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Daniel Craig & Hugh Jackman: 'Steady Rain' Promo Pic Hits The Web!

Daniel Craig & Hugh Jackman: 'Steady Rain' Promo Pic Hits The Web!

Daniel Craig sports a new mustache (pornstache?) in this first promo pic for the much-anticipated Broadway play A Steady Rain, co-starring Sexiest Man Alive Hugh Jackman. Thanks, EW!

A Steady Rain by Keith Huff, is a two-man play about two Chicago cops whose lifelong friendship is put to the test when they become involved in a domestic dispute in a poor neighborhood.

A Steady Rain starts previews on Sept. 10, has an official opening set for Sept. 29 and is scheduled to run through Dec. 6. Exciting!!!

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Photos: Greg Williams
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  • Guinness-number one!!

    Hey! they posted pornstache!! from our posting!! they are way sexy!!!

  • Guinness again

    Hey, DC was sexiest man, best dressed, best in the tub photo, …the list goes on and on. What is up with Hugh’s brows….it’s all in the eyes, man, not your brows!! see, DC is gonna kick his a*s.

  • Danny Fan

    Two very good looking men. While Hugh has what I call a very classic “pretty boy” face, Craig positively smoulders. He is raw sex. Those eyes slay me. Both are good actors, although I think of Hugh as more a showman. Craig is a great actor, if you look at some of his earlier work, the stuff that is lesser known, it blows you away. I really liked him in the Mother.

  • Umm…

    @Danny Fan:

    I agree 100%. Ever see “Layer Cake”?

  • snoopy

    @Guinness again
    kick his ass.. it’s a play, not an action flick. And craig is doing his thing with the eyebrows as well. so?

  • Guinness again and again

    and you see Layer Cake? and The Ice House and Flashbacks of a Fool and Infamous and Sylvia and yes, the Mother and The Hunger (pornostache would have been appropriate here) and, well, the site gives a great explanation of his work complete with a very nice photo….and not a photo with his arm cut up or when he had to kill someone in Defiance…. Mendel, you get here yet???!! I am so getting excited to experience this “raw talent”!!!

  • Guinness again, ok stop

    @ snoopy–DC kicks his ass in hotness!! and of the skill of acting. Dan is Not TRYING to act….he is acting. Huge is trying to act and it is hokey… but that is okay cuz he is still eye candy.

  • snoopy

    @Guinness again, ok stop:

    well I disagree. I’ve seen him in the fountain and the prestige and I thought it was great. But apparently craig’s eyebrows are acting while hugh’s eyebrows are trying to act in that promo pic lol

  • The Comedian

    WTF is this pornstache ??? he looks like…..
    I prefer him with a beard; like in the “golden compass”

  • Lucero

    Eeeeeeeww!! ugh! Daniel looks like an German Helmut from pornomovie and Hugh is slimy! Vomit….eeeeeh

  • Kk

    Hugh’s looking a bit old in this photo:( I think it’s the hair and the expression though.

  • bored

    now THAT’S a moustache

  • ali

    Yuck-hate the stash on Daniel. Hugh still looks great. Maybe Daniel’s ugly gf should grow a stash-it would hide more of her ugly face!!!!

  • Lucero

    This is not sexy at all. Daniel is accurrately ugly for extremely ugly Satsuki, now good combination for each other.

  • Lucero

    I don’t care if Daniel has a grey-white beard, it looks still sexy, but this orange moustache? I see Daniel has orange hair and moustache, he did dying or what? He looks like the man driving his car on the motorway in 1986 in Germany and he is looking for some prost*tute.

  • XD

    @Guinness again, ok stop: Hugh Jackman is by far a better actor and biggest star. He’s done Garnegie Hall, Royal National Theatre, Oscars, Broadway, has won Tonys, Emmys etc, etc. He has his handprints in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater. What has Daniel Craig in his resume? Bond?
    Not to mention what an ugly face he is. Hugh Jackman is all time classic beauty and much more beloved in USA than Craig. He made records at the box office with the Boy from Oz. It’s him that people will line to see again on Broadway.


