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Kate Gosselin is Malandrino Marvelous

Kate Gosselin is Malandrino Marvelous

Kate Gosselin wears a purple Catherine Malandrino dress while leaving CNN studios in Los Angeles after her appearance on Larry King Live on Tuesday (August 25).

The mother of 8 chose her words carefully during the interview and tried to keep things positive despite the domestic turmoil back at home. Towards the end of the show, Larry asked her about her future plans, to which she responded, “I have big dreams… I am very driven!”

WHAT DO YOU THINK Kate meant by her “big dreams”? Sound off in the comments!

Kate Gosselin – “Larry King Live,” 8/25

10+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin getting Malandrino marvelous…

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  • alex

    i actually like kate.
    and don’t understand why people hate on her.
    she’s a good mother and that’s all that counts.
    the only reason why she still does that show is because the money is used to help raise her family.
    and to support her kids financially.
    she looks great.
    here comes the hate comments.

  • sienna

    I don’t hate her but I really hope she changes that hair do.
    I’m sorry to see that she thinks that looks great on her..

  • Shannon

    I like her too.. Have from the very beginning! I love the show and I even loved the relationship she and Jon had.. It was funny and sarcastic. He changed. She is a great mom and I wish people would back off! Thereate no incriminating photos of her –unlike JON– because she is doing the right thing and being a parent instead of trying to be a college kid frat
    boy douche wearing Ed hardy and bringing dirty people to the home of the kiddos!


    I love her! i must sya most people that hate on her do not even have kids or if they do they have 1 or 2 kids cause i must tell ya i had six and RAISING 6 kids is KRAZY!! i can not imagine raising 8 kids and going through all this turmoiil back home with a stupi husband that wants to be “young” again! LOVE KATE and hate JOHN hopefully his kids will one day see who was the better parent! KATE U GO GURL!

  • Michelle

    For some reason, when she and Jon were with the children in the earlier seasons, you can tell she was aggressive. After the media swarmed into their lives and the split, and you know the rest, she seems to be a more genuine person who is a good mother. I guess it was Jon who made Kate seem like a beyotch or someone who likes to take charge. Perhaps it’s Jon who is the bad parent??? I guess so, especially with him dating that creepy drugged out 22 year old.

  • angie

    I’m sure by big dreams she means cover up more lies to save face and keep viewers who buy her books, and DVDs and such. I don’t care, I will never like her. Jon’s a moron, but she is too. Shame they broke up, they deserve one another.

  • CBW

    there she is with her boyfriend/bodyguard… why would anyone like Kate when she was the first unfaithful party in the marriage?

    anyway, she is a scumbag and so is Jon, and her bodyguard/boyfriend has a cushy job..

    the 8 kids are never going to know how to work or earn their own way..

    sad story and don’t watch the show.

  • linda in nm

    That must be a dress that she purchased on her last trip to NYC when she was chauffeured to BERGDORF GOODMAN’S. It’s nice to see that she is careful with the kids’ money. I wonder if they like the purple dress that they bought for mommy with her whore shoes.

  • Peggy Riccio

    Kate, sorry that you are going through this divorce process, but you will be better off in the end. Jon is a boy that never grew up and dealing with the responsibilities of fatherhood was to much for him so he reverted to a teenager whose freedom was what he wanted, This is apparent by how he has conducted himself over the last few months, This was especially true given who he chose to care for his children when he was with them. Kate left her home in tears when she found out who was caring for her children, sure she was upset and went to her home to make sure her children were all right. Kate make a new like for you and your children as they will be better off with a mother who is happy and less stressed dealing with a 9th child namely Jon.

  • Lisa too

    Maybe it’s just me, but it seemed like Larry was kinda rude to her on his show? He just seemed to only want answers to his questions but it never seemed like he was really listening to her and then he would ask another rude question. Of couse she could never make the income she is making if she was working as a nurse that she went to school to become. She knows that this is a great opportunity to do the show and that she would never make the money she is making now, plus she wouldn’t be able to spend as much time as she is with the kids if she was working as a nurse. I think anyone in her situation would have to be stupid to turn what she has down. She said on the show to Larry that the kids like doing the show and they think that they are “playing”. The show people aren’t there 24/7 and basically they are just going to places and playing so I don’t see why everyone gets so upset for the kids. I do feel bad for them that their parents are splitting up, but Kate seems to be handling explaining that she wants the best for her children first and farmost. Not like Jon who is just trying to act like a man who is having his mid life crises

  • blah blah blah

    Her aura must be black. She treats everyone around her like crap, unless they are a benefit to her. then she dump s them when she is done.

