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Kate Gosselin: 'The View' Guest Host!

Kate Gosselin: 'The View' Guest Host!

Kate Gosselin will serve as a co-host on The View, has confirmed

The 34-year-old reality TV mama will be filling in for Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who will still be on maternity leave.

Kate will join the co-hosts’ table on September 14th and 15th while new episodes will start up again on Sept. 8.

Yesterday, it was announced that Victoria Beckham will be a co-host this season as well as Meghan McCain, LaToya Jackson, and Kathy Griffin.

Pictured here: The Jon & Kate Plus 8 star takes the latest cover of People!

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  • fresh

    we will never be rid of this family.

  • Kate Will Be a Good Host

    She will do alright on this show. They need different personalties who will give their opinions albeit whether anyone agrees with them or one …hence Elizabeth Hasselbeck. This is what makes the show interesting and has people tuning in. It’s not when everyone sits around having coffee and agreeing with each other on every topic.

  • Cooh

    where is her earing?


    @Cooh: Hey you’re right. Why is she wearing one earring or was someone messing with the picture?

    Agree with #2. Kate will do all right.

  • ann

    I wish her the very best. Nothing would please me more than for her to find something that does not involve her children.
    I am sure that she is highly qualified to be on the View; it is not like you have to be really intellectual.

  • Rhonda

    that will be one man-hating show!

  • anon

    God this show has gone downhill since Meridith and Lucy Lieu left. It’s only a matter of time before Whoopie leaves and invest her real talent, star power, class and intellect elsewhere. Lucy Lieu is much better off as Oprah special investigations person…she’s a natural journalist like her sister.

  • anon

    So she has the talent of giving birth and knowing how to sell her life and privacy to become to become a walking product placement?? I will not be watching the show.

  • anon

    @ann: I like that…she will appeal to the mini-van majority, middle class America and right now the bitter ex-wives club. Please Whoopie do not kiss ass!

  • anon

    @Rhonda: You think?? Bitter ex-wives unite…we have a new leader. Only in the U.S. can you become rich and famous without real talent.

  • Reba

    Kate, shut up and go away, please. The only people you are hurting are your children. Do you really think Jon cares what you think of him? Do you think we care what you think of him? Do you really think Jon is going to lay down the boom on you at some point? You are one stupid woman.

  • Cathey

    Thanks for the update. I will not watch the show those 2 days.

  • anon

    Wait what’s that sound…it’s the marching sound of Kate supporters revving up thier keyboards and rounding up the herd…they will overload this post before the end of the day with their accusations of jealousy (right), haters, and of course the ever popular plea to…just leave her alone! Hold on it’s coming…

  • Abby

    I receive PEOPLE regularly and I am soooo sick of these two on the cover. She, then him, then she. Make them both go away!! They are both acting like 12 year olds. Not just him.

  • leah

    Isn’t it Lisa Ling not Lucy Lieu? Lucy is an actress, isn’t she? (A quick search leads me to think I don’t want to go any further as it might be possible virus potential.)

    Lisa Ling is correct though, via wikipedia.

  • marilyn

    Her kids look retarded

  • ljh

    What on earth qualifies this woman to co-host a talk show? I am tired of seeing her face all over the place!

  • grass

    My family and I were big fans of this show. It was a cute show for kids to watch while Jon & Kate were happily married. We don’t watch it any longer because the show isn’t what it used to be. I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t like how Kate treated Jon, but like they said many times on the show “this is our lives”. Ever since the filing for divorce, I can’t believe what Jon has turned into – he acts like he is 21 again. You don’t go for a 20 something girlfriend when you have 8 kids. And Hailey The Bimbo’s response to “How do you feel about being stepmom for 8 kids” proves that neither one of these idiots should be around the kids. She said that hasn’t entered her mind because their relationship is about now – not the future. Um, that’s not a very healthy relationship when there are 8 kids involved. Kate may be playing the sympathy card, but she definitely isn’t responsible for turning her soon-to-be ex-husband into a brainless, immature frat boy! I say – more power to ya Kate!

  • stephanie

    She’ll fit in with all of those other irrelevant bitter old hags just perfectly.