    Hugh is HOT, Craig is NOT.

  • megz

    i’m going to see them in october!!! so excited!!!!

  • get over it

    the play is set in the 80s. This moustache 80s! You rock Daniel! All of you can line to see the pretty boy, I’m going to see the real man. LOL!

  • smart nose

    Daniel Craig is not smart like is Daniel Day-Lewis. Daniel Day is able to leave his wife to spend time only with training for roles, he is a few months without her and he is looking only for good roles, his nose is the most exacting in Hollywood concering the scripts, but Daniel Craig once refused Bond role, it took him all year if he will receive Bond or not while other his rivals wanted Bond at once, and more, Daniel is listening to Satsuki and her advice because he thinks she’s a movie producer and understands the film producing and he doesn’t see she is no film expert and she is not working five years.
    Daniel himself said he feels bitter sorry he did the movie like Mother or he appeared naked in the movies, he is not proud of his all works.
    Bond was his the biggest chance and he almost lost her, if there Babs wasn’t in love with him and her brother didn’t say that Daniel is sympathetic so Daniel hardly did a more proper career in his work history and he should me more appreciatory and more smart otherwise he never receive an Oscar and Daniel Day is on the way to another Oscar because his nose works perfectly. Althought there is saying about Daniel Day he is an exacting actor so it seems Daniel Craig is the one who turns up nose at some offers and he needs plenty of time to decide, preferably one, two years and that is why he has empty imdb list of movies for next 5 years. just only Bond has success and his other movies are over. He should do with himself properly.

  • Mendel

    We finally have: a new thread! Excellent!

    Guinness, I’m here now, and I wish I could experience Dan’s raw talent!
    Well, neither Dan nor Hugh look their best in that pic, but that’s not the intention anyway, they are supposed to look like worn-out, tough-talking cops. Not too sure if it works though. Dan’s pornstache is so 1970s, it’s screaming flares and orange-brown polyester shirts, lol! And there is something Keanu Reeves-ish about Hugh’s expression in my opinion – he looks more like a cynical computer geek than a cop.
    Still, I am expecting great things from the play – with these two, it has the potential to be amazing theatre.

  • Ventura

    @Guinness: goes to see The Prestige, The Fountain or Deception, I assure you that Hugh Jackman knows his job very well and is one of the best contemporary actors. I know all the jobs both of Jackman and of Craig and I suggest you to deepen your notions of cinema before to express not objective considerations.

    Unfortunately this raw talent of Daniel Craig doesn’t offer a great variety of facial expressions, this limit is often noticed from the reviewers what they reproach him a certain expressionless rigidity.
    The theater reveals the soul of an actor, there are no filters, to be handsome, hot and sexy is not a fundamental requisite, you have to know how to act.
    Jackman has already shown in a lot of occasions to be without doubt perfect for this direct contact with the audience, now it’s the turn of Craig. We see if it will go out winning from this test. Personally I like both.

  • LoL

    Daniel Craig looks in character for his role, Hugh just looks like he lost his Wolverine wig. ;-)

    DC will act HJ off the stage, no contest.

  • Dassie

    They’re both sexy men, but good-looking in very different ways.
    I think Daniel’s got an edge over Hugh….bwaha.

  • lucky you!!!!

    @megz: I wish I was living in New York! I love Hugh Jackman, it’d be a dream coming true to see him performing on stage. He’s a classically trained actor, Shakespeare, Greek Theatre and all (though he ended up starring mostly in action films…) and that’s his first drama play. He’s a genius as far as it concerns musicals. I’ll wait for the reviews of A Steady Rain and hopefully some videos to see how he’ll do with a serious drama play. I’m so excited!!! :D

  • XD

    @smart nose: What does Daniel Day Lewis have to do with what a said anyway???

  • @smartnose

    What a load of carp.