    Check out GWOP. You’ll open your eyes once you’ve read the TRUTH about this witch.

  • Donna

    All I gotta say is that she’s really LOVING the attention!

  • mertz

    no lisa that’s usually the way larry is. i love larry king but he needs to give up his spot one day. i’ve been watching him all my life and sometimes he has good interviews and completely irrelevant interviews. if you watch him and kathy lee gifford after that you’ll see that he has a relationship with her so the interview is more smooth and relaxed, but he knows why kate was invited on the show and he feels like he owes it to do his job and get the interview. he’s definately not a gotchya (sarah palin’s favourite word) kind of guy.

    and michelle, it is a fact that kate gosselin is ocd, and a control freak. she KNOWS this, and is learning from it. anyone who knows her KNOWS this…i’m this way as well…maybe less b*tchy but definately a huge b*tch. if i am with some man who allows me to run him may god bless his soul because i will not look twice before i turn him inside out and around. i have no patience for people like jon gosselin. i don’t even know how their marriage lasted that long. this is a great example of how the whole opposites attract theory never works because for some people no matter how you try it just isn’t meant to be, god or otherwise. she didn’t want to say bad things about him, but if i was her i would be the complete opposite. i am the worst kind of female and this is probably why i will never get married, but that’s not what i am looking for. i saw that clip they played about how he was saying she took charge of everything and he let it happen, but now he’s mann’d up and is standing on his two feet. LOL. what a crocker mid adult crisis loser. if you can’t tell, i also have no patience for stupid i’ve suddenly seen the light reasoning. if you allow something, pardon me if i don’t feel sorry for you for being victimized. if you make yourself the perfect victim, or perfect target around someone like kate…goodluck to you and goodluck to you finding yourself. i don’t think she really or even he really thought that marriage would last. i know they are religious and they think that whole stuff, but i’m religious too, and i will never allow myself to fall into that dumb trap. that’s what it is it’s called, a trap. it’s called numbing yourself to reality and letting your emotions run you. now they have kids, and for the sake of those kids i hope they can continue to be parents who put their kids first. kate is doing what she can. she’s smart. i think she can do this. she’s gonna crack, but she’ll pick herself up back again. this is what people like her do. you are never down and out. that husband of hers is just realizing he’s a man and he has b_a_l_l_s, but you know what that shouldn’t even be the point. boohoo he’s realized all this before it’s too late…the fact that he realized it at all and stoped being such an idiot is surprising considering he’s proving how idiotic he is as time goes by. their only saving grace is that they are alive and that time hasn’t passed them by.

    i don’t understand why people would give him a pass but not her, but i understand most of the people commenting are females. it takes two to make a marriage work and two to make it go the way of the toilet. and it’s really interesting this turn of people who have now put jon gosselin as their #1 DOUCHEBAG. it’s kinda funny. they both suck really. i can’t wait till no one gives a sh*t about them again so i can go back to watching tlc in peace with no more dumb shows about nothing. remember when you used to learn something by watching tlc?

  • mertz

    and someone made a good point about the show in the other kate gosselin thread, and i made the same in the kfed thread recently. i mean it’s nice that i might identify more with kate or like jon more as a person, but it doesn’t matter. the only reason i was watching that show is for those kids. then it became a little more about how the parents interact among themselves, but it was all about those kids. now i can’t even watch that show without thinnking about all this crap. i’m glad i gave it up.

