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Kellan Lutz Ditches Twilight Convention This Weekend

Kellan Lutz Ditches Twilight Convention This Weekend

Kellan Lutz goes for a run around downtown Vancouver, Canada on Tuesday (August 25).

Sorry Twi-hards! The 24-year-old actor and costar Ashley Greene and have pulled out of a scheduled appearance at an official New Jersey Twilight convention this weekend.

The Twilight stars were scheduled to appear during the three-day convention for fans of the series, but they were abruptly removed from the lineup on the convention’s Web site yesterday.The event, which costs upward of $300 for premium tickets, is already sold out.

Ashley and Kellan had to pull out of appearing at the convention due to a change in their schedules,” a publicist for the event told Life & Style.

Creation Entertainment, who is sponsoring the event, is refunding the special tickets that gave fans a chance to take pictures or get autographs from Ashley and Kellan, which fans purchased separately from the general tickets.

10+ pictures inside of Kellan Lutz staying in shape…

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  • stephanie

    i think that is so unfair! im so glad i decided not to buy those tix…yes they can give back the money for the autograph and picture but part of the reason people bought tix just to be there was to see them in person

  • amy

    So sick of these talentless, overexposed “actors”. OMG i wonder which Twilight female will have n*u*d*e photos leaked to the public next? These people will do anything for attention. People are better off Kellan and Cashley cancelled-save your money for something worthwhile.

  • bubbaness

    The actors need to stop overpromising and undelivering. The fanbase is ridiculous in its expectations and entitlement, but if the conventions are going to be promoted to include them, they should either fulfill their obligations or not agree to appear in the first place.

    A step back in all directions by both actors and fans wouldn’t hurt anybody at this point.

  • gabs

    These conventions will promise big stars attendance, but there’s always a clause that allows them to be pulled out at anytime w or w/o notice. You’ll be lucky to see an “extra” that appeared in the movie there. There’s no chance of Rob or Kristen or even any peripheral cast members.

  • Me

    Amy, to you all I can say is get over yourself cuz seriously… you’re reply is pathetic.

    The actors sign up, and they unfortunately have to pull out due to filming. Yes let’s all rag on them and bash them for having to cancel, it’s their faults for becoming actors and actresses in the first place, such shame on them. How the hell are they supposed to know so far in advance that they would have to back out? Um they don’t. NOT in their control at all. Its something the actors have NO control over, so until all of you realize that and get over yourselves, don’t even reply to posts like these. If you want to spout off negativity, go bother a Twilight forum someplace where you think people actually give a shit about your petty opinions.

  • H.

    Agreed, they have an obligation to film the movie they signed on for first and foremost. I’m sure they had every intention of being there but changes in the filming schedule came up and forced them to change their plans. It’s ridiculous to be badmouthing them over something like this.

  • You/Me

    Who the h*ll would pay upward of $300 to go to a convention of ANY kind??? And a Twilight one at that…..don’t these fans realize its FICTION, these characters are not real, the people who play them are most likely not even that interesting in person!??!! Safe your money and take a vacation to Cali where you can see them all out on the streets for FREE.

  • Me

    Same could be said about Star Trek, Supernatural, and all the other conventions out there where people spend even more money. Only reason why stars show up there is because they are older, without jobs and need to make money somehow.

  • Chegs-HUN

    Who are the other two walking with Kellan in the pics – cast members?

  • unknown

    Cant even give an excuse either

  • Ripoff

    Anyone who pays that amount of money to meet overrated, non-talented actors is crazy. Agree with the people who say save your money for something that is real in your life-not some fictional characters who just want your cash.

