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Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton: STK STK STK!

Chad Michael Murray & Kenzie Dalton: STK STK STK!

Chad Michael Murray and his fiancee Kenzie Dalton dine out at West Hollywood’s STK restaurant on Wednesday (August 26).

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This past Monday, Chad turned 28. Happy Birthday, CMM!

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Credit: Anthony; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Haya

    She’s gorgeous!

  • jason

    Are these two doing anything with their lives other than eating out and shopping?

  • Kitty

    Lay off the fake tan chad
    I Hate to say it
    he’s a hasbeen

  • chokie


    He looks old with a big belly.

  • Amy

    You mean season SIX right?!

  • Baci

    I think they make a very attractive couple. I wish him all the best, people make mistakes in life. He has obviously learned from them and moved on.

  • cohen

    douche face, douche hair.
    god, how i loved chad back then

  • K.

    Omg. She’s trying to look like Sophia. OMG. Kenzie’s such a fugly bitch.!!

  • HOT


  • HOT

    Chad is really gorgeous. People make a lot of mistakes, Chad’s is only one so stop hating on him because he left your beloved Sophia. Sophia moved on so the fans should. Brucas isn’t happening ever again.

  • HOT

    @K.: no she isn’t, stop hating and sophia has moved on. i personally think that they are an adorable and beautiful couple. CMM RULES!

  • ashley

    Chad is soooooooooo gorgeous!!!

  • Mia

    Chad is not the same anymore! Idk why but he looks really old now. I used to love him before.

  • sam

    the guy is SUPERRRRRRRRRR HOTTTTTTTTTTTT and thats a fact:)
    he is tan because he was in the bahamas you idiots, its not a fake tan….
    sophia and chad=OVER, let it gooooooooo….

    he is EXTREMLY HOT:

  • Jason

    The most fake couple i have ever seen!
    She’s really just using him but poor chad is too blind to see it. When he gets old she’ll dump him. Honestly i feel sorry for him. This guy really screwed up his life.

  • Haha

    And thats a FACT.

  • kayy

    He used to be hott. But NOT anymore.
    Honestly, he has just gotten uglier and uglier and less hotter with age.
    And he looks so unbelievably horrible and ugly in these pictures. Does he think making that hard face makes him look cooler??
    Because its not working.
    And his fiancee or whatever she is, is just as ugly. I don’t find her pretty at all.

  • zanessa4life
  • cj

    It’s actually the season 6 DVD that they’re giving away.

  • Zoe

    DOUCHE as always. Pathetic little boy and girl.

  • Steph

    Chad looks gorgeous! I’m glad chad is enjoying his break. One Tree Hill was doing nothing for him, and the storylines were getting zzzzz. On a side note, why must Sophia Bush be brought up everytime Chad has a post. Uhhhh Sophia has moved on clearly, so it’s not necessary to keep bringing it up. So Sophia lovers/Chad haters please just GTFO.

  • Jason

    What a boring couple.
    Is it just me or he’s way too hot for her?

  • Kristen

    Chad is HOOOOOOOOOOOOTT, and he is even more gorgeous in pereson!

  • lol

    They guy is HOT period and he really does look way more handsome in person:)

  • Bella

    Haters to left please

    Chad is looking so cute!

  • cslove

    My first thought was fake tan to go with her fake smile, but I saw they went to the Bahamas. He looks p*ssed off!

  • Marta


  • brooke

    i love how people think she is pretty she’s like 21 and here she looks 32 she is so not attractive at all, i dont knw what he see’s in her

  • Paige

    The Bahamas did Chad good!! I love how he is all tan, and might I add he is sexy!

  • Mia

    Hmmm… always the left hand in the pocket. They’re probably married already.

  • gross

    ohmygod. why do you post about these two, they are as gross as speidi. stop posing for the paparazzi!!!! you can do better than that..
    that girl is a major s–t and so is her younger sister, apparently she is dating a guy who is in his twenties!!! she is 17!!! Plus she recently got a boobjob!!!! Again, she is 17!!!!

  • lol

    He looks really unhappy and boring with her!!! I hope he’ll find some other girl at his age. This girl did NOT influence him good!!!

  • Jen

    She is not pretty at all and don’t give me “oh your just saying that because you love Sophia” because I have never been a fan of hers. He used to be cute but I don’t know, he doesn’t look that hot in these photos

  • lizzie

    I love what she wears!

  • ali

    This guy always looks so pissed off for some reason. Yeah, he’ll kind of smile here and there, but in most pictures, he just looks plain angry and even bored. He used to have so much life in him and he used to smile a lot. What the heck happened????????????

  • BambAM

    he should just be happy anyone wants to take a picture of him….

  • wain

    if she is 17 that means she hasn’t aged in four years. she turned 21 in march. she was born in 1988. you do the math. i think they are adorable and she is classy. chad is a stud!



    Haha you’re funny… Where did u see that she’s classy ? That’s the funniest thing i have ever heard..
    About chad.. it’s like something died in him a little.

  • trickk

    I’m pretty sure the girl was talking about Kenzies younger sister who is 17 and dating some guy in his twenties right now.
    Whats up with those sisters dating much older guys???
    I’m surprised there parents are actually allowing this because if I was still in my teens, then they’d no way my parents would be cool with me dating a guy in his twenties.
    PS…….She is NOT classy. Saying that she is just hilarious.

  • lucky

    Let’s face it without CMM who would know Kenzie….. (Nobody) heck I know a lot of girls so much prettier then this famewh*re. Look at how she wants to milk the attention. Please go out and found your own career and stop banking on CMM to take you there.

  • bigfatpattywhack

    Kenzies younger sister is actually 18 and a freshman in college so I dont see a problem with that. Plus Josh, her ex boyfriend, turns 21 in November. So I don’t see the big deal. Girls should date older guys, they are more mature.

    And I think they both look fabulous!!! Love that Elizabeth and James top!!!

  • Bret






  • Pleasee

    No one was talking about her EX boyfriend. But whatever.
    Anyways, if we’re all honest, Chad could do much, much better. Last time I checked, this country is full of girls. I don’t really like him but even I’ll admit that she is a mistake. She’s a gold-digger Chad!! Wake the hellll up!!!!


    I gotta be honest..even if i dont like sophia bush he was way better with her. He was just alive and had always smile on his face

  • lucky

    At least his ex is working and trying to build her career. This famewh*re has to stick to him like glue otherwise she’ll be homeless and really have to go find a job like the rest of us.

  • Nikki

    I wish Chad would smile more, he has a gorgeous smile and dimples! Also, I hope he gets rid of this girl she is no good. I mean what does she do besides pose with Chad, does she even have a job? I am no fan of Sophia, actually I can’t stand Sophia but Kenzie just gives off the wrong vibe everytime you see her with Chad ..Chad just needs to be single or get another girl who is not so dependent on his money. Besides all that Chad is looking hott!

  • Tay

    Chad looks REALLY ugly in those pictures.
    I personally can’t stand him at all.
    I don’t know, but for some reason he’s keeps on getting less attractive with age. I thought he’d be one of those men who would get better looking with age like some men do, but apparently not.

  • Kim

    Chad looks so good! Wow he is tan, and I love his clean shave look!

  • Jason

    They don’t look tan, they look orange. Especially Chad.

  • Stella

    Kenzie looks so grown-up ! I mean, she looks like she’s 28 aswell on this pic and she’s all smily which is so cute ! she really looks happy on these pictures and as for chad, i think he looks a bit chubbier than he used to be… but they still look adorable together…even tho i think chad could smile sometimes. he looks like someone died or smthg like that. keep cool boy !