  • mertz

    oh and about her comment. lol. put it in the context of what she said and everything you know about her. are you surprised knowing the way she is that she said that. did you expect her to give another answer. i wasn’t surprised. she gave the obvious answer. she is driven, fact, and she does deam big. she is not saying nothing new or anything that is new to her. who cares about these people. they are not worthy of being celebrities. since when was being parents a foothold into celebrity/pop culture. ugh. like lainey says the star machine has fallen, and boy has it fallen. real celebrities, real talented people who don’t just pop out children are rolling in their graves. granted i think that parents, parenting, kids, grandparents, are some of the best people in the world and i wouldn’t know where i would be without mine, but really celebrities? no fcuken way.

  • LuckyMe

    I feel sorry for this family. I think it was just too much too soon under too much scrutiny. I wonder if they would still be together if they had not done the show. The stress from it all had to be really hard on everyone. I think both of them are trying to pick of the pieces and do the best they can. Perhaps they aren’t using the best coping skills but given what they are dealing with it’s probably hard for either of them to function normally. I just wish they could both take a time out. I think the fact they aren’t allowing themselves a little breather is maybe compounding the problem. But I guess when you have a show to do there are no time outs….

  • shanny

    Team Kate!!!!

  • debbie

    kate and company should move to hollywood. imagine the rating$$$ -televising “play dates” with brangelina’s mob.

  • Lauren

    @blah blah blah:

    Take GWOP with a grain of salt. They started out as a child advocacy group but it is nothing but hate now. There are a good opinions on the site, and some of it is true. Too much knit-picking and putting the kids down though.

  • Paula

    Gee, Kate. I’m a mother as well and when someone asks me about my future plans, it’s all about raising my children in a happy, healthy atmosphere and keeping them safe. Kate’s big dreams are all about her. Kate is the epitome of a narcissist. Mark my words, she will have no relationship with her children once they are older.

  • pat

    @Paula: I agree with you. The kids are getting tired of doing the show. But Kate keeps pushing them to do it. That is very sad. Kate is a nacissist and a sociopath. Those kids will end up hating Kate.

  • Donna

    All eight kids are starting to rebel against doing the show any longer. Kate just lies, lies, lies about everything. Someone legal needs to end this show.

  • annie

    It’s all about Kate for Kate. Both she and Jon suck. The kids will pay the ultimate price for their greed.

  • chris

    Kate the fake! She should have a show by herself..All she really cares about is the media attention. She loves it. I wonder what her big dreams are? How about a new hairstyle.

  • gds


    I give Kate kudos for putting up with a lazy arse husband. The one time I watched the show he was in charge and he mocked and belittled the children while he dragged them through the woods. I was disgusted by his demeaning behavior and his “I really don’t want to be doing this” act. Her big dreams maybe to have her children grow up with their self-esteem in tact and college educations that provide no debt for them upon graduation.

    The projection about this women is ill-conceived, since no one really has an inside look at what she is doing.

  • Nana

    Kate’s BIG dreams include marrying her bodyguard Steve and having her own talk show, along the lines of Oprah. She wants to amass a fortune such as Oprah’s.
    NONE of these dreams will come true, however.
    No man could ever put up with her, so marriage to Steve is out.
    She has no talent, is a poor speaker, and is too SELF-centered to ask other people questions and read up about their lives in order to interview them.
    N A R C I S S I S M at its worst!

  • Puddin

    Well it was nice of Steve to coordinate his shirt to her Malandrino dress. Glad she’s socking all that money away for the kids………..VILE woman!!!!!

  • Kate

    Dear Jon, Please don’t mess this up for us. You are ruining our future earning potential with all your douchery. Let’s keep our dirty secrets secret. Don’t expose mine. I won’t expose yours.

  • Cathey

    STOP WATCHING THIS SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THEY ARE MAKING $$$$ OFF OF THEIR CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bella

    Her hair is so stupid. Until I seen a woman last week in a local mall with the same hair do I had no idea it was 100 times as bad as pictured.

