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Rihanna: Emilio Vitolo's Ballato Babe

Rihanna: Emilio Vitolo's Ballato Babe

Rihanna and her BFF assistant Melissa eat outdoors at their favorite Italian restaurant Da Silvano in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York City on Wednesday (August 26).

The 21-year-old Bajan babe wore a white pair of paint-spattered jeans, matching loafers and a sleeveless denim vest.

Last night, Rihanna and Melissa had Italian again at Emilio Vitolo’s Ballato Restaurant in Little Italy.

Yesterday, RiRi was granted a five-year protective order against Chris Brown.

FYI: Rihanna is wearing custom Paige denim — the Skyline 10″ Skinny in Cosmos – a custom wash made especially for her with heavy destruction and black paint splatters.

10+ pictures inside of Emilio Vitolo’s Ballato babe Rihanna

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rihanna emilio ballato restaurant 01
rihanna emilio ballato restaurant 02
rihanna emilio ballato restaurant 03
rihanna emilio ballato restaurant 04
rihanna emilio ballato restaurant 05
rihanna emilio ballato restaurant 06
rihanna emilio ballato restaurant 07
rihanna emilio ballato restaurant 08
rihanna emilio ballato restaurant 09
rihanna emilio ballato restaurant 10
rihanna emilio ballato restaurant 11
rihanna emilio ballato restaurant 12
rihanna emilio ballato restaurant 13

Credit: Lawrence Schwartzwald; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • LT

    Thank God the judge had enough sense to grant her a protective order that she clearly didn’t want.

  • LT

    I can’t see the full outfit but this one looks better than what she was wearing yesterday. More age appropriate than the grandma pants.

  • Catchy

    cool outfit, she looks great=)

  • blackberry
  • jenny

    RiRi has nice skin but she’ not very pretty. Her makeup looks better than usual though.

  • pr guy

    Eating outdoors at Da Silvano is the equivalent of dining at The Ivy. She is clearly seeking the paparazzi attention.

  • SHopaholic22


  • João


  • chewie

    at least she looks like she’s wearing clothes today.

  • ********

    What happened to her? She used to look so cute and now she just seems to look mean and brute looking

  • YUCK


  • YUCK


  • aqua

    She is overexposed. Maybe she thinks the constant press will land her on the cover of American Vogue, but it just makes her look desperate.

  • run every one

    Wow! Guys out there better be careful! When she throws the first punch or slap you better run,run and run! Chris stay away – even if she calls you – hang up!

  • Halo

    This is an improvement for Rihanna. She’s actually like a 21 year old instead of a middle-aged housewife.

  • Vartan

    I noticed we see more photos of her when she’s on the East Coast. It’s like a daily thing. Is that why she shifted her base from Cali to NYC?

  • nine

    she looks cute there but disgusting here:

    what was she thinking?

  • SHopaholic22

    ooo an i lov Melissa’s tattoos,i hav an Arabic tat on my hand too! :)

  • James

    Rihanna look like she’s posing for the paps in photos 4 & 5.

  • let’s see

    The music industry is a “BUSINESSS” as soon as you sign that contract the goal is to make millions now I’ve been asking myself for a while now why do persons with LESS?NO talent make it bigger than the ones with ACTUAL TALENT like for example Christina Milian, Teairra mari, etc….. and I’ve came up with this simple reason. The truth to the fact is the music industry is NOT about the artist or making them rich its in fact 100% about the managers the producers basically the industry itself rich because when u look at it while they gain the artist is strip. Rihanna is a pure example of the industry puppet……… the industry does not want persons who have actual talent they want people like rihanna who they can make millions off of….. now one may say that it does not make sense, wouldn’t the persons loaded with talent make more money than the ones who don’t and that’s it there that’s why the public is always fooled because if a person like jay Z can signed a person who can’t sing, can’t dance, can’t write but has a pretty with and a body like a model then it makes it a lot easier for him to become rich because all the money he invested in that person that person becomes a product so therefore what that product sells the money is then given to the manufacturer. It was quoted “it has emerged that singles artist Rihanna has lost millions out of her recording contract due to the fact that she has little creative input in her work.
    Because Rihanna does not write any of her songs (and the songs she does co-write are never released) the writers of songs like Umbrella make more money from it than she does- including Jay Z who gets writing credit for his rap.
    Also the fact that Good Girl Gone Bad only spawned 150,000 units in first week sales despite the success of Umbrella meant that her label Island Def Jam refused to fund her videos- leaving the funding to Rihanna’s financial team which means that the cash she made from Cover Girl and Nike are spent on her videos- travelling and hotel expenses.
    Also- Rihanna’s ex label mate Teairra Mari revealed that although both she and Rihanna released commercially unsuccesful debut albums- she was dropped and Rihanna was kept because Rihanna’s management got hold of Sos (Rescue Me.)
    Rihanna also lost money on tour as well- because so little of her fans bought tickets- the venues she played in were miniscule and meant her label had to foot the bill for unbought tickets and costumes not to mention her expensive videos.”