  • theater girl

    @Ventura: Nice said, Ventura! Absolutely agree. Hugh has a gift with the audience, he’s proved that. On the Boy from Oz he was breathtaking. He blow up my mind and the minds of the rest of the people at Imperial Theater, where the show was played. I guess Daniel Craig is a good actor but I’ll wait to she him in Steady Rain and find out myself if he’ll manage to magnetize me in the way that Jackman did and I’m sure he will again…

  • @ventura

    You’ve obviously never read Daniel Craig’s resume! He was on the London stage as a fully trained classical actor while Hugh Jackman was still at university studying journalism. Of course that was after acting all over Europe with the English National Youth Theatre. Jackman didn’t take up acting until 1991….just about the time Daniel Craig was graduating from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama which he did after the English National Youth Theatre. When is the US going to catch on that Daniel was around long before Bond and was very well regarded in Europe. If you people don’t want him, give him back to us in the UK , we’ll happily have him back home where he belongs.

  • spongebob

    @@ventura: Yeah but Hugh is the one who’s done Big Theaters. You talk about National Youth Theatre? I talk you about THE Royal National Theatre (Oklahoma – 1998 – Olivier Award Nomination). I talk you about Carnegie Hall (Carousel – 2002). I talk you about Imperial Theatre, Broadway (The Boy from Oz – 2003 – Tony Award, Drama Desk Award, Theatre World Award). Not to mention Sunset Boulevard (directed by your own British legend Trevor Nunn, who btw cast Hugh as Curly in Oklahoma) and Beauty & The Beast back in Australia. Jackman IS a classical trained actor, studied in WAAPA, the best drama school along with NIDA in Australia and above all, what really matters in not WHEN you start but WHAT you achieve in the end. And Hugh Jackman has achieved much more that Daniel Craig in only 14 years. Personally I like Craig as an actor but I can’t do different. I have to go with the facts…

  • this is Sparta!!!!

    Ha. I’m from Europe, Greece actually, and I’d never heard anything about Craig until 2006, when he did Casino Royale. I knew though who Jackman was since 2000, after X-Men. Just because you people in UK knew him, doesn’t mean that everyone in Europe did, you know, Germany, France, Italy, Greece etc, etc. And we do have some theatre here, don’t we? Btw, I like both actors.

  • Ventura

    @#29: I know very well the artistic background of Craig but as it says “spongebob”, Hugh Jackman has a superior theatrical curriculum, proven from successes and prestigious awards as from the consideration of reviewers and audicence.

    Who doesn’t know to look beyond Wolverine and James Bond doesn’t know nothing of cinema and acting.

  • gaeljet

    no one noticed it too? daniel craig is pretty short, hugh is tall, why isn t it easily noticeable on this pci..??

  • jess

    @Mendel: “We finally have: a new thread! Excellent!”

    Only thing is Mendel, these mixed threads never really work too well as a good discussion board for Daniel, as you can already see by the fact that suddenly A Steady Rain has turned into some sort of competition between actors. I’m not so sure I want to post Daniel talk here until he gets his own new thread again. Not sure I want to deal with all of Hugh’s fans trying to out-thespian Daniel! LOL

  • Danny Fan

    Why is this turning into a competition between two actors? Lets say they both have skills and wish them both the best. As far as the mustache goes, I have oftened noticed that a lot of cops wear mustaches. Some kind of machismo thing. The especially did in the days this play is supposed to take place. While I’m not a fan of the mustache on Craig, in my opinion it fits nicely for the role. Craig is not afraid to change his appearance to play a part. And while I may not be a fan of this look on him, it does nothing to hide the straw jawline of his face of the luscious lower-lip that invites one to nibble. Yum.

    And can we please for once leave Satsuki out of this thread of comments. That is getting old, it’s been done to death.

  • lol

    @gaeljet: Hehe!! Because Jackman is an outstanding 6’3 though Craig is just 5’9! Producers wouldn’t want to show to people how short mr Bond truly is… (you do know that Barbara Broccoli, producer of the Bond films, is producing this play as well…)

  • bleah!!