  • david

    I like am so sick of posters who have nothing better to do than post negative comments just so they can see their name in print. How sad is that? Who’s the attention WH**e now? Like the post from “Me”, I don’t see how you an blame the actors for the cancellation??! They did not set up the convention schedule, which I am sure has been planned for over a year in order to get the convention space. They did not set the filming schedule of the movie. Different things happen during the shoots for retakes and bad weather causes waiotng to do the shoot and just many other things that can throw off the schedule. A multi-million dollar movie which cost the producers mega bucks every day they are shooting cannot be stopped top allow the actors to fly across the country for a 1 to 2 hour event. They never even signed up to be at the convention. It was probably just a publicists way of making the event more enjoyable for the fans and help promote the movie more, but the also do not know form so far out what is going to happen during that time frame.
    For someone to be so obsessed that their life revolves around whether or not they get a 5 sec or 20 minute glimpse of a actor and then for someone else to be so irrate that the actor couldn’t make it shows some pretty messed up priorities. Yes there are many attention grabbing C-List celebs who will stop at nothing to keep their faces in the public eye and those situationsare a littel sad, but I do not see any of the the Twilight cast being in that category right now. Many of them, especially Robert P. would just as soon be left alone. Kellan isn’t runnig through the streets of Vancouver because he wants to be noticed,he is doiing ot for his health and to maintain his physique which is an important part of who he is and why he gets the roles he does. Yes they are actors, but they are also just regular Joe’s who have a different job than you and me. It is the viewing public who puts the ‘Idol’ status on most of these people. Then they are disappointed in them when they don’t live up to the expectations put on them and it somehow becomes the fault of the actor?! I just don’t understand unless it is a means of teh poster just getting their 1/2 cent in to somehow feel good about themselves because in their mind they were able to “take the celeb down a notch’. To each his/her own-it just seems you would have a better day if you steered yourself away from things that for some reason got you angry. It serves no purpose other than making you angry and who wants to live their life like that?

  • Miranda

    Ur nuts! They need to work on the film and would like to meet the fans and now they are getting bashed for it. You should applaud the choice. At least if they were not filming they would be there. Ridiculous! No wonder most of the actors are not wanting to sign up at all because of fear they may have to pull out.

  • Me

    Thank you David, I could not have said it better myself.

  • to david

    And i am so sick of long-winded posters who think their opinions are so above everyone else they have to write a novel about it. Doesn’t anyone in your real life listen to you-probably not since you are so arrogant and long-winded!!

  • Me

    To- To David. Wow, you’re so intelligent and insightful. Gosh I wish I was your best friend. It must be super fabulous and wonderful to know someone like you. Get over yourself. He makes very valid points as I have YET to see anyone else do. All anyone is concerned with is treating these people like crap over something that they have no control over, and insulting them because they have nothing better to do with their existence. What’s your excuse?

  • WoW

    Who is that guy with Kellan in some of those pics at the bottom? Anyone know?

  • bait n switch

    I like the series, but not enough to pay for an event like this. I know the same thing happened in Phoenix (Kellan, Ashley and Jackson did not show due to the new movie). Just curious on how many of the scheduled conventions have had or will have cancellations from the b-list of characters. I think Bella’s dad appeared…..

  • sweetness

    It’s so easy to separate a fool from their money….it’s sad and pathetic that in this economy Twi-fool are easily manipulated into shelling out $300 dollars for a chance to see actors in a film who portrayed characters.
    And now these people will see some extra who worked on Twilight.


  • Alison

    How disappointing for people who wanted to see them.

    I think some of these actors and especially the movie company are taking the fans for granted now. The first movie they were all extra nice and accomodating, but now they are so big they don’t give a damn. Peter Facinelli seems the only one gracious and goes out of his way. Maybe because he is older than most of the cast…..

  • Pete

    Is that Ellis McCreadie next to him?

  • Thom

    What is all the pop pysch about…the guys has a great rack on him…anyone notice that?

  • CA

    #22–I was going to say/guess that the guy was Ellis McCreadie myself.

  • steph

    Great…that’s the main reason I wanted to drive 5 hours to go…

  • Kris

    Looking at the guy, he kind of looks like Kellan. It might be one of his brothers, he has 6 of them.

  • suppress your appetite