  • voe

    Well, this goes to show that B. Walter and her gang of co hosts are nothing special.

  • anon

    @leah: Thanks…Your right…my mistake.

  • anon

    @ljh: She’s a realty TV star and co-wrote 2 books. Just like Elizabeth. That’s all it really takes these days. I can think of many more compelling female celebs I would like to see co-host.

  • me

    Getting tied of kate and he problems These magazines needs to stop cashing in on her,Also hope other people stories fair better.

  • Lauren


    That statement was not necessary. The kids are innocent in all of this.

  • Lauren


    What did the kids do to you? That was a mean statement to make when the kids have not done anything to deserve it.

  • Steve O.

    Those kids are not fit for primetime.

    They need a total makeover or face transplant.

    They look like ugly Orientals.

  • David

    As a guy, Jon what are you thinking? Kate is such a babe and the chicks you are dating doesn’t even come close to her. Seriously, what are you thinking? Hailey, Kate Major, Steph, or Deanna doesn’t even come close to her in terms of class, looks, and brains in my opinion. You gotta wake up one of these days and smell the coffee bud. Man, as a bro I just don’t get it. I been through this before and IMO you are getting all the wrong advices and directions from all these good for nothing chicks that’s gonna screw your life up for the rest of your life man. Unbelievable.

  • jaye

    lol kate just couldn’t keep quiet. People who a controlling are like that. It would eat at her guts to have kept her mouth shut and handled her disintegrating marriage with some dignity. It is not in the best interest of her kids to be parading their family woes all over television and tabloids. Neither one of these fame hungry, narcissistic jerks have their kids’ interest at heart; they’re all about themselves. Jon is acting like a 16 year old idiot and Kate is playing the victim because she HAS no choice but to raise her 8 kids and she’s pissed that she doesn’t have Jon as a punching bag 24/7.Now she can take punches at him in interviews. I don’t care what Jon says, he has been pissed all these years because Kate bullied him into letting her get pregnant again. He wouldn’t be human if he wasn’t; a little backbone would have gone a long way in this marriage. Neither one of them knows anything about respect or dignity.

  • Caroline

    Hey Jon have a great life with Seabisquit, Philly, Barboro, and the rest of the Kentucky Derby winners. I just hope that Jailey doesn’t come after you with a baseball bat like she did to her past lesbian lover for 3 years. You really are a dumbsh*t throwing away your life as well as your kids and for that matter, Kate. Everything and anything that comes out of your mouth is what a eight grader would say and you contradict yourself on every single interview. Way to set an example for your kids. I honestly hope that none of your kids EVER turn out like you cause it will be their demise. THINK for once in your life.

  • Rhonda


    you sound like you need a Kate to tell you what to do and when to do it! can’t believe any guy would WANT a nagging bitch.

  • Jennifer

    Just what is Jon’s defense? He lied about Deanna, Hailey, Kate Major, Jennifer, and who knows what. He started out with a Christian shirt and end up with Ed Hardey. He went from a family man to smoking, drinking, using drugs, and who knows what else he did to destroy his OWN family. Unless he has some kind of proof that was done to him, he’s a sleazeball in my opinion.

  • michele

    Kate is pretty but her kids are not.

  • to anon & jaye

    anon i agree pretty much w/ your assesment , i was wondering why these people whose talents is just to show up themselves on telivision, cameras and etc. are famous. kate & john, parish hilton, hugh hefner girls(kendra,holly&bridget),kardashians ,lohan except lindsay can act but end up in a mess and more of this reality people.

    to jaye
    i heard that these people like kate & john got paid for their interviews just as the octomom?….i think. but lookin back most of this reality show like kardashian for example, what they does in their show ?…..nothing ,just plain stupidty . how about the gosselins, lohan, parish hilton but miss hilton is getting paid to show up looking cute and glamorous in any event so is kim kardashian and her sisters. how about heidi and spencer?…same thing. i will ask you guys, do these people embodies class, sophistication, intelligence and talents?
    most people love to watch it and immitate them in real lives. by the way there’s more reality , brassy shows coming ,so pay attention who will get famous. i think kate gosselin is smart because when she yap to any shows , i think most of her appearance has gotten paid ,more money ,free stuff and maybe product endorsement come on anyone.

