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Anne Heche Disses 'Lazy' Ex Coley Laffoon

Anne Heche Disses 'Lazy' Ex Coley Laffoon

Anne Heche told David Letterman on Wednesday that her ex-husband, Coley Laffoon is a “lazy ass.” Here are the other compliments the 40-year-old Hung actress doled out:

On what Coley does for a living: “He goes out to the mailbox and he opens up the little mailbox door and goes, ‘Oh! I got a check from Anne! Oh! I got a check from Anne! Yay!’” (Coley receives $3,700 per month in child support for their son.)

On not being able to shake her ex: “He wants me to come and watch him run around in his little white shorts playing soccer. Honestly, I don’t want to come to rehearsal and watch you run around in your tight shorts like trying to pretend you know how to play soccer. I divorced you! I don’t want to hang around with you Thursdays and Saturdays and maybe on Sunday.”

After the interview aired, Coley, 35, released a statement to Us Weekly: “After coming home from showing two different clients two different condominiums, I was disturbed to see Anne taking out her personal frustration on the father of her child on national television.”

Coley, who currently works for Los Angeles real estate company Hilton & Hyland, also updated his Facebook status, saying, “I wish Anne Heche could see that public bullying isn’t good for the soul or positive for her child. It’s mean.”

Anne Heche Disses ‘Lazy’ Ex Coley Laffoon

10+ pictures inside of Anne Heche at The Late Show with David Letterman

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  • amylornes

    Oh, well thats just really mature. What a good role model you are for your son

  • e

    She needs to grow up.

  • Jen

    Not mature but maybe this guy has been pushing her to the limits because man does she sound bitter. Do think its disrespectful that she questioned David about him getting married, just because it went bad with her doesn’t mean that all marriages are bad

  • hannah

    what an arrogant b*tch.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    anne heche – a nut bag.

  • jennifer is sexy!!

    What a Baracuda. If she doesn’t want to pay to support her son why did she give him to his dad???

  • Autumnm

    Well she’s a total nut job herself, so she shouldn’t be dissing her husband especially not publicly.

  • Emily

    ew. that is so tacky to bash her ex on tv. even if he does all those things, have some class and keep it between you and him. ugh

  • mertz

    never like her, and i didn’t see this last night but i’ve been seeing it on other websites and ann heche as a grade A+++ B*CH. and not only that she’s proud of it. she must have been wanting to say that to anyone who wanted to hear her, and fortunately for her she got this oppertunity. lol. way to do that on letterman you t_u_r_d. i have no feelings for you ex, so i don’t care, but it’s people like you who give humans and females bad names. almost 4k a month for child support…and yeah so what. it’s what’s been decided by the judge. you lost. get over it. if you don’t want to pay that much, lose your career and lose all the money you have you loser. not only is she bitter but she’s obviously vengeful and hates that dudes guts, but liked him enough to let him sleep with her and gift her with her son. you would think she hates her child or something. if you don’t want kids or douchebag x’s who is also the parent of your child, close your twat and don’t have sex b*tch. i have no sympathy for her.

    /end rant.

  • LuckyMe

    It’s probably best to keep comments private and among close friends and family. Official public statements about a past love or whatever should always be positive.

  • Buzzy

    If Heche doesn’t like someone that’s a real compliment.

    (And I’d much rather see Lafoon in his little white shorts than Heche pretending she can act. Any day, any time, any where.)

  • Rhonda

    she’s a total nut job. Dumbass married her and had a kid with her so its really his problem. He is stuck with this nutty woman FOREVER!

  • elle

    She is really nuts!!!!

  • Lisa too

    I know if isn’t very nice, but I thought it was kind of funny. My former ex-husband was into looking at porn on the computer and I would catch him late at night when I was asleep and would wake up wonderning where he was? With her having a crazy past, who knows what to believe though, anything she says I just don’t take it serious. I just think she hates him so much, that she will do anything and everything to bash him any time she gets a chance. I do think though, she should have kept David out of it though by asking him questions about his new marriage. David has been with the same woman for like 20 years or something like that.

  • vicki

    The woman has no class whatsoever.

  • flo

    I think she is spewing up the afterbirth from her last kid.

  • Kj

    I thought she was pregnant? She doesn’t look it!

  • omg

    Wow, once crazy always crazy I guess.

  • MAMA

    she likes girls- she wishes she was still with Ellen,Ellen is way 2 good 4 her!!

  • gabs

    Not classy at all. I think Dave was a bit put off by her, but tried to maintained a professional stance. However she feels about her ex should be kept private and not air her feelings publicly; only makes her look bad.

  • mertz

    Rhonda @ 08/27/2009 at 3:21 pm she’s a total nut job. Dumbass married her and had a kid with her so its really his problem. He is stuck with this nutty woman FOREVER!
    I KNOW. can you even imagine. sh*t this b*tch is amazing. let it be known that she is on the douchebag list…i’m sure anyone who has ever known of anne heche knows this already. i was asking if there were female douchebags and now i’ve been reminded of her. thanks jj.

    flo @ 08/27/2009 at 3:35 pm I think she is spewing up the afterbirth from her last kid.
    yeah let’s blame the hormones. she’s always been like this. it’s sad. maybe she’ll go to the grave like this too. ugh.

  • Roxanne

    OMG!! that is one nutty woman. There’s a straight jacket and a shot of Haldol with her name on it in a psych ward waiting.

  • regina

    She is so full of hatred!!!!!! Leave the man alone!!! Don´t do this in public!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • regina

    She is so full of hatred!!!! Leave yhe man alone!! Do not do this in public!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Miranda

    She’s funny. I can’t satand when actors do interviews and are so fake.