  • Lisa too

    mertz…. I agree with you on some points that you made about Kate. I don’t think two controling “A” people would be attracted to each other because they would always be butting heads, that is why their has to be a “B” passive person in the relationship. I just think that Kate took it to the extreme when she was always yelling at him like he was the 9th child. I’m sure after a while it would take it’s toll on someone and in their case for some reason Jon just had enough. I think Kate is a wonderful mother, but just not a good “partner” since she didn’t really respect Jon for what type of person he is. I think he really did and does try to be a caring father but he is learning as he goes where Kate has the maternal instict without even trying. I just think Kate pushed him over the edge now and there is no looking back for Jon. I think that he just wants to move on with someone who isn’t as aggresive as Kate is. I don’t agree though in the way he has handled it though with him acting like a teenage school boy with no real future and he dating around while he is still married and showing Kate no respect until they are officially divorced. I think he is being very immature about how he is handling all these issues while still having a HUGE repsonsibility in raisng their children together still. I feel that Kate is the responsible one and she will not let her children down no matter what it takes. This is what Jon “should” be doing instead of traveling on vacations with his girlfriend(s) and attending parties with Lindsay Lohan’s father and making it to happy hour at the local bar. As for the kids, I think they like the cameras around and these people that come to the house are not strangers to them, they are the same crew that have come to the house for years that are now their friends. It’s just another day to them of making “home videos” but they have a professional crew taking them instead. Remember, kids will cry and have temper tantrums no matter is the cameras are there or not. In their case we just see more of them since they have 8 kids. ( 10 if you include the parents)

  • Kate is for KATE!

    I don’t understand why some of you think that Kate is a good mother . During the show how many times do you see her being kind to the kids…kinda hard to think of many huh How about when one asked for water and Kate refused but took a drink for herself…I could NEVER have done that, more recently how about at the beauty salon when Cara looked so sad and Kate looked like she could of cared less. Any affection is just for the show Kate is about KATE. Jon is making ALOT of poor decisions but at least you can actually see true affection towards his kids. In the end it will come to bite Kate in the butt when her kids are old enough and decide to have nothing to do with her just like every other member of her family has already done.

  • nikki

    I hope the husband does not let his kids film anymore. She would never have had any fame if it was not for those kids. She is talentless, those kids made every penny and still she spends their money.

  • evvie

    He should not let them be on the show, look at that Housewie from the bravo show. Lisa Wu her husband keith sweat does not let their 2 sosns on the show. That would be greta. Jon could get a bunch of doctors to say it is detrimental or the kids, which it is.

  • me

    I like Kate, too, and she should be fine on her own. She’s written books, she’s attractive, and she is, apparently, ambitious. I hope Jon gets his wish to find a 9-5 job and that Kate goes on to bigger and better things.

  • braymah

    CBW, I don’t understand why people don’t see through Neild and Kate either. One only had to take a look at the “fan” sites to see all the pictures of the body guard and Kate together. Even some of them were commenting on their relationship.
    Steve Neild didn’t look too happy though when Kate did her hand block of the paps and made him look the fool for being in the back and failing to protect her. Attention seeking, drama mamas don’t change their spots overnight or because it is the next man.
    Katie Irene has big, big dreams of being a talk show host, so does many others including Tori Spelling.

  • LC

    I need to say this first before I go on… I was a loyal follower of the show from the first episode, and used to defend Kate… before it became obvious that she loves her fame and her money more so than she was loyal to her marriage.

    Her big dreams have never been a secret… MAKING MONEY!! Notice that she was not that excited when Larry assumed that she was talking about her career as a nurse when she spoke of her career plans.

    Kate Gosselin thinks very highly of herself… she actually thinks that she is a marketable entity without having any talents! She is not an accomplished author (she makes up her own words…. I can’t believe she kept saying ‘peaceably’ on Larry King); she has no sense of style, and she has absolutely no credibility to carry on a syndicated talk show. Her children, her relationship with Jon and tabloids have made her ‘paparazzi and talk-show worthy’ for now; but she is foolish to believe that KATE GOSSELIN brand will sell.

    People who take the high road usually don’t have to tell everyone that they are taking the high road… Kate wants us to know that she will never speak badly of Jon and yet her demeanor, the tone of her answers and her own choice of words underline how much she disapproves of Jon’s decisions and actions. She is still belittling and demeaning him even without doing so directly.

