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Rebecca Romijn: Project Runway Judge!

Rebecca Romijn: Project Runway Judge!

A then-pregnant Rebecca Romjin wraps her arm around host Heidi Klum during an upcoming episode of Project Runway, which will air tomorrow (August 27) @ 10PM ET/PT on Lifetime.

Yes, it’s a pregnancy designing challenge!

Rebecca, 36, will join the panel of judges, which already includes Michael Kors, Nina Garcia and Heidi. Last week, Nicole Kidman gave the Project Runway All-Star contestants their challenge.

WILL YOU TUNE IN to watch Rebecca Romijn give her fashion critiques on Project Runway?

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Photos: Mike Yarish/Lifetime
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  • Sophia

    She should stayed home and lose some more weight before appearing on TV again.

  • Spfxgirl

    I thought Hedi was pregnant??????

  • Teresa

    Rebecca is fat or pregnant.

  • monica

    I can imagine what Heidi Klum’s new daughter will look like.

    She’ll be dark and ugly like her sons.

  • monica

    I can imagine what Heidi Klum’s new daughter will look like.

    She’ll be dark and ugly like her sons.

  • Duhh

    Obviously the show was taped months prior to being aired. Do the math… Rebecca is still pregnant with her twins and Heidi is not yet pregnant/is not showing yet. Geez…

  • Anna

    I don’t care for her weight- but what is up with Rebecca’s face? She used to be so pretty- another plastic surgery victim?

  • vicky

    What is up with all these celebs showing up as guest judges? No offense, but it’s not like celebrities really have any experience to judge these designers’ outfits – their stylists pick out the majority of their OWN clothes anyhow.

  • poppykai

    I loved Rebecca and Jerry’s debut of the twins in People Mag and usually think she is pretty, but she really looks like “The Joker” from Batman here!! And yes, it does look like a pic from several months ago.

  • Dylan

    Poor Monica. She sounds upset cause she’s way too ugly to ever become impregnated. Sit home & eat your cheetos on the couch ya scumbag. Those kids are more beautiful than anything your wretched parents produced.

    Wow, that was kinda mean but it sure was fun!

  • monica

    Heidi’s sons are very ugly. Big brittle Afro hair and wool-like texture.

  • skinny one


    Rebecca looks so FAT.

  • georgia

    Monica, I believe you are a racist!

  • Dellina

    “Monica” is probably a 13 year old pimply teenager chuckling to himself as he hunches over his basement room computer. He’s not too attractive himself but making hate remarks makes him think he’s feeling better about himself.

  • Lilka

    @skinny one:

    She was pregnant with twins there so in your opinion how she was supposed to look?

  • Spfxgirl


    Malicious Monica,

    How can you say such nasty things about two little kids that you don’ t even know.
    I detect racism here!!! what a malicious little small minded person you are!!

    Why even bother to post your pointless stupid coments here especially if you are not interested.

    We don’t want to read them!!!!

  • BEN

    I think her child will look like JLO’s and Marc Anthony’s nasty ugly little nappy headed twins. Only JlO’s twins are also physically disabled with the boy having Progeria and Emme to unspeakably ugly to be seen in public which is why she never brings them out.

  • Mrs. Garner

    Monica is a fat, lazy stupid Puerto Rican who hasn’t gotten over the fact that my husband dumped her fat, big-butt Puerto Rican idol=JLO!! Look at Emme & Maxx then talk about gross, fugly children.



  • diana

    wow…People are crazy on this thread.

  • Hector

    I agree Monica, she can’t be any uglier than Jennifer Lopez daughter Emma. Now that is one ugly, ugly child. She looks like a thing from another planet and she’s two years old and still can’t talk. I’m just being honest, not all babies are cute. it has nothing to do with Jlo’s children being Puerto Ricans.


    YES IT DOES HECTOR! LOL!!!!!!!!!

  • seriously??

    Are you people for real? How can you say such things about children? You obviously have never had kids…otherwise you would not say such nasty things about innocent children.

  • cutie pie

    Heidii’s boys are so ugly it’s unreal.

  • cutie pie

    Not all kids are innocent. Some are devils like Heidi’s boys.

  • sienna

    I think that’s one old picture, people…
    This is most recent picture of Rebecca:
    And this is Heidi’s:
    This looks like taken right before Heidi got pregnant and Rebecca was still carrying her twins. It cannot be recent looking at these people’s recent pictures above.
    And Monica, YOU ARE ONE RACIST B*TCH!!!

  • jannieboo

    JLO’s twins are so ugly it’s unreal. And what’s up with Emme’s hair ?? A curly brillo pad. Her twins are ugly devils and evil as Satan.

  • Melissa

    I don’t think Heidi’s or Jennifer Lopez’s children are cute. Both sets fail in the looks department but I’m sure their parents still love them.

  • Michelle

    OMG thanks a lot Jared!!!! Thanks for spilling the beans, I was anticipating in experiencing what the challenge would be through watching the actual show!!! There’s a reason why Rebecca or designing maternity wear wasn’t shown for commercial. Next time, for future posts, please remember not to give us spoilers unless necessary!!!!! >:(

  • http://justjared nhu

    Some of you guys comments about Heidii’s kids are disgusting. I think the doctors probably dropped you on the head when you were born, he was hoping to knock some sense into you.

  • http://justjared nhu

    Monica what do you see when you look in the mirror. I hope a horrible person because that is what you are. Hope no one says that about your children. You are disgusting

  • http://justjared nhu

    I hope the people who are talking about other people’s children don’t have any. The would be horrible parents since they are horrible people.

  • suppress your appetite

    Rebecca looks perfect