    @Danny Fan: You must be proud of yourself! You just made me sick with that creepy description of Craig’s face!! LOL Man, this guy is so ugly! Face it people! Jackman is pure gorgeousness!! (and that pic of his is not even close to the true beauty of his perfect face. Have you seen him in Australia? Ah!) It’s an offense even comparing him with that thing! That’s why I’ll say no more!!

  • sally p

    I agree ventura . Daniel Craig does come from a strong theatre background- similar to Hugh Jackman. They are both talented & they both became well known for doing action films. So, it is cool they are doing a play together. I have to give credit where credit is due: Craig’s performance in “Casino Royale” made me almost forget about Sean Connery- that is saying a lot. He was such a pitbull in that film. Jackman is probably more versatile because of his music theatre background (Craig is not a singer) . Similarily, both men have intense mascalinity , complexity, & magnatism on camera – that it would be even more powerful on the stage. I want to experience their charisma in person!

  • Carlos

    James Bond and Wolverine?

  • **Jamie**


  • ga

    Jackman is a Tony winner and Olivier nominee. Broadway loves him. Daniel has to prove himself, but I am sure he will.

  • Fan

    While I love both actors I would have to agree Hugh has been more successful (esp with American audiences) in proving his diversity as an actor. I also agree with the poster who said Daniel’s face is very rigid and it hurts the range of his acting.

    I think Daniel must be standing on a box in this pic as he does not seem to be 6 inches shorter than Hugh. I think people are so hyped up about Bond and Wolverine being together it really won’t matter if their acting is mediocre or outstanding.

  • Danny Fan

    To Bleah!! That was funny. My fault I meant to say strong jawline. Not straw jawline. And you have to admit Craig has nice lips. I have never been attracted to men who have very thin lips. And I never said Hugh Jackman was not good looking. In my opinion he is just more pretty boy. I personally like a man a bit rough around the edges – more manly.

    And while Craig may not be cookie cutter pretty, it’s the iregularities of his face that provide visual interest and makes him even more attractive. He has a nose that looks like it might have once been smashed playing rugby. His ears do stick out a bit, but that adds to his charm. His eyes are so intense they are almost startling and they have an amazing ability to convey emotional depth. This is balanced out by the maniless found in his strong jawline. This gestalt of features is simply stunning.

    Yes Jackman is a beautiful speciman, but to me he is vanilla.

    To each there own. They are both talented men and I wish them both success in the play.

  • Janeway

    Love, love, love Hugh Jackman. Saw him on Broadway last time he was there. Met him at the stagedoor and he was so nice and HOT! Wish I could see this play so much. I hope that the two of them make the movie version, I think it would be awesome for the rest of us to see.

  • cosi

    why is there a “?” after the word “pornstache”; what could possibly be in doubt? that’s the mother of all pornstaches

  • bleah!!

    @Danny Fan: Bleah speaking. Hehe, ok I see. And I see why you like Craig, believe me. I’m a huge Hugh Jackman fan but I have to admit that aside his roles as Wolverine, The Drover, etc, in real life he’s not that manly, the way he talks, moves, likes dancing, singing (all of which make love him even more!!!! *blush*) I was just speaking about beauty here, all in good mood, didn’t want to turn it into competition. I think Hugh has a perfect face (thick lips, that’s the way I like it, contrary to you ;-), his eyes, cheekbones, nose, hair, teeth, that smile of perfection… But after the way you described Daniel’s features, I see why you and many others like him. It just depends on tastes. I want the pretty boy, how did you say it? Vanilla? That!
    Btw, it would be fair to say that yes, I think Daniel is a bit ugly for me but he does have something charming and mysterious… I always think that way when I see him playing Bond: Man, in that scene he was so ugly but still for me he’s the best James Bond ever!! And if Bond is not the definition of man and charm then what is??? :P

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    Yuck! Both are very ugly!

  • Jokergurl

    Hugh Jackman is so handsome, that is all.

  • chloe

    Hugh Jackman is okay, but Daniel Craig – does absolutely nothing for me. The mustache makes it even worse.

  • me

    Glad to see both of them. Wish i could see their play.