    And why, oh why, does she always have to point out the paparazzi to her kids??? And why, oh why, does she have to mention it in almost every new episode this season??? Is it to try to convince her audience that she is indeed a celebrity????? HOW SHALLOW!!!

  • boo

    UGHHHH this woman!!! i don’t care how much you f–king housewives hate your ex for leaving you, NEVER EVER speak ill of them on international television unless you want to lose custody. it doesn’t matter what you think about who he’s dating unless you want your dating life scrutinized as well. SHE IS HANDING JON ALL THE MATERIAL HE NEEDS FOR SOLE CUSTODY. I hope he gets it too. there is video account of her constant abuse & hesitating to admit jon is a loving father because she can’t admit she doesn’t do everything on her own… trouble.

    Does this crazy lady even know what a bad father is?? trust me, JON IS A GOOD ONE. He’s not in jail, bailing on child support, stealing her money, taking large amounts of drugs or alcohol or beating his children or her. Even the kids say they like daddy better.

    AND i think she needs to thank the glassman family for making her look half presentable with all that free plastic surgery they gave her. new tits, tuck, lipo and dermalaser are not cheap or expensable.

  • dg

    She may all that has been said about her … least of which is her hairstyle for crying out loud – IMO it suits her. And it’s not a new style either (see London UK in the 80′s). If nothing else, she has had far more class than her soon to be ex – there isn’t anything she has done that she wouldn’t want her children to see in later years, which can’ t be said of their father.
    Time will be the judge of all of this. Her children will be the ones who will show her (and him) where they went wrong .. just wait and see.


    She’s very level headed and you can tell she really thinks about her kids future’s unlike her soon to be ex-husband. She will come out on top of this. Jon will be bankrupt in 5 years.

  • lisamarie

    I’m mostly concerned about what effect this public divorce will have on the kids. They have no choice–this life was chosen for them by their parents who saw an opportunity for money and fame. The kids are the ones who will be most negatively affected by all of this.
    By the way, in the pics it looks like Kate has the Secret Service around her– how much security does one person need? She’s not the President, for pete’s sake!

  • charlie

    this is a pretty hard time for kate. it’s pretty sad that people who don’t know crap about her life, or jon’s for that matter, are judging. who knows for sure what is going on in their lives other than her, jon, and anyone who communicates with them on a daily basis.

    i wish them both happiness, whichever way their lives go.
    i love JON AND KATE PLUS 8!! –just when i was getting into the show…

  • greenlit

    yeah out the father of your children to the world, really good mother. She’s not looking for companionship, she’s looking for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  • Shannon

    What in the world makes u think the kids are rebelling and do not want to do the show? That is retarded. They always look happy on camera and even play and interact with the crew. If you don’t watch the show, don’t comment!

  • flowerchild


    hmmmm… is she a good mother?
    by pimping out her kids so she can spend all their money?

    if that’s your def of a good mom….please don’t have kids

    this woman has NO talent, and neither do her kids (they USED to be “cute”……but have you seen the older ones lately?)

    The doctor who made the kids in a petri dish, then shoved the whole enchilada up her vajay-jay is the talented one.

    what has this woman done? other than BERATE and DIS her husband on National TV the ENTIRE time they were together.
    She is a ROYAL BEE-YATCH with NO talent and a fame whore.

    I HATE her…..but enough about me! :p

  • enough said

    you go kate i wish you well. may Jon be miserable……

  • manda

    i agree with #5! after she realized how she was gettin slammed down, she came this sincere person all of a sudden

  • mertz


    hey lc i agree with you.

    i also agree with paula.

    and thanks lisa for replying. i also agree with you.

    and i also agree with cathey all caps and the many exclamation marks. lol.

    the people who say the kids don’t like the show…where are you getting that reasoning from?

  • lakers fan in boston

    pssshh, that sounded so fake
    i was dying of laughter of when she paused, shiz was so fake =p
    she’s just doing these interviews so ppl can sympathize for her, especially other woman
    bitzch is acting like none of this is her fault

  • angel hair

    i would have expected better questions from larry. maybe it’s time for him to retire and stop hitting on mother of 8 children.
    as for kate, somebody finally dressed her right!