  • sharah

    Gotta Love Kate, as does TLC, The Loser Channel. She is rich, (for now), infamous, (forever) and never has to wear the same outfit twice.
    She made a deal with the devil, which in some small ways, we all do, she just made hers on in a very grand national scale.

  • boo

    um um um um, yeah um i think this um is a um bad idear. who cares what kate has to say. she will take her country a$$ & it country views to the table feeling entitled as if she deserves to be there. than when she gets too comfortable she’ll forget that it’s not her show and start yelling ‘HELLOOOOO’ at whoopee or maybe she’ll get snippy & slap babs on the arm when she wants her to shut up.
    trainwreck… she can only control herself in 15min intervals.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    why is this woman so popular?!? why the fcuk does the media care about her so much?!?!?! seriously, wtf..

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @Cathy: those kids are ugly. each one of them.

  • Flo

    I am sick to death of her complaining about the media in the media.
    She says nothing new, blames it all on Jon and refuses to believe her kids need therapy to help them thru the upheaval of their lives.
    She got plenty of legal and financial councel before she filed for divorce yet she has done nothing to help her kids.

  • chris

    Why? What has this witch ever done to be in our face so much. Enough! she is an evil bitter woman. I guess her greed will never stop. Jon, be prepared, don’t think she will let you get away with leaving her, I’m sure she has plans for you.

  • Nellie

    The kids are very dark and ugly mutts too.

  • lakers fan in boston

    bitzch is really mediawhoring herself out
    she’s already been on like 3 interviews and now she’s gonna do this
    what happened to they didnt want any more media
    jon is a douche so i can understand why he’s being a media whore but i thought at least kate would stick to her word….

  • Donna

    So I guess…
    KEVIN, JODI, and JON were right. This chick DOES want a career. She wants to be on TV, write books, be on tour, on magazines…ultimately be “god”. Kate, you’re such a narcissist!!

    LKL: “i have big dreams…i’m very driven” CREEEEPY!

  • http://Herbreastlookbiggerthanusual.Maybeshegotimplants! pretty young girl

    TLC needs to cancel that show A.S.A.P I dont want to hear that d-bag and I dont want to hear that whiner. PFFF She says she feels shes divorcing from a 15 year old, Yeah you always treated him like that and like your little servant , shut up move on and you will never find a man if you continue to be MS BOSSY WHINY BITCH!

  • getreal

    This ugly, selfish, hag needs to go away . Her poor children with these 2 for parents. I hope people boycott all her appearances.

  • payless

    @Cathy: Why would you say that. They are children! It takes an ugly heart to think that ,let alone put it into print.

  • Sue

    I think people who complain about Kate and what she does are actually just jealous of her. You could always stop reading about her, watching the tv shows she is on, and stop clicking on websites that has updates about her. Why do you choose to continue following news about Kate and then running her into the ground for what she does? She isn’t doing anything wrong.

  • Sue

    And @Cathy, your remark shows what a bitter person you are. Why say such a terrible thing about 8 innocent children? And by the way, they are well behaved and very cute kids.

  • Rhonda

    The Loser Channel is really pushing this hag on us. If she wonders why her husband ran away from home with a 21 year old, she should just watch old J&K shows. How to run off your husband in no time at all.

  • Lynn

    If Oprah is not careful Kate will be taking all her viewers. Kate is so much more entertaining. Kate is a rising star and she will be around for a very long time. Kate’s name alone draws people to want to see and hear her. T he new season of Kate & 8; A surprising new show that you will LOVE LOVE LOVE………………………………….

  • Ree

    everyone is responsible for their own actions!! Kate is not to blame for what Jon is doing vice versa! yeah it may have seemed that Kate was being “mean” to Jon on the show but no one really knew what was going on! reality producers like drama how else will they get people to watch??!! the way he acted was probably immature & that can be frustrating for a woman when they are a couple with kid(s). keep in mind they were very young when they married – im sure that’s why Jon is acting the way he is acting. no excuses for his actions or hers but everyone is different & handle situations differently as well! put yourself in their shoes – life can be hard for anyone! i love the show & praying for the best for everyone especially the kids!!!!!