Manhattan vet, says a source. “She’s recovering right now,” says the source, who doesn’t know the extent of the injuries or what kind of treatment the dog received.

    There is at least one dog who benefited from this canine scuffle. “When Gerry was in the waiting room, there was a couple whose dog was really, really sick and to get further treatment they needed $3,000,” the source tells PEOPLE Pets. “Gerry overheard the situation and offered to pay and the dog is surviving because of this.”

  • aaaarrrrrgh

    Like Chinese water torture. ….

    He is overexposed and this movie looks bad.

    And he punches paps and puppies. (-:

  • pafan

    I’m still mind boggled that some try to turn even this thread into a fight between JA and AJ fans. Get over it.

    All you have to do is look at the Regency Hotel photo shoot by the Associated Press of GB last weekend to see that he is the hottest thing going right now. Moody, broody beautiful Mr. Butler. And he can play anything from comedy, to romance to action.

  • ugly!

    Where the hell did this ugly dude come from all of a sudden?

  • @29

    @pafan: Link please!

  • @31
  • what’s eating GB?

    In Gamer, Gerry looks fit but he breathes heavily and sounds winded like he was suffering from some respiratory problem. Gamer was shot in winter 2007, and whatever made him ill must have started during the Gamer shoot which may partially explains why he looked so bad for the most part of 2008. The movie sets look smoky and dusty because of the explosions and special effects which could trigger asthma attacks. I vacationed in New Mexico several times and each time I was sick with allergy or sinus problems. I always thought the air was very dusty and dry and full of particulates. But I kept going back because the scenery is so beautiful there.

  • anotherfan

    @gerry’s: If you have a large dog on a leash but you have no control over the dog and it attacks another dog, are you just absolved of all responsibility for your dog? The reason for the leash is CONTROL. Just because a dog is leashed does not mean it can do no harm, Lolita’s bite wounds are proof of the negligence of the greyhound owners. Gerry was wrong not to have his dog leashed, but she’s wasn’t trolling to be mauled because of it.

    Had the larger, leashed dog been startled by and attacked a little child, the fact that the greyhound was leashed would not count for much – CONTROL of the animal is crucial.

  • Liz

    Thanks, JJ!!!! I love Butler…I think he is an excellent actor of a range not seen in handsome men. Give us more!

  • protector

    Gerry will protect his woman just as he protected his Lolly. What a lucky little pug. Whomever Gerry’s woman may be is going to be the love of his life and will be well protected by this real man. She will be the envy of all womenhood.

  • amen

    @protector: somebody help me, I think I’m gonna hurl !

  • Stinkylouise

    *passes amen a barf bag*
    So you’ll never guess what I’m watching on tv. Butterfly On A Wheel. And that’s how it reads in the listings.I saw the film on one of the U.S. channels a while back, but there were far too many commercials.
    This station has vitrtually no ads, so it will be an interesting comparison.

  • amen

    @Stinkylouise: thanks for the barf bag SL..LOL
    Gotta give Gerry’s his propers tho – he was gorgeous in that flick.

  • Stinkylouise

    He’s not bad. But I wish they would stop colouring his hair.I prefer the salt’ n pepper look.

  • see a pattern here?

    One of G’s new scr*ws. Poor girl should be warned. Run girl run. Maybe she can at least get some expensive jewelry out of him. LOL

  • amen

    I almost don’t care about the color as much as there has to be lots of thick hair. He looks goofy with an almost shaved head – his features get all wonky lookin’.

  • Stinkylouise

    I rather liked the short cut in TR2. He also needs to keep the accent.If Connery can play a Russian sub captain with a Scottish accent, then Butler can keep his. It might be easier to focus on his acting without having to concentrate on losing the brogue.

  • resident crank

    Do you have another bag for me Stinky? LOL

    Thought he looked great in “Butterfly”, but couldn’t get past the senseless location filming. Nicely photo’d, but they had Butler running amok and his trajectory made no sense. At one point he was sprinting thru Millennium Park at night – but to where – the Bean? And they kept calling the West Loop “the West Side”. Completely different areas. Yes I know I’m being picky and they were going for the visual impact, but it takes me out of the story when film makers don’t even attempt to minimally familiarize themselves with a setting.

  • amen

    SL now you have to admit that old Sub Captain may have looked like a Russian, but he sounded like he was straight out of The Highlands. Gerry’s an Actor, he’ll figure out how to lay on the brogue.
    I thought his short hair in DF was not too bad….loved The Stranger.
    Wish he’d find another project like that. When I think on it, his brogue did not seem so thick in that movie and it was an all Scottish Production -weird. As long as Ferguson is around G will remember how to talk :-)

  • anonymous

    Milo V. isnt in the movie… it’s Michael C. Hall.

  • Stinkylouise

    @ resident crank-Barf bags for everyone!LOL
    It was interesting to see BOAW with little commercial interruption and no censorship re. the language.The running amok scene made no sense.The film editing seemed a bit off.
    It wasn’t that bad a film. But I think Maria Bello was miscast.

  • resident crank

    @Stinky Louise
    Brosnan has the best line in the movie, when it isn’t bleeped. I agree about Maria Bello – something didn’t work there. No connection, no chemistry – they were awkward together. She was too passive to be believable as an avenging schemer.

    I liked her immensely, tho, in “The Jane Austen Book Club”.

  • Stinkylouise

    Brosnan’s line in the film is brilliant.I frankly don’t know why they bother putting R-rated films on tv,if they’re going to dub over or edit out some of the “offensive” dialogue.I’m fortunate because several of the local stations air movies in their entirety regardless of language, sex scenes, nudity etc…..
    This was the first time I had seen BOAW unedited. I think the film should have been given a chance in theatres,with the original title.

  • gerry’s

    back in LA. Lets see if TMZ gets more vids of him at clubs.
    How exiciting!!!