  • xcds

    i thought that was a funny interview. I like her

  • laurie

    She is nuts!!! and looks like a crazy perv….

  • Wendy

    Wow do some of you on here desperately need to get a sense of humor, you clearly dont have one!!

    She was being funny and cute, it wasnt in an attacking manner at all, whatever i will take this over fake PR androids any day.

  • leah

    It sounds like the ex has custody of the boy, why? It also sounds like she is leaving out the reason why he wants her to watch the soccer games….he is coaching THEIR son, doesn’t mean he wants her to watch him coaching, geesh. It is suppose to be about the boy, not Anne Heche, she needs to grow the hell up. Bet her kid will end up hating her. The boy would be better off with the father than with her, imho.

  • really

    anyone that names a child Homer Laffoon is a nut job..

  • Jaxon

    Men have been bashing their ex-wives for eons AND bitching about having to pay child support and alimony. Now the women are finding out what that’s like. Welcome to equal rights for men and women.

  • jaye

    What the heck, she married him. She should just shut up and live with the consequences.

  • Poor Dave

    There is nothing funny about Anne Heche…she’s a hateful lunatic and one can only imagine how that little boy is going to turn out. Good parents who are divorced put their differences aside and (both) participate in the extracurricular activities of a child so they know they are respected and honored by (both) parents. No matter what anyone might think of her former husband, he has been a Mr. Mom for this child throughout the years. Actor James Tupper must be a real freak to have left his wife for this crazy woman and now they have a child together who is only about five months old. She’ll probably kill Tupper when he gets a roaming eye and eventually leaves her. Ellen must be so grateful she went fruit-loops and decided she liked me, too, as her career went off the charts after getting rid of the crazy Anne Heche baggage.

  • mertz

    yeah jaxon, you know she has every right to hate on the dude right, but on mother f’n letterman…like he or we are her therapists? this is what people want to hear from her? really? you want to hear about how she hates her husband? wow what a non starter and something not newsworthy at all. this chick can be nice, and yeah she is funny, but all that, even her beauty is eclipsed by the sphere of hate she carries around with her. like she could have gone about this soooo many ways but this route won’t make me like her an ymore or any less than i already do. she has a huge B*tch in her, and coming from another one, i’m just saying maybe it would benefit her to speak about this somewhere else instead of letterman.

  • twpumpkin


  • k.

    Well, I lol’ed. But he is 100% right, and he was the bigger man.

  • Bonju Patten

    Anne Heche is getting what she gave Ellen – LOL – I hope Mr. baffoon milks her for every cent in her piggy bank. Anne Heche is a great actress the problem is she is not a real person. She is as plastic and hollyweird as the day is long.

    I never understood why she left Ellen to marry this creepy baffoon guy. He looks very gay. LOL

  • cosi

    docs should be studying her brain to futher understand psychosis. degeneres is probably thanking all saints and sweet Baby Jesus this freak is outta her life.

  • diana

    now that was ridiculous

  • huricane katrina

    We know she is certifiable nuts,so he gets a pass.

  • rockypriscillacoco

    What a terrible mother. That is her sons father. Whether she is angry that she has to pay child/spousal support or not, she should have kept that to herself. The guy is coaching for his kids soccer team. I’m sure that he didn’t want her to come to see him, but to see their son play. IMO, he is being a wonderful father by coaching. He has previously claimed that when him and Anne were together, he was the one that stayed home with their child while she worked as an actress. Way to put your kid first! I live in Fresno where she had her alien episode, and from looking at the video, it looks like she still has a couple of screws loose.

  • zzzz

    Freeloading men suck, but there is no excuuse for her rant on Letterman. She needs to take her meds and get some therapy for her bitterness. Honestly, she’s so nuts that I wouldn’t even believe a word she’s saying, anyway.

  • Amber

    Celestia should come and take her away.

  • Cynthia

    Although Anne’s spiel was a publicity stunt, what she doesn’t realize is the DAMAGE she’s doing to her sweet son, Homer. Letting go?! Sounds like SHE”S the one having trouble LETTING GO!

  • Disgusted

    So sad. This woman is such a trainwreck. She obviously has very little regard for her child if she would publicly lambast the father of her child- the man who is also primary caregiver to the child. I feel bad for the kid. If a friend of his hasn’t told him about the interivew, he will surely find out about it in the future. These things never go away.

  • Dieter

    totally love her !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jeanette

    She was stupid to marry a moocher. He needs to man-up and provide for his child.

  • Erin

    Crazy bitch to which I’m glad that this is the main consensus here as to think that that was funny? It’s her freaking kid, as such she owes child support. If she has issues with that, bring it to the courts who delved it out in the first place.

    Poor kid, stuck with that name (I can just image all the ‘Simpsons’ insults on the playground) alongside a crazy nut bag mum who likes to talk trash about his father for humour and whinges about him trying to stay friendly (did she ever think that maybe he’s trying to keep things amicable for the sake of their kid?) . Heaven forbid when he’s old enough to read about the nut’s antics in the desert looking for aliens and what not. Not to mention her I’m a lesbian/I’m not a lesbian phase. As others have said, Ellen was way too good for her.

    @Jeanette – Perhaps you should read the entire story first before bashing him ala Anne. He HAS a job but they were married and have a kid therefore child support. She’s legally bound you dumbass, that’s not ‘mooching’.

  • youwillmissme

    A BITCH! no more no less

  • marv

    Give the crazy a valium & a muzzle STAT