  • xoso

    Looks like we have another Dionne Warwick on our hands.

  • pincessf

    @let’s see: shut the hell up wit that nonsense ..dont be jealous bitch

  • reed

    she’s fugly… she was smart to cover her big popping fivehead

  • let’s see

    correction* pretty face with a body like a model

  • Truth Is…

    @pincessf: That was an excellent breakdown actually. Thanks for the write-up, let’s see. What a cautionary tale for actual artists.

  • VNY

    Can she ever just go out in normal clothes? ALWAYS overdressed – chillax, Rihanna! You don’t always have to look ‘fierce’.

  • Rihanna is gorgeous

    My 2 cents all the negative comments come from white, fat, non attractive, racist people. Give credits where it’s due. She’s gorgeous and please stop the easy negative comments each time a black celebrity is featured! Pathetic!

  • james



  • NYC

    wow love her

  • Justice

    @Rihanna is gorgeous: I’m black and I don’t find her all that attractive and I don’t see why someone has to be white to think she’s not pretty or talented. That’s pretty racist to stereotype people like that. And there are plenty of black celebs on here who receive positive comments so your argument doesn’t hold weight.

  • blondie

    Well, I have always been totally jealous of Rihanna,
    and now I like her even less….so is too cute. Too confident.
    Too….Oh! I just get jealous thinking about her.

    Anyway. When she grabbed Chris Brown’s phone,
    and got all nutty and went into a fit,
    everything went bonkers from that point on.

    The gossip is, that she took a few swings at Chris.
    Chris saw stars, and then….He went to crazy-town,
    downtown, all the way down.

    Her voice is just grating, anyway.
    She sounds like China bowls breaking.
    IMO, a squeeking mouse sounds better.

    Haaaaa haaaa ha.

  • Missta

    She looks like a man, she’s a fuc*ing mess… Sad! She has become so ugly.

  • Iknowthat

    @let’s see: haha, Rihanna become sooo ugly, there was a time when she was nice but now her body looks like a mess

  • Cammie

    Fefe Dobson said in Honey Mag, that Rihanna is trying to copy her style

  • Cammie

    Fefe Dobson said in Honey Mag, that Rihanna is trying to copy her style

  • LaLa

    Rihanna is just so BEAUTIFUL & edgey!!!!! I LUV HER STYLE so ORIGINAL!!!!!

  • pop86

    @let’s see:
    Nothing new. This happens to every artist over at Bad Boy( Biggie inclueded)

  • drift

    Her style is not edgy. It’s very 80s, but at least she is not trying to dress like an old lady. Agree, the shades are not the best but the shoes are cute and her weave looks more natural here.

  • Shiolo

    She is so boring and her fashion sense sucks..sorry, I find nothing special or unique in her fashion

  • Shiolo

    I’m not a white racist person either,I’m black as they come and no need to accuse people aof racism when they do not like what a sista wears!

  • jENNY


  • Rihanna Rocks

    Rihanna is the HOTTEST chick!!

    What a Beauty!!

  • cinn

    She looks a lot older than 21 and it does look like she’s posing for the paparazzi there.

  • deee

    Beautiful girl,I like the outfit :) and jeans are crazy !!

  • me

    you people are a joke i feel sad for all these haters.jealousy really gets to you.half of the people saying the people saying all this crap wld swap places with her in sec.losers get f****D.


    .@VNY: wtf what is not normall about that people wear denim all the time and if you go in store you find them get a loser.

  • Rickyy

    She’s gained weight again, hasn’t she? Acutally, she looks like a 40 yrs old girl, so sad for her.

  • Blondie

    Watch out!
    I have been thinking.

    At first I thought that keeping these two apart was wrong.
    But, I have changed my minds, now.

    I think that these two are poison to each other, and it might just
    get worse.

    If a woman knows how to push the buttons that set off RAGE
    in her man, and chooses to push those buttons on purpose,
    and with no regard for her own safety…knowing that the man
    is going to fly into a fit of rage…permanent seperation seems
    like the only solution.

    Can he control the rage that she sets off in Chris?
    Why take the chance, when it is more simple to walk away.

    When one door closes another one opens,
    and I think that in this case, Chris will find a women
    that understands him more, and will be wise, gentle with his
    feelings, and woman enough to treat him like the emotiona
    and passionate man that he is.

    And Rihanna can find a man that loves to play games,
    without letting her drag him into battle.


  • Rickyy

    @me: If i think that Rihanna is ugly, i say it, it’s simple. I don’t need to be a hater to think that she’s not gorgeous at all.

  • Pining for Chris

    She tries too hard.
    She has beautiful eyes and skins, but that’s where it ends. In Barbados she’s a dime a dozen, don’t see why